Best Shoes for Point Guards Reviewed

Point guards spend years running up and down the court for practice and in games. Consequently, basketball players feet take some major impacts while supporting their body during the play, point guards in particular. Point Guards are widely considered the most important position on the team as they are the players that facilitate the plays on offense after having the ball given to them upon rebound. Moreover, Point Guards have to be quick on their feet and there is no room for error because of a poorly designed shoe.  When looking at shoes for Point Guards, it is wise to choose shoes based on a few things. The shoes we have below have been tested and reviewed to a very high criteria and performance in the game.

Last Updated: March 14, 2018
By Tenby Lloyd:

This posting contains the most relevant and recent shoes that scored highly when we evaluated the shoes that are best for point guards. Point guards require specific shoes with high characteristics. We have included a list of the criteria we used when evaluating the shoes. The list we have here are the 10 highest in their field. We also included a list of the most common questions a point guard or someone shopping for point guard shoes could potentially have when doing their research about the best shoes for point guards.

Featured Recommendations

Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro BG
  • Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro BG
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lunarlon Midsole
  • Molded Heel Counter
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Crazy Explosive
  • Adidas Crazy Explosive
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Xeno Upper
  • Updated Lacing System
  • Price: See Here
Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9
  • Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight Inner sleeve
  • Wedged Carrier Foam
  • Price: See Here

Shoes that are specifically designed for Point Guards will need to have good traction. Gymnasium and arena floors are notoriously slick. Players do not want to be setting up their play and slip, thereby not scoring and potentially losing the ball. Therefore, the shoes they are wearing will need to be higher cut or true high-tops in order to support the ankle. Point Guards will be running and dodging the other team so a properly fitting shoe will hold the foot securely in place and keep the ankle from rolling.  Also, a higher top shoe will keep players from tripping by supporting the quick turns and movements as they go up and down the court.



10 Best Shoes for Point Guards



1. Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro BG

Nike is synonymous with sports and quality. The Nike Jordan Jumpman Pro BG was the top rated shoe and is highly acclaimed for point guards. The shoe has Dynamic Flywire Technology exposed on the upper for lockdown control and stability. It has an Airsole Unit underfoot cushioning that helps feet to withstand constant impacts from running and jumping. The traction of the shoe is top notch which prevents unwarranted slips and slides on the floors. Players will have better and faster turnarounds and pivots with this shoes.
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Forefront pivot circle
Pivoting is a crucial move in basketball. It means getting the ball in and out of the players’ hands quickly. Having a forefront pivot circled designed into the shoe means players have just enough grip to prevent slipping but not so much stick that they cannot get turned around quickly enough to follow through with the play.

Molded heel counter
The heel will stay firmly planted in this shoe. The heel portion has been specifically molded to accommodate most heels. By locking the heel down and into place it helps to prevent slips or ankle rolls but not having a shoe that is supportive enough

Cost and Value
For decades Nike shoes has stood behind their footwear. They are known to produce durable, quality shoes that will last for a long time. The shoes are at a mid-price point but buyers can know that when they purchase these Nike Jordan shoes, that they are purchasing a very durable product.
  • Full-length Lunarlon cushioning
  • Solid rubber outsole with superior traction design
  • Lightweight Hyperfuse construction
  • Foam padded tongue and collar
  • Thick shaft measuring at 3.1” for good arch support
  • Fits snugly/runs narrow
  • Leather can appear shiny instead of matte

2. Adidas Crazy Explosive

The Adidas Crazy Explosive was made to go the distance. It will take you from first quarter to overtime while supporting the foot and giving the performance you expect from Adidas. A patented FUSEDMESH upper puts stretch and structure in all of the right spots. It also adds to the breathability of the shoe. If you are searching for the most responsive cushioning ever, then look no further for the Boost cushioning that comes inside the Crazy Explosive shoe.
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Sock-like feel
The Adidas Crazy Explosive was made to feel like you are wearing a sock. With the epitome of comfort being the soft and flexible feel, players can take their game to the next level without feeling constricted by a tight and rigid shoe.

Anatomical lace system
Strategic placement of the laces across the foot and up the entire top upper results in less stress and pressure being placed on the foot. It also aids in the entire structure and support of the shoe by giving a snug fit in the right places. The lace goes all the way to the top of the collar to help prevent ankle rolls because the ankle is sufficiently supported.

Cost and Value
Coming in at a mid-price level this shoe is a great investment for potential buyers. The value will far outweigh the durability and performance of the shoe. Adidas makes shoes that are built to last and built to provide comfort and results. Buyers can feel confident in their purchase because Adidas has built a name and reputation for quality.
  • Textile and synthetic material for breathability
  • Targeted lacing system
  • Extreme responsive cushioning
  • Rubber sole with improved traction
  • Narrow heel

3. Adidas D Rose 5 Boost

The Adidas Performance D Rose Boost shoe was made to perform. With the utmost engineering from soft mesh for breathability to full-length boost mobility cushioning for comfort, players will love the performance these shoes provide. They make slips on the floor not a concern with the great traction they provide. The tongue and collar are designed with extra padding and support to cradle the curves of the foot.
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Shockweb upper
The shockweb upper provides durability and strength while providing great comfort. This also aids in the structure and support the shoe provides. It is just the right amount of give to allow the foot some transition room but not enough to facilitate injury from an ill-fitting shoe.

Herringbone traction
The last thing a Point Guard wants during a big game is to slip because of faulty shoes. Adidas has gone the extra mile and made the traction of these shoes verifiably good. Players will not have to worry about setting up a play and slipping on a sweat spot while wearing these shoes.

Cost and Value
The shoes come in at an excellent price point. Buyers can trust that Adidas will stand behind their shoes. Adidas was built on a love for sports and the proper equipment to excel. Shoes that are Adidas brand will not only be comfortable and perform but will last a long time and provide many hours of court time.
  • 4” shaft for superior arch support
  • Rubber non-marking slide-resistant sole
  • Reinforced shockweb upper exterior overlay
  • Leather and synthetic for rigidness
  • Might not have enough flex for some preferences
  • Runs slightly narrow

4. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9

4. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 9
Nike had performance meets styling in mind when this shoe was born. It features an innovated front strap system that locks the foot into place not only front-to-back but side-to-side. A foot that is on lockdown prevents injury while boosting performance. Flywire cables integrate structure and support along the midfoot range while not prohibiting the foot to turn and respond quickly. Finally, this shoe was made with a hexagonal pattern for superior traction control while still giving enough mobility to maneuver the quick plays.
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Lunarlon cushion
With high-performance shoes, players expect a high-performance cushion. The cloud-like comfort of this shoe provides quick bounce and reflex to make sure players don’t get stuck on the quick movements because the cushion is too much. Lunarlon is Nike’s industry-standard that sets the bar high for comfort and response.

Synthetic overlays
Synthetic overlays allow this shoe to have a strong response because the overlays secure the foot while providing lightweight support. The lightweight support will keep players from feeling like they are bogged down because of a restriction on the range of motion compared to other shoes in the category.

Cost and Value
When purchasing a Nike shoe, buyers will know they are getting a top quality product. Nike has decades behind their name. Further, the name has been built based on quality and durability. The Lebron shoes will be a great purchase because they are from a trusted brand. The shoes are made to last many trips around the court for Point Guards.
  • Shaft measure over 3” which is a strong arch support
  • Wedges foam keeps foot in proper pronation
  • Lunarlon foam ensures a soft and responsive step every time
  • Decoupled rubber pods for traction and reinforcement
  • Runs narrow

5. Nike Air Overplay IX

5. Nike Air Overplay IX
Lightweight durability is the staple of this shoe. Keep players rebounding and landing with ease in the Nike Air Overplay 9. The heel of the shoe calls for Nike Air technology to ensure a smooth and comfortable landing and reduce the impact from such hard landings. Those things factored with increased breathability will have Point Guards feeling brand new throughout the entire game.
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Herringbone pattern
Positive traction flow has been heavily considered in this shoe. The design encourages players to have free movement without bounds. However, at the same time, the pattern alleviates the high chance of sliding at the wrong time in these shoes. It helps to foster proper foot landing and reduces the risk of roll injury in the ankle or leg.

Encapsulated heel
Nike has placed an air unit inside the heel of the shoe to promote an air-landing with every jump or heel strike. This helps players to feel energized because of the superior shock absorption. Long games and overtime will be a breeze thanks to the cushioning under heel that the air pod promotes.

Cost and Value
Nike strives to make their shoes affordable. The Air Overlay comes in at a low to mid-price range. Their shoes are legendary for comfort as well as durability. Buyers should feel confident in their purchase because the brand is trusted and loved.
  • Suede sole
  • Mid-height arch support shank for strong arch reinforcement
  • Heavily padded tongue and collar for comfort and protection
  • Synthetic leather with mesh overlays
  • Sole separates easily from upper
  • Runs narrow

6. Under Armour Curry 2.5

6. Under Armour Curry 2.5
The Under Armour Curry 2.5 takes shoe design and puts security at the forefront. The shoe has a molded synthetic upper that wraps snugly around the foot for a precision fit that is also lightweight. It helps to hold the foot in place. Pair that with the molded heel support and Point Guards face minimal risk or injury due to rolling the ankle while jumping or landing. Finally, upon landing whether jumping or with each strike, a full-length midsole cushion absorbs the impact and release the energy into the shoe. This helps to keep legs and feet of players feeling fresh instead of lethargic and sore.
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Anti-friction top cloth
The amount of moisture that builds inside of a shoe during a practice or basketball is excessive due to heat needing to leave the body. By trapping it against the foot in shoes that can’t breathe, it sets the player up for blisters and fungus. These shoes are specifically made with an anti-friction top cloth to reduce the heat trapped inside the shoe; moreover, it keeps the foot from sweating as much.

Herringbone outsole
A herringbone outsole pattern reinforces the durability of the sole while providing firm traction. The pattern promotes just enough movement but does not cause the Point Guard to feel like he or she is walking in fresh tar because the shoe sticks to the floor and does not allow quick turnaround. The durability is stronger because the pattern distributes the wear throughout the sole instead of one spot getting worn thin.

Cost and Value
Buyers of Under Armour products know they will be getting a quality product that is backed by a company that cares about the brand. Under Armour shoes are known to withstand tough conditions and many days of wear. Buyers should feel confident in the purchase of these shoes because Under Armour makes exceptional products.
  • Fabric sole
  • Molded synthetic uppers
  • External shank for strong arch support
  • Reinforced traction for slide prevention
  • Anti-friction top cloth
  • Runs small
  • Integrated tongue can prevent proper tightening of laces

7. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn II

7. Under Armour Anatomix Spawn II
Flexrgear design works in conjunction with the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the foot to provide a superior flexibility and adaptability. Thereby, more support and comfort when the shoes move with your foot. Reinforced areas are taken into high consideration and the forefoot, eyestays, and heel are rigidly structured to prevent injury. Further, that provides support in the areas that need it most and absorbs the shock from impact instead of the foot absorbing it.
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Micro G foam
A newly designed foam takes the bulkier old style foam and turns it into a lighter and more responsive foam for the sole of the shoe. The foam also helps to take the energy from heel strike and rebound it for a quick re-launch into the next step. It helps Point Guards move quickly and without restraint.

Highly developed outer sole
Herringbone pattern and textured rubber provide the highest degree of movement without letting the player slide during play. Moreover, the smart design responds to pressure points and it delivers the traction only to where the foot needs it; not where it doesn’t.

Cost and Value
The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn is in the mid to upper price range. However, Under Armour has built a reputation for distributing strong and comfortable products. Buyers should take comfort in their purchase even if it is a little more expensive than a subpar shoe; they can be certain that the shoes from this company will last.
  • Exposed mesh for high breathability
  • Carved sole for ultra lightweight feeling
  • Shank that goes through heel and sidewall
  • Strategically placed reinforcements
  • Not enough cushion around collar causes chafing

8. Adidas Harden Volume 1

8. Adidas Harden Volume 1
Thoughtful engineering is paramount in this shoe. The sole is made with a traction pattern far superior. Also to note, the sole has the designers birthday hidden in the sole. The shoe has a soft knit shell lining and an adaptive primeknit upper.The lace design is even staggered to encourage a better fit as it allows for a better and more flexible fit.
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Engineered traction pattern
The pattern is inspired by the geometric pattern called Fibonacci sequence. It is purposefully made to give support on the floor and still avoid for quick pivots or dash around. The pattern helps prevent unnecessary slips and possible injury as a result of those falls.

BOOST sole
The boost sole is like walking on a cloud. It cushions and cradles the foot on every step or hard land. It takes in the shock and redistributes it out through the shoe instead of letting one body part take the brunt.

Cost and Value
The Adidas production method assures high-quality products. These shoes are in the higher price range than many other shoes in the category. However, Adidas has built a brand known for durability and long lifespan. Buyers should feel confident in their purchase because they are made to go a long time and take lots of wear and tear.
  • Boosted leather sole
  • Engineered traction pattern
  • Firm and strong arch support
  • Toe cap for added protection
  • Runs large
  • Not as much ankle support since it is not a high top

9. Anta KT2 2017

9. Anta KT2 2017
The ANTA KT2 is a great combination of synthetic, mesh, leather, rubber, and TPU. The combination creates a breathable material and one that is durable and stable on the foot. A hawk heel design will make sure that the heel stays firmly but comfortably in place while pacing the court. This is a mid-rise high top and it has an extremely padded tongue and collar to prevent the shoe from rubbing into the skin and causing discomfort. Finally, the shoe has Zoom Air units strategically placed to promote a quick response and an air-like landing on impact.
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The mesh is designed in a specific 3-layer construction to retain the durability of the shoe while still allowing for high breathability. The shoe does have leather parts for stability but the outer mesh layers will counteract the heat that leather can sometimes trap.

Zoom air units
Little air pockets are staggered throughout the sole of the shoe to cushion and support the foot. These also help with responsiveness because they are ultra light and help players to move about quickly and swiftly.

Cost and Value
The ANTA KT2 is a highly rated shoe that is going to be dependable and constructed from quality. The shoe itself comes in at a low price range so it will fit into anyone’s budget. The shoe will provide many games and practices to the buyer.
  • Mesh tri-layer design
  • Air pockets in the sole
  • Extra padded collar and tongue
  • Interwoven stabilizes for support
  • Run small and narrow

10. Jordan CP3 X

10. Jordan CP3 X
Nike and Jordan are two names well-known for their athletic ability. The Jordan CP3.x is no exception. The shoes are meticulously designed to assist the player with stability, support, traction, and responsiveness. The absorption level of the shoe is high and it transfers the energy to the shoe instead of back to the body which makes a well-rested player. The shoes provide the right amount of grip so players don't need to worry about sliding at an inopportune time.
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Lateral supports
The design of putting lateral supports through the shoe reinforce the sides of the shoe thereby stabilizing the foot better. This can help prevent injuries and foot fatigue from the foot working harder than it needs to.

Mesh upper
Shoes that breathe are a high priority when selecting a basketball shoe. Players need shoes that are going to allow air flow through the shoe. It keeps the foot more comfortable. The mesh upper is completely designed to allow for maximum airflow through the shoe.

Cost and Value
The Jordan shoe is at a higher price point than some of the other shoes in the category. However, the Jordan line of shoes, as well as Nike in general, have an upstanding reputation for being high-quality and durable. The value of the shoe will outweigh the cost because they will last and provide many hours of wear.
  • Zoom air units in sole
  • Interwoven midsole for style and comfort
  • Dynamic lacing system
  • Low-profile rubber sole
  • Runs narrow
  • Arch support is weak

When selecting a fantastic shoe for a Point Guard it is important to remember the amount of movement a Point Guard does. They need shoes that are light and don’t bog them down. They also need shoes that allow for quick pivots in many directions.  Players cannot afford to get stuck while trying to pull off a play. Also, Point Guards need high breathability in a shoe because players sweat a lot when in practice and during games.  Having a shoe that does not breathe is setting the players up for blisters and allow a petri dish of bacteria to grow inside the show. That can lead to athlete’s feet and blisters among other things.  There are numerous criteria we used when looking for the best shoes for Point Guards.  The shoes we looked at have high ratings in many, if not all of the categories of criteria.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Shoes for Point Guards

A quality pair of shoes for a Point Guard needs to definitely have a few very important characteristics. Point Guards have different needs than players in other positions. To begin with, it is important to know there are many styles of shoes that will support some of the characteristics but not all. When choosing a shoe, it is imperative to pick one that meets most or all of the needs. Moreover, basketball shoes come in three distinct heights. There are low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops.  There are good and bads to each height level.  Also to consider is the traction ability, responsiveness, and weight.



High-tops will most definitely provide the highest level of ankle support. These may the best option for a player that has weak ankles or is prone to ankle pain while playing. Being that the shoe comes much higher on the ankle, the bones are more supported due to fewer movement capabilities. However, high-tops obviously will weigh more because there is just more shoe and more density. Secondly, they can slow players down because of the weight and the constriction around the ankles. Players might not have much speed burst capability and as fast of a response time. There is a bit of a learning curve and reflex curve in learning to wear high-tops.  However, to support the integrity of the ankle, some players might absolutely require a high-top basketball shoe.

Mid-top shoes are a good medium between a low-top and a high-top. The reflexive turnaround will be greater than a high-top while still supporting moderate ankle stability. They won’t quite be as cumbersome as a high-tops shoe, but still not be a flexible compared to a low top shoe. Most players will find a happy medium if they are a middle of the road player.

Finally, low-top shoes will be the most lightweight. They will allow for the quickest breakthroughs and less resistance. However, they will provide barely any ankle support. They should be avoided by players that need a strong ankle support. They can also have a higher prevalence of injury because of the lack of support.


Nothing could be worse than getting the rebound and going to make a quick turn only to find yourself slip and losing the ball.  Instead of making the game-winning basket, the other team regains the ball, shoots, and scores, clinching their victory. The traction of the shoe is at fault. Had the shoe provided proper traction control, the player might not have fallen. Worse yet, bad traction could result in a broken ankle from turning to quick and falling or the foot coming out from in under the player. Basketball shoes need to have enough of a grip pattern that it will keep a player from slipping but will not cause the shoe to stick. It can have too much traction and take away from the breakaway response and quickness down the court. It is important to look for a rubber sole that has a short tread pattern. The taller the tread the more stationary it will make the shoe.



Point Guards need and depend on shoes that will be super responsive and promote speed and agility to get down the court fast.  Poing Guards are responsible for the fast turn around and getting a new play set up. The shoes on their feet need to be flexible to allow for fast break movements. They need to be cushioned for support but not so plush that the feet cannot move quickly because they are cumbersome and dense. Finally, the response of the shoe has to not affect the structure and support of the shoe. When a shoe is too flexible to allow for quick movements, it can sometimes make the shoe too flimsy to support the foot properly. The weight of a shoe will most definitely affect the responsiveness of the shoe. A shoe that is heavier will most likely be dense and hard to move around in. It can cause a lag of speed down the court.  It can also foster leg and foot fatigue because the legs and feet are working harder to propel the player down the court.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How should basketball shoes fit?

A: Basketball shoes should fit a little different for each position. Some players that are jumping and landing a lot will need shoes with a great support throughout and a generally higher-top. This will provide the support they need. However, someone that needs to get down the court the fastest, such as a Point Guard, will need shoes that allow for the most flexibility within the range of support. Further, all players need a strong shoe that can withstand many miles being run through a game or practice. They need to be snug but breathable.

Q: Who plays point guard?

A: Point Guards are basically a team leader or an extension of the coach. Point Guards need to be fast on their feet and display strong leadership skills. They will need to direct players during the plays, whether offense or defense and rally their team together for the duration of the game.

Q: What are good point guard shoes?

A: Good point guard shoes are going to need to meet a few different criteria. They will need to be sturdy, preferably a mid or high-top. This will give the best ankle support. The shoe needs to be lightweight very responsive when on the feet. It cannot be heavy and slow a player down.

Q: Do I need slip-resistant soles on point guard shoes?

A: No. Having a slip-resistant sole will cause the player to be stuck to the floor. Point guards need to be able to transition from defense to offense and vice-versa quickly. If the ball gets away from them, they need to be able to burst out of position to go after it.  If the shoes are super resistance to slips then their performance will suffer.

Q: How breathable are point guard shoes?

A: Point guard shoes will be moderately breathable. They are constructed with stability and support in mind so that will generally mean some to all of it will be leather. However, most shoe companies will incorporate mesh whenever possible. This factor allows for some air flow throughout the shoe.



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