Best Shoes Under $100 Reviewed for Overall Value

Shoe shopping, or being on the hunt for the next best trend, can be intimidating when you see so many brand names and are not sure which ones are, truly, worth the money. It can, also, be very frustrating when a lot of money is being spent on a single item and it doesn’t perform the way you were hoping for or expecting. The following list will really delve into the world of fashion and look at some of the best quality shoes out there, while still remaining wallet-friendly.

Regardless of your personal style, or profession, there are some absolute must-haves everyone should try to have in their closet. From the ever classic white sneaker to the perfect fitting running shoe, waterproof rain boot and everything in between, this list features all types of footwear, sure to cover everyone’s needs. It is important to note: that because a shoe is more expensive, it does not make it higher quality or worth splurging on. More often than not, the most important factor that goes into pricing is the logo that’s put on the shoe, and bigger brands will have higher prices. While you may want to avoid making a purchase solely based on brand, it’s good to know that even popular options can be bought for a relatively low price.

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The latest update to this article reduces the number of items from 15 to 10, in order to give you only the best shoes under $100, making it easier to decide on the best pair of shoes for you. Additionally, the footwear found on this list has been rearranged to reflect ratings, and three new models have been added, including the Merrell Jungle Moc, the Columbia Ice Maiden II and Easy Spirit Romy.

Featured Recommendations

Merrell Jungle Moc
  • Merrell Jungle Moc
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Genuine Leather Upper
  • Cushioned Midsole
  • Price: See Here
Columbia Ice Maiden II
  • Columbia Ice Maiden II
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 200g Insulation
  • Waterproof Upper
  • Price: See Here
Clarks Breeze Sea
  • Clarks Breeze Sea
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3-cm Heel Height
  • TPR Outsole
  • Price: See Here

Whether you are heading out for a long walk, are headed to the beach, or going to work, this list will help you find the best options for shoes under $100. For even more information about what to look for in a good quality pair of shoes that won’t break the bank, make sure to check out the Criteria for Evaluation and FAQ sections of this article.


10 Best Shoes under $100


1. Merrell Jungle Moc

Some shoes are simply made to be versatile, comfortable and durable, and the Merrell Jungle Moc definitely fits this category. A simple slip-on style with a classic design, it’s a pair of footwear you will love reach for on a daily basis - whether you decide to wear it to work, casual outings or hikes. Using natural materials in its construction, it offers a healthy environment for your feet, giving you both a good level of cushioning, a reliable, slip-resistant outsole, as well as easy on and off.
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Pig Suede Leather Upper
The upper of the Jungle Moc is made with pig suede leather, which is a natural material that has been processed so as to give you a highly adaptable fit that will mold to your feet. It’s lined with mesh, ensuring breathability, and features two elastic gores that make it easier to put these on in a rush.

Cushioned Midsole
With a molded EVA midsole and a molded nylon arch shank, the Jungle Moc is a pair of footwear that provides excellent support and cushioning - t will keep your feet properly aligned, while absorbing shock that is generated when you walk. It even features a Merrell heel cushion that adds stability and helps prevent heel and joint pain.

Cost and Value
How well the Merrell Jungle Moc will appeal to you depends on your budget. Although it is under the $100 mark, it is the most expensive item on this list, and may be just a bit too much for some. Nonetheless, if you’re after something with impeccable quality and comfort levels, then we can wholeheartedly recommend this popular option.

Genuine Leather Upper

Breathable Mesh Lining

Slip Resistant outsole

Molded Arch Support

EVA Shock Absorption


Unsuitable for Wet Weather

Runs Narrow

2. Columbia Ice Maiden II

A pair of waterproof snow boots that come cheap, lightweight, and are made with premium materials and great technological advancements to make them more comfortable and higher performing? Though you might think this is impossible, the Columbia Ice Maiden II may change your mind. Made for both snow use, as well as for trail hiking in cold conditions, it’s a great choice if you live in a colder climate where a good pair of winter footwear is crucial, but you’re not ready to pay hundreds of dollars for the quality you require.
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The lightweightedness of the Ice Maiden II comes from the materials used in the sole of the boot. Using a Techlite midsole, this boot will give you a good amount of support and cushioning, without weighing you down. It even provides a good level of energy return, so if you decide to use it for hiking, you can go further, with less fatigue.

The outsole on the Ice Maiden II is made so as to give you the best possible grip, regardless of whether you wear them indoors, on pavement, in snow, or on the trail. It’s non marking, making these boots appropriate for all surfaces. Add to that the 200g of insulation that will keep you warm, but won’t leave you with too hot feet, and you’ve got yourself a winner pair of boots.

Cost and Value
The value of the Columbia Ice Maiden II snow boot lies in its design that combines a good amount of comfort, technically advanced performance features, and the fact that it comes at a reasonable price. Although it’s not a cheap shoe, per se, it definitely costs considerably less than what you would pay for a pair of footwear with similar qualities and features.

Waterproof Leather and Textile Upper

Techlite Cushioning Midsole

Omnigrip Outsole

200g Insulation

High Energy Return


Runs Small

Not for Extreme Cold

3. Clarks Breeze Sea

The Clarks Breeze Sea combines style with functionality, giving you a relaxed summer sandal you are definitely going to fall in love with. Made with an EVA foam midsole and footbed, TPR outsole, synthetic upper, and textile lining, these shoes bring comfort to a completely new level, giving you an adjustable, lightweight casual shoe. Add to that the fact that they’re available in a vast array of colors, giving you the opportunity to match these to any outfit, you are likely to find yourself reaching for these Clarks shoes for everyday wear, including for walking and beach wear.
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EVA Midsole & Footbed
Made with cushioning EVA foam, the footbed and midsole have an all-day comfort design, especially when considering leisurely, casual walking. You will find that the Clarks Breeze Sea will support your feet, including the arch area, and will provide a good amount of energy return, contributing to a lower level of fatigue, even after hours on your feet.

Strap Closure
The closure adds both visual appeal and functionality, as it allows you to create a better fit. The hook and loop closure will accommodate all types of feet, both narrow and wide, which makes this sandal that much better. Plus, it is a stylish feature that’ll make these shoes stand out.

Cost and Value
The cost associated with this pair of shoes is midrange when compared to other shoes on this list. This makes them a great buy; and not only for their cost-efficiency but, also, for their sheer ability to help you to remain comfortable.
  • Synthetic Upper
  • Textile Lining
  • 3-cm Heel Height
  • TPR Outsole
  • EVA Midsole/Footbed

Runs Small

Just for Casual Wear

4. Easy Spirit Romy

4. Easy Spirit Romy
A good pair of leather walking shoes could set you back quite a large amount of money, but that’s not the case with the Easy Spirit Romy. This is one of the most popular options among those who spend hours on their feet - be it for walking, standing, work or travel. Made with a genuine leather upper, plenty of cushioning and support, these will work even for light running activity. Even though they’re only available in a limited number of colors, they’re one of the best pairs of sneakers you can get for under $100.
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Well Padded
In order to provide the highest level of comfort, the Romy features plenty of padding, most notably in the collar - this will prevent the shoe from rubbing your ankle, thus helping you avoid chafing, blisters, or even Achilles pain.

Variety of Sizes
Getting the right fit with any pair of footwear can be quite a task, especially if your feet are more narrow or wide than the average person’s. The Easy Spirit Romy is available in four widths - narrow, medium, wide and extra wide, so you can get the version that will suit you best. This will also minimize the break in time, as you won’t have to wait for the upper to mold to your foot.

Cost and Value
With a cost that’s average compared to other items on this list, the Easy Spirit Romy is definitely one of the best options for those in need of a good quality athletic shoe. With plenty of cushioning, a genuine leather upper, and a good outsole that’ll hold up well, these even hold up well against models with price tags twice as large.

Leather Upper

Cushioned Midsole

Padded Collar

Breathable Lining

Lace Up


Runs Large

Lack of Arch Support

5. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

5. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2
If you’ve ever stood on a yoga mat, you know how squishy and comfy they are. If only shoes could be that comfortable as well. Luckily, with the Yoga Sling 2 by Sanuk, you can get the same comfort level from a casual pair of sandals made for everyday use. You can wear these before and after a workout, or choose to wear them for casual outings - they will keep your feet cushioned and protected thanks to their numerous functionality-oriented features.
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2-Way Stretch Knit Upper
The Yoga Sling helps to secure your foot across the top of the foot and at the rear of the ankle. Add to this the wrapped toe post, and not only do you gain added comfort but you, also, gain a better fit.

Yoga-mat Footbed
When comfort is a desirable attribute, you can't get much better than the feel of a yoga mat underfoot. Implementing the same materials in the creation of their shoes, Sanuk sandals give you a high level of cushioning, with an unparalleled feel against your skin.

Cost and Value
Midrange is the cost associated with this pair of sandals. These are a perfect choice for a casual day living in the righteous notion of leisurely activity. Furthermore, with all of the colors available, you can match a pair to almost any outfit of your choosing.
  • 2-Way Stretch Knit Upper
  • Happy U Rubber Sponge Outsole
  • Yoga-mat Footbed
  • Yoga Sling
  • Wide Color Variety

Not Water Friendly

Runs Narrow

6. Toms Classic

6. Toms Classic
The TOMS Classic is a popular slip on that has gained a massive fan base thanks to the company’s One for One® program. It has all-day comfort, is stylish, and has a timeless design, plus, knowing you helped put shoes on another person’s feet, all combine to make a great shoe to have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, they are made with canvas, cotton, denim, lace, suede, or a textile upper; dependent on color choice, and have a cotton/textile lining, elastic ‘v’ gore, rubber outsole, and are easy on-and-off.
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Sock-like Fit
Fitting like a glove, the design is lightweight, but still, made to last. The cut of the heel and top is high enough that it won’t dig into your skin. It is recommended to break them in, after which, you can enjoy the wonderful comfort these shoes have to offer.

As the TOMS’ brand has grown, they have added more colors, designs, and fabrics to the classic slip-on design. You are able to, truly, put your personality in play when choosing from such a vast array, or simply, find a design that fits perfectly for any occasion.

Cost and Value
Depending on how well you take care of your TOMS Classic, you can find this shoe will last you for years to come, giving you an excellent investment and value for your dollar. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, plus, the ability to personalize the upper via color selection, these shoes are worth the purchase price.
  • Upper is Color Dependent
  • Cotton/Textile Inner 
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Elastic ‘V’ Gore
  • One for One® Availability

Runs Wide

Runs Big

7. Plaka Flat Palm Leaf

7. Plaka Flat Palm Leaf
The Plaka Flat Palm Leaf is absolutely gorgeous, adding just the right amount of casual to an elegant, aesthetically appealing design. With a stretch rope upper, it gives both a comfortable, as well as a secure fit. It’s a water resistant pair of footwear, made with a rubber outsole, and is available in many color variations. No matter which of the intricate upper designs you go with, you’ll find that these sandals are a dream to put on, and match well with almost any outfit.
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The stretch-to-fit rope is hand-woven; thereby giving you a unique pair of footwear that had been manufactured with love and care. With being hand-made also comes a higher level of quality control, meaning that any manufacturing flaws are minimized.

Wide Color Variety
With over 20 color options available, you will find a pair of these sandals that will perfectly suit your style. And given their comfort, you might even be tempted to purchase a couple of pairs. You can wear these with absolutely anything, from casual jeans to something a little more elegant - you’re sure to look good in these.

Cost and Value
Comparable to other shoes on this list, this pair of sandals ranks below average, making it a great choice for summer footwear that is both budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, they are comfortable, provide a decent fit, have hand-made quality, and are water-resistant. As such, these are a great purchase for adding to your footwear collection.
  • Water-resistant
  • Hand-made
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Stretch-to-fit Rope
  • Wide Color Variety

Not Water Friendly

Lacks Support

8. Hoy Shoe Salt Water

8. Hoy Shoe Salt Water
Who doesn't like a pair of shoes which can be worn in-and-out of the water? These sandals are made to be water-friendly. In addition, they are made with rust-proof brass buckles, have genuine leather uppers, and are scuff-resistant. Hand-crafted, they are an ideal choice for those looking to add to their footwear collection, as they have a decent amount of longevity associated with them; not to mention, they are comfortable after the break-in period.
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Genuine Leather Upper
Once the leather softens, you will be glad you purchased these sandals, as the genuine leather uppers increase the longevity of these shoes. Furthermore, scuff-resistant, they are certain to look good season after season.

In-and-Out of Water Wear
These shoes are, truly, wearable both in and out of the water, as they do not degrade after doing so. This makes these sandals perfect for beachside and poolside activity, and general excursions of the casual variety.

Cost and Value
Evaluated against other shoes on this list, these shoes fall into the upper end of the high range. With their longevity factor and the in-and-out of water ability, these shoes are worth every penny spent. Furthermore, there is a wide range of colors available; thereby, you can match these to almost any casual outfit.
  • Hand-Crafted
  • Rust-proof Brass Buckles
  • In-and-Out of Water Wear
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Genuine Leather Upper

Break-in period

Complicated Sizing

9. Native Jefferson Slip-on

9. Native Jefferson Slip-on
If you are in need of a pair of sneakers that your kid can wear in the summer months, then the Native Jefferson Slip-on is an excellent choice. In addition, they are waterproof and have perforations throughout the upper; thereby, allowing a breathable environment and promoting healthier feet. These are low-volume shoes; so, they are perfect for those with smaller feet. Native does offer the 'Miller' style which is ideal for chubby feet. With that being stated, these shoes are adorable and come with a wide variety of color options.
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These shoes are ready for poolside, beachside, or a day out in a gentle, warm rain. With perforated uppers, these shoes promote breathability; which, in turn, helps to prevent sweat. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about sloshing after they get wet, as they are made to handle it.

Rubber Outsole
The rubber on the Native Jefferson Slip-on helps your little one get a firm grip of the surface underfoot, ensuring their security. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you take these to the pool, or on a rainy summer day, as you’ll be certain that your child is safe and sure-footed.

Cost and Value
These shoes are midrange in cost association when compared to other shoes on this list. They do promote better overall foot health and are waterproof. As such, they are a good buy and worth the purchase price.
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Rand and Toe
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Odor-resistant
  • Peta-approved Vegan

Runs Big

Low-volume Fit

10. Sloggers Rain and Garden

10. Sloggers Rain and Garden
Sure, a nice pair of expensive rain boots to wear twice a year in public (because they were too expensive to wear during practical times) would be nice. However, we all have those rain boots we are embarrassed about because they are less than stylish, but still, keep our feet dry in the rain or snow. These Sloggers Rain and Garden boots, thankfully, give good water protection without sacrificing style - they are sure to catch everyone’s eye with their fun upper, and are bound to get you a number of compliments from friends, family or even coworkers.
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If you are not familiar with Sloggers, their boots are of a high-quality design and made in the U.S.A. These boots are no exception. Walk in all climates with ease, due to the signature 'deep lug’ outsole tread. The boots, also, have a slightly wider opening; so, you can tuck your pants into them. To prevent chaffing, the boots, also, have a soft trim around the top.

You can select between chicken, goat, horse, or cow prints. Sloggers, also, have solid colors, and the farm animal prints are not only perfect for farmers but, also, for anyone who loves animals. Wear them in your garden, to the pumpkin patch, tree farm, or simply, a leisurely stroll walking in the rain. The design keeps your feet dry and warm, regardless of wet weather. They are, also, very easy to clean; so, you won’t be afraid to get them muddy and wear them often.

Cost and Value
For the quality of construction, this shoe is of great value. If you will be wearing these boots for practical or stylistic reasons, you will find them to be of great value, in terms of both cost efficiency and practicality.
  • All-Day-Comfort Insole
  • Deep Lug Outsole
  • Hose-off Cleaning
  • 15.5-inch Opening
  • 10.5-inch Shaft Height

Runs Small

May Be Unsuitable for Work

Although being a stylish accessory that can be used to compliment or bring attention to your outfit, are highly personal items of clothing that can fit and feel differently on nearly everyone. When deciding on the perfect pair for you, keep in mind just how many options there, truly, are. When making a purchase, you want to think about how this shoe will incorporate itself into your wardrobe. Will you reach for it on a day-to-day basis, will it add something to your outfits and make them stand out, and will these last?

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on any item, only for it to fall apart within weeks; let alone, a pair of shoes you might need, in order to earn the money in the first place. They are made to be walked on and should be durable enough to take the impact of the ground hitting them without falling apart; meaning, durability should be one of the key factors you look for when shoe shopping. That’s not to say style and appearance are not important, but once you have narrowed down the styles you like, begin to take a deeper look at the quality and durability of the shoe.

There are countless brands creating new styles every day, and keeping up with the trends can be exhausting. Because celebrities are wearing this shoe, you might feel like, in order to be stylish, you should be, as well. But try to remember, brand names do not mean they are worth the price. There are alternatives for almost any high-end brand you can think of, made with the exact same quality and care; and best of all, they will be budget-friendly. This list takes a good hard look at the best shoes under $100 and shows you what it is you should be looking for, in order to make a smart and well-rounded purchase.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Shoes under $100


When you think of an investment piece, right away, your mind goes to the top brands and those outrageous prices which can sometimes be associated with them. Although it is never a crime to want to invest in a nice item every now and then, on a day-to-day budget, splurges are not realistic, and in most cases, a quality shoe does not always need to be a budget-breaking splurge. So, why do we automatically associate brand-name with money? It might be because of the ad campaigns and flashy commercials, or even a brand our friends and loved ones may swear by. At the end of the day, however, the quality isn’t always that different between generic and brand names.

On that note: the quality of materials used in construction can, also, raise the price drastically; especially, in athletic and dress wear. Is the material made of genuine leather or faux leather, and so on?

Deciding on which brand you want to buy from simply comes down to a preference of not only their styles but the brand, itself, and what that brand may stand for. A lot of times, it might be a purchase out of loyalty you may have towards a certain brand. Knowing their products, and/or the fact you have previously purchased from them, means you know what you’re in store for and what to expect from your purchase. That can take a lot of pressure off of the purchase and the worry of spending too much on something you may not like. That does not, however, mean you shouldn’t branch out and try something new, because companies are always coming out with newer and better models.

While shopping for a running or walking shoe, you will automatically start looking at specific brands that excel in the athletic department, starting with, probably, Nike or Adidas. A lot of their popular, classic styles are fairly priced and easily attainable to most. Taking the time, however, to look into the products, will show you how much their price-ranges vary and will make shopping at high-end brands less intimidating.

The most popular styles from specific brands are the most popular for a reason; they are attainable. When, thoroughly, looking into which brand of shoes to buy from, take a look at their most popular styles in whichever style it is you’re in search of. More often than not, you will come to find that even luxury brands have affordable options. Purchasing the brand’s most popular item not only saves your wallet but it, also, ensures you’re getting a quality product, tried and tested by countless consumers, and proven to be a good buy.

White Nike Best Shoes Under $100


Depending on the quality of materials, craftsmanship, and how well you take care of them an affordable pair of shoes can last an extended period of time. Your shoes should last just as long as any other nice item in your closet; especially, if the time to properly look after them is taken. Shoes can be a harder item to look after because they come in direct contact with the ground anywhere you go and with every step you take. It is a lot harder to shield them from bad weather and, so, materials that are less water-resistant than others, begin to show wear-and-tear at quicker rates after exposed to wet conditions.

Waterproofing a shoe that is of a suede or canvas material is essential to keeping it durable. You don’t want to have to constantly opt for a leather shoe, or rain boot, every time you want to step outside in the rain because for fear of ruining them. Having to repurchase shoes every few months because of unavoidable damage is, also, an expensive problem. There are many easy ways to waterproof your shoes, starting with sprays.

  • A spray is the most popular option for materials like suede because it is one of the few methods that do not damage the suede in any way when done correctly. It is easy to do, dries quickly, and is almost instantly effective. It is, also, a very affordable option; so, rather than splurge on expensive already-waterproofed shoes, adding in a spray to your purchase can be a cost-efficient alternative.
  • For shoes like canvas, the best, most-effective method of waterproofing is beeswax. Although a little bit more time-consuming, covering the entire surface of the shoe in beeswax, and then using a source of heat, like a blow dryer (to, essentially, melt away the wax until it is clear and there is no trace of it left) leaves the shoe completely water-resistant.

It is important to note: not all shoes are created equal; some are made for daily use and others are not made to withstand too much walking or physical activity. If you are using a walking shoe as a runner, the materials and the insides of the shoe are very different, and it will quickly wear it out. Buying the correct shoe for the correct use is one of the most important things. It will not only make it last longer and be easier to take care of but it will, also, fit and feel better. You wouldn’t run a marathon in a pair of high heels; so, keep in mind what this shoe’s specific use will be, and consider if you will get the proper amount of wear out of them.


There is no getting around the fact that quality shoes are not always the most affordable, and in our minds, quality always has to have a high price tag. The fact is a lot of the time, that is not the case, and there are few things worse than an expensive, yet, low-quality shoe. So, how do you know if your purchase is going to last or fall apart? Here are a few things to look at.

  • Outsole:
    The outsole should be well glued on or sewn  and not in any way come away from the shoe. The outsole is the part of the shoe that is always receiving the most impact; so, it must be sturdy. Regardless of the material (generally, rubber), it should be well-constructed and properly applied to the bottom of the shoe.
  • Mdisole:
    Your feet take on a lot of stress throughout the day, especially during any sort of physical activity. Without a quality midsole conforming to your feet and keeping them well cushioned, there is little-to-no shock absorption, and that can not only lead to sore feet but ankle and knee injury, as well. The most popular type of midsole is EVA, due to its flexible nature while still remaining tough and having waterproof properties.

Where and how you’ll be wearing them can take a toll on the quality, as well; regardless of how well-made the shoe is, being in bad weather will, quickly, deteriorate your shoe. Waterproof them frequently and try to make sure no water gets inside the shoe, itself. If your sole is getting worn down and stepping in a puddle will soak your foot and the midsole of your shoe, get that repaired immediately or do not wear them in wet weather. It is a lot harder and more expensive to replace the entire inside of a shoe than it is to patch a rubber outsole.

Exposed stitching can, also, be a sign of well-made shoes, and it can mean one of two things: It can, simply, be for decorative purposes and add nothing, or in a lot of cases, especially with nice oxfords and hiking boots, it is to keep the rain out and reinforce the shoe, as much as possible. An easy way to check if the stitching will add value and purpose to your shoe is to lightly scrape the surface of it. Does the stitching stay in place and look perfect, or does it start to come undone and peel? If it stays in place, it is there for a reason and is a great tell for quality shoes.

Yellow Best Shoes Under $100

Things you should know about Shoes

A shoe is made by many parts; and as such, it good to know how a shoe is built, in order to better understand the value you are receiving when purchasing a pair of shoes. Obviously, a sandal will have fewer parts than a running shoe will, but the concepts remain the same among all shoes.

Heel – Most noticeable in women’s and dance shoes, heel height can determine the length of the heel. In higher heights, it is easier to see a heel, per se; that is, a pair of stilettos is easily identifiable. In smaller heights, however, the heel height may not be as easy to notice. A heel height of 0.15 inches is not easy to see with the naked eye; let alone, from a picture on a website. Because of certain medical conditions related to foot health, however, it is important to understand when a heel height is present; not to mention, heel height directly impacts the functionality and performance of a shoe.

Heel Collar – Sometimes called a ‘collar,’ the heel collar provides cushioning and adds support. This cushioning and support, as it were, is for the ankle area. It is, generally, constructed with padding and/or cushioning, and is located between the lining and upper. The heel collar helps to provide a better fit, adding stability. This, in turn, gives your feet a bit more security.

Heel Counter – The heel counter is located between the lining and upper, at the heel. It helps the shoe to keep its shape while, also, providing either flexibility or stiffness. This, also, is the area where a lot of blisters are formed and, usually, the stiffer the heel counter has been constructed, the more likely blisters can form.

Insole – This is the part of the shoe most noticeable by consumers, as they are familiar with replacing their insoles with other insoles, such as ‘gel inserts.’ The insole can have a direct impact on arch support, or the lack thereof.

Last – The last is used as the construction method for the shoe. It determines the shape, function, and everything in between. Without getting too deep into the characteristics of a last (that’s for another article), the list comprises of a feather edge, fore-part, vamp point, instep, waist, cone, seat, back-part, hinge, heel curve, counterpoint, top line point, socket (or thimble), and vent. There are, also, 8 measurements taken in relation to the last. In other words, a lot of work goes into a shoe, and the last is not different.

  • Responsible for the shape and functionality of a shoe (e.g. a shoe may be designed to play basketball (functionality) in and geared towards a female gender (‘shape’ of the foot, or contour)).

Midsole – The midsole is located between the outsole and the upper (i.e. midsole). This is where a lot of the shock-absorption technologies are placed. A great running shoe will have a minimal load-rate while, simultaneously, giving you maximum energy return. Certain midsoles are better for certain activities and/or foot structuring (e.g. a dual-density midsole is great for those with heavier weight, and etc.).

  • Midsoles can be non-existent, made of gel, EVA, PU, and so on. Each type of material utilized in making a midsole serves its own unique purpose. In addition, each product has its own associated cost with making it (e.g. is the midsole injection-molded, or made of gel, and etc.). As such, the cost of a shoe can quickly rise, as a result. Some of the higher-rated shock-absorbent midsoles can be found in basketball shoes.

Outsole – Located at the bottom of the shoe, the outsole receives the most overall damage, as it is in direct contact with surfaces for every step made. Usually, made of rubber but not always, the outsole gives you the ability to gain traction and/or protection. An outsole made of a thin rubber won’t suffice for construction work, as it is easily penetrable by outside debris such as nails and etc. Likewise, an outsole which is really thick may not suffice as a running shoe; since, a running shoe needs to be, typically, lightweight. The outsole’s material and traction pattern can directly impact the ability of a shoe to withstand slippery surfaces; that is, not all shoes are slip-resistant, as most of us have had to learn the hard way.

  • Lugs are commonplace for shoes in need of deep, aggressive traction. Also, multi-directional lugs allow for easier transition such as juking and so forth. Mudding shoes and hiking shoes make use of lugs quite often.
  • Spikes can be added to certain shoes to help in a situation such as icy terrain.
  • Cleats are commonly utilized in sports such as soccer, football, track and field, and etc.

Shaft – Shaft height is, usually, measured from the center of the arch but not always. Shaft height determines the length of the shoe from arch to the top. For example, a snow boot may have a shaft height of 15.5 inches; whereas, a sandal would look rather funny with that same length of a shaft height. Additionally, shaft height can help to determine volume inside of the shoe; especially when discussing low tops. But this is a bird’s eye view of volume when the measurement is not given directly; and is furthermore, by no means a conclusive measurement.

Shank – The shank serves to give you stability. Without a shank, you could, literally, bend your shoes in half. Shoes which, actually, need a lot of flexibility, will utilize a half-shank feature which gives the needed support required to maintain a healthy foot while, simultaneously, allowing for the flexibility desired.

Toe Box – The toe box allows your toes to have ample room within the shoe. For those suffering from medical conditions such as bunions and hammertoes, a roomy toe box becomes necessary. Those with narrow, healthy feet, on the other hand, may not desire a wide and spacious toe box, as they would risk injury from the excess room.

Toe Cap – Located at the toe area, the toe cap is best known in relation to work boots, such as steel toe and composite toe boots. The toe cap provides safety features to the shoe; thus, ensuring your toes remains intact from falling debris, as it were. This does add stiffness and weight to the shoe; so, while a toe cap is an ideal choice for some work environments, it is a terrible choice for a morning jog.

Toe Counter – The toe counter, like the heel counter, is located between both the lining and upper; but this time, however, it is at the front of the shoe. Like the heel counter, it helps the shoe to retain shape. A thick toe counter will prevent your toes from adequately bending in certain situations. This (among other things) is why it can be a bad idea to jump into a 5K marathon with work boots on; ouch.

Tongue – The tongue is the part of the shoe responsible for helping to keep debris out (mainly, found in work, running, walking, and athletic shoes and boots); as well as, adding stability, security, and comfort to the top of your foot.

  • The tongue is, usually, made of three parts. The top part is, generally, made of the upper material. The inner is, generally, made of the same lining used for the inner part of the shoe. And last but not least, the inside is made of a sponge, pad, and/or foam- based material.

Upper – The upper is the part of the shoe above the midsole and is the part which, usually, catches your eye first; especially in running and walking shoes. It is the outside of the shoes and can be made from varying materials.

  • The upper is, usually, made of materials consisting of leather, faux leather, fabric (e.g. jean, lace, mesh, nylon, satin, and etc.), synthetic (a combination of materials), plastic, suede leather, and/or rubber. Dependent on the shoe, other decorative and/or functional attributes can apply (e.g. Latin dance shoes may have sequin attached to the upper, or a running shoe may have stability stripes).

Now, you have a concept of how a shoe is constructed. In this, you will better understand what you are looking at when examining the best shoes under $100, among the rest of your purchases from here on out. When thinking about comfort, flexibility and material makeup of the shoe overall are heavy influencers of it. When contemplating stability, lower heels grant this over those ranging upwards above 3 inches. Breathability is determined by many factors with the upper being one. A mesh upper breathes great but may allow water inside, as well. Determining the right shoe for you, first, begins with knowing what you need. Here are some sample questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is the weather cool, mild, warm, or hot? For cool weather, you may need an insulated shoe. For hot weather, you may need a shoe made with a mesh upper; even a sandal is great in hot weather.
  • Is it dry or wet? Waterproofing and water-resistance come into play when answering this question.
  • Are my feet wide or narrow? A pointed shoe might be great for those with narrow feet, but those with really wide feet might struggle to find comfortable toe boxes in such shoes. That’s not to say they don’t exist but that the options are better for those having narrow feet.
  • Is the environment dangerous? A steel or composite toe might be the answer here.
  • Will I be walking on smooth, dirt, or rocky terrain? Walking on a sidewalk is great for many shoes. Walking on rocks, not so much. Hiking shoes may be the answer if you are hitting the trails or going camping.
  • Am I headed to a formal event? Here, pumps and dress shoes might be the answer.

At the end of the day, the best choice you can make is based upon how well you question yourself (in what you need out of the shoe), in order to perform your best. After doing this, you will have bought the best shoes under $100.

Guitar Best Shoes Under $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should a pair of shoes last?
A: That is completely dependent on the quality of the shoe and how you treat them. You can have a basic pair of sneakers that cost under $50 and last years with proper care and treatment. Cleaning the inside of the shoe is just as (if not more) important than cleaning the outside. Taking the time to, thoroughly, keep the inside looking and smelling good, will make a large overall difference. You never want to be the person who removes their shoes at a party and everyone is suddenly hit with a strong odor. Using a detergent, baking soda mix, or a deodorizing spray will keep them smelling fresh.

Q: What style is the most versatile?
A: All styles can be versatile and worn in different ways, depending on your personal style. Having the confidence to wear a shoe in a way it wouldn’t typically be worn can be very stylish. For example, a sporty tracksuit with a pair of black pumps, or a nice dress with some worn-in converse can look rather good. At the end of the day, however, whichever pair of shoes you can visualize yourself wearing the most, will be the most versatile pair.

Q: How do I style white sneakers?
A: It’s simple; style them with everything and anything. There are little-to-no outfits that a fresh pair of crisp, white sneakers cannot look good with. From jeans and t-shirt to dresses, business attire, and everything in between, they look effortless while still being chic. Unlike a pump or something you would only be wearing for certain occasions, the white sneaker can be dressed up and down; so, it is versatile for all occasions. Having a shoe you know you can always reach for, takes any stress away from getting ready in the morning and makes it a staple item you will want to have multiples of.

Q: Does high-price equal high-quality?
A: Yes and no; a lot of the time, people associate the two, but in reality, most mid-range brands should have a variety of price points to look at. Considering they are all made by the same brand, as well, means that the quality will not vary much between a $40 pair of shoes and a $150 pair. There are things to keep in mind, like features that may be added to high-priced items, and small details. Overall, the brand’s name printed can be a big part of the reasoning for its higher price tag and not the time and quality that went into the making of it.

With that being stated, as a rule of thumb, it cost quite a bit more to make a shoe with a dual-density midsole versus a single density. Genuine leather cost more as a material than faux leather. Does the shoe come equipped with a removable sockliner? Is the shoe built for multi-function activities such as wet and dry land? Is the shoe a specialty shoe such as a hiking boot, soccer shoe, and etc.? Or maybe, there are real diamonds found in the strap versus sequin.

As you can see, materials will dictate the cost to make a shoe; and as such, can directly relate to a higher price. You must then ask yourself, “Do I need diamonds in that strap,” or “I weigh 110 pounds, do I need a dual-density midsole?” Once you answer those types of questions, you can better determine cost efficiency, as it applies to you.

So, yes, higher pricing can equal higher quality; and no, higher pricing does not guarantee higher quality.

Q: Is there any type of shoe worth splurging on?
A: Again, depending on your use of the shoe and how often you feel you will get to wear it, sometimes, yes, a splurge is kind of nice. After all, we all like to do it, and in moderation, this can be psychologically healthy. The one item that is always pushed to spend the extra money on is, generally, a nice pair of pumps and, typically, in a solid black color. They go with everything, look classy, and if properly cared for can last a lifetime. Running shoes can, also, be worth the extra money if you are an avid runner or are prone to injuries because you will want a shoe that really helps support and stabilize your foot. You may, also, want to add medical orthotics into those shoes, and all of that can add up very quickly.


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