Best Shoes for Orangetheory Reviewed

Orangetheory Fitness has taken the exercise world by surprise as of late. Thanks in part to the craze with HIIT, otherwise known as High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT can be described as hard-core explosions of exercise, followed by short heavenly rest periods before it cranks back up again. However, during the recovery period, you are still moving it’s just at a slower pace. That portion keeps your heart rate from plummeting after such strong exertion. The “theory” behind this sort of routine is that the intense portions get your heart rate up and keeps your body in the optimal fat burning zone during the workout and for long after you have collapsed on your couch once back at home. On average, an exercise enthusiast can burn between 500-1000 calories during that hour workout session. Your workout statistics get emailed to you after each class.

Featured Recommendations

New Balance MX623v3
  • New Balance MX623v3
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Injection-Molded EVA Midsole
  • Suede Upper
  • Price: See Here
Asics GEL Noosa Tri 10
  • Asics GEL Noosa Tri 10
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Guidance Line Technology
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Triumph ISO 2
  • Saucony Triumph ISO 2
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Everun Cushioning
  • ISOFIT Upper
  • Price: See Here

You can imagine that your whole body takes a massive workout during these 60-minute class training sessions. Therefore, you having footwear you can depend on is an absolute must when you are taking classes at Orangetheory Fitness. You will be doing everything from running, which can be hard on the joints, to weight room floor exercises. In essence, you will need to have shoes that can transition as quickly as the exercises. You are going to need a shoe that is lightweight and breathable because you will be sweating buckets after the hour-long burn session. For help in choosing the best shoes for Orangetheory workouts, we searched through hundreds of shoes. Our list encompasses the top 10 shoes we found to be most helpful for your exercises. These shoes were reviewed through tough criteria that can be found below.


10 Best Shoes for Orangetheory


1. New Balance MX623v3

New Balance is a company that was built from the ground up. Based on high standards and integrity their shoes, through the many decades, have become known to last through many miles and many activities. These MX623v3 shoes are the top of our list based on comfort, performance, and durability. They provide padding and support in all the right places. The shoes are crafted to reduce the risk of injury. Even though they are some portion of leather, they have strategically placed vent holes to provide optimal airflow throughout the shoe. Finally, your feet will feel cradled and supported with precision heel cups.
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Quix Flexible Technology
This technology improves the grip and traction of the shoe while still maintaining the ability to perform lateral cutting movements. The shoe will transition with you from move to move with the quick response it provides in all exercises.

Abzorb Cushioning
Combining a blend of foam cushioning and compression set with a mixture of rubber you are getting a shoe that is incredibly soft and cushioned on your feet. This will go a long way in protecting your feet, ankles, legs, and knees from the impact sustained in high-intensity exercise.

Cost and Value
This shoe is at a great price point, added to the fact that it is number one on our list. It is at the lower end of the range compared to all of the other shoes in the category. New Balance shoes are going to last a long time and be a good investment for your purchase cost. Their shoes have long withstood the test of time for the brand. Buyers should feel confident in their purchase.
  • Suede upper
  • EVA midsole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Padded Collar & Tongue
  • Excellent Impact Absorption
  • Suede stains easily
  • Small toe box

2. Asics GEL Noosa Tri 10

Asics shoes are ubiquitously known for being ultra lightweight and super responsive. The mesh that makes up this shoe is very flexible and still extra supportive. This particular design has incorporated technology that helps your foot land correctly every time. Landing incorrectly can damage your foot and cause long-term problems. The mesh is highly-breathable and encourages stability and support while keeping the feet cool and dry.
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Solyte Midsole
An upgrade from the standard EVA midsole, which is found in most shoes, is the Solyte midsole technology. It is used only by Asics. It enhances stability and cushioning while giving you the support you will need to pursue your fitness goals.

Wet-Grip Outsole
The outsole of this shoe is a proprietary blend of special organic and non-organic elements. They are designed to work together to give you the best traction on all surfaces, including the wet surfaces that are generally intimidating.

Cost and Value
While these shoes placed in the mid to upper price range when compared to other shoes in the category, they are a great purchase. Asics standards are very high for durability and quality. Their shoes go through rigorous checks to ensure each purchase is going to last through many gym days. You will be getting a great shoe that will support your workouts.
  • Sport laces
  • Total foot cushioning
  • Advanced support
  • High stability
  • Good airflow 
  • Sole separation
  • Long Break In Period

3. Nike Free 5.0+ Breathe

Nike shoes are praised by athletes worldwide and are used at professional levels. Their craftsmanship is revered worldwide. Also, it has set them apart from other brands for a long time now. Superior technology and their lightweight feel make these shoes an extension of your feet. The materials they are made of are innovative and provide exceptional responsiveness. This can help take your Orangethoery workout to new levels. The Dynamic Flywire cable system encourages the greatest level of flexibility. In addition, this is also what gives the shoe a fantastic structure.
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Nike + Capabilities
Nike + is a fitness program that tracks many things including calories burned, your pace, and your progression amongst other things. These shoes partner with the program and seamlessly track your statistics so you can find inspiration with your progress.

Flywire technology
The Flywire design is uniquely Nike's. It is a design feature that runs inside the shoe. The shoe has great flexibility because of the flywire. However, it also reinforces the integrity of the shoe. Therefore, it helps to keep your foot in place.

Cost and Value
Nike shoes generally are not in a low-end price range. They have built such a loyal following their price reflects that. However, with the purchase of Nike shoes, buyers will know the product they are receiving is of high standards and quality. You can be assured your purchase is backed by a name you can trust.
  • Diagonal arch cuts
  • Reinforced traction
  • Lightweight sole
  • Pressure reducing laces
  • Textured mesh liner
  • Runs narrow
  • Small toe box

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17
Brooks shoes are generally associated with running shoes but their abilities reach farther than that. The Brooks Adrenaline are shoes that pack a powerful punch of support, stability, and cushioning. These shoes have improved from previous versions with enhancements such as a stronger midsole and more cushioning. As well, Brooks has upped the airflow capabilities of the shoe by bringing better design to the mesh upper. Finally, the sole has a patented roll-bar advancement that helps your feet land correctly and take off properly with every stride.
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Secure Fit
Brooks Adrenaline has structured saddle pulls from the heel. They proceed to wrap around the foot. Thus, they envelop the foot for a secure and strengthened feel. It can help prevent injury from the foot rolling out from under you while exercising.

This type of design has a new and improved midsole cushioning system that dynamically adapts to your stride. Moreover, it will help to align your stride so you don't have issues with over pronation or under pronation.

Cost and value
Once again this shoe falls within the higher point of the mid-range compared to other shoes in this category. With that being said, Brooks shoes are known to last. Their quality is some of the highest in the category of brand loyalty. Also, Brooks stand behind their products so buyers can be assured of their purchase, even if it is a higher price point than they expected to pay.
  • Impact disbursement
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
  • Air Mesh upper
  • New midsole design
  • Strong traction pattern
  • Runs narrow
  • Not for extreme overpronation

5. Altra Lone Peak 3

5. Altra Lone Peak 3
Altra shoes may not be as much of a household name as some of the other shoes on our list, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their shoes are uniquely designed to be highly-breathable and almost fully waterproof without the bulk and weight. StoneGuard technology developments on the bottom sole prevent bruising and pain that can result from debris or rocks that hit the sole. That transcends into the ultimate shock absorption layer protecting your feet from all impact. The upper is a nice material that promotes proper flexibility and structure.
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Footshape Technology
First, the smart shape technology not only hugs your foot for comfort but it helps keep your foot in the position it should be in for correct form while exercising. Moreover, this helps prevent some injuries that could possibly occur with poor form.

Extra Thick Sole
With multilayers of sole behind the rubber outsole, you can rest assured your feet will feel completely supported and cradled while wearing these shoes. They are dense enough to provide adequate support but they don't bog your feet down. You will notice a nice spring back form underfoot which improves your workout.

Cost and Value
The Altra Lone Peak shoes are at the higher end of our price range compared to other shoes in this category. They are very luxurious and extremely well-made. You can be sure of your investment even if you have to save money for a few weeks in order to purchase these shoes. They are also great to wear on trails and for other adventures, besides Orangetheory so you can get more use out of them.
  • Improved midsole design
  • Foot-shaped toe box
  • Neo-shell protection
  • High-water resistan
  • Toe peels apart
  • Tight width

6. Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

6. Mizuno Wave Inspire 12
This version of the shoe has been nicely updated from previous versions but the company did not add any weight or bulk. The Mizuno shoe category always strives to provide a fluid feel upon roll through from heel to toe. The springlike bounce-back lets you transition quickly between exercise moves. Hidden internal straps support and cradle the midfoot to give unmatched support. Finally, underfoot the sole is designed to be just a tiny bit longer than the actual upper. Therefore, that provides more support and stability.
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Blown Rubber Sole
The blown rubber technique gives shoes a light and airy step that spring back. Blown rubber also contributes to the traction and grip of the sole on this shoe. Moreover, this technology is considered the highest standard in the sports shoe world.

Wave Technology
Think of the wave bringing together the correct amounts of cushioning and stability. The cushion is just enough to make your foot feel very supported and the stability makes you feel in total control of your motions and movements. These two things work in perfect harmony.

Cost and Value
The Mizuno Wave Inspire shoes are at a great price point for most budgets. The shoes are in our mid-range of price points and they are not necessarily going to break the bank with their cost. They will last through daily exercising and running. Mizuno has become a top contender based upon their durability and quality products.
  • Pebax fan weave
  • Internal stability points
  • Full-length stability plate
  • Lighter midsole
  • Cool mesh material
  • Ridid heel
  • Runs small

7. Brooks Ravenna 7

7. Brooks Ravenna 7
Brooks' brand of shoes has been a trusted name for amazing athletic shoes for decades. Their shoes are designed with such precision that they tailor to the needs of athletes of many sports. They are known to be highly breathable and of supreme comfort. As well, they are made from a moisture-managing mesh upper that will help to wick moisture away from the foot. Furthermore, Brooks heavily pads their tongue and collar. This prevents the skin of the ankle and foot from chaffing against the material. Moreover, it provides a nice support system while cradling the ankle.
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Mid-foot Crash Pad
Revolutionizing the landing portion of a shoe is the purpose of a mid-foot crash pad. It helps the shoe to land evenly, even if the step is somewhat off-gait upon the strike. Then, it positions the shoe for proper roll-through from heel to toe upon takeoff.

Blown Rubber Forefoot
Having at least a portion of the sole that is blown rubber means a high cushioning level as well as increased stability. In addition, the blown rubber sole has been shown to be even more durable than materials used in the past.

Cost and Value
For a Brooks brand shoe, the Ravenna 7 is at a great price point. Especially when compared to the other shoes on the list. This particular shoe comes in at a low to mid-range in our price point. As well, Brooks is a very trusted and honored brand. You will be getting a shoe that is constructed to last a long time. These shoes are well worth the value.
  • Mesh upper
  • Blown rubber sole
  • Segmented heel
  • Moisture-managing mesh
  • Sole separation
  • Longer break-in period

8. Saucony Triumph ISO 2

8. Saucony Triumph ISO 2
Saucony is a brand that creates shoes with the wearer in mind. They have so much technology involved in their shoes, it is no wonder that they always rank high in quality, durability, performance, and comfort. The Triumph is a classic shoe that continues to improve itself with each update. These are made with Everun technology which encompasses many different portions of the shoe. It redesigns the cushion system layout, the return energy output, and makes the shoe more durable. Saucony shoes are highly breathable and pull the heat and moisture away from your feet.
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ISOfit Technology
This gives your shoe a custom-made feel as it adapts to your foot. It conforms so closely to your foot, it feels like you are just wearing a sock. The technology is supposed to increase your performance ability as it feels like you are not bogged down with a shoe.

Grid Positioning
Grid positioning redevelops the stability of the shoe. As well, it adds to the cushioning and response of the shoe. This feature is loved by athletes worldwide and we are sure you will love it too.

Cost and value
The Saucony ISO is actually our choice in the category of best value. It is the lowest priced shoe in our guide. This shoe is manufactured by a trusted company so even though it is the lowest priced shoe in the category don't let that fool you about the quality and dependability.
  • Everun cushioning
  • Great energy response
  • Shock absorption
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Biomechanically developed
  • Small toe box
  • Shoe runs narrow

9. Adidas Ultra Boost

9. Adidas Ultra Boost
German-based shoe company Adidas started with a vision to bring quality shoes to the world. They have succeeded in that. Their brand has been widely known for over a century due to the quality and dependability of their shoes. The Ultra Boost shoe is an athletes dream. It will be great for Orangetheory, as the shoe is highly-flexible and lightweight. You will be able to fly through your workouts as these shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable.
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Primeknit Upper
An adaptive foot wrapping design that cradles and cushions the foot. Furthermore, it provides the ultimate stability and support during your workouts. These shoes are highly adaptive to movement as this allows the show to flex and move with you instead of holding you back.

Torsion System
The torsion system works to bring a fluid ride and step between the heel and forefoot. It adds an increased stability factor to make you confident in your steps. Lastly, it reinforces the overall shoe.

Cost and Value
These are definitely at the highest end of our price range when we are comparing it to the other shoes in the category. However, know you will get a lot of value and use from these shoes. Not only are they extremely comfortable but you can wear them for all of your workouts and possibly for casual wear. You can trust that your purchase is a high-quality shoe that will transform your workouts.
  • Removable insole
  • Boost responsive cushioning
  • Stretchweb outsole
  • Primeknit upper
  • Breathable mesh
  • Stitching durability

10. Nike Metcon 2

10. Nike Metcon 2
The Nike Metcon 2 is made for intense training and exercise that requires a stable base. The heel of this shoe is practically flat so that it can endure during workouts that require heavy lifting. Serious athletes love this shoe as it keeps their feet secure and stable. Next, the shoe stays in place on the ground as it has a sticky rubber forefoot. Grooves in the forefoot promote flexibility and natural movement. The midfoot has a flywire system built into the shoe that flexes the upper of the shoe with the foot.
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TPU Clip
Heel clips are specifically designed to reduce drag during wall or flat exercises. They are precisely placed to encourage the best from your workouts. The purpose is to make your workouts more beneficial because you shoes work with you instead of holding you back.

Full-length Outsole
The full-length outsole adds traction and stability to the shoe. Some shoes cut it short under the sole and it can reduce the performance of the shoe. It also encourages the sole to land evenly as opposed to being off-kilter upon the foot strike.

Cost and Value
The price point of these shoes in the lower to mid-range of our category. They are a great purchase at a great price. You will get plenty of use from these shoes. They are a great and versatile shoe that can go through many different types of workouts. You will feel confident in wearing these shoes and be happy with the added boost during your workouts.
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Flywire midfoot design
  • Dual-density foam midsole
  • Versatile cross-training abilities
  • Flat heel
  • Runs narrow
  • Nike logo wears

After reviewing our list of the 10 best shoes to wear for Orangetheory exercises, we hope you will get out there and try a class. You will feel supported and confident in any of the shoe choices provided above. Your health is the best investment you can make. If you don’t take care of your body with the proper exercise paired with good lifestyle choices, you might regret it later on. It is also never too late to get started on your health journey. Orangetheory Fitness also usually has specials for one free class listed on their website. It is a great chance to get out there at no cost to you. Lastly, they strive to be a no-pressure option. You won’t have someone harassing you to join with scare tactics. They believe the benefits will sell themselves.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Shoes for Orangetheory

Criteria Best Orangetheory Shoes


The number one factor we strive to bring with the highest level of shoes to the list is for durability. No one wants to spend money on shoes that don’t last more than a few weeks. Moreover, shoes can be expensive! Some athletic shoes easily top hundreds of dollars! The durability factor will be especially true for Orangetheory. The workouts are very demanding of the body, as well as the shoes. Therefore, we searched through so many shoes to find the footwear with the highest durability.

  • Material
    Some people save and budget for everything. Also, they plan for the shoes they do purchase to last a definitive amount of time. If the shoes wear out before then, it might not be in their budget to replace them.Some key components that make a shoe durable are the material, the construction method, and the care guidelines. However, it also depends on how the buyer takes care of the shoes. New technology allows for shoes to be constructed from different materials that are all very durable. Mesh is usually the chosen material to use in athletic shoes as it supports good air flow and encourages flexibility of the shoe. Furthermore, some shoes are made of leather. While leather has its benefits to long-lasting capabilities, it can be hotter on the foot.
  • Construction Method
    Secondly, the construction method heavily constitutes how long a shoe is going to last. If the shoe is assembled with poor standards and no overseeing quality control, the durability is not going to be there. Shoes that have good strong materials and properly tuned machinery or human assembly are going to last longer. The stitching method has a lot to do with good durability. Reinforced stitching or thread that is heavy duty will add to the durability of a shoe.Glue is also widely used in the construction of a shoe. Glue binds the layers of the sole together. Additionally, glue is sometimes used to attach the upper to the sole if stitching is not present. As long as the glue is a good quality and commercial grade, it is wonderful to use. It also gives the shoe a more seamless than stitching look if that is what the designer is looking for. However, with glue, it is hard to fix should it come loose somewhere on the shoe. Conversely, stitching can be replaced by a cobbler or shoe repair store.
  • Care Guidelines
    Some shoes are machine washable and some are not. Being not machine washable might sound like a downside to a product. However, in reality, washing machines can do damage to clothing and shoes. The high speed at which it spins out can wreak havoc on materials after just one wash. Moreover, think of washing the shoes once a week and then there is damage that can really be done. Add to that, those individuals that still have agitators in the machines and that puts more strain on the material, laces, and sole. Even if a shoe is machine washer friendly, it is best advised for you to hand wash your shoes.If you are worried about the smell that can linger in a shoe after being sweated in repeatedly, opt for shoes that have removable inserts. That way you can simply replace the insert or take it out to soak before washing. You can also sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda in a shoe after your workout. It will do wonders for absorbing foul smells. Before wearing again, simply shake the shoe upside down and release the baking soda. You could also add a drop of essential oil under the footbed of the shoe to help with smells. Many oils are completely safe for skin contact. However, avoid peppermint or cinnamon based oils, as they can get hot if they come near the skin. Also, please note oils can stain the shoe so place it on the INSIDE of the shoe only.
  • Tips for Longevity
    We have some suggestions listed below that can help you ensure the longevity and integrity of your shoe. These are helpful for Orangetheory shoes or really any other type of shoe.
    • Newspaper stuffed: take a ball of newspaper and push down into the toe area. Not only will it absorb odors and wetness, it can help retain the shape of the shoe.
    • Treat with a protectant spray: this can include a waterproofing material which helps protect your shoes in the elements. It makes spot washing easier as well.
    • Do not use a washing machine: while a bit more tedious, hand wash or even better, spot clean your shoes only. But if you must completely wet the shoe…
    • Do not use a dryer: It can compromise the structure and integrity of the shoe. It can shrink the shoe. It also wears out the elasticity of the shoe. Place in an airy window or covered outdoor spot. It is best to avoid the sun as it can fade the colors.
    • Use a shoehorn: everyone knows when you slide your foot into a shoe it crinkles the back of the heel. Over time that weakens the heel structure. Use a shoe horn to preserve the fabric. Also, it is a good time to make it a habit to untie your laces EVERY time you take the shoe off. This loosens the shoe up for the next time you put it on.

Mat Best Orangetheory Shoes

Support and Stability

Another highly important characteristic to look for in a shoe for Orangetheory is the amount of support and the stability it provides. Orangetheory is a fast-paced and rigorous workout. You absolutely must have shoes that can keep up with the demands of the class without sacrificing your form and jeopardizing your body. The last thing you need to have happened is sustaining an injury while working out. Most of the time, aside from user error, injuries in a gym setting can be prevented with proper footwear. Correspondingly, the injuries may not be felt at the time of class but more likely when you get home hours later.

Wearing improper shoes for the activity can result in sprains, torn muscles, shin splints, collapsed arches, and more. This is not supposed to scare you away from exercise. But rather, to draw attention to the utmost importance of wearing the proper shoes. Each day more than 10,000 people seek treatment at an emergency facility for injuries sustained in sports, recreation, and exercise. This is not including to a person’s routine doctor. Equally important, a large portion of injuries could have been prevented if wearing the right shoes.

A highly supportive shoe will have a padded collar and tongue area. This supports the ankle from rolling out from under you and the top of the foot from chafing. Supporting the ankles prevents sprains and even broken ankles. The overall structure of the shoe will be just rigid enough to keep the foot secure; while at the same time allowing for some flexibility so you can complete the movements required in Orangetheory maneuvers.

Group Best Orangetheory shoes


If you are fully active for an entire hour and doing the workouts set forth in Orangetheory, you will pour buckets of sweat. It is easy to wipe your face or neck with a towel when you are sweating. However, it is not so easy to wipe your feet while in the middle of working out. Your feet are stuck inside shoes and by personal choice socks. You will need to find a shoe that has a very high breathability and air flow component.

Materials that have the highest breathability are usually mesh or mesh-like. Mesh is an interwoven design where air can flow through the microscopic holes between the strands of fabric. It allows moisture and heat to escape from the shoe. Mesh is also faster drying than a material such as leather. It won’t retain smells as easily as leather or some synthetic materials. Leather, while generally considered by some to be more durable, will most definitely keep your feet hotter. If you are a person that is not bothered by wet feet then you can choose either option. However, if you are searching for a shoe that will allow air to flow through and around the shoe, a mesh design will be your best choice.

Shoes that stay wet have a higher chance of growing bacteria, fungus, or mold inside them. Therefore, it is important if your shoes do get sweaty to get them dry after every class. Otherwise, not only are you risking contracting a fungus, you are lessening the life of your shoes.

flex best orangetheory shoes

Responsiveness and Flexibility

With all of the quick motions and high intensity that Orangetheory junkies do, having a shoe that can keep up will be imperative to the success of your workout. If you have on shoes that work against you instead of assisting you, you could face burn out and fatigue. It will make it hard for you to be successful on your journey with Orangetheory if you cannot keep up. No one likes to be discouraged while working out.

A shoe that is designed to move with your foot and with just enough sole structure to stick and stay will foster great success. You need a shoe that is going to be ultra-responsive that within milliseconds can absorb the impact of the foot and transfer the energy back out to fuel your workout.

Furthermore, you should look for a shoe that has a pretty flexible sole. If you purchase a sole that is too rigid to allow for quick and brisk movements. The transitions of your foot through each exercise is going to completely rely on the midsole construction of the shoe. Contrary to that, if you have a midsole design that is too lose you risk the chance of injury because the shoe does not hold underfoot. Moreover, it does not support the integrity of the foot. Upon landing, if the midsole is too weak, you could land incorrectly or off-gait and seriously injure the foot. You could potentially break the bones of the foot, twist an ankle, or sustain a worse injury.

orange best orangetheory shoes

Traction and Grip

With the prevalence of slips and falls, it is super important to find a shoe that provides adequate grip. More importantly, finding the right balance between grip and release. Likewise, many falls result from the traction being too tough and not releasing the shoe from the ground quickly enough. You should consider shoes that have a good rubber sole. The tread thickness off of the sole should be very small; to clarify, it should barely come off the sole and almost appearing flush with the sole.

The sole of a shoe will probably be the first thing to wear out on the shoe. Keep a watchful eye on the soles of the shoe. You can analyze the treadwear to see if you have regular pronation, which is the way your foot lands and rolls through. On the other hand, you could have overpronation or under pronation. This will cause the soles and traction to break down unevenly.


Shoes that are being produced now compared to many years ago are being made from materials that are uber lightweight without losing all of the great features of a more dense shoe. However, the benefit to a lighter weight shoe is many faceted. It can prevent leg fatigue and up your exercise ability. Being able to lift your feet quickly and easily will add to the success you find in doing Oranetheory workouts. When you are done with your workout you will not feel as if you have walked through quicksand if you choose a lightweight shoe. You will have a quicker recovery time as well. Lastly, you should only choose to have weights on your legs with working out not having bulky shoes that weigh you down.

Push Best Orangetheory Shoes

Shock Impact Absorption

Orangetheory workouts are very fast paced and your body will take a lot of impacts. With every jog, step, and jump you are sending a shock through your feet. It can then resonate through your feet and up into your legs and knees. For the sake of your body and bone health, you must have a shoe that stops as much shock energy transfer as you can. The shoes you choose will be your body’s only line of defense in prevention. Long-term unprotected exposure can be detrimental to joints. It can tear down the cartilage over time. More importantly, in the interim can cause painful joints within hours of a workout.

By selecting a shoe with a highly-rated shock absorption value, we strive to protect your joints and body. You will be searching for a shoe with a thick sole. The sole will be best if made of rubber. The shaft of the shoe will be sturdy and securely help attach the lower sole to the midsole. From there the midsole should be a high-density foam or rubber.

Next, the innersole is just an added layer of protection. However, it is also the first layer of comfort on the interior of the shoe. Finally, the footbed is there and it is the portion of the shoe that fits against your foot. It is the last line of protection before anything that does not get stopped, goes into your foot. Most footbeds are a nice and soft cushioned memory foam. All of these layers are vital and must work together to absorb the impacts and shocks of your feet repetitively hitting the ground.


FAQ Best Orangetheory Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Orangetheory Fitness?
A: Orangetheory Fitness was founded in 2007 with a desire to revolutionize fitness and the way we workout. It is based on HIIT, high-intensity interval training. The goal is to put your heart rate into the proper fat and calorie burning zone. The class-setting group-training last for 60 minutes and is proven to burn 500-1000 calories per hour.

Q: What to expect at my first visit to Orangetheory?
A: Upon arriving at an Orangetheory fitness center, you will be greeted and given a heart rate monitor. This is a very important key to the success of Orangetheory. You will talk with a trainer about any health limitations you might have. They will also talk about your overall health goals. Then, you get your schedule for the class and proceed to whatever station the schedule starts at. Finally, the class begins with high-energy music and a pumped up instructor.

Q: Can I participate in Orangetheory workouts with a disability?
A: Orangetheory instructors are able to show modifications to the routine based on certain disabilities. Furthermore, they can modify some of the routines to accommodate individuals with prosthetics and orthopedics. We suggest you seek the consultation of someone that is trained and works at the center for direct advice concerning your particular disability.

Q: How many times a week can I do Orangetheory?
A: There are different membership levels that allow for so many classes per week. In contrast, there is also an option for unlimited visits. You can choose which level suits your needs and budget. Furthermore, you should not overdo any workout routine and cause harm to your body. Consult with a trainer and your physician in regards to what amount of exercise is safe to do for you.

Q: How long until I see results with their type of exercise?
A: As with any fitness routine and individual your results will vary. Most people typically see changes in a few classes. In addition, it also depends on if you make diet and other changes or if you have adverse health conditions. Each individual will see varied results.

Q: What is the cost of membership?
A: The cost of memberships varies depending on location. You should consult with your local Orangetheory Fitness center for exact pricing and plans.

Q: Who should do Orangetheory?
A: Orangetheory is great for all fitness levels. However, it is a challenging class. Most people like the group setting, atmosphere, and the coaching that you receive. If you are looking for a low-impact and light workout, then this is not the type of routine you should invest your time in.

Q: What type of shoes are best for Orangetheory?
A: You need a very well-fitting shoe that is lightweight. Moreover, you will want to search for a shoe that has a quick response and good traction. Lastly, the shoe needs to allow for good airflow. Your feet will get hot with this type of fitness.





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