Best Shoes for Point Guards Reviewed & Rated

The best basketball players are the ones who give a 100% at every game and practice. They’re the ones who go from rebound to scoring in a matter of moments, and in order to be able to do their best work, they need some seriously high-quality gear. As with most competitive sports, this gear is mainly focused on footwear, and there are many companies dedicated to producing high-quality shoes for point guards. Offering both protection and performance-enhancing features, basketball shoes are a crucial part of any ballplayers equipment, so it comes as no surprise that they’re one of the most widely spread types of sports footwear.

Last Updated: July 9, 2018
By Ana Rockov:

The latest update to this article replaces discontinued models with the latest versions of the best shoes for point guards available for purchase online. These include the Nike Kyrie 4, the adidas Harden Vol.2 and ANTA KT3, as well as more of the best available basketball shoes for points. Furthermore, the Criteria for Evaluation and FAQ sections have been heavily updated in order to give you a detailed guide to purchasing the best possible kicks for your next game of basketball.

Just like in any other sport, there are those playmakers who make the team what it is – the position of points requires these athletes to not only control the entire game, but to set the pace, ensure the ball is in the right hands, and that the coach’s vision is followed through. All of these responsibilities require different aspects from a simple pair of footwear which is why PG shoes are an entire category for themselves.

Featured Recommendations

Nike Kyrie 4
  • Nike Kyrie 4
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flex Groove Outsole
  • Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Harden Vol.2
  • Adidas Harden Vol.2
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • BOOST Cushioning
  • Responsive Forefoot
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Dame 4
  • Adidas Dame 4
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Open Cell Mesh Upper
  • BONUCE Cushioning
  • Price: See Here

Shoes that are specifically designed for Point Guards will need to have good traction. Gymnasium and arena floors are notoriously slick, which can lead to potential slips and thus losing points. Furthermore, players in this position need to have a stable pair of kicks that support the ankle through all types of movement.

This top ten list gives you an overview of the best shoes for point guards available for purchase online in 2018. Featuring the latest models with the highest ratings, this is an article that will help you make the best possible purchase to take your game to the next level. Additionally, you can check out the Criteria and FAQ sections which contain important pieces of information that will make your choice easier and more suitable to your personal preferences.


10 Best Shoes for Point Guards


1. Nike Kyrie 4

Released in December 2017, the Nike Kyrie 4 is the latest edition of the basketball shoe made for Boston Celtics star, Kyrie Irving. The Olympic gold medalist and World Champion first collaborated with Nike in 2014, having improved upon the design of the original Nike Kyrie since then. The latest shoe in the line is the best one yet, with excellent reviews on all of its aspects, including its versatility and price point.
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Lightweight and Flexible Support
Featuring a Flywire upper, the Kyrie 4 is a shoe which allows players to make super-quick changes of direction without losing stability in the midfoot and ankle area. With an internal heel counter in place, you can rest assured that your foot will stay atop the soles, without sacrificing any level of support. On the top of the foot, premium suede overlays add even more support as well as durability.

Zoom Air & Cushlon Cushioning
In addition to the already expected Zoom Air cushioning in the heel, the Kyrie 4 includes Cushlon impact protection which is to be found in the forefoot of the shoe. What makes it interesting that this part has not seen any significant thickening, which means that you get great contact with the court as well as soft landings. The Zoom Air unit in the heel is also cushier than previous editions, making this a great shoe for those who want a well-balanced basketball shoe.

Cost and Value
The Kyrie 4 is one of the cheaper options on this list, which gives it a great value, especially since it’s a basketball shoe which can compete with models at much higher price points. It’s breathable, flexible, well-cushioned and supportive, and is available in a number of attractive colorways, as well as in the ID version where you can customize its looks.
  • Flex Groove Outsole
  • Curved Sole Sides
  • Zoom Air & Cushlon Cushioning
  • Breathable Flywire Upper
  • Premium Suede Details
  • Runs Small
  • Less Effective Traction on Dirty Courts

2. Adidas Harden Vol.2

With 15 months of work put into developing the second edition of the Adidas Harden, this shoe is one of the top choices on our list. Made to handle quick direction changes and to return energy with each step you take, the Vol.2 is a stellar choice for anyone, including Houston Rockets star player James Harden. It provides great cushioning, which bigger players definitely need, but still plenty of contact with the court through a thinner forefoot that’s responsive enough for the star player of the team.
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BOOST Cushioning
These shoes are sure one of Adidas’ best loved pieces of technology - the BOOST. With a dense layer of cushioning in the sole, the Harden Vol.2 provides excellent stability and impact protection. Being denser than the cushioning found in similar footwear, it also has the advantage of avoiding bulk in the sole, providing you with a better feel of the court.

Sock-Like Fit
Built with a ForgeFiber upper that coats yarn in TPU for better durability, the Harden Vol.2 benefits from excellent stability, but also from a flexible and customized fit. Combined with a completely customizable lacing system, you can wear these basketball shoes in a way that is perfect for you.

Cost and Value
The Adidas Harden Vol.2 is one of the highest ranking items on this list when it comes to price. It provides an excellent combination of features for points, including great stability, good traction and a lightweight but supportive fit. The cool colorways are just an added bonus.
  • Evolved Traction Pattern
  • ForgeFiber Upper
  • BOOST Cushioning
  • Responsive Forefoot
  • Custom Lacing System
  • Best for Indoor Courts
  • Can Irritate Without High Socks

3. Adidas Dame 4

The fact that the Dame 4 comes at an affordable price does not decrease the value of these kicks in any way. An affordable pair of basketball sneakers for point guards who need great traction and a breathable upper that will keep them comfortable even during the most difficult games. Developed together with NBA star Damian Lillard, this is a pair of footwear that does not let down in any aspect of its build.
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Great Traction
The rubber outsole on the Dame 4 was inspired by the passage of time - which may not make sense, but it does work great. The pattern is wide enough not to pick up too much dust, which means you’ll be spending more time playing and less time wiping your soles.

BOUNCE Cushioning
If you love Adidas products, you’re going to enjoy the Dame 4. They feature one of their best-cushioning systems, the BOUNCE, which sits closer to the floor, thus giving you a more responsive shoe that is softer than traditional EVA cushioned sneakers, and that gives plenty of flexibility for all your movements.

Cost and Value
Ranking lowest on this list when it comes to price, the Dame 4 is a stellar choice for PGs. It’s one of those pieces of basketball gear which will work great even on poorly maintained courts, and it offers a stable snug fit through its bootee construction. Lightweight, cushioned and flexible, this is a shoe that’ll prove to be one of the top options for bigger players.
  • Great Traction
  • Good on Poorly Maintained Courts
  • Open Cell Mesh Upper
  • BOUNCE Cushioning
  • Great Lockdown
  • Runs Long
  • Lace Loops Break Easily

4. Nike Jordan CP3.XI

4. Nike Jordan CP3.XI
If you’re looking for a pair of kicks with great lockdown and zero heel slippage, then you might want to check out the 11th edition of Nike Jordan’s sneaker inspired by Houston Rockets point guard, Chris Paul. It’s a shoe in which you’ll feel comfortable and stable, thanks to the strong materials in the upper, as well as the cushioning that combines impact protection and stability better than most other models on the market.
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Unique Rubber Tread
One of the most important aspects for a point guard is the tread on the bottom of their soles. With a herringbone pattern on the forefoot and a feather pattern on the back, these will stick to the court, especially if you don’t tend to play on your heels. Do note, however, that the rubber is fairly soft, which makes it unsuitable for outdoor play.

Foam Midsole
The CP3.XI combines high tech features and affordable options to give you a shoe that will perform great but won’t break the bank. One such example in these Jordans is the foam midsole with the added Zoom Air cushioning which is both lightweight and allows for good responsiveness.

Cost and Value
Ranking low on this list when it comes to price, the CP3.XI is an excellent pair of footwear for ballplayers, especially those who need something fuss-free, that will simply work. You’ll be happy to hear that CP3.XI fit great after they’ve been broken in, and will even accommodate players with wider feet as they do provide a bit more space in the toe area.
  • Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Phylon Midsole
  • Excellent Traction
  • Great Lacing System
  • Will Work for Wide Feet
  • Unsuitable for Outdoor Courts
  • Lacks Breathability

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive
The Adidas Crazy Explosive was made to go the distance. It will take you from first quarter to overtime while supporting the foot and giving the performance you expect from Adidas. A patented FUSEDMESH upper puts stretch and structure in all of the right spots. It also adds to the breathability of the shoe. If you are searching for the most responsive cushioning ever, then look no further than the BOOST cushioning that comes inside the Crazy Explosive shoe.
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Sock-Like Feel
The Adidas Crazy Explosive was made to feel like you are wearing a sock. With the epitome of comfort being the soft and flexible feel, players can take their game to the next level without feeling constricted by a tight and rigid shoe.

Anatomical Lacing System
Strategic placement of the laces across the foot and up the entire top upper results in less stress and pressure being placed on the foot. It also aids in the entire structure and support of the shoe by giving a snug fit in the right places. The lace goes all the way to the top of the collar to help prevent ankle rolls because the ankle is sufficiently supported.

Cost and Value
Coming in at a mid-price level this shoe is a great investment for potential buyers. The value will far outweigh the durability and performance of the shoe. adidas makes shoes that are built to last and built to provide comfort and results. Buyers can feel confident in their purchase because Adidas has built a name and reputation for quality.
  • Textile and Synthetic Upper
  • Breathable
  • Anatomical lacing System
  • BOOST Cushioning
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Narrow Heel
  • Lacks GeoFit Sleeve


If you’re someone who appreciates having plenty of options, then the ANTA KT3 is definitely a good pair of footwear to consider as your go-to shoe for basketball practice. With 11 different versions, including a low-top version, this is a model designed to give you more flexibility and to allow for a greater range of movement. If, however, you appreciate ankle stability more, then you should definitely go with the high top or all-star version, both of which will cradle your feet well.
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Multidirectional Outsole Pattern
The bottom of the ANTA KT3 looks like a fingerprint, with a circular traction pattern which sticks to the court in order to give you the best possible performance, especially during those quick starts, stops and direction changes. If you decide to go with a clear soled version, you will even find that it works great on outdoor courts.

Breathable Mesh Upper
One of the best things about the collaboration between ANTA and Klay Thompson is the upper of this shoe which provides some of the most effective air flow in basketball sneakers. The mesh upper is both flexible and won’t let you overheat, but you still get plenty of stability with an outrigger design that serves to keep you safe during lateral movement.

Cost and Value
Depending on which model of the ANTA KT3 you opt for, it can be one of the least expensive pairs of footwear on this list, or it can rank about average compared to other items. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who is willing to try out a model by a less popular manufacturer, and it’s bound to live up to the expectations that come with its name.
  • Mesh Upper
  • Fingerprint Traction Pattern
  • AUTO-ARCH Support Shank
  • 2 Different Density Foam Pads
  • 11 Options
  • Roomy Toe Box
  • Strap Is for Decorative Purposes

7. Nike LeBron Soldier XII

7. Nike LeBron Soldier XII
James LeBron is known for his versatility during the game. While he usually plays small forward or power forward, he does just as well in the other three roles. This means that a pair of sneakers with his name on them will have to do the same - provide equal performance during different types of use. If you opt for the April 2018 release of the LeBron Soldier, you will be getting a shoe that’s both lightweight and responsive and provides you with a personalized level of lockdown.
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Unique Strap System
This is a shoe that’s made for a secure fit. It features four elastic straps that can be fastened as you need, and that will lock your foot in for ultimate performance on the court. A hook and loop closure speeds up the process of putting these on, while you will reap the benefits of forefoot, midfoot and ankle stability like in no other pair of footwear.

Recognizable Style
If there’s something that makes Nike products special it’s their absolute dedication to style and looks. The LeBron Soldier XII is one of those kicks which will not only appeal to ballplayers but also anyone looking to infuse that basketball style into their everyday look. Whether you wear these on the court or on the streets, they’re sure to turn quite a few heads. No matter which colorway you go with.

Cost and Value
The great thing about this shoe is the fact that it ranks average on this list regarding price. It means that if some of our top choices are over your budget, you can still get a great pair of footwear for a lower price.
  • Nike Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Responsive Forefoot
  • Engineered Stretch Upper
  • Secure Straps
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Runs Narrow
  • Slightly Heavy

8. Adidas Crazylight Boost

8. Adidas Crazylight Boost
The 2018 edition of the Adidas Crazylight Boost is a lightweight low top shoe with BOOST cushioning made to give you the best energy return you can get. With a tradition of over ten years, these have proven again and again to be a great choice for anyone after speed and bounce. Despite a mesh upper, these will still give you a stable fit, so you can wear them with confidence all through your game.
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TPU Wrap
These are a low top sneaker which might not be your first choice, especially if you are looking for something that will give you good support. Nonetheless, the Crazylight Boost does well when it comes to this aspect of performance, thanks to the TPU wrap. The forefoot is locked in, much like with the Adidas Harden Vol.1, so if you liked that Adidas model, you should definitely give this model a try.

Full Length BOOST
Another Adidas basketball shoe with BOOST cushioning, although, in the case of the 2018 Crazylight, it’s located throughout the entire foot. What this achieves is some of the best cushioning in a pair of footwear made for basketball, almost as good as you would find in a pair of running shoes.

Cost and Value
Depending on your preferences and playing style, this pair of Adidas low tops might be a real winner for you. Ranking low among the models featured in this article price-wise, it’s also a good starting point for those players who are just getting into the market of high-end basketball gear.
  • Full-Length BOOST Cushion
  • Great Forefoot Stability
  • Non Marking Rubber Outsole
  • TPU Wrap for Lateral Stability
  • Good Price
  • Low Top
  • Possible Heel Slippage

9. Nike Jordan Fly Lockdown

9. Nike Jordan Fly Lockdown
Opting for Jordans as your go-to pair of basketball kicks is always a good choice, and the same goes for the Nike Jordan Fly Lockdown. It’s not only lightweight and responsive but as its name suggests, it will provide you with some of the best stability available on the market. The best part? It comes at a great price point, and in two simple but very stylish colorways - grey and black.
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Combination of Patterns
We’ve sung the praises of both herringbone and circular traction patterns when it comes to providing a stick to the court, and you’ll be happy to hear that the Fly Lockdown features both. With enough spacing to prevent the need for wiping, you’ll find that these shoes give a great stop without that loud screeching noise you’re probably used to in your basketball high tops.

Textile Upper
For those of you used to getting leather, suede or even knit materials in your Jordans, the Fly Lockdown is sure to surprise - and in a good way. Made with a textile upper that allows stretch where needed and stability in the midfoot for lateral movement, you will find that these provide some of the best lockdowns you can get in a pair of Nikes.

Cost and Value
Coming in at a low price compared to the other featured items, the Nike Jordan Fly Lockdown is definitely an investment worth making. It’s most important advantages over other, more popular models, is the exquisite traction, the secure textile upper, and a good use of Phylon and Zoom Air cushioning.
  • Phylon and Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Textile Upper
  • Mixed Tread Pattern
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • True to Size
  • Lacks Ankle Coverage
  • Best for Lighter Players

10. Nike KDX

10. Nike KDX
The tenth edition of basketball Nikes inspired by and developed with playmaker Kevin Durant brings you a pretty neat package that’s got both style and performance. The flyknit upper is a great choice for those users who want a comfortable fit that gives them plenty of breathabilities. Something to note: the KDX is probably the only item on this list which will require you to go a ½ size down to get the best possible lockdown.
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Hall of Fame Cushioning
The Max Zoom Air on these Nikes is some of the best cushioning available in 2018 basketball footwear. It’s firm and needs a bit of breaking in, but after a few hours, it will provide you with the best possible impact protection. Additionally, it doesn’t sacrifice responsiveness, so these will allow you to make your game awesome throughout.

Zoned Flyknit
Many players who prefer good support tend to be skeptical about Flyknit, but in the KDX it works. Great. This is thanks to the reinforcement process that was used on this model, making it an extra durable choice, especially in the toe area. The tongue, however, is pure knit fabric, which means that you’ll be able to put these on and off without any struggle.

Cost and Value
Ranking high when it comes to price, the 10th edition of Nikes inspired by Kevin Durant is not for everyone. These will work best for basketball players who really need cushioning and breathability and are ready to sacrifice a bit of lateral stability.
  • Zoned Flyknit Upper
  • Max Zoom Air Cushioning
  • Responsive Forefoot
  • Easy On and Off
  • Good for Wide Feet
  • Inconsistent Traction
  • Lacks Midfoot Stability

The most important position in basketball requires one beast of a shoe. Not only can the proper footwear elevate your performance levels but it can help you be an even more valuable player in the team, but it also plays a crucial role in keeping you safe and injury-free. The ten best shoes for point guards featured in this buying guide have all been selected for their high quality make, performance and great features. While some will be more suited to bigger players who prefer more stability or traction, others will allow for a bit of a wider range of movement and a more versatile style of play. No matter which of these products you opt for, however, you are sure to be happy with your purchase. For even more information about these basketball kicks, check out the Criteria for Evaluation section that includes some pretty handy tips and tricks that are sure to make your choice an even easier one.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Shoes for Point Guards

There are a few characteristics that a quality pair of footwear for the most important player in a basketball team needs to have. These include superior traction that allows for quick starts and stops, good stability during lateral movement, a good lockdown that will prevent any movement of the foot inside the shoe, and, of course, ankle stability that will prevent any injury.


If there was just one thing one should look for in a pair of basketball kicks for PGs, it would definitely have to be traction. When you’re expected to be fast on your feet, to be able to change direction quickly and to, overall, control the way the game is played, an outsole with a good tread pattern can make or break your efficiency.

Today, basketball footwear usually comes with rubber outsoles intended for indoor court use. You will get varying results with different traction patterns, and it is always a good idea to choose the one which suits you the most. Regardless of the type of pattern you opt for, nonetheless, you will need to consider the depth of the grooves as well as how far apart they are. If the pattern on your soles is too tight, you might experience an excessive picking up of dirt on poorly maintained courts, which will lower the performance of your footwear. This lowered level of traction can be fixed by wiping your outsoles, but that can become tedious, and, if possible, it’s always better to opt for something that works without wiping.

Out of all the patterns you will find on footwear made for playing ball, you’ll find that a herringbone or circular pattern will work best. Herringbone patterns have some of the best multi-directional traction, which is so important in this sport. When playing, you’ll move both forward, backward, as well as sideways, and you’ll be expected to stop and start without losing your footing. A herringbone pattern can help you achieve this, so it’s a great thing to look for in your next pair of kicks.

A circular pattern can also provide the effect you need. If was first introduced in a pair of basketball footwear with the Nike Air Force 1, and one of its main advantages was the pivot point which changed the way in which players were able to use the pivot move better, without sacrificing traction in other areas of play.


Because of the type of gameplay associated with PGs, the sneakers they use must provide them with support. This is mainly achieved through the use of certain materials in the upper, as well as through additions in the construction of the shoe itself.

The main area where stability is non-negotiable is the heel. This is the part of the basketball sneaker that will ensure your footing is safe with every start, stop and landing, and it is best not to skip any corners when it comes to it. Try to look for footwear with a heel counter that will hug your heel and prevent any movement. The lacing system needs to work in correlation with this, giving you a locked in feeling where your feet are completely secure without having to tighten your closures to an uncomfortable level.

Furthermore, support is also required in the midfoot, and this has a lot to do with the upper materials. Even if you go with a lightweight upper, you need to make sure there’s some kind of caging system in place, whether it’s Flywire, TPU coated knit or an external system that is there to keep your feet in place even when you land sideways.

The fit of the shoe is important as well. You should be looking for a snug fit that allows no movement, while the toes should not be too constricted – there should be a little wiggle room to ensure you have enough mobility to be able to run and jump. It’s also good to take into consideration that your feet will swell during exercise, which may make a tight pair of footwear unbearable after more than a few minutes.


Unlike with footwear made for running, basketball players need minimalistic sneakers that will enable them to feel the court. This is especially important with ones, as too much cushion will not only prevent them from having a good response, but it will also decrease the stability they get when landing. Nevertheless, impact protection, particularly in the heel area helps prevent muscle and joint fatigue and gives a little extra energy return which sure comes in handy during offense play.

Most reviewed items on this list have a thicker heel, with a bit more cushion – whether a version of Nike’s Air technology or Adidas’ BOOST, and a forefoot which rides lower, and allows for a better feel of the floor. Such a balance is ideal for PGs, as it finds a middle ground between completely minimalistic gear and that which is overly stuffed with cushioning to the point of actually hurting their performance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How should basketball shoes fit?
A: Basketball shoes should fit a little different for each position. Some players that are jumping and landing a lot will need shoes with a great support throughout and a generally higher-top. However, someone that needs to get down the court the fastest, such as a PG, will need shoes that allow for the most flexibility within the range of support. Further, all players need a strong shoe that can withstand many miles being run through a game or practice. They need to be snug but breathable.

Q: How do height and weight influence shoe selection?
A: You will generally find that a taller, heavier player will be able to get away with a heavier shoe. Guards, however, are often a bit shorter and more lightweight, and their job is to be quick and versatile. This means that they will benefit more from a lightweight and versatile shoe that is more responsive than cushioning.

Q: How often should basketball shoes be replaced?
A: Wearing worn-out footwear, especially in competitive sport, can lead to serious consequences down the road. In addition to flattened cushioning and lowered levels of support, loss of traction can seriously impair the player’s ability to play, and can even lead to injury due to slipping. The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests that players change their basketball footwear every month.

Q: Are high tops preferable to low tops in basketball?
A: This really depends on one’s personal preferences. While some players want more ankle stability due to issues or a feeling of security, others will be more comfortable wearing a low top sneaker that allows for a greater range of motion. A great middle ground is the shoes which feature a knit bootee that is supportive enough but still doesn’t impair mobility.




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