Best Shoes for Overpronation Reviewed & Rated

All runners need to start somewhere; that first step into the world of running. Whether it was the sound of the sliding doors of that big box store, or the click of the mouse buying you your first pair of running shoes, this moment is a HUGE moment in every runners lifetime.  We often miss this milestone though as we are nervous and excited about the thought of us as “a runner”.

Featured Recommendations

Asics GT 2000 3
  • Asics GT 2000 3
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Heel Clutching System
  • ComforDry Sockliner
  • Price: See Here
Asics GEL Kayano 23
  • Asics GEL Kayano 23
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • FluidFit Upper
  • GEL Cushioning Systems
  • Price: See Here
Saucony Omni 13
  • Saucony Omni 13
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • ComfortLite sockliner
  • Arch-Lock
  • Price: See Here

This is, as mentioned… only the first step!  What brand? What model? What features do I need? These are all very important parts of fitting your best shoe to your foot.  One of the most important parts of a shoe is the stability.  Don’t be fooled… color is up there too, but your neon green shoe with purple flashy laces are not going to help you avoid injuries galore!


10 Best Shoes for Overpronation


1. Asics GT 2000 3

It should not surprise you that a lineage with 20 years of production would be our #1 pick. This beefy veteran has what it takes to support the inner drop of a overpronators gait. Never wanting to solely concentrate on one aspect of a shoe, Asics divides it technology between support and cushioning.
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Asics Technology
Dynamic DuoMax™ which was launched as a part of this model many years ago provides all the support any overpronator will need. Complimenting this support is the Guidance Line™ and Guidance Trusstic System™ providing support to overall construction of this shoe.

As noted, no one wants to give up comfort for structure. Well this shoe gives you both! With a newly modified design, the Heel Clutching System™ and FluidRide ™ midsole provide a nice envelope for the inner workings of this shoe.

Cost and Value
Not wanting to speak for other people’s hard earned cash, but the importance of a running shoe that prevents injuries associated with my natural gait is priceless. Mid ranged pricing allows it to be affordable AND great as a secondary kick around shoe once you have worn it down. Support is necessary even in your walkaround shoes!
  • GREAT support for the overpronator
  • Technology has kept up with this shoe
  • Breathable upper
  • Newer eyelet technology
  • Many more expensive shoes on the market
  • Color selection is iffy   
  • Sizing issues have been found in this latest edition

2. Asics GEL Kayano 23

It seams the veterans have truly backed up the hype when it comes to the tops of the tops. The #2 shoe comes from Asics as well... and is no stranger to longevity of the brand. Having been one of the longer standing models in the Asics line, the GEL Kayano can be seen at many a start line. Not to mention that the 23 comes in 13 colour choices, which is like Christmas coming early to this columnist.
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Not just a pretty face
Talk is cheap and runners can be easily blinded by flashy color choices (duh) but the GEL Kayano delivers the goods. It has the newest of new FlyteFoam™ which seamlessly blends the optimal balance between lightweight cushioning and support for a pampered ride.

The two-fer
Many support shoes are all about the cake and not the icing. Well the GEL Kayano 23 icing is all new as well. The FluidFit™ upper enjoys a harmonious stretch mesh reinforcements to increase the upper foot support with its sock-like fit.

Cost and Value
Not to sure if the higher price is directly related to the color choices, but it does sound as though there is a good value to this shoe. In the upper ranges amongst some other well know shoes, this one is a safe choice given the pedigree noted.
  • Lost of stability for the overpronator
  • 13 color choices
  • Asics did not solely concentrate on structure
  • Did I mention THIRTEEN COLORS?
  • Easy to find despite the popularity
  • Price point may limit some
  • Changes to the toebox may not suit all.

3. Asics GT 1000 4

This is the 4th generation of the GT 1000 launching it closer and closer to one of the staples at Asics. With minimal changes in the next generation they have stayed true to the original. Having 6 color choices as well makes the choice easy.
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Even Asics themselves describe this shoe as “bouncy”. Often we see less bouncy in exchange for more support. Not the case here… the perfect mix for you and your feet.

Internal structure
A little heavier than the shoes in the #1 and #2 spots, it is still relatively light given the Duomax™ Support System and the Guidance Trusstic™ system needed to keep you on a level plane.

Cost and Value
Another mid-priced shoe, you still get a great bang for your buck. Better shoes in a slightly higher price range but still a safe bet for the overpronator.
  • Maintaining a popular shoe with few changes
  • Truly a beefy instep core for long lasting support
  • Good number or color choices
  • Sizing seems to be consistent with previous models
  • Great value for the price point
  • Could be a smidge lighter
  • Complaints of inconsistent toe box sizing

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17
Wow... the first non Asics branded shoe on our top shoe list thus far. That can certainly speak to the strength of the top 3! Comfort and supports have a stronghold on the description of this shoe. Nothing seems to fall flat on this version of the Adrenaline. Brooks is running in the right direction with this shoe.
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Brooks Technology
Never fearing new endeavors, Brooks leads the way with a nice blend of comfort and consistency. The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) ensures that your alignment is how it is supposed to be.

One smooth ride!
The full length Segmented Crash Pad ensures this! It is designed to re-evaluate each foot strike warranting a even smooth ride no matter the landing.

Cost and Value
Brooks range of shoes are generally priced tighter around the mid-price point. The Adrenaline consistently is on Brooks’s upper end. Still it is good value for the money when needing a cushioning stability kick.
  • Cushion, cushion and more cushion
  • Feels true to size and width
  • Lots of new tech in the upper and lower shoe
  • Choice colour is impressive
  • Trustworthy...not it’s first marathon!
  • Price may deter budget seekers
  • Not as mainstream as other brands...may be hard to find

5. Brooks Addiction 12

5. Brooks Addiction 12
Good thing we do the reviews because if you Google the name of this shoe, you get a link to every 12 Step program known to mankind. Not the best name for a shoe, but its wearer’s seem to believe in its reputation. Its main feature in relation to us overpronators is the Brooks DNA cushioning. It is adaptive to each and every surface.
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Heel-to-toe transitioning
Brooks has developed a segmented crash pad that accentuates the heel-to-toe transition for the heel strikers. A definite plus...with many more shoes developed with this technology.

Comfortable build
Not always possible when designing a shoe for one ultimate customer, but most are finding this a truly comfortable shoe. Designed for longer standing clients as well... multi purpose with running in the lead of them all.

Cost and Value
Well I would say this is a pricey shoe... even compared to other brands. Great tech and great fan base, but definitely want to ensure this is the shoe for you before shelling out the Benjamins.
  • Comfortable from sole to tongue
  • If you like dark colours... this is it.
  • Wide footed runners have found their shoe
  • For once, the toe box is in the Pros section
  • Sufficient support for even the serious overpronator
  • You will have to like dark colors... and only 3 of them
  • Pricey

6. Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

6. Saucony Hurricane ISO 2
Saucony’s maiden appearance in this list will catch some runners by surprise. Most associate this brand with fast, minimal and light. Well who says it can be supported as well? This high-tech shoe has all you need when it comes to overpronation. So, add in the luxury options of Saucony’s everyday line with some great support and voila... a great shoe.
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Saucony Support Frame
Well with tech that sounds like a posturepedic bed, it best deliver! Well, it sure seems to with its Support Frame design that lock the heel in place delivering a sturdy stable step. Less movement is ALWAYS a plus in my books.

ISOFIT technology clinches the award for flexibility, breathability and responsiveness to the movement of your foot of any upper of shoes in this category. Remember the importance of two STARS in a support shoe... upper and lower parts of the shoe!

Cost and Value
As a couple of shoes in this category, it is in the higher echelon of support shoes. Granted you are getting a “performance branded” shoe WITH support that you need... so does that even out the playing field?
  • RUNDRY Collar Lining wicking process is supreme
  • EVERUN and PWRGRID+ = robust and responsive
  • Fun ‘n funky accent colours
  • X-900 carbon rubber incorporated in outer sole
  • You can use amazon reviews to find pros
  • Sizes seem to run ½ size smaller.. need to know!
  • A decent sized financial investment vis-a-vis running shoes

7. Nike Lunarglide 8

7. Nike Lunarglide 8
Hard to believe there have been 8 generations of the Lunarglide. This shoe has generally run under the radar for years but is now making waves with its versatility. Regarded as a stability shoe, it shows no outward sign of that moniker. Sleek lines and an abundance of what appears to be a marshmallow-based sole allows the Lunarglide to meld right into the coral of runners as an all purpose shoe. Nike has listened to those of us that need multiple color combos... this shoe should be the next color choice benchmark!
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Hidden Support
Gone are the egregious heel counters of the 7th generation. This version has fully integrated the heel counter lending it a more evolved look with the same support needed for the overpronator.

Like landing that beautiful fish last summer, the netting provides a breathable wrapper for your tender tootsies allowing them to enjoy and complete the full distance of your run.

Cost and Value
Gliding back down into the affordable range, this Nike reflects many shoes in the Nike stable. An everyday-wearing trainer that does not force you to skip that pair of new socks or running singlet.
  • Hello... 50 great color combos!
  • Superlative amounts of cushioning
  • Light... even for a stability runner
  • Showing to withstand longer distances
  • Super plush inner sleeve
  • Too many hitchhikers... pebbles tend to hang out in the outsole
  • Outsole durability leaning toward the negative

8. Asics GEL Foundation 12

8. Asics GEL Foundation 12
Asics are back in the game with yet another top support shoe. GEL Foundation has historically speaking, been the “foundation” for many of the “support” shoes from Asics. This shoe does not stray away from all that is expected from a stability shoe. Continuing on with much of the technology shown in other models already mentioned in this list, the GEL Foundation “is what it is” as they say... a quintessential stability shoe.
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Over and above
Just north of many of the stability features, you will find synthetic overlays that have improved the fit from the 11th version of this shoe. Combine that with the seamless upper construction and you have a great sockless wearing shoe if that’s your thing.

Energy in….energy out
The SpEVA located in the midsole allows for a very efficient energy return to the energy expended. The GEL in the heel and forefoot areas compliment the midsole extras.

Cost and Value
Yet another painless purchase with lots of extras. Deep history in this brand AND this model allows for a generous amount of confidence.
  • ComfortDry Sockliner... just sounds comfy, no?
  • All around improved fit
  • Non irritating sleeve
  • Well cushioned shoe
  • Consistent toe box
  • Complaints of mechanics not being as efficient as suggested
  • Sizing issues... runs  ½ size small

9. Saucony Omni 13

9. Saucony Omni 13
Saucony has but a few stability shoes yet this one seems to stand out beyond the needs of the overpronator. It’s like the trifecta…motion control, comfort and protection all woven together in this truly fine looking shoe. Versatility is key here as well presenting itself to be both a prolific road running shoe as well as your daily runner.
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The distribution of cushioning in the Omni 13 has improved quite a bit. Your running gait and performance is improved with this 8mm offset. Your feet will, once again… thank you for that!

The upper of the Omni is constructed with a super strong and lightweight (thank you) material which has provided the runner with fewer layers. Yes, this means a seamless flexible runners foot.

Cost and Value
A mid to upper price point is what I would expect with this shoe and what do you know... that’s what I got. Saucony’s value as a brand name in the upper atmospheres of the running community do not go unnoticed here. HOWEVER, reputation only goes part of the way. Good things are being said about this shoe from the price/value perspective.
  • Stability is not overbearing in design or look
  • Breathability is a key and appreciated improvement
  • Motion control is noticeable
  • Nice colour choices... 6 in all
  • This version feels lighter
  • Thin upper toe box results in wear-through
  • Sizing issues persist... ½ size smaller than normal

10. Adidas Performance Ultra Boost Street

10. Adidas Performance Ultra Boost Street
We are at our last shoe of this list. If you have any money left in your wallet after the previous 9 shoes… you’re gonna need it! Out of the gate, Adidas seems to have hit a home-run here. Should I start with the FIFTEEN color choices? Yes... you may have guessed... I am one of those dazzled by bright and shiny! Ok, on to the meat of the matter.
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The patented Boost midsole is a key component to this shoe. It delivers premium and supple cushioning from beep one of your chrono to that high-five after executing a killer run.

My introduction to this tech but surely similar to others in this list. It does a great job of enveloping the foot in a durable comforting material to ensure minimal movement.

Cost and Value
This is one of the highest priced shoes within this list, if not the highest. Value for your dollar? Given Adidas themselves have tapped this as the “greatest shoe ever”... that has yet to be seen.
  • Color choices, obviously
  • Outsole durability
  • All around wearable shoe
  • Little wear after a lot of miles
  • No sizing issues
  • At this price, it should come with a guarantee of 1st place in your next race
  • On the heavier side

In this review, we look at us runners who are classified as overpronators.  What is an overpronator?  Pronation is technically the natural movement of the foot that occurs during the foot landing while running.  The natural roll to the foot is to collapse toward the inner part of the arch and heel.  You will see a very uneven heel wear pattern on the inner part of your heel of your favorite shoe if you are an overpronator.  If injuries to the knee or calves are coinciding with this wear pattern, you maybe be a overpronator.  If so… do not worry… you are not alone! This “Best Shoes for Overpronators” is just for you!