Best Slide Sandals Reviewed & Rated

Not all sandals are born equal. From lightweight flip-flops to heavy duty hiking sandals, the sheer variety of designs can be overwhelming. Ever been annoyed by thin rubber digging into your skin or feeling restricted by a multitude of straps? Enter the slide sandal; unparalleled in its ability to walk the line between casual comfort and sporty chic. Whether you plan to hit the gym, beach or the street, you can always count on a good pair of slides to not only match your outfit, but also cater to your active lifestyle. Often low profile, neutral and minimally designed, slide sandals are ready to accompany you through anything, from hot summer days to late night practice.  

Featured Recommendations

Adidas Adilette
  • Adidas Adilette
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quick-dry Synthetic Lining
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Ignite IV
  • Under Armour Ignite IV
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight EVA Outsole
  • Price: See Here
New Balance Response
  • New Balance Response
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rapid Rebound Footbed
  • Price: See Here

The slide sandal originated in the locker rooms of professional athletes who needed a comfortable and efficient way to walk around. Today, this ubiquitous piece of footwear is multi-purpose and unbiased in its demographic following, but its fundamentals remain.

Timeless, stylish and practical, the slide sandal refuses to be bound by stereotypes. You don’t need to be in the NBA to wear a pair, but when you do, you carry athletic legacy and history with you. Below is a list of the top 15 best slide sandals on the market.


15 Best Slide Sandals



1. Adidas Adilette

Instantly recognizable. Legacy bearing. Precisely designed. It’s hard to find words with which to describe these iconic sporty slides. Available in a plethora of bold colors, the Adilette slide has been a staple for lounging athletes and casual hikers alike since 1972. Water resistant, durable, comfortable and bold, Adidas has truly hit the nail on the head with this slide sandal.
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Comfortable Contoured Footbed
Making sandals usable for different foot shapes and arches can be challenging. The Adilette slides bypass this issue with ease by implementing a well designed footbed that contours and molds to almost all foot shapes.

Quick-dry Synthetic Lining
Footwear that takes ages to dry is a pain point for all users, from on-the-go athletes to beach lovers. The synthetic material in these slides wicks moisture to make way for more comfort.

Cost and Value
For their fair price point and recognizable brand name, the Adidas Adilette slides do not compromise on quality, opting instead for durability, simple style and practical usability.

Water resistant and easy to wipe clean

Fits true to size

Three stripes a recognizable symbol of prestige

Ergonomic contoured footbed


Fit may be problematic for people with very high arches

2. Under Armour Ignite IV

Under Armour may seem like a sandal underdog to many consumers, but don’t be fooled. The Ignite IVs are slides not to be taken lightly. That being said, they are truly lightweight, as well as form-fitting, durable and grippy. The athletic wear giants have outdone themselves with this model by putting user needs first and designing smart.
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HeatGear Fabric
Hot summer days can be unbearable. With the Ignite IVs, not anymore. HeatGear fabric wicks sweat and keeps feet cool. Consider your beach day comfort restored.

Lightweight EVA Outsole
Walking around in sandals that weigh a ton or slide around on smooth surfaces can be a deal breaker. The lightweight EVA material in the Ignite IVs provides traction while not compromising on portability.

Cost and Value
For their fair price, these slides are a great pair to have in the arsenal for any active or outdoors loving person that values pragmatism, durability and comfort above all else.

Super lightweight for easy portability

Grips well, reducing chance of slipping or falling

Adjustable strap to suit the needs of all users

Comfortable footbed that molds to foot shape


Can fit a little on the smaller size

3. Adidas Adissage SC

Pushing ergonomics to its limits while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance was Adidas’ agenda with the Adissage SC slides. Every inch of these encompasses the latest comfort technology in a neat package. The bold no-nonsense exterior design screams competence while the internal works of the product prove this notion. Balance is key and these slides have it.
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This material is both super soft and water resistant, making it a foot’s best friend. Say no to friction soreness and residual moisture, and yes to wearing a pair of slides that you’ll barely feel.

One of the most notorious reasons for throwing out a pair of footwear prematurely is odor. The footbed on the Adissage slides use ULTRAFOAM+ material, which both boosts user comfort as well as controls odor.

Cost and Value
For their fair price point, the Adissage SC slides are a must buy for consumers who desire a sandal staple that they can wear almost anywhere without worry of discomfort or lack of style.

Seriously waterproof and moisture resistant

Footbed very comfortable and cushioned

Good arch support for a more general fit

Smooth material for no abrasiveness


Size runs a little small

4. Birkenstock Arizona EVA

4. Birkenstock Arizona EVA
The German sandal giants do not disappoint with this installment of their famous Arizona style slide fit. Abandoning traditional leather and opting instead for synthetic materials, the Arizona EVAs provide an affordable, lightweight and good looking solution for those seeking top notch quality in a smart and minimal package. Though these are anything but traditional, compromise remains out of the question.
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EVA One Piece Construction
The synthetic EVA material used in the Arizona EVAs puts the wearer at a high level of comfort and ensures their feet stay dry.

Lightweight Contoured Footbed
The footbed of these slides is made of lightweight foam which molds well to the wearer’s unique foot shape. What’s more, the materials are skin-friendly. Goodbye allergic reactions!

Cost and Value
Compared to other products by Birkenstock, the Arizona EVAs are very affordable, yet not inferior in any crucial way. In no way do these slides feel like a poorer version of the original leather Arizonas.

Birkenstock German made quality

Very easy to clean of dirt and moisture

Skin friendly; say no to rashes

Molds very well to foot shape


Doesn’t breathe quite as well as the leather option

5. Nike Benassi Solarsoft

5. Nike Benassi Solarsoft
The Nike Benassi slide has been around since what feels like forever and has managed to maintain its allure. The Solarsoft installation of the Benassi slide takes the model one step further by introducing a modern design chock full of new technical features that ameliorate the wearer’s experience. The Solarsofts contain all the lore of the traditional Benassis, but with a fresh new twist.
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Fractal Material Design
Taking geometry present in nature and applying it to footwear technology has always been a clever strategy. Here, Nike does just that by creating an entire exterior material patterned like a fractal that both enhances comfort and style.

Dual Density Foam
Appeasing the arch of the wearer is a major tipping point in many sandal designs. The Solarsofts nail it with their midsole cushion, which adapts to different foot arches.

Cost and Value
For an upgraded model of the classic Benassis, the Solarsofts have great value, coming up at a price comparable to the other athletic fit slides on this list, while still having unique features.

Super comfortable and soft

Padded strap reduces friction on the upper foot

Sturdy enough to casually play sports in

Fits true to size


Not very water resistant

6. Nike Jordan Hydro 4

6. Nike Jordan Hydro 4
Michael Jordan made his tremendous legacy unforgettable with the release and acclaim of his Air Jordan sneaker line. Now in totally different style is the Hydro 4 slide for post-game style and comfort. Lauded for its recovery catalysis, the Hydro 4s maintain the prestige of the Jordan footwear family all the while venturing into new territory successfully.
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Full Grain and Synthetic Leather Upper
Leather means luxury and the Hydro 4s aren’t afraid to inject some of that into what is otherwise a technical slide. The fusion of synthetic and traditional materials in tandem with Velcro adjustability makes the upper half of these slides solid.

Phylon Outsole
The outsole of the Hydro 4s is super lightweight due to the Phylon material used, and also cleverly targets common pressure areas of the foot via the TPR massage footbed. It heals the foot post activity, but super covertly.

Cost and Value
The cost of these slides is higher than many of the other items on this list due to their brand name and reputation. However, the quality of design justifies this price point fairly.

Very comfortable and adjustable

Super stylish and prestigious looking

Excellent arch support and healing features

Versatile in usage location


Might run a little small

7. Sperry Top-Sider Outer Banks

7. Sperry Top-Sider Outer Banks
Slides don’t have to look athletic and the Outer Banks is excellent proof of that. These classy brown leather dominant slides switch up stereotypes and exceed expectations. They don’t pale technically in comparison to sporty slides either. Rather, Sperry has snuck in great comfort design choices seamlessly so that their sandals feel good and look unbelievably simple.
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Leather Velcro Strap
Leather can take a beating and remain functional, and straps undergo a whole lot of tension. Making the strap out of leather and having it adjustable to fit the needs of the wearer was a smart move in ensuring the longevity of these slides.

Wave-textured Footbed
The footbed, patterned for grip and comfort as well as fitted with EVA midsole padding was executed in proper fashion on the Outer Banks. Slipping and soreness be gone!

Cost and Value
These slides run a little bit more on the pricey end, but only because they contain more leather than any other product on this list. Their value is still phenomenal for those in search of something a little fancier.

Footbed and sole design gives great comfort and traction

Leather material feels more durable and long lasting

Simple but classy color feels timeless and stylish

Great for indoor and outdoor wear alike


These might run a little big

8. New Balance Response

8. New Balance Response
New Balance is known for their well designed running shoes, but now they can add these adjustable slides to their list of credentials. Simple, functional, comfortable, and water resistant, the Response slides are always a great choice for the casual athlete or backyard barbeque warrior. Sleek, monochromatic, and light; what’s not to like?
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Rapid Rebound Footbed
This well cushioned footbed is effective in both making the user sink into comfort as well as feel a supportive spring back into life at the lift of their foot.

PU and Lycra Upper Liner
These synthetic materials bring about robustness and water resistance in the Response slides. The Velcro closure on top is adjustable for maximum comfort and slide longevity.

Cost and Value
These slides are great value at their low price point, and offer a simple yet effective solution for the active person in need of a basic sandal.

Comfortable and ultra supportive

Very adjustable and form fitting to different arch styles

Water resistant and easy to clean

Fits true to size


Might not mold well to wider feet

9. Sanuk Beer Cozy Light

9. Sanuk Beer Cozy Light
Sanuks are hard to resist with their ever smiling logo. These Cozy Light slides won’t hesitate to put a smile on faces either. Simple, low profile, chill and effortless, they are able to fit into any situation presented to them. Avoiding classification as a sporty or formal slide, this pair of Sanuks blazes a path of its own brazenly and with good reason.
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Textured Footbed
The textured material of these Sanuk’s footbed puts their wearer at ease. Traction both to the ground and to the feet is covered, as is complete comfort.

Adjustable Strap
Narrow and wide feet can be brought together once again. The Cozy Lights’ adjustable top strap is soft, durable and designed to truly welcome feet of all shapes and sizes.

Cost and Value
These slides are good value at their relatively low price point. They are similar to the New Balance slides, but carry a different vibe which may resonate with other wearers.

Breaks in quickly, forms well to foot size and arch

Great traction on slippery floors

Comfortable and cozy to wear

Suitable anywhere from in the house to at the beach


Cannot take excessive beating

10. Quiksilver Shoreline Adjust

10. Quiksilver Shoreline Adjust
The iconic surf company is back at it again with a truly well made pair of slides. The shorelines are reminiscent of all that Quiksilver has made in the recent past, but secretly full of design choices ready to make your feet shout for joy. Their simple one piece mold may appear basic, but don’t let that take away from the comfort these slides are ready to offer.
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Molded Footbed and Arch Support
The footbed has been treated with care in the Shorelines. The heel cup ensures stability of the foot in the slide while the midsole arch support contours make the foot feel right at home.

Flexible Outsole
Having a pair of slides that adjust to the wearer’s feet and not the other way around is crucial. The Shorelines clearly understand that concept as their flexible outsoles give freedom of motion while not skimping out on support.

Cost and Value
These slides are of good value, falling into the average price lane. For surf fans and beach lovers, these slides are a great option for showing off style while not compromising on true functionality.

Practically made for the summer and the beach

The soles feel durable, grippy, and comfortable

Water resistant and easy to clean

Stylish and adjustable


The material in these slides can feel a little hard

11. Skechers On the Go 400

11. Skechers On the Go 400
Skechers offers high quality footwear in many categories and naturally they provide excellent slide sandals. The Skechers On the Go 400 slide sandals will keep your feet comfortable with superior technologies like the 5Gen midsole, Goga Max insole, and GOimpulse sensors. A thicker sole helps to absorb more impact keeping your feet, ankles, and legs feeling better than ever. Super lightweight and great for those casual nights on the beach, this summer the Skechers On the Go 400 slide sandals will be your favorite.
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5Gen Midsole
The 5Gen Midsole is the fifth generation of this type of technology. What does five generations give you? Great experience that leaves you with greatly responsive slide sandals. The comfort and responsiveness is not often found in slide sandals. The fifth generation offers greater energy return to keep you going happily through all of life’s adventures. In addition to greater energy return, they have also made these slide sandals lighter than before.

Goga Max
Slide sandals aren’t known for being supportive, comfortable yes, but not supportive. Skechers On the Go 400 slide sandals are something a little bit different. Their Goga Max insole offers great support, keeping your feet more comfortable, for more miles. In addition to keeping you supported, they are also awesome at absorbing shock. Keeping shock away from your feet and joints keep you and your feet happy throughout those long days.

Cost and Value
One of our most affordable, the Skechers On the Go 400 slide sandals, will keep you and your feet feeling great. Skechers gives advanced technology and superior comfort in all of their footwear options and these slide sandals are proof. Keep impact and pain away with these supportive and stylish slide sandals and breathe easy knowing they didn’t cost you a small fortune.
  • Good Traction
  • Comfortable for People with Hammertoes, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, & Pain
  • Stretches and Hugs the Foot
  • Very Flexible
  • No Break In Time
  • Inconsistant Sizing

12. Teva Tirra

12. Teva Tirra
For almost 40 years Teva has been a leader in the outdoor industry, providing high quality, high functioning shoes for every situation. Teva is committed to innovation, performance and the ability to keep you going comfortably through life’s adventures, indoors and out. Their Tirra slide sandals are proof that they stand good to their word of keeping it natural, comfortable, affordable, and possessing the ability to exceed your expectations in every purchase.
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Cushioned Shock Pad
The Teva Tirra slide sandals offer an EVA midsole and a cushioned shock pad to keep your feet, joints, and legs feeling great. Absorbing shock takes the stress off of your knees, ankles, and feet. Not only does this insole absorb extra shock it also fights against odor and bacteria. The addition of a Microban treated lining will keep your feet protected against, the difficult to deal with, fungal and bacterial growth. So, not only will your feet feel great with less shock, they will also be healthier and smell better.

Rubber Sole
Many materials are used to make the sole of slide sandals and they are not all created equal. The convenience of slide sandals is obvious but keeping them on your feet and keeping your feet under you are important. The rubber sole of the Teva Tirra slide sandals not only give you better traction but also better grip. Rubber will provide grip on a variety of surfaces ensuring you stay safely on two feet.

Cost and Value
The superior comfort and style of the Teva Tirra carries a mid-range price tag and can fit into most budgets. Exceptional qualities like advanced shock absorption, odor protection, quick-drying, and durable webbing are only a few of the reasons these slide sandals are ranked among the best. You can buy a high-quality pair of slide sandals for a reasonable price and the Teva Tirra are a perfect example.
  • Bouncy Feel
  • Supports Natural Movement
  • Great for Wide Feet
  • Comfortable Wear for Many Hours
  • Good Heel and Arch Support
  • Sizing Runs Large

13. Madden Brando

13. Madden Brando
The Madden Brando slide sandals offer comfort and style for many of life’s occasions. A molded footbed will keep your feet feeling great, as they conform to your particular foot. They also offer two buckle straps that help keep these slide sandals on your feet and give them a look you can’t beat. Dress them up or dress them down, either way, they will continue to help you look great and keep your feet comfortable.
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Cork Bottom
Cork is a shoe bottom dream. It not only looks stellar, it also helps you feel better. How is that, you ask. It does this because cork is excellent at absorbing and distributing the shock of walking. The striking of your feet can cause pain to your feet, ankles, and legs. The Madden Brando slide sandals’ cork bottom takes the shock, distributes it evenly, and keeps your lower half feeling great so you can continue to participate in all the activities you enjoy. It is important to note, cork is also very lightweight, which aids in their ability to keep you and your feet feeling good.

2 Adjustable Buckle Straps
Keeping your slide sandals on your feet can be a difficult task. Many slide sandals offer little or not adjustable pieces, let alone two. With two adjustable buckle straps, you can customize the fit to help keep your sandals on your feet and keep you comfortable. Need the top buckle a little tighter than the bottom? That will be no problem with the easy adjustment of the Madden Brando slide sandals. Life can be very inconvenient, make it a little easier with these slide sandals from Steve Madden.

Cost and Value
Adjustable, stylish, versatile, and comfortable is what you get when you purchase a pair of Madden Brando slide sandals. These will cost you more than most of the other sandals in our guide, however, if you invest in a pair we know you will fall in love. Supreme comfort and style that meets a variety of needs may cost a bit more but in the end, your feet will be thanking you.
  • Great Arch Support
  • Awesome Fit That Won't Slide Off
  • No Pain During All Day Wear
  • Very Durable
  • Helps Your Outfit Pop
  • Sizing Runs Small

14. Nike Jordan Hydro 6

14. Nike Jordan Hydro 6
Nike is a leader in footwear because of their advanced technology, attention to detail, and awesome products. The Jordan line offers many great pairs of sneakers and innovation has led the way in their superior slide sandals. The Nike Jordan Hydro 6 is the newest addition to the Jordan slide sandals line. It offers a hook and loop strap that is easily adjustable to make you feel like you are wearing slide sandals built for your feet. In addition, they offer rubber soles for great traction and the iconic slam dunking Jordan.
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Foam Footbed
While we all know walking on a cloud is impossible, you may second guess yourself when you try these slide sandals. Nike Jordan Hydro 6 slide sandals offer a foam footbed that is lightweight, keeping it securely on your foot. The foam will also mold to your foot giving you ultimate fit and comfort. Nike knows foot comfort and support, these slide sandals are here to prove it.

Mesh Lining
Mesh lining in the Nike Jordan Hydro 6 slide sandals helps keep your feet cool and dry on the hottest days. Slide sandals are naturally cooler than most shoes but it sure can get sweaty and uncomfortable under the strap. The mesh lining helps wick moisture away from your feet and it also dries quickly. Forget about those raw, rubbed or blistered, areas because these slide sandals will keep your feet in prime condition so you can continue to enjoy all the summer activities you love.

Cost and Value
Nike is a powerhouse in the shoe industry and has given us a superior pair of slide sandals. They do come with a higher price tag. If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable, and durable pair of slide sandals from a company loved and trusted by millions, you may want to invest in the Nike Jordan Hydro 6 slide sandals. You may need to adjust your budget but you're sure to love these and find them in your weekly summer shoe rotation.
  • Hidden Stitch = No Itch
  • Great Indoors and Out
  • Well Made By A Trusted Company
  • Gives What Feet Want
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Slightly Narrow Fit
  • Cost

15. Merrell Terran Slide II

15. Merrell Terran Slide II
Merrell has been providing top quality outdoor footwear for decades. Through this time they have offered us a variety of favorites and we believe the Merrell Terran Slide II will become one of them. Constructed with high-quality materials like the Nubuck Leather upper and the microfiber insole, you will feel like you are walking on a cloud in ultimate comfort. In addition to superior comfort, Merrell uses proven technology, like their famous heel air cushion, to decrease shock, helping you go the extra mile and enjoy life’s big adventures.
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Hook and Loop Closure System
One of the biggest problems with slide sandals is the lack of adjustability. Often, even when they are adjustable, it’s only slightly or it’s inconvenient to achieve. The Merrell Terran Slide II uses a hook and loop closure system that is fast and simple. It is important to note, there is also a molded nylon arch support. Tighten or loosen these awesome slide sandals to make the arch support sit perfectly and give yourself the ability to get into any and all situations you choose.

Merrell Air Cushion Heel
We have seen the air cushion heel in other Merrell shoes and it never disappoints us. This cushion does an excellent job and absorbing and dispersing shock. Reducing shock helps your muscles and joints feel better for longer. Not only does the air cushion heel reduce shock it also helps stabilize the wearer. Stay comfortable and supported in these awesome slide sandals.

Cost and Value
One of the higher priced slide sandals in our guide has a justified reason. Making an investment in these sandals will give you a top quality, durable, stylish, comfortable, and versatile slide that you can count on for miles to come. Merrell stands by their product and millions purchase from them because they know they will receive a quality pair of slide sandals.
  • Supportive Sole
  • Superior Arch Support
  • High Comfort Post Surgery
  • Can Handle Everyday Wear
  • Stretchy Upper Ensures Good Fit
  • Issues With Width
  • Cost

What was once only the best friend of top athletes is now available for anyone to style and wear as they please. Whether synthetic or leather, sporty or classy, monochrome or colorful, slides are versatile and always a staple in any shoe collection.

The possibilities are nearly endless, so treat this list as your slide sandal guru if you’re feeling a little lost. From Adidas to Sanuk, we’ve got you covered. No matter which you choose, you have our complete style approval.

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Slide Sandals

Criteria Best Slide Sandals 2


One of the biggest problems with slide sandals is keeping them on your feet. This is because there is nothing around the ankle that secures it to you. We tend to wear slide sandals because of the convenience of not needing to strap the. So, what’s the solution to keeping your slides on without adding a strap? The answer, a great fit.

Many manufacturers of slide sandals take this into consideration and use different systems to help keep your shoes in place. This is a difficult task when you think about the fact that, feet are like snowflakes, all of them are unique. Some add buckles or elastic, for other companies they go more towards Velcro. What works the best? That answer is usually pretty individualized, based on preference and foot type. Let’s take a look at the different options available and how each works. You will then be able to decide which will work best for your particular taste, style, and feel.

  • Buckle Straps – Some prefer a buckle strap because of the broad range of adjustability. For frequent flyers, swelling feet, or those who wear socks with sandals this is wonderful. Some find, as their slide sandals get older and the material stiffer, adjusting the straps can be difficult. A set of two buckle straps adjusted to your feet do a good job at keeping your slides on because of their adjustability. Paired with a footbed that molds to your feet and you may have a winner.
  • Elastic – Elastic is used in many products for its ability to stretch and fit to even the most uncommon shapes. When paired with a soft material you can get some seriously comfortable slide sandals that adapt well to swelling feet. Some people find that elastic cuts into them as their feet swell, making their slides super uncomfortable. Depending on the maker the stay on capability of elastic varies. Often with no adjustability over time you will find your once fitting slide sandals too big from stretching. 
  • Velcro – Offering supreme comfort, Velcro is used as the closure and adjustability system for many slide sandals. Velcro is easy to adjust and offer comfort to swollen feet as well as the option of wearing socks with your sandals. Because you can adjust slide sandals that have a Velcro so easily, keeping them on your feet in a variety of terrains and situations is also easy. The problem with Velcro is over time it starts to lose its sticking capability, making adjustment impossible at the time. It’s important to note, another common problem with Velcro, is the fact that everything sticks to it. Over time one side builds up with a variety of debris, making it impossible secure your favorite sandals.

Comfort Best Slide SandalsComfort


Part of the comfort factor is indeed fit, however, footbed, upper material, outsole material, and overall build all play a role as well. Rather than break each of these into their own category of criteria used for evaluation, we will take a quick look at each piece. This will provide you with the general insight into what to look for and will lead to ultimate comfort instead of a pair of slide sandals that are painful every time you put them on.


  • Lined with soft, sweat-wicking material
  • Made of EVA, Foam, Cork or Gel
  • Arch Support
  • Heel Cup


  • Soft Leather
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Flexible Synthetic
  • Soft Fabrics
  • Knitted Material


  • Rubber
  • Foam
  • Blown Rubber
  • Cork

Overall Build

  • Hidden Seams
  • Attachment of Upper
  • Closing System

FAQ Best Slide SandalsFrequently Asked Questions




Q: How should slide sandals fit?

A: There are many things to consider when discussing how your slide sandals should fit. Like all shoes you want enough room but not too much. You also look at things like pressure points and when you try them on so they fit comfortably. When ordering online you rely on reviews and guides like this one to guide you into a great pair of slide sandals.

First, you will want to look at the thickness of the sandals. You want to keep the thickness between one and one and a half inches. This will allow the foot to keep its natural motion due to good flexibility.

Next, check out the heels. Cupping in the heel of your slide sandals will help keep your feet in them. Losing your shoes can be embarrassing and even lead to injury, a deep heel cup will help prevent that. It is important to note, heel cups also add to the comfort of your slides. There are many sandals without heel cups that are still excellent when it comes to fit you want about a quarter to a half an inch behind your heel. This way when your heel hits the ground your avoid striking on the edge which can cause pain and blisters.

After looking at the heels, move on to the toes. Unlike most shoes, slide sandals let your toes have freedom. What does this mean? It means you can wear your sandals pretty close to your longest toe and they will still be comfortable. As long as your toes stay on the sandal you should be good to go!

Lastly, look at the upper and think about problems you may have had with previous shoes. If a certain type of buckle or elastic has bothered you avoid those slide sandals. The upper should allow some stretch in case of swelling and to offer better breathability. You want to avoid any heavy seams or stitching as they can lead to raw, rubbed, areas and blistering.

Q: How do I know what size sandal to buy?

A: One of the most common and confusing things about slide sandals is the fact that they run in whole sizes. Millions of people wear a half size which, makes this an excellent question.

The straightforward answer is to move to the size above your half size. This will allow your toes room to move forward a bit without falling off the end of your shoe if you happen to slide in your slides.

What about you folks who are on the small or large side of a half size or even a whole size? That makes it a bit more tricky when trying to decide the perfect size for your slide sandals. You want to keep in mind a little big is better than too small. If on the small size of a whole number, stick with your normal size and you should be just fine. If you are on the large end of your whole number or half size, sizing up maybe the way to go.

Narrow or wide width also plays a role in sizing. Product reviews are an excellent way to gain insight into specific sizing and width for different brands. Reviews can be awesome in helping you decide which size to buy to ensure your sandals are ready for summer and comfortable every day.

Q: The Nubuk Insole of my slide sandals is matted and slippery, HELP!

A: Don’t worry, many of us have been in the same predicament. Taking care of Nubuk is no easy task, especially if you have never done it before.There are a variety of ways to clean your insoles and keep the integrity of the Nubuk for many summers to come.

Nubuk collects dirt and oils, causing a matting effect that leaves them slippery and uncomfortable. To clean them you will want to use a brush made for Nubuk to brush away dirt and loosen the matting. As the matting loosens, continue to brush away debris. You will just continue this process until clean.

There are also specialty shoe cleaners you can purchase to make the process easier. Keep in mind that Nubuk can be finicky and you need to make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for the material. There are many to choose from and they can help reduce odor and give new life to your favorite slide sandals.

Q: How can I keep my slide sandals on my feet?

A: Sandals that don’t stay on can not only be frustrating but they can lead to possible injury. No one wants their shoes flying off just to fall from a rolling ankle. Over time you may find your sandals don’t quite fit like they used to and are sliding around an awful lot. There are a couple things you can do to try to get some more life out of your sandals while keeping them firmly planted on your feet.

A quick, however not long lasting, approach is the use of hairspray. You can clean the insole of your slide sandals, making sure they are free from dirt or dust. Then spray a thin layer of hairspray on the insole. This will give you better traction between your foot and shoe. The hairspray will wear away but for a quick fix of sliding sandals, it will work.

You may also want to look at your activities. Are your sliding woes due to improper footwear? While we understand the want to wear your slide sandals for every occasion, they are not always appropriate. Find a happy medium, wear your slides to your chosen event and change them out before you start. At the conclusion, slip back into your beloved slides for that comfort you have been thinking about.

A longer lasting solution is to add an insole. As fabric stretches and your insole breaks down, what was a well-fitting sandal is now too big. You can purchase insoles and add them to your favorite sandals. This will not only take up some of the extra room but also add a new life and comfort level to your slide sandals.

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