Best Silver Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Style

What do you think of when you hear the word silver? Jewelry? Cutlery? The moon? Iridescent, elegant and mystical, the silver color is similar to gray, but livelier, more playful, eye-catching. Silver is a precious metal, a symbol of riches and wealth, similar to gold. It is believed that silver is a mirror to the soul, helping us learn more about ourselves, and helping others see into the deepest recesses of our mind.

Silver is associated with glamour, gracefulness, but also modernity and sleekness, and it is no wonder that there is an abundance of this color in today’s fashion world. Designers aim to draw attention, to awe and inspire, and what better way to do that than to add a touch of silver? Everyone flocks to this color because it goes well with everything, and it adds a splash of opulence to even the simplest of outfits.

Featured Recommendations

Easy Spirit Traveltime
  • Easy Spirit Traveltime
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Leather and Textile
  • Removable Insole
  • Price: See Here
Clarks Breeze Sea
  • Clarks Breeze Sea
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Price: See Here
Madden Girl Baailey
  • Madden Girl Baailey
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Padded Collar
  • Price: See Here

Silver shoes have become a staple on the runway as well as in window shops. It doesn’t matter whether you have been a fan of this color for as long as you can remember, or have just fallen for its charms in recent years – you won’t go wrong with a pair of silver shoes to complement your wardrobe.

Here we have gathered a list of silver shoes of the best quality, style, and comfort, to introduce you to the dazzling world of silver. We took into account various styles for various occasions, as well as different shades of the color. That’s right, there isn’t just one version of silver out there. Examine these closely, pair up the ones you like with your favorite fashion combos, and get yourself a nice pair of glitzy footwear!


10 Best Silver Shoes

1. Easy Spirit Traveltime

Easy Spirit is a brand which doesn’t want their consumers to compromise comfort over style. Enter the Easy Spirit Traveltime, a stylish clog which is easy to slip on and off, perfect for walking and light activity. It features the Easy Support System - layers of the sole designed solely to support your foot - and a removable sock liner for maximum comfort.
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Easy Support System
This unique Easy Spirit technology is comprised of heel to toe reinforcement in the footbed, lightweight layers, flexible foundations and a construction focusing on nothing but comfort. You will not wish for another pair of clogs ever again!

Removable Sock Liner
What is special about the Easy Spirit Traveltime is its removable sock liner. It absorbs shock and provides superior arch support for activities that stretch from morning to evening. Comfort guaranteed, just slip them on and don’t worry about anything.

Cost and Value
Compared to other silver shoes on our list, the Easy Spirit Traveltime belongs in the mid-to-high range of cost. It is maybe not the most pleasing to the eye - though the silver version is quite cute - but if you are looking for ultimate comfort and expect to spend a lot of time on your feet, the Traveltime won’t let you down.
  • Orthotic Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Removable Insole
  • Flexible Outsole
  • Support for Flat Feet
  • Sizes Run Small

2. Clarks Breeze Sea

If you need a pair of flip-flops for the summer - whether you’re staying in the city and need to cool off at the pool, or hitting the beach - then look no further. The Clarks Flip Flop is here in all its open-toed, silver glory to not only make you forget all the other, flat-soled flip-flops on the market but to make your feet look chic and stylish at the same time.
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EVA Footbed
EVA is a type of a synthetic foam designed to provide cushioning to footwear. What it brings to the Clarks Flip Flop is ultimate comfort - a shoe with a footbed which molds to your foot, with arch support, specially designed to alleviate problems related to plantar fasciitis, or flat feet.

Unlike some other sandals and flip flops out there, the Clarks Flip Flop is not bulky or clunky and is very flattering in style. In color silver it is more than fitting for a fun, exciting summer, and you can be certain it will pair well with your swimsuits, dresses and light summer clothes.

Cost and Value
The Clarks Flip Flop is not your average flip-flop, and its price reflects that. Nevertheless, it is still far from the high-cost range and absolutely worth the investment, especially when you take into consideration the quality of its materials, the comfort of its sole and its snazzy design.
  • Cushion Soft Comfort Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Can Get Wet
  • No Break-in Period
  • Not Durable

3. Madden Girl Baailey

If you like a casual look for everyday wear, and just need a bit of silver glimmer to bump up the appeal, consider Madden Girl’s Baailey sneaker. Silver fabric makes the canvas uppers relaxed and breathable, all in one casual comfortable design. Without being over the top silver, it’s subtle enough to wear with everyday outfits without causing too much attention to your footwear. Perfect for walks, weekend getaways, school, or just running errands around town!
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Silver Fabric Shine
The Baailey first and foremost is a casual sneaker that you can wear for just about anything. Canvas uppers are covered with a silver fabric, dotted with silver shine and sparkle throughout. It raises the style factor just enough without bringing unwanted attention. Pair with jeans, casual skirts or maxi dresses for toning down your more dressy attire, or with shorts for casual settings about town.

Sneaker Comfort
A padded collar helps keep the Baailey comfortable for walking longer durations of time, without blisters forming from stiffer heel cups or unlined collars. Lace up vamp lets you keep a relaxed fit, or pull together for something a big snug if you plan to be more active. Rubber sole is patterned for traction and allows for good surface friction and grip, while adding a cushioned step. Low profile comes just to the ankle, and canvas helps make these light and breathable.

Cost and Value
One of the more budget friendly silver shoes on our list, the Madden Girl Baailey is more a fashion sneaker than active athletic sneaker, but brings a subtle silver shine to your footwear. Versatile in options to pair with jeans or dresses, it will bring a little life to your outfit! Great option for those who want comfort in a casual style of sliver tone footwear.

Fabric Uppers

Versatile For Wear

Padded Collar

Rubber Sole Provides Great Traction


Runs Small

Cavas Durability

4. TOMS Classics

4. TOMS Classics
TOMS Classics are unique in their appearance due to their slip-on design, clean lines and lightweight fabrics in vibrant colors - including, you guessed it, silver. They are unparalleled when it comes to comfort and ridiculously easy to get into - and out of. It is also worth reminding that they are vegan and each pair you buy from TOMS helps a child in need get their own pair of shoes.
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Arch Support
The molded footbed is probably something you’d notice right away in TOMS Classics. The suede insole and the latex insert at the arch of the foot provide the support your feet desperately need to be comfortable and pain-free all day long.

Their multipurpose style allows you to bring your TOMS Classics anywhere: on trips, on long walks around the town, on bike rides, even as a replacement to your heels after a long night of partying. Thanks to the elastic “V” in the upper, you can slip them on in mere seconds and be on your way!

Cost and Value
With everything they represent - simplicity, efficiency, and comfort, TOMS Classics are one of the ultimate favorites for casual footwear. Price-wise they are in the middle range, and it is no wonder why everyone is just dying to get their hands on these.
  • Flexible Fit
  • Latex Arch Support
  • Purchase Helps Charity Cause
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Poor Stability
  • Poor Breathability

5. Birkenstock Arizona

5. Birkenstock Arizona
A shoe brand that has been around roughly 240 years brings the epithet ‘timeless’ to a whole other level. The Birkenstock may not look the most fashion-forward - even with the silver color, admittedly - but there is a reason it has withstood the test of time, and that is the Original Birkenstock Footbed, where all comfort begins.
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Original Birkenstock Footbed
This unique feature of the Birkenstock enables the body’s weight to distribute evenly across the entire foot, providing your arches and your soles with optimal support. In short, the shoe molds to your foot as you break it in, and your feet curiously feel rested and refreshed even after a whole day walking around in these.

Nothing but the best of the best for the Birkenstock. This shoe sports a sole made out of a special combination of cork and latex for flexibility and suede leather lining which creates a healthy climate around the foot. All carefully chosen and crafted for your maximum enjoyment.

Cost and Value
If you look at them as a pair of sandals, their price is quite steep. However, the Birkenstock is so much more than a sandal. It is a synonym for comfort, longevity, and informal design, and getting yourself a silver pair of these won’t be a mistake. Just remember to endure the slow break-in period, and you will never want another sandal again!
  • High Quality Leather
  • Contoured Footbed
  • Breathable
  • Arch Support
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Longer Break-in Period

6. Ariat Cruiser Slip-On

6. Ariat Cruiser Slip-On
The Ariat Cruise Slip-on is a curious little pair, combining the shimmer of silver with a textured tongue to create a unique but pleasing look. Slip on design make these comfortable and easy for wearing, while comfort features and technology line the inside. Detail elements that include a slit heel and side stretch elastic panels make these less likely to irritate your feet, and more apt to give you the best possible fit.
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Texture and Hue
The uppers of the Ariat Cruiser Slip-on are created from a fabric silver material that glimmers and shines in the light, creating a metallic beauty in a more casual style. To top off and contrast textures slightly, the tongues is crafted from hair, pleasantly contrasting the smooth shine of the silver. Combines, it gives the Cruiser a sophistication that make it versatile to wear to more polished venues, and still be comfortable.

Comfortable Elements
Compared to other slip on style footwear, the Ariat Cruiser utilizes a few tricks in design as well as technology to keep you striding without irritation, and with ample support and cushioning. At the heel is a small cut out for the Achilles to help prevent blistering when walking, along with side elastic panel that stretch to give a firm, yet flexible fit. EVA midsole help to create good stability and support, and wider toe box allows for roominess.

Cost and Value
Somewhat pricier compared to other brands with a similar slip-on style of flats, the Ariat Cruiser Slip-on is worth the investment simply for its unique look and detailed comfort elements. Sure to be a go-to in your footwear collection for everyday use, or dressing up your outfits, it’s versatile and functional. A great option if you’re in the market for something a bit different for a causal shoe!

Fabric Uppers

Contrasting Textured Materials

Achilles Heel Cut Out

EVA Midsole

Elastic Side Panels


Toe Runs Narrow

Durability of Materials

7. ANNA Dana-20

7. ANNA Dana-20
ANNA Footwear has started out as a humble family business back in the 80s and has exponentially grown since, mainly thanks to its innovative designs. The brand aims to fuse contemporary and sophisticated with nostalgic styles of the past, and the ANNA Ballerina Flats are a prime example of that gone very right. You can’t help but fall in love with their adorable ankle straps or the glitter of their silver color.
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Most flats - as their name says - have completely flat soles, thus making them uncomfortable for covering long distances. The ANNA Ballerina Flats, however, are outfitted with special padding in the footbed, which provides you with extra cushioning and comfort.

Ankle Straps
The ANNA Ballerina Flats break away from the traditional design of flats, adding a touch of chic and femininity in the form of elastic straps around the ankle. Be prepared to accept many compliments on your cute new pair of flats whenever you step out!

Cost and Value
At arguably the lowest price point on our list, the ANNA Ballerina Flats are a steal. They are modern, sparkling silver, and bound to brighten up any fashion combination for spring and summer. There is absolutely no reason not to buy them. In fact, consider getting them in more than one color!
  • Budget Friendly Price
  • Padded Insoles
  • Easy to Break In
  • Firm Fit
  • Textured Materials
  • Not for Narrow Feet
  • Loose Straps

8. Calvin Klein Gayle

8. Calvin Klein Gayle
Known worldwide as the “supreme master of minimalism”, Calvin Klein is a leading lifestyle brand famous for its minimalist and functional aesthetics. It is no surprise then that the Calvin Klein Pump is the epitome of their design practice. Made out of birch leather, this silver shoe is modern, sophisticated and timeless in style, and bound to represent a much-needed addition to your shoe closet.
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Thanks to the added gel pod comfort features, and to the 3-inch heel, the Calvin Klein Pump is one of the most comfortable high heeled shoes you’ll ever wear. Slip them on without dreading the pain and numbness in your feet and toes. With these shoes, you’ll be ready to dance your way to the break of dawn!

A great pump goes well with every style and every occasion - except maybe camping, okay, fair enough. But the Calvin Klein Pump is indeed a great pump. Throw it on with your business suit for a touch of sophisticated glam for your meeting, or combine it with a playful mini dress for a night out with your friends. You can’t go wrong with a classic design like this.

Cost and Value
With a big name like Calvin Klein in its title, it’s understandable that this shoe is a bit pricey. However, it is also made out of high-quality leather that is both soft and durable, it is exceptional in its comfort, and you will most definitely be the star of the event with these trendy silver shoes.
  • Rubber Sole
  • Modest Heel Height
  • Soft Leather Material
  • Gel Pods for Added Comfort
  • Versatile
  • Heel Cap Comes Off Easily
  • Not for Wide Feet

9. Camssoo Thigh High

9. Camssoo Thigh High
Talk about a show stopper! The Camssoo Thigh High boot is for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone and make a head-turning statement. Ideal for nights out, or fun stylish events, it has all the silver shine and elements to make for a memorable evening. Thigh high length boots tapper down to an open peep toe and stiletto point, showcasing the length of the leg. Great for skirts or leggings, when paired correctly this pair of boots will grab some attention!
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Thigh High Boot
The Camssooo Thigh High may be for the more fashion forward or daring individual, that want to grab the attention of the room, but it’s thigh high design will make you feel like a queen covered in silver shine. Stiletto heel elevates just under a skyscraping 5 inches, so these are more suited for fashionable events where walking long times isn’t an issue. Peep toe gives them a unique quality for showing off colorful polished toes, and gives a bit of breathability.

Sexy Shine
Imagine yourself adorned in dripping silver shine from toe to over the knee, and if that image gets your blood racing, this boot is for you! The Camssoo Thigh High is silver from toe to top, with plenty of room in the boot opening to slip into. Sequins help make this boot sparkle under low light, giving it that ‘wow’ factor to make everyone’s head turn. Comfortable lining along the peep toe and collar help prevent any rubbing or irritation, while a cushioned insole helps give some comfort for wear.

Cost and Value
Moderately priced for a boot, the Camssoo Thigh High is a smart investment if you’re in search of a sexy, show stopping pair of thigh high boots. Silver tone and sequin sparkle make it perfect for nights out on the town where you want to bring something a bit different to the occasion, and stiletto heel combined with over the knee length helps elongate the leg. Sexy and sleek, it’s great for a unique addition to your footwear collection!

Great For Cooler Weather


Cushioned Lining

Lightly Cushioned Insole


Narrow Ankle

Not for Longer Periods of Wear

10. Cole Haan Grand Tour

10. Cole Haan Grand Tour
Cole Haan started out as a men’s footwear label, with well-made shoes for the dapper gentleman, but has since adapted and extended its horizons. Thus we have the Cole Haan Oxford - artistry in itself, impeccable craftsmanship with wingtip oxford detailing and grand.os technology in the outsole. In color silver, it is nothing short of stunning, an absolute must-have for the modern, vogue consumer.
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Created by the Cole Haan brand, the grand.OS technology is founded on three principles: lightweight materials, adaptive flexibility and responsive cushioning. The end result is a light shoe which moves with your foot, reduces fatigue and improves under-foot comfort.

We don’t know about you, but we sure did a double take when we saw the Cole Haan Oxford in silver. With its wingtip pattern on a sport-inspired outsole, it is truly an original blend of classic and contemporary, and its rich leather upper breathes of panache.

Cost and Value
It is without a doubt that the Cole Haan Oxford is the most expensive shoe on our list. It is also without a doubt that there are other, cheaper, and yet still beautiful silver shoes out there. However, even with all of that, we consider this shoe a good investment. With its superior comfort technology and quality materials, it is bound to last you a long time.
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole
  • Rubber Pods for Traction
  • Breathable
  • High Quality Materials
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Not for Long Distance Walking
  • Shouldn’t Get Wet


While the color is a factor in this choice – and a major one given that this list has been named after it – it is important to know that it is not the only one. After all, what good is a pair of silver shoes if they are ill-fitting, uncomfortable and making you regret the money you spent on them?

Now that you are familiar with various models and styles, consider which ones would work best for you, as well as which shade of silver would be the most suitable. Take into account your profession, the season, the purpose of the shoes, whether you need them for every day, for business, or for a special event.

Silver shoes are a bold statement, and bound to get you noticed, wherever you go. So what are you waiting for? Embrace your courage and your inner fashionista, and conquer the world with silver shoes!

Criteria For Evaluating the Best Silver Shoes


Variation of Silver

As we have mentioned before, and as you may have noticed while scrolling through our top picks, there are different variations of the color silver. Some are more subdued, more appropriate for a work setting or an important event. Others are more flashy, outrageous, something you’d wear to get noticed and be the center of attention. Let’s mention some of the most common variations of silver:

  • Pale Silver – A serene, misty version of silver which evokes images of winter mornings and snow.


  • Silver Pink – Popularized by interior designers, this variation of silver can now also be found in fashion, makeup, jewelry, you name it.


  • Silver Sand – A silver inspired by fine white sand used in gardening. This sand consists of quartz particles which haven’t been altered by iron oxides. Iron oxides are the ones which color sand into yellows and browns.


  • Silver Chalice – The color of wine goblets, symbols of ceremony and ritual, as well as wealth and opulence.


  • Roman Silver – A blue-gray tone of silver that is widely popular in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Old Silver – Formulated to resemble tarnished silver, and first recorded as a color name in 1905.


  • Sonic Silver – Nothing to do with the game character Sonic, this color was created by Crayola nearly 20 years ago.

Shoe Style

In this modern era, life is busy and hectic. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what walk of life you come from – it’s one event to the next, packed schedules with barely any room to breathe. Dull days at the office, cocktails with coworkers, soccer practice with kids, birthday parties, studying at the library, date nights – the list is endless. And for each one of those occasions you need a suitable pair of shoes.

This is why we have aimed for a varied selection in our list of silver shoes, so that no matter where you go or what you set out to do, there is a pair of great silver shoes just for you. Here are some of the shoe styles we considered:

  • Pumps – In British English known as ‘court shoes’, pumps have a low-cut front, the vamp and no fastening. Today, they are usually worn by women, though in historic times they were quite the rage among upper-class gentlemen.
    Pumps are heeled, and heel heights vary greatly. It is commonly believed that low heels are more comfortable, more suitable for business wear, suits or uniforms, and that stiletto heels are better for social gatherings, both formal and informal in nature. However, this is not the case nowadays, as shoe companies have truly outdone themselves to add maximum comfort to the luxury of high heels, and there are no rules to wearing pumps. Indeed, in beauty pageants, contestants even wear pumps with swimsuits, because it improves their posture.
    It may take some time to adjust to wearing these, especially if the heel is high. But with a little bit of practice, anyone can learn how to walk in pumps. Remember to stand up straight, keep your chin up and take small steps. You might be surprised how much confidence and poise a pair of good pumps can bring you.


  • Sandals – An open type of footwear. As they leave most of the foot exposed, they are irreplaceable in places with warm climates or during warmer parts of the year. We certainly can’t imagine a summer without a comfortable, trendy pair of sandals, though this is not only about that. Keeping your foot dry and cool, they greatly reduce the risk of developing athlete’s foot and other infections.
    A sandal’s sole may be made of a vast variety of materials, and the straps can also come in countless varieties. Some sandals have heels, others can be flat.

In line with that, there also different names for different types of sandals:

  • Clogs – heavy sandals, typically with thick, wooden soles.
  • Flip-flops – cheap and thin, best for the beach and poolside.
  • Gladiator sandals – with criss-crossed straps going the toes and instep and fastening around the ankle.
  • High-heeled sandals – allowing the wearer to have open toes in a less casual and more formal setting.
  • Hiking or trekking sandals – with robust rubber soles and foam insoles, designed for trekking or hiking in tropical climates.
  • Sports sandals and many more.


  • Boots  What is specific about boots is that they completely cover the foot and the ankle, sometimes even going higher. Some boots reach the lower calf, some extend further up the leg, to the knee or even the hip. Traditionally, boots were made of leather or rubber, but modern boots are made out of a variety of materials.
    They are mainly worn for their practicality – protecting the foot and leg from water, mud, cold weather, hazards. They provide additional ankle support with added traction, and may even have hobnails on the outsole for a better grip.
    That is not to say that boots don’t have a place in the fashion world. Ever since Nancy Sinatra sang “These Boots Are Made For Walking” in the 60s, these shoes have become a staple accessory in autumn and winter, and sometimes even summer, if made out of lightweight, breathable materials.


  • Sneakers – Trainers, kicks, running shoes… Sneakers have been primarily designed for sports and physical exercise, but have since transitioned into everyday wear and become so popular that we don’t actually know a person who doesn’t own a pair of sneakers. Do you?
    The term “sneakers” refers to the type of shoe with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic materials, and an upper made of leather or, again, synthetic materials. As with all shoe styles, there are endless versions: high-tops over the ankle, low-tops, mid-cut, slip-ons etc.
    Though mostly for casual outfits, sneakers have wiggled their way onto red carpets as well. Many celebrities – especially men – successfully pair them with their impeccable formal suits for a more laid-back, effortlessly chic look.


  • Oxfords – The oxford shoe is distinguished by its closed lacing system. Closed lacing simply means that the laces attach underneath the vamp, whereas other dress shoes have their laces attached via the top. Typically, oxfords are plain shoes made of leather, but newer styles have blossomed into wider varieties that are suitable for nearly any occasion.
    Oxfords are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender, and are bound to add class and elegance to any outfit.


Shoe Features

Aside from the style of the shoe, we also looked at all the aspects which make a great shoe. Footwear can look amazing all it wants, but it needs to be comfortable, pain- and blister-free, it needs to allow your foot to breathe and not cause unpleasant odors, and it needs to be durable.  Otherwise, why waste money on it?

Comfort – Ultimately, what we all look for when choosing a new pair of shoes is if they are comfortable enough. If our feet would endure an entire day of business meetings, exercise, sightseeing, dancing, or any other activity in them. Because if not, we can already picture it – limping, discreetly slipping them off when no one’s looking, massaging our feet during downtime, just waiting for the moment we get home and discard them entirely.
There are three key things when it comes to shoe comfort: the padding, the sole and the fit.

  • Padding: Look for a padded lining, enough to prevent your foot from rubbing, but without constricting the sides of the feet. Foam insoles are also good, preferably ones made out of memory foam, which mold to the shape of your foot.


  • Sole: Shoes with a flat base are ideal, as they allow your weight to evenly distribute from heel to toe when you walk. Also go for a firmer sole, like one made out of rubber, which will provide you with stability.


  • Fit: Though it is difficult in this era of online shopping, if you can, you should always try the shoes on before you purchase them. Choosing the right size is essential, so make sure there is enough room in the shoe so you can – slightly – wiggle your toes. If not, they are too tight for you and will start hurting eventually.


  • Breathability – Why is this important? Well, if the material of your shoe is breathable, it will keep your foot dry and cool, pushing out humidity and heat through special ventilation gaps. If it’s not breathable, the heat and humidity are locked inside and will cause your feet – and the shoe itself – to release unpleasant smells. Breathable shoes are especially important in sports, and in high-temperature climates, where it is expected that your feet will sweat.


  • Flexibility – If your shoes aren’t flexible enough, they will cause tightness and pain not only in your feet but in your shins as well. Flexible shoes promote the natural way of walking, just like you would if you were barefoot, but still providing you with support and stability. How to tell if the shoe is flexible enough:
    • Twist it: Take the opposite sides of the shoe and twist them. You should find there is only a bit of movement. If it twists a lot, it might be too flexible.
    • Bend it: Bend the shoe in half and take note of where the most bend occurs. For walking, the shoe should bend further forward, near the toe area. For running shoes, you should notice a bend in the center. If it bends in half without much force, you shouldn’t be wearing it for walks longer than an hour at a time.
    • Poke it: Laying the shoe down flat, poke the toe down and take note of the heel. If it raises up, then your shoe will effectively support the natural shape of your foot and aid in your gait.
  • Durability – Unfortunately, there are countless of factors which go into determining whether a shoe is durable or not. Some of them depend on the shoe itself – on the quality of its construction and materials – but most depend on the person wearing the shoe. On their weight and gait, foot size, shape and volume, and activities they engage in. Also, there are outside influences to consider – the weather, the surface the shoe is used on, whether it’s cared for properly or not.  What can you do to increase the durability of your shoe? Keep in mind that when you’re not running or walking, you are still wearing your shoe down. If you are sitting, you may flex your foot so your toes are pushing against the floor, you may be scraping your foot against the desk or the floor every time you turn. If your shoe is tight, you are still putting pressure on the seams and weak points.If the shoes are designed for a specific purpose, try not to use them for anything else. Running shoes used for aerobics or tennis or anything similar will fall apart relatively quickly.

Even if your shoe is safely stored in your closet, the quality of its materials can still deteriorate. Especially if it contains foam padding, which breaks down over time, regardless of if you use it or not.
Lastly, take care of your shoes. Keep them dry, do not kick them off – always try to untie them and loosen the laces before you take them off. Buy products specially formulated to protect the materials of your shoes from abrasions and weather influences, and clean them regularly.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do silver shoes go well with?
A: Silver is cold-coded, so it’s best to go for colors with blue undertones. Pastel colors are particularly complementary, especially light blue, light pink, light purple, light green or light yellow. This is because these soft shades bring out the metallic color of silver, and silver is a great contrast to them. That being said, color theory and color combinations have absolutely no rules to them, so if you feel like being bold and adventurous, you can pair silver with anything!

Q: Can everyone wear silver shoes?
A: Absolutely everyone! Silver shoes for children are cute and fun and every kid is bound to love them. For adults, silver adds a touch of grace to a simple everyday outfit, and silver shoes hold their own with any outrageous combination you can think of! Both men and women can enjoy this color, as, frankly, uniform brown, charcoal, dark blue or black suit looks for men have become quite boring and unoriginal. Take inspiration from male celebrities these days, who are not afraid to wear gloriously sleek and shiny silver shoes with their flawless outfits!

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