Best Shoes for Toddlers With Wide Feet Reviewed & Rated

Baby shoes are among the cutest things in a baby’s wardrobe; especially if the shoes are just a miniature version of something that might be found in mom or dad’s closet. Shoes open up new possibilities to the smallest explorer in the family, giving them the opportunity to try out their walking skills on surfaces that would otherwise be off limits. Toddler shoes also give a cute outfit the polish it needs for a family event or an important photo.

There is no doubt that every toddler should have a pair of shoes or two on hand for situations when their exploration will take them onto slick, hot, sharp, or rough surfaces. It makes sense that parents will want the best possible shoes for their child, but it is also important to debunk a few popular myths about toddlers and shoes. The most common, and perhaps most damaging myth, is that toddlers need to wear shoes all the time. Experts now encourage parents to let their toddlers learn to walk on safe surfaces without shoes because restrictive shoes can negatively impact a baby’s sense of balance as well as the development of their feet. It is also recommended that baby shoes not restrict the movement of the ankle. Classic wisdom says that strong ankle support will help a baby’s ankle develop, but studies now show that it can negatively impact the strength of the ankle.

Featured Recommendations

Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable
  • Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fun Characters
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Price: See Here
Keds Daphne T-Strap
  • Keds Daphne T-Strap
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mary Jane
  • Adjustable
  • Price: See Here
Sperry Halyard
  • Sperry Halyard
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Double Velcro Closure
  • Stability
  • Price: See Here

Toddler shoes might not be necessary all the time, but it is certainly important to have a pair or two on hand for formal events, rough weather, and playing outside when the terrain is not well suited to sensitive feet. On those occasions, it is important to have a pair of toddler shoes that will give some protection against slipping and injury, won’t impede the development of the baby’s feet, and will pair well with multiple outfits so that the shoe can be used as much as possible before it is outgrown. As every caregiver knows, babies grow out of their shoes almost as fast as new pairs are purchased. So, before these shoes are outgrown, let’s get into the top ten shoes for toddlers with wide feet.


10 Best Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet


1. Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable

A favorite brand of parents, Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable shoes come in fun characters for boys and girls, which will have your little ones wanting to wear these around all the time. They have a squeaker which helps make learning to walk fun, and it’s adjustable to turn on and off with the flip of a switch. And, as a bonus for parents and kids, each sole is colored differently, so you can put the right shoe on the right foot!
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Fun For Kids
When just learning to walk, it helps to have a shoe that encourages wear and walking. With the Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable, you get all sorts of fun characters your child will fall in love with and the squeaker which makes practicing steps fun. An easy Velcro strap makes these a cinch to get on and off and encourages your child to learn to put their own shoes on.

Functional Support
Soft grippy soles help stabilize little ones taking their first steps, and soles come in two different colors, so you won’t mix up the left and right shoes. Soft breathable fabric allows for a roomy fit, especially for wider little feet. There is also a high top version, which provides ankle support without being restrictive. A wide open mouth and rounded toe box making them an easy fit for any child’s foot!

Cost and Value
The Ikiki Squeaky Adjustable hits the top of our list for good reason! As a moderately priced shoe, it’s packed full of encouragement for children just learning to walk. Cute characters and squeaker will have your child falling in love with these shoes. Easy for little ones with wider feet, they are available in wide widths but have ample room with a round toe box and roomy fit.

Cute Characters

Roomy Toe Box

Squeaker Shoe

Velcro Adjustable



Squeaker Sound

Velcro Durability

2. Keds Daphne T-Strap

Keds is one of the most well-known brands for toddler clothes on the market today. They produce everything from rompers to full outfits to shoes and all of them have trademark whimsy and strong, quality construction. This makes them ideal for active new walkers, no matter how stylish they are dressed.
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Memory Foam Footbed
The material of a shoe's footbed can make or break the comfort level of the wearer. Keds ensure that their shoes are as comfortable as possible by including a memory foam footbed. This will give support to the little one's feet even after hours of running around.

Unique and Adorable Style Options
Most of the shoes on this list have a range of style options, but the Daphne has some unique prints that are not found with other shoes. Rainbow leopard print reminiscent of Lisa Frank, metallic silver, glittering stars, and pastel shades makes up an adorable array of options to choose from.

Cost and Value
Keds has a reputation for quality and that alone makes this shoe a good investment, even when they get towards the middle of the price range for this list. Some pairs are listed for mind-boggling prices, however, and those are best avoided.
  • Unique Style Options
  • Memory Foam Footbed
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Quality construction
  • Some pairs are expensive

3. Saucony Jazz

Saucony might not be one of the best-known brands, but their Jazz toddler shoe is one of the most rated toddler shoes on Amazon. The shoe is sold in a range of prices rivaled only by the range of size and colors in which the Jazz can be purchased. With a suede upper and a non-marking rubber sole, they are a comfortable and breathable option for those seeking style and durability.
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Easily Adjustable
With a hook and loop closure system, these shoes allow the child wearing them to easily get them on or off by themselves or to adjust the over-foot strap until the shoes are the most comfortable.

Wide Range of Colors and Sizes
The Jazz comes in more than a dozen color options, all of them stylish and sure to set off even the cutest outfit. More than that, the shoes come in color options that will not easily show a lot of staining or wear, an important trait in shoes that will see a lot of time at the playground or park.

Cost and Value
These shoes are durable and stylish, making them worth a moderate investment. The price point might still be high for some, particularly with the more expensive pairs.
  • Non-Marking Sole
  • Stylish Design
  • Range of Colors and Sizes
  • Easily adjustable
  • Cushioned midsole
  • High Price Point

4. Sperry Halyard

4. Sperry Halyard
Sperry is the originator of the boat shoe and knows how to make a comfortable, wider fitting shoe. This little Halyard isn’t quite a boat shoe but it’s just as comfy. Made with high-quality materials the shoe is breathable and easy for Mom and Dad or even your older toddler to manage with the Velcro straps. It also features a sneaker bottom for both cushion and flexibility.
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Memory foam footbed
We often don’t think of our toddlers as needing a cushioned footbed. Their little feet are perfect and they never complain about sore feet. Right? Well, resistance to walking can be a sign that their little feet are sore and, to grow correctly, little feet need some padding and cushion to avoid impact just like we do. The memory foam footbed in this Sperry shoe will do the trick.

Premium canvas upper
Sperry makes premium quality shoes and the canvas in this little shoe is an example of that. It is durable, breathable and comfortable on your little one’s feet. Wider feet tend to sweat a little more so having a nice breathable upper will be welcome relief for small feet.

Cost and Value
These shoes are the most expensive in our list but well worth the money (still reasonably low). You get a shoe that will fit your child’s wider feet well, is breathable and comfortable and is flexible enough to move with your child. Little feet will grow without interference and will be well protected.
  • Premium quality upper
  • Sneaker like sole
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Adjustable closure
  • High-quality details
  • Toe area wears

5. Little Mae’s Squeaky

5. Little Mae’s Squeaky
Available in six shiny, sparkle filled colors, these shoes are great for dressing up your toddler. They are wider fitting and encourage the natural movement of your child’s feet. The shoes squeak for your child when they walk correctly from heel to toe, encouraging your child to learn a proper walking gait. Your child will have fun making the shoes make noise but they are also great quiet shoes too – the squeakers are removable.
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Easy Mary Jane
With a Velcro closure, these little Mary Jane style shoes are easy for parents to put on, and stylish enough to dress your child up for formal occasions. The squeakers also are removed and inserted easily but be sure to put them out of reach when not in use because they could be a choking hazard for little ones.

Non-slip soles
Little walkers need security while they explore a whole new world they can now access with their super-quick feet. The rubber sole on this shoe is both flexible to move with your child and non-slip so your child won’t slip and fall easily. They’ll be running fast enough to give you a cardio workout in no time at all.

Cost and Value
These shoes are priced in the lower range of shoes on this list. For the money, you get a fun shoe for your toddler that helps guide them while learning to be strong, confident walkers. Dress them up with the adorable sparkly Mary Janes and keep them safe with the non-slip sole. The shoes are reasonably durable as well, so you can use them regularly.
  • Fun squeakers
  • Removable for quiet time
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Non-slip outsole
  • Leather insole
  • Back seam may irritate

6. See Kai Run Kya

6. See Kai Run Kya
This little high top is perfect for walkers who are starting to run around during playtime. See Kai Run brand shoes are another favorite for wider width toddlers, and the Kya High Top helps to stabilize their moves with ankle support, and a grippy herringbone sole during play. Easy Velcro closures make them a snap to get on and off, and they maintain breathability throughout.
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High Top Support
Children still need some support while playing and See Kai Run made their Kya High Top to help support little one’s ankles, especially if they are becoming more mobile. A built-in rubber toe cap helps give ample protection for the occasional stumble and help add durability to the shoe. Herringbone patterned sole give superior traction for playground, grass, or another surface your little one wants to test out.

Comfortable Flex
A removable liner made from all natural material helps keep this shoe breathable, keeping their feet dry during playtime. Padded tongue and collar help prevent rubbing and irritation, so they’ll be able to play long! Uppers are constructed from lightweight textile materials, so you’ll be able to wash these easily should they get dirty.

Cost and Value
The See Kai Run High Top comes in a number of fits, so you’ll be certain to find one for your child’s wider foot needs. Rounded toe helps to give more room and promote foot splay when they start to test out their running skills. And, at a moderate price point, they are a stylish, and comfortable option to consider for your child’s next pair!

High Top


Rubber Toe Cap




Velcro Durability

Gold Coloring Fades

7. Pediped Sahara Flex

7. Pediped Sahara Flex
With summertime in full swing, we’ve added te Pediped Sahara Flex as a water shoe option for children with wider feet. Open sandal construction does give ample ventilation, and a quick-drying textile upper makes them perfect for pools or the occasional creek walk. They come in a number of widths and sizes, so rest assured you’ll find the perfect fit for your little one.
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Even though it’s open sandal style does leave room for pebbles to get in the shoe, a heel and toe bumper protects the feet where they’re most likely to need it. A grippy sole helps give them traction on slippery surfaces, which makes them perfect for pool time fun. Sturdy textile uppers utilize a Velcro closure for easy on and off, and quality stitching helps maintain the structure that surrounds the foot.

Pediatrician Recommended
Not only is the Sahara water safe, it’s a washable shoe which makes maintaining and extending the life of the shoe easy. It’s also recommended by pediatricians, as the construction of the shoe helps little ones see the ground as they learn to walk and take steps. The design helps them to grasp with their toes when walking and mimics closely to what barefoot walking is like. Perfect for summer vacations and exploring the beach!

Cost and Value
Depending on the width, size, and color option you choose, this shoe can run from moderately priced to slightly more expensive than those on our list. But, for a shoe recommended by pediatricians, which allows ample ventilation and allows them to wear in the water, it’s a worthy investment to consider. It’s a great option for a summer shoe to take on vacation, or just lounge by the pool and play in the water.

Pediatrician Recommended

Water Shoe

Toe Protection


Summer Shoe


Run Very Big

Short Velcro Strap

8. K-Swiss Classic VN

8. K-Swiss Classic VN
K-Swiss is an iconic fashion brand in many circles and their classic VN sneaker is one of the most easily identified styles that they sell. The brand has more to offer than just style, however. K-Swiss makes quality shoes that should hold up to the trips and spills of learning to walk.
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Classic and Fashionable
This iconic shoe style has been around for decades and has yet to go out of fashion. Even after they start school, a child in K-Swiss will have an easy time looking fashionable on the playground.

Quality Construction
K-Swiss would not be as big a brand as it is if their products fell apart under normal wear and tear. They make their shoes to last and that is particularly important for toddler shoes that will see trips, falls, and spills at a higher rate than shoes for older kids or adults.

Cost and Value
The VN sneaker can run for a pretty penny, even at its base price. It's worth the investment if the K-Swiss look is important but there are less expensive shoes produced with similar quality.
  • Fashionable
  • Durable
  • Available for infants, toddlers, and kids
  • Easy on and off
  • Comfort all day
  • Priced a little higher

9. Livie & Luca Pio Pio

9. Livie & Luca Pio Pio
The Livie & Luca Pio Pio is a Mary Jane style shoe which has a roomy feel for wider little feet, and the stability required for walkers or cruisers alike. An easy Velcro closure help make these easy on and off for accessibility, and it’s packed full of support for growing feet. Adorably designed, they highlight a bird emblem and faux button to give more style to the shoe, making it great for dressing up!
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Functional Design
Within the Pio Pio lies extra cushioning at the heel to help absorb impact, and support children walking or learning to run. It also serves to protect growing bones by giving a needed cushion when the heel strikes surfaces. Lined with a moisture-absorbent leather, your little one's feet will stay dry and odor free. Add to this a rugged rubber sole for traction, and they’ll be cruising in no time!

Stylish Mary Jane
An easy hook and loop closure makes this easy for kids and parents to get on and off, and has a faux button design that gives a little flair to the shoe. A beautiful embroidered bird adorns the top of the toe, reflecting the namesake of the shoe as ‘pio pio’ translates to the sound of a bird chirping in Spanish. Soft suede exterior construction makes these soft and flexible on the foot and helps maintain breathability.

Cost and Value
Averagely priced when compared to options on our list, the Livie & Luca Pio Pio is a stylish little shoe, with ample room for wider feet. Rounded toe box helps make these roomy for growth, and a sturdy sole helps give traction for new walkers. A great option to consider if you’re in search of a dressier shoe for your little one!

Rounded Toe Box

Sturdy Sole

Cute Design

Mary Jane

Moisture Absorbant



Run Extra Wide

10. See Kai Run Russell

10. See Kai Run Russell
Lastly on our list, See Kai Run makes another appearance with the Russell Sneaker. This sneaker reflects typical See Kai Run width, with roomy toe box for developing feet, and a rubber toe cap for extra protection. Easy accessibility is found in the double strap Velcro closure, and it comes in a number of fun color combinations that keep a clean sharp profile to the shoe.
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Comfortable Fashion
The Russell Sneaker maintains a clean look with solid colored uppers and contrasting dual stripes, giving it almost a grown-up look to a child’s shoe. Padded collar helps to prevent blistering or irritation around the ankle, and helps encourage walking. The dual Velcro closure makes them easy to get on and off, and gives an adjustable fit to your little one's foot.

Quality Constructed
Rounded toe box with the built-in rubber toe cap allows for your child’s foot to grow and develop without restriction and helps protect them during the occasional trip when learning to walk. Herringbone pattern on the sole provides ample traction, and help make this sneaker wearable even in the rain. Uppers are constructed from a durable textile material, so they’re easily washed or cleaned.

Cost and Value
Averagely priced for those on our list, the See Kai Run Russell Sneaker is a sharp looking addition to your child’s footwear. With a roomy toe box for wider developing feet and padded collar to cut down on ankle irritation, your child will play freely without pain or rubbing. If you’re in search of a great sneaker style shoe, built to last longer than just a season, look no further!

Dual Velcro Closure

Padded Collar

Roomy Toe Box




Every parent faces challenges in trying to find the best fitting shoes for their children, and for toddlers with wider feet, this can be especially frustrating. We hope some of the options on our top ten list help narrow down brands and styles to keep your child comfortable but also loving their new footwear. Adjustable closures always are best for wider feet, but it helps to have soles that can be supportive and have more base as well. Many of these brands are known for their consideration of children with wider feet, and know that a tight fit will have them kicking off shoes before they even step outside in them! So, they’ve adjusted or included wider widths, better design applications, and made shoes fun to wear again with squeakers and sometimes fun characters.

Make sure to size your child correctly with some of the tips we have in our criteria section to consider, which can help them love the next new pair they try on. We hope you find a pair your child will love!


Criteria for Selecting the Best Shoes for Toddlers with Wide Feet

Designed for Comfort

Learning to walk is difficult and uncomfortable shoes would only make it harder. There are several features found in the shoes throughout this list that are designed to make a child’s foot as comfortable as possible. Not only will this keep their feet happy as they learn to walk, but it will keep them playing longer. And if there is one constant among children, it is that they benefit greatly from as much active outdoor play as possible.

  • Memory Foam Insoles – Several shoes on our list feature memory foam insoles. These are especially ideal for children’s shoes because the bottom of a child’s foot is in near-constant development. A rigid insole would impact the foot’s development and there is no guarantee that the impact would be a positive one. Memory foam insoles are soft and will change to fit the shape of the child’s foot from day to day as they grow.


  • Adjustable Over-Foot Straps – The majority of toddler shoes on the market feature hook and loop closures that cross over the top of the child’s foot. Such closures are easy to open and close, giving the child the power to get their shoes on and off without assistance, as well as allowing for a more customized fit as the child’s foot grows


  • Breathable Materials – Anyone with an active schedule will attest to the misery that comes with shoes that don’t breathe. Toddlers are not known for their tolerance of discomfort, making breathable materials ab absolute must for their shoes.

Designed for Safety

Toddlers fall.  It’s what they do and it’s a natural part of learning to walk, run, meander, jump, roll, and spin.  Your toddler is brave and courageous and out for all sorts of adventures but they shouldn’t fall because of their shoes.  All of the shoes on our list are designed with the safety of your child’s feet and other body parts in mind.

  • Secure Fasteners – Whether the shoes tie with traditional laces, feature hook and loop closures, or rely on elastic cords that run over the top of the foot, every shoe on this list is designed to stay on the child’s foot on even their most active days


  • Durable Construction – Children put their shoes through a lot of wear and tear. This may not seem like a safety concern on the surface, but it does not take much to send a new walker tumbling and a loose outsole or torn side wall can trip them up or throw them off balance. Purchasing durable shoes will help avoid this issue and keep little ones on their feet longer.


  • Reinforced Toes and Padded Ankles – Stubbed toes are inevitable and there’s not much that can be done to avoid chafed ankles when someone is on their feet all day. But with reinforced toes and a padded ankle cuff, many of the shoes on this list help to minimize the discomfort and keep kids moving.

Room to Grow

What grows faster than a baby?  Jack’s beanstalk, maybe but little else.  Your toddler grows at an incredible rate that is only very slightly slower than he or she grow while they were an infant.  Toddler shoes should have room to accommodate that growth for at least a few months at a time and hopefully several months.  Here’s something no-one told you before you had kids – their feet change shape as well.  Narrow one minute, thick and chunky the next, wide the moment after.  Toddler’s feet morph in a way that would inspire science fiction writers and their shoes also need to keep up with that.

  • A Range of Sizes Available – Children grow fast and their feet seem to grow faster than the rest of them. The shoes on this list are sold in a range of sizes so that once a favorite shoe style or brand is found, it will be easy to order the next pair as it is needed. Ordering from the same company and in the same style is also an easy way to keep sizing consistent and avoid the shock of an ill-fitting shoe.


  • Sized for Wide Feet – Every shoe on this list either has a size available specifically for babies with wide feet or has been reviewed as running wider than expected so that their average size will fit wider feet.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When should I put my toddler in shoes?
A: Toddlers can go a fairly long time before they need their first pair of shoes. The general rule for buying a child’s first pair of shoes is that they really only need shoes if they are running around outside on terrain that might hurt their feet. Until they find their way outside, however, a pair of non-slip socks or booties can be worn on cold surfaces and bare feet are sufficient the rest of the time.

Q: How do I know my child’s shoe size?
  It is best to use a “seamstress’ measuring tape” or a “tailor’s measuring tape” to measure the child’s foot. Simply measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe and then compare that length to the size chart provided by whichever shoe company you are purchasing from, making sure to leave around half an inch for comfort and room to grow. If the child is prone to wiggling, making it too hard to get an accurate measurement, ask them to stand on a piece of paper. Draw a line just behind the heel and just ahead of the longest toe, then apply the same process as outlined above.

Q: When should I buy my child new shoes?
If you’re buying the shoes in person, new shoes can wait until the child’s longest toe is pushing against the tip of the shoe’s interior. When ordering online, however, it is best to order when the child’s toe is nearly touching or only just reaching the end of the shoe.

Q: Can shoes negatively affect my child’s feet?
If worn too often, shoes can set back the strength development of a child’s ankle or alter the development of their arch. It is best to let them run around barefoot or in socks for the first few years until they begin to run around outside or on splintered surfaces.

Q: What do I do with my child’s old shoes?
Children outgrow their shoes fairly often. When this happens, there are many charities such as Soles4Souls that collect used shoes to help those in need.

Q: How many pairs of shoes will my child need?
One pair at a time should be enough for most kids, provided that the shoes will be suitable for formal and casual functions. Most people do not expect children to be in full formal attire even for certain special events, so a pair of sneakers can go a long way.

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