Best Skechers Running Shoes Reviewed & Rated

You’re dressed and ready to head out for a long run, the last thing to do before grabbing your water bottle and keys, is putting on your running shoes. Depending on the weather outside this can be a daunting decision to make. You’re torn between wanting to wear a pair that looks good and a pair that fits well, and can go out in wet conditions, with Skechers you can have both and then some.

Last Updated: June 24, 2018
By Carmen Landrum:

The latest updated includes six new running shoes with the removal of eleven running shoes which makes the list a top ten. This also resulted in a resorting of the ten shoes with the original four being placed at the top of the list. The newly added shoes have been greatly researched to ensure they meet our criteria.

Since first coming to the scene in 1992, Skechers has become one of the top-selling brands for athletic wear, making them a one-stop shop for all your athletic needs. From runners to training shoes and everything in between their high-quality products, at a reasonable price keep them high on everyone’s list for top brands. What makes their shoes so great, and what is it you should be looking for in a running shoe?

Featured Recommendations

Skechers Go Run 400
  • Skechers Go Run 400
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable & Supportive fit
  • Price: See Here
Skechers Go Run Ride 4
  • Skechers Go Run Ride 4
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded Footbed
  • Price: See Here
Skechers Go Run Vortex
  • Skechers Go Run Vortex
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Performance
  • Price: See Here

Running shoes should fit you like a glove, and essentially mold to your feet. By the time your workout is over, your feet should be absolutely pain-free – if this is not the case there are a few things you should look at with your shoes. Did you purchase the correct size, and do they offer enough arch support. If just standing around for a few hours causes sore feet, then running in them will be much worse and can potentially be harmful to you. This list will take you through Skechers top 15 running shoes, and help you pick which shoe fits you and your lifestyle best.


10 Best Skechers Running Shoes

1. Skechers 2.0 True Balance

1. Skechers 2.0 True Balance
An athletic training shoe that offers extreme comfort and support. The Equalizer running shoe has a cooled memory foam insole that keeps your feet cool and dry throughout a long run along with breathable knit and mesh fabric throughout to keep air flowing. Don’t let the thought of slipping even cross your mind either, the dual-lite outsole provides great traction and added comfort to properly absorb impact and keep your feet feeling good.
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Cooled Memory Foam Insole
Nothing puts a damper on a satisfying, long run quite like the feeling of hot, sweaty uncomfortable feet. Preventing perspiration is not always possible, but controlling it is, Skechers cooled memory foam insoles not only provide enhanced breathability, but they ensure total comfort with a cloud-like feel, keeping you fully focused on your workout.

Dual-Lite Outsole
This lightweight outsole adds the perfect amount of cushioning to properly absorb impact, and leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. A well balanced, outsole that provides as much cushioning as it does stability is hard to find, but Skechers created one that will keep you comfortably running for as long as you want.

Cost and Value
Skechers are known for their good quality at affordable prices, and these running shoes are no exception. With all the great features of high-end shoes, these provide you with everything you could need and more, while still maintaining a more than reasonable price point.
  • Color Range
  • Rubber Sole
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Knit Upper
  • Breathable Fabric
  • May Lack Arch Support

2. Skechers Synergy Power

2. Skechers Synergy Power
When on the search for the perfect running shoe, fit and comfort are generally the first two things that come to mind. You want a shoe that not only feels great but that provides you with the utmost stability and support. These Synergy Power running shoes not only have a memory foam insole for extreme cushioning but a plush foam midsole to really absorb all impact and keep your feet feeling good.
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FlexSole Midsole
This thick, plush foam provides a very responsive and cushioned ride while still giving the shoe a lightweight feel. The FlexSole absorbs all impact, taking the stress off of your feet, which is very important for anyone who finds their feet are sore and tired after even a short run.

Memory Foam
It does not matter how stylish a pair of running shoes look if they do not provide your feet with the right amount of cushioning and support. A good insole is a must, especially in a running shoe where your feet are absorbing impact. Skechers have one of the most comfortable and supportive insoles in their shoes; made with memory foam, these mold to your feet and provide the perfect amount of pressure relief, and support.

Cost and Value
Around the same cost as others on this list, these Synergy Power Switch running shoes are very wallet friendly. They not only look very sleek, and similar to more expensive brands but they are made to last and to keep your feet as comfortable and healthy as possible.
  • Breathable Fabrics
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Flexsole Midsole
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Flexible Rubber Outsole
  • Pull Loop on Heel
  • May Run Small

3. Skechers GoMeb Speed 3

3. Skechers GoMeb Speed 3
Built for racing and speed, has independent sensors for responsiveness and Resalyte ® midsole for high impact absorption. Skechers made this shoe very lightweight with a seamless upper, light hotmelt overlays and eyelets. A thinner tongue also contributes to the reduced weight of the GoMeb Speed 3. A midsole insert with a stability plate placed midfoot to provide support while you run.
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Skechers pulled out all the stops to make this a very lightweight speed shoe. A reduced weight upper and no extra material, along with a lighter fabric and thinner foam for the tongue makes for a lighter shoe. And the Dupont ® Delrin ® stability plate adds lightweight support to the GoMeb Speed 3.

Suitable for Sockless Running
With a seamless, knitted upper, runners who run sockless will enjoy this shoe. The mesh material breathes well and keeps your feet cool and dry.

Cost and Value
This cost of this shoe is higher than several on this list. But for a super lightweight speed and racing shoe, it’s a good value.
  • Very lightweight
  • Support in the upper and midfoot
  • Seamless upper
  • Independent sensors for responsiveness
  • Fun colors
  • Some say runs small

4. Skechers Go Run Forza

4. Skechers Go Run Forza
This Skechers performance shoe is known for its stabilizing support. With a lightweight synthetic upper,mthe Go Run Forza has an inner strap and a molded heel counter to keep the shoes snug on your feet for a great fit. The rubber outsole with extra grip provides extra stability and is suited for road running.
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Stability and Support
If you are looking for stability, try the Go Run Forza. A firm Resalyte ® medial posting in a two-part midsole, along with medial counters help control motion on your run. The molded heel counter and inner strap support provide a great fit.

Cushioned Comfort
The seamless, lightweight upper hugs your foot for a superior fit and provides breathability to keep your feet cool. And enjoy the comfort and sturdy, responsive cushioning of the Resalyte ® midsole.

Cost and Value
Depending on color and size, you may pay less for this shoe than others on the Top Ten list. In the middle price range for this list, if you need additional stability and motion control, it’s worth the price.

Multiple stability features

Breathable upper

Firm, cushioned insole

Recommended by overpronators

Many colors to choose from


Extra support adds weight to the shoe

5. Skechers GOrun 600

5. Skechers GOrun 600
If you need a running shoe that will fit a variety of activities then this shoe is for you. Highly responsive and greatly cushioned, these shoes are lightweight trainers that work with you in and outside the gym. Constructed with breathability in mind, these shoes come equip with a mesh that is layered and advanced constructed soles for supreme comfort.
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5GEN stands for the fifth generation of Skechers GOrun shoes. (Skechers GOrun 5) that introduced a specialized cushioning midsole that was designed with responsiveness and speed in mind while also being fast and supportive. All following generations (6 and above) come with the 5GEN midsole. You’ll have a superb performance with each generation guaranteed.

Goga Run
The shoes come with the Goga Run insole. The insole provides additional cushioning support while also absorbing shock. Introduced in the GOrun 400 series, the biometric sole will help the wearer to develop a natural stride and help the feet to make a solid contact with the ground. The insole helps to support the midsole giving you optimum comfort and support.

Cost and Value
Compared to the other shoes in the GOrun series, the price is about the same give or take a few extra dollars depending on the generation. Each generation gets more advanced with performance while leveling up in comfort. Compared to other running shoes of equal or more cost, this shoe will give you everything you need for running and other exercise activities without even having to go above $100.

Very lightweight construction

Traction is responsive

Gives a good ground feel


Very tight fit

6. Skechers GOrun Ride 7

6. Skechers GOrun Ride 7
These shoes could be the best running shoe you ever had. Very lightweight and highly responsive, the shoes are constructed with a knit fabric in the upper that is breathable and 3D overlays with reflective details that can be great for nighttime visibility. While the arch of the shoes is narrow, they have a roomy toe-box and are true to size.
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FLIGHT-GEN is another midsole technology from Skechers that gives you an extra boost in your running. You’ll receive a much lighter midsole that is much more comfortable while still giving you an extra bounce and boost in your running performance. You’ll feel like you’re running on cloud nine with wings in these shoes.

Mid-Foot Strike
The mid-foot strike is just another striking area for landing when the foot makes contact with the ground during running. The mid-foot is the arch of the foot and if you’re a runner that strikes your mid-foot, these shoes will give you the much-needed efficiency and support while running. This will help reduce any running workload off your knees.

Cost and Value
No cheaper than $60 and no higher than $100, these shoes come in the mid-price range while giving you higher comfort, support, and performance. With long lasting durability and a strong construction that can take any hard pounding from running, you will have a running shoe that stays with you mile after mile.

Reflective shoe details

Breathable knit upper

Gusseted tongue for secure fit

Outsole is high-traction

Easy on/off pull-tab


Wobbly feel in shoes

7. Skechers GOrun Mojo

7. Skechers GOrun Mojo
Looking for support and stable running shoes? Well, look no further! These lightweight training shoes come with the popular 5GEN midsole and a layered, lightweight mesh upper for better breathability. This pair of shoes focuses heavily on the construction of the soles to ensure optimum performance and support while also giving you an easier wear when running.
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Goga Max
Goga Max is an insole that uses resalyte sole tech (injected memory retention) in the insole of the shoe instead of the outsole. This will help reduce the breaking down of a footbed in the shoe giving you a lot of wear for a long time. Even better, this unique feature gives you cushioning that is high in rebound giving you a pillow-like feel as you run.

Goga Matrix
Goga Matrix is an innovative tech that was originally created for golfer shoes. The same technology has been applied to these running shoes giving you a solid feel of the ground and a traction that is highly responsive. You’ll never have to worry about your shoes not keeping up with your run.

Cost and Value
Similar price range as other shoes in the GOrun series but this particular model offers a bit more in insole tech to give you top-notch running performance and comfort. Such technology in other shoes can run you a few hundred dollars but with these shoes, there will be no money running from your wallet.

Lacing and heel overlay for support

Easy slip on and slip off

The front panel has a soft stretch

The midsole is parametric for stability


Very soft sole

Not best for low-arches

8. Skechers Go MEB Razor 2

8. Skechers Go MEB Razor 2
If you have a need for speed these shoes will satisfy it. These shoes are listed as the official training shoe of Skechers Performance and have been constructed as a fast, lightweight, and neutral shoe. The shoes have a lot of flexibility added into them without skimping on shoe security and stability and give you traction on multiple surfaces plus an insole that removable for a custom fit. These running shoes are made for serious runners.
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The shoes are constructed with an upper that is FITKNIT. FITKNIT is different from other uppers in that it uses super strong fibers that have been tightly woven to help fit and secure your foot to the shoe. Not only does this give you better stability but woven designed of this special upper keeps the shoe very lightweight with added stretch and breathability.

Molded Heel
If you love to run but have issues with over-pronation, these shoes molded heel will give you better stability. The heel counter of these shoes is shorter in height but the hard but comfortable mold will help to keep your ankles balanced while reducing joint pain and injuries. You are guaranteed to have a safe but fun run.

Cost and Value
This model is much pricier (over $100) but well worth it as it is a shoe specifically made for serious performance running. It includes other running shoe features that are common in the other Skechers models while having its own specialized feature or two. If you want a running shoe that is serious about running just as much as you, these are well worth the cost.

Superb feel and quality

Parametric flexible outsole

Mid-foot strike zone

Reinforced weightless eyelets


Sizing runs large

9. Skechers Skech Air Run

9. Skechers Skech Air Run
This running shoe is sturdy and practical while being highly comfortable. These shoes are constructed with suede and mesh that is knit and stitched for breathability and secured support. The inside of these shoes have a multi-textile fabric lining and the shoes come with an overlay of the heel that gives stabilization. Even better, the insole is a memory foam that is infused with a gel that gives you a massage with every step during your run.
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Endur-Lite is a midsole that is very responsive and super cushioning. It will help to absorb any impact and shock while being weightless and giving you an extra bounce or two in your run. This can help reduce any joint pain or injury during your run.

Skech-Air is an outsole that is cushioned with air and has traction pads that are constructed with rubber. This will help to greatly reduce any extra impact and shock and the air cushioning in the outsole will give you extra comfort during running and any other highly impactive activities.

Cost and Value
These shoes run in the similar price range of other Skechers running shoes. What makes these shoes so well worth it is their focus on comfort and cushioning. For the price, you receive great, long-lasting support which can help reduce costs in trying to relieve any foot and joint pain.

True to size

Air-like walk

Stretchy material

Plenty of cushioning


Short toe box

Stiffness during first wear

10. Skechers GOstrike Run

10. Skechers GOstrike Run
This running shoe was made with simplicity in mind. These shoes are constructed with a mesh fabric that is soft and woven with an upper that has a sock-like texture to it. Easy to slip on and slip off, they have a responsive insole that is cushioned and a rubber outsole that is directional in multiple ways. The panel of the heel comes with a pull loop for easy putting on.
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Easy Comfort
Unlike the other running shoes on our list, these running shoes are no-tie. They only have a lace-front detail for design which gives you an easy wear with movement freedom and a fit that is custom. Just slip on and slip off but you don’t have to worry about any foot slippage in these shoes during your run.

When we say the shoe is sock-like, what we mean is that the shoe fits like a sock. Very lightweight, conforming, cushioning, and supportive. You will feel no extra weight with these shoes as it will feel like you are wearing no shoes at all but you will still receive the same supportive comfort that Skechers running shoes are known for.

Cost and Value
Due to their lack of running shoe technology, these shoes can run on the cheaper side of below $60.00 but it doesn’t mean that the shoes are of cheap construction. Being best fit for casual and lightweight jogging or running, these shoes can give you long lasting durability and secured support like other running shoes without having to spend more than what is needed. This is truly a running shoe of minimalist needs but with maximum built.

A comfortable feeling in the heel

True to size

Sock-like feel

Strong rubber foundation


Snug fit

Tight in the toe box


Running shoes should be an investment piece, especially if they are an item you will be wearing on a daily basis. They should be made of quality materials that comfortably hug your feet and keep them stable and cushioned throughout the day. A good running shoe can make or break your run, Skechers has mastered the art of creating solid, quality running shoes that make a difference in the the way you run and exercise. Their air cooled memory foam insoles and different types of thick cushioned midsoles create the perfect environment for your feet to rest all day. If you were ever skeptical about buying from a less expensive brand than others, this top 15 list will be sure to change your mind.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Skechers Running Shoes


When exercising and going for runs in the summer you wear shorts and lighter clothing, but what about your feet? It is important to wear lightweight running shoes that keep air flowing and your feet cool. The runners you wear in the colder months will most likely not work year round because the materials will be very different, although breathable fabrics are something you always want, too thin of a material will leave your feet cold, especially without the proper socks.

Wearing the proper sock with your running shoes makes a very big difference. You may just throw on any old pair of cotton ankle socks in your drawer before slipping your shoes on, but that can actually be the cause of a lot of issues without you even realizing it. It makes no difference if your shoes are breathable if your socks are locking in moisture and causing your feet to sweat anyways. If you are running competitively, or in all conditions including rain, look for socks that are made with merino wool; they have natural anti-microbial properties and wick away moisture. For everyday casual runs and workouts at the gym, cotton socks do the job fine, just be aware of how your feet feel and smell afterward and if sock material should be switched up.

Running shoes that are breathable not only keep your feet dry, which is ideal for preventing foot health issues such as irritations, blisters, and overall smelly feet but they also keep them cool which is important too. Your body naturally perspires, even more so when you are performing vigorous activities like working out. Having a running shoe that allows air to flow to your feet is essential, and will not leave you potentially embarrassed taking your shoes off at the end of a long day and having them smell.

Materials like cotton, polyester, and nylon tend to lock in moisture and do not allow your feet to properly breathe. These fabrics are great for sweaters and clothing meant to keep you warm, but it is extremely counter-productive to wear these when trying to stay cool. When purchasing shoes always make sure to take a look at what they are made of and if the upper is a breathable mesh fabric. A common style with athletic shoes lately is a knit upper; generally made from a single piece of fabric and therefore being seamless, and causing less possible irritation to your feet.

A good quality running shoe should, for the most part, be waterproof, allowing you to run in any condition and not worry about your feet getting soaked let alone your shoes getting ruined. In most runners, the upper part of the shoe ( the part around your ankle ) should allow air to get in but ensure absolutely no moisture gets in like rain or dew from the grass. The lining of the shoe should also be breathable yet waterproof, giving you an all-around dry, comfortable shoe that you can confidently wear in all conditions.



Just like a friend, your shoes should be extremely supportive. Everyone needs a different level of support from a shoe, depending on what they will be using it for, their weight, and how often it will be worn. If you have prior injuries and need to be cautious of them while running, for example, knee problems, look for a shoe that properly stabilizes your heel, and keeps your foot ( and knee ) in proper alignment.

Running shoes should last around 300 – 500 miles before you start to notice a change in the way they are performing. If you are a heavier runner or are using the shoes daily and vigorously you may notice a change even sooner. There are however ways of getting the most out of your running shoes, firstly, finding a shoe that fits your needs.

Medical orthotics can make a huge difference in how your feet feel in a pair of running shoes, and how long you can be on your feet comfortably. If you are in need of medical orthotics, make sure to find a pair of shoes that has an easily removable insole that can accommodate them. Having to insert them into shoes on top of the insole already inside, will make the shoe slightly bulkier, and can change the fit quite a bit.

A proper insole is key to having a supportive fit, the most common with Skechers is their air-cooled memory foam. Made to keep your feet well cushioned and cool throughout your run. Everyone has different arches and needs different support, so an insole that molds to your foot regardless of its shape is ideal, and keeps you from having to splurge on a pair of medical orthotics.

While running the arch of your foot absorbs most of the pressure, created by the impact of your stride, so having the proper insole and midsole to take that impact off of your foot is critical. There are around three types of insoles: comfort, molded and custom. All three offer different things and can make a difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day. You may feel that any insole the running shoes come with are good enough for you, but that isn’t always the case. Take the time to determine what type of arch you have: low, medium or high, and it will make the entire insole process a lot easier.

With the ever popular athleisure trend, many people are just wearing running shoes for the style and are not actually putting any strain on the shoe itself. If this is the case you will not only have a pair that lasts a very long time, you will also not need to spend a lot of time finding a pair that gives proper support to runners. Active runners who want to get the most out of a pair of running shoes should look for high-quality construction and may want to spend that extra money to get a pair that will last.


The most important thing to focus on when purchasing a new pair of running shoes is how they fit your feet. At the end of the day, regardless of how nice the style is, or if you have been dying to get that certain pair of shoes for ages – if the style does not fit your foot properly, they will sit at the back of your closet untouched and will be a big waste of money.

It is important to know your size for all shoes because it can tend to vary. Boots, for instance, are made to be worn with thick socks to insulate your feet so the rule of thumb is to generally go up a half size. Sneakers vary depending on the brand itself as well as running shoes. Because you are one size in one pair of runners does not necessarily mean you will be in another, with another brand. Knowing your feet and the type of fit they need will be a huge help in picking the perfect pair.

Running shoes should hug your feet, and fit almost like a glove but have absolutely zero hot spots, or areas that feel too tight because irritation will quickly occur. Most come in many different widths, and can run either wide or narrow so knowing the shape of your foot and space it needs is critical. A shoe may feel good at first because you are just walking around briefly in it, but the true test will be when you go for your first run.

A good pair of running shoes will require almost no break in period, especially not one that causes blisters and irritations on your feet. If that is the case, the shoes are not properly fitted to your feet and you should either size up or down. Comfort goes hand in hand with the fit, a shoe that does not fit properly at first, never will and will cause non stop discomfort.

Keep in mind that not all running shoes are a one size fits all, and although most concerns like your feet swelling during a run affect a lot of people, it won’t necessarily happen to you. If it does, you of course want a shoe that has the space to accommodate that. Always consider going up about half a size for swelling, socks and over all a more comfortable fit. No one knows your body and your needs better than you, so taking the time to think about what it is you need in a running shoe, and problems you’ve had in the past with ones that haven’t fit properly will help you in deciding what is right for you.



It should be a given that your running shoes will provide enough grip and traction to keep you on your feet and stable throughout a run but that is not always the case. Some outsoles are not made for all terrains and will not hold up the same as others. It is important to note where exactly you will be using them and if they will withstand the conditions.

There are many different types of outsoles and they all have different purposes. If you plan on only using your running shoes indoors, at a gym for instance, than a foam outsole is perfect and will feel extremely lightweight, while still providing enough cushioning. Running outdoors can sometimes come with obstacles, for instance, rain. Rain or wet ground should not stop you from going out and working out, and having a shoe that makes you feel secure and safe is essential.

Outsoles should be very durable, and last a long time, regardless of the activity you are performing. A big misconception is that your outsoles are worn down from the weight of your feet striking the ground, when in actuality it is just the friction of the shoe touching the ground. If you tend to kind of drag your feet when you walk or run, the soles will quickly wear down. That has to do with the runner themselves, not the quality of the shoe.

The most common sole design with running shoes is the waffle pattern which really helps with traction and will give you a feeling of stability during your workout. The last thing on your mind should ever be slipping, so if that is a constant worry the shoes you are wearing are not properly made for what you are wearing them for.

When purchasing a new pair of running shoes color is going to be a big factor in what will match best with your workout clothes, but it is important to note the color of the sole as well. Black soles are made of carbon rubber, and are very durable; great for long distance running and staying intact on all surfaces. White or different colored soles are made of blown-rubber and are softer, containing more air and giving a lighter feel to the shoe. These are a great option for indoor workouts or lighter running.

How much grip you need in a shoe, comes down to how you will be using them, and how often. What may easily wear down quickly for one person, could last months to a year for another. Always buy shoes based off of your needs and experience, try to always refrain from purchasing a shoe based on a friend’s recommendation because what works for them, most likely won’t work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long should a pair of running shoes last?
A: Running shoes can last anywhere from weeks to years and it is completely dependant on the runner. If you are using the shoes for long distance, strenuous running such as training for a marathon, they will not last as long as a pair that are being used for casual workouts, or light jogging. Determining which style is best for you, comes down to knowing what is it you’re looking for and finding a shoe that will benefit you in the long run.

Q: Is width important?
A: Width can be extremely important for those with wider feet, or needing to insert their own insoles. If you have a hard time finding a shoe that fits you, try looking for styles that offer a wide range of sizing and widths. Next to the size, you will see the width of the shoe in brackets, and there should be quite a few options to choose from. If you require medical orthotics in your shoes, either going up a half size, or buying a wider shoe can help easily accommodate them.

Q: Should the shoe be flexible?
A: Yes and no. The more lightweight the shoe, the more flexible they tend to be, which is great for training or gym use. When it comes to running, especially long distance you want a sturdy shoe that will properly absorb impact caused by your feet pounding down on the pavement. Shoes used for training are meant to go in all directions and give the wearer a wide, flexible range of motions. If you can bend your shoe in half, it is probably best to use indoors and time to invest in a pair that will protect your feet while running.

Q: How much should they weigh?
A: In general most running shoes are rather lightweight, and depending on your personal needs somewhere in the middle is ideal. Until you get a feel for the type of support you need starting with a more lightweight shoe is the best choice. If you have any sort of prior injuries with your ankles or knees, or need to add in special insoles, a shoe that offers more stability and support will be needed, and in turn will be less lightweight.

Q: Are insoles removable?
A: Depending on the shoe, some are and some are not. That can be a deal breaker for some people who need to put their own insoles inside the shoe. If the originals are not removable, it can make the custom insole either very difficult to slide in, or it will not fit and all. Having to rip the original insole out is a total hassle, and can lead to permanently damaging the shoe and ruining the appearance of it. If the shoe you really want does not give the option of removing the insole, it is suggest to go up a size, to accommodate the insole.

Q: What type of outsole is best?
A: An outsole that will keep you comfortable and on your feet is always best. If you will be wearing your running shoes mostly indoors, than a basic soft foam outsole will do the trick and will feel lightweight and airy. Running outdoors on pavement or on different trail’s requires a much different type of sole and if you go between the two often, consider buying two pairs of runners. Outdoor running shoes should be more sturdy and be able to not only easily take on the impact of the ground beneath you but the weight of your feet striking the ground as well. A light foam will not last very long if you are running on it daily, and a durable rubber outsole will be too bulky in a gym setting.

Q: Will they need to be broken in?
A: Running shoes should almost never require a break-in period, if your new shoes do, they are not the proper fit. It is a common complaint to have to break-in shoes, especially high heels but running shoes are made to mold to your feet and because of their material should feel like a glove immediately. If you are experiencing irritations such as blisters, sore arches, or pain in your ankles or knees then the fit is incorrect and you should stop wearing them immediately. If they do not feel good right away, they never will.


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