Best Slip On Work Boots Reviewed & Rated

Choosing the right footwear has never been more important. Whether you’re around heavy machinery, on a farm, or just downright tough, having no pain and comfort are essential when choosing the right boot for you. Why settle for sweaty feet full of blisters when a little research is just around the corner? Work boots can be a breeding ground for bacterial infections if there is poor airflow on trapped sweat.

Last Updated: June 9, 2018
By NicoleH:

Updated for 2018, our list of slip on work boots includes two new top items as well as the favorites from 2018 we love. Be sure to condsider where you'll be using your new boots most often, and check our Critera section to help you select which is best for you.

Several boots carry different products and features to prevent that. Have you ever stood at work all day and wondered why your lower back had pain? Did you even consider the quality of your work boot? As we know budget always plays a factor while shopping, there are several boots listed here within reason but with help, you can complete pain free workdays.

Featured Recommendations

Blundstone Super 550
  • Blundstone Super 550
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ankle Boot
  • Price: See Here
Ariat Workhog Waterproof
  • Ariat Workhog Waterproof
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Oil and Slip Resistant
  • Price: See Here
Stanley Dredge
  • Stanley Dredge
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Full Grain
  • Price: See Here

Here, you will find a list of the Top 15 Slip on Work Boots. Each boot has something to offer for a variety of working climates. If you’re shopping on a budget but demand comfort and protection, you’re in the right place. Keep your posture in check while providing a healthy climate for your feet. Your feet have never been more important.


15 Best Slip On Work Boots


1. Blundstone Super 550

Hitting our top seed on the best of the list, The Blundstone Super 550 boasts of a rugged build in a shorter style boot, packing all the quality and technology you’d want to find in a work boot while maintaining versatility to wear at the office. Stability, support, traction, and comfort can all be found in this leather boot, and with its easy slip-on style.
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Made from leather uppers mixed with stretchable textile to help slip your foot into this plush worker boot, durability can be found from top to sole. A rugged synthetic TPU sole provide lugged traction and grip, and the steel shank helps maintain the boot’s integrity as well as support you.

Stylish Comfort
The Blundstone Super 550 isn’t just rugged enough for worksite attire, but it’s stylish enough to cross over into the office should you need that versatility. Designed with several colors in mind, comfort can be found in the Poron XRD shock protection to minimize the impact on the heel, and the PU midsole for longer all-day wear. With its removable insole, you’ll be able to place custom orthotics if required without hassle.

Cost and Value
Averagely priced for a work boot, the Blundstone Super 550 gives you two work boots in one with its rugged durability mixed with stylish ankle fashion. Perfect for those who travel on worksites and to the office who need sturdy protection, without the cost that comes with more technical work boots.
  • Rugged
  • Leather
  • Versatile
  • Removable Insole
  • Comfort
  • Unisex
  • Sizing
  • Durability

2. Ariat Workhog

Bumping up the protection is the Ariat Workhog Waterproof, designed to function on worksites, but designed with a western boot flair. Support, comfort, stability, and traction all wrap up in a leather western boot and topped off with a waterproof property to help weather any messy conditions. Its round toe shape gives extra room for those with wider feet to help keep you going all day long.
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Easy On, Easy Off
Ariat patented their U-Turn Entry System, which helps to flex and give space for those with wider feet or high arches when putting on the boot. While most western style boots are quite snug for a fit to get into, these aren’t a fashion boot but designed to help you tough out the day. You can start off your day without struggling to get into these, and save your energy for where you need it most - at work.

Technical Aspects
Comfort can be found in several areas of the boot. From the footbed, padded with a gel cushion, and wicking properties to keep you dry, to the EVA midsole. Stability starts within the rear of the shoe with heel stabilizers all the way forefoot, and the wide shank braces you with support. Duratread in the outsole helps to prevent slippage on all messy surfaces you can encounter at the worksite but is still flexible to promote proper walking gait. Add in that this boot is waterproof, and you’re good to go in any condition.

Cost and Value
Slightly on the pricier side of our list, the Ariat WorkHog Waterproof is a solid investment for those that deal with changing weather or messy worksite conditions. With all the support, comfort, stability and durability you need from a work boot, plus a western style design, it’s worth what you spend.
  • Waterproof
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Easy Slip On
  • Western Style
  • Price
  • Require Break In

3. Blundestone Dress Series

Looking for a work boot that can double as a dress boot? Look no further. The Blundstone Dress Series features style and class. Combined with carpenter jeans, casual jeans, or khakis, this boot can support your style and your comfort! Similar to our top pick on the list, this boot is made for more stylish office attire, but still functions quite well for days on site.
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Shock Absorbing Impact
The sole of The Blundstone Dress Series offers a shock-absorbing impact with comfort and flow, for each step you take. The sole doubles as a cushion for hours of standing with no pain.

Thermos Urethane Injected Sole
The outsole of this boot features a solid construction of Thermos Urethane (UTP) which will aid in the prevention of slipping. Oil, fat, and gas resistant, this boot will ensure your safety on and off the field.

Cost and Value
The well known Blundstone Dress Series boot doubles as work and pleasure. Whether you’re working or playing, this boot will support what you do. Why settle for different boots when you can get The Blundstone Dress Series and accomplish every task.
  • Steel shanks 
  • H2O resistance
  • Dress them up or down
  • Ant slip resistant materials 
  • Does not contain steel in the toe

4. Sketchers Blaine Orsen

4. Sketchers Blaine Orsen
Fashionable with the ability to match almost any pant, this boot offers quality, safety, comfort, and, style. This boot features a round toe, ankle support, and beautiful smooth oiled finish. This boot also offers a durable rubber sole, safety comes first, with you in mind.
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Memory Foam Footbed
Offering memory foam to support comfort and stability all workday, as well as excellent support in the ankle, this boot is a good fit for comfort.

Deep-tread Rubber Sole
The deep-tread rubber sole offers long-lasting wear and tear on both the heel and the tread of the boot. With this deep-tread, it also offers excellent traction on any surface.

Cost and Value
The stylish slip-on, smooth oiled leather offers a lot for your feet. Comfort and style packed into one boot will determine your purchase. With the nonslip on the bottom of the boot, this style also provides stability for your ankles.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides comfort and safety
  • Memory foam
  • Absorbs Shock
  • May not pass all safety regulations
  • Not waterproof

5. Dr. Marten's Icon

5. Dr. Marten's Icon
Heavy-duty and durable describe the Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Steel Toe Boot! With maximum comfort and fashionable support, these boots will get any job done. Seasons changing? This boot is made to last through every season without a single slip. High-quality rubber soles allow any walking conditions with safety in mind. Feet conditions will remain healthy, dry and, pain-free with this boot.
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Barriers to Block Moisture
Moisture is one thing that will not be in this boot. Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Steel Toe Boot offers plenty of barriers to block moisture from entering. The upper portion of the boot has been created with water-resistant leather while the inside provides a moisture wicking lining, which is guaranteed to keep your feet dry all day.

Air Cushioned Sole
Dr. Marten’s air-cushioned sole provides a no-slip grip that is resistant to several slippery substances, including, Oil, Fat, Petrol, and Alkali. What this means is that this boot was made for your safety in mind. The sole not only offers a no-slip grip but also gives you an air ride feel.

Cost and Value
The Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe offers a lot to the hard working individual. Made with steel plates for any approved work, this boot also offers a dry climate and an anti-bacterial footbed for extra protection for your feet. You can’t say no to these boots when every step of is a step of comfort.
  • Pull on loops 
  • Water resistant
  • Antibacterial footbed
  • Goodyear welted rubber 
  • Moisture wicking lining 
  • Heavier than normal
  • Wear on stitching around leather may occur

6. Justin Original Stampede

6. Justin Original Stampede
Need a work boot that gets the job done? These slip on Justin Stampede Work Boots are the right fit for tough work. High quality and durable, non-slip grip with excellent rubber traction and ankle support will keep comfort all day long. Justin Stampede Work Boot is a slip-on style that allows for easy on and off for the heavy worker.
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J-Flex Comfort System
The J-Flex Comfort System inside the footbed of the boot offers long day comfort and support for feet. The comfort system is the most comfortable boot you’ll ever own, even your feet will be surprised.

Leather Designed Uppers
Durable and breathable, the uppers of this boot will maintain stability and style for your feet and ankles. Breathability allows your feet to remain dry and comfortable throughout the duration of your working day.

Cost and Value
The Stampede Justin Work Boot has been an overall favorite because of its high quality and handcrafted design, for several years. Comfortable insoles will provide you support all day long. This makes it the most popular favorite with each boot designed with your feet in mind.

Manmade Sole

Scalloped Top

Orthotic Insole

Pull Tabs


Soft Toe

7. Dr. Marten's Fusion

7. Dr. Marten's Fusion
Dr. Marten’s Fusion Safety-Toe Work Boot features leather that is smooth grain and a comfortable, allowing breathable properties. These boots were built for powerful work days with a steel plate on the inside to protect your feet for at all times.
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Anti-Static Slip Resistance
Anti-static slip resistance in the sole is one of the work boots best features. There is a good chance you could slip on anything while working out in the field, but this boot will prevent you from injury and was made as if it was looking out for your safety.

PVC Air Cushioned Sole
The Chelsea Work Boot sole is also made with Goodyear welt and designed with PVC air cushioned sole, to make every step feel as if you are not even wearing a heavy-duty work boot. Sure to keep you going for long days on site, but leave your feet feeling comfortable at the end of the day.

Cost and Value
Dr. Marten’s is not just known for their name, but also their quality, style, and comfort. Easy on-off features with your comfort in mind have made this safety boot a number one seller. Airflow is constantly being circulated making this pair also breathable and preventing your feet from becoming sweaty. Almost as if this boot was made for you.
  • Anti-static and slip resistant
  • Moisture wicking interior
  • Durable and attractive
  • Goodyear welt sole
  • Known to fit smaller
  • May not be up to all safety codes

8. Ariat Groundbreaker

8. Ariat Groundbreaker
Built with comfort in mind, the Ariat Groundbreaker has been handcrafted for the hard working. This boot features a solid and durable platform to get any job finished. Western style with a steel toe, this boot is fit for anyone.
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Moisture Wicking Material
The Groundbreaker offers a mesh lining to help wick moisture and keep your feet dry for any occasion, while the full grain leather prevents moisture from entering the boot.

Duratread Outsoles
With life in mind, these boots are made to last. The Ariat Groundbreaker serves as a durable boot made with a Duratread outsole to extend maximum comfort and durability. The Duratread sole also doubles as an anti-slip resistant rubber sole.

Cost and Value
With a western feel, these boots were built for long-lasting comfort. Double stitching on the leather uppers keeps the boots in solid condition while the Duratread soles keep maximum comfort and durability.
  • Duratread comfort
  • Full grain leather
  • Anti Slip Platform
  • Double stitching
  • Prevents electric hazards
  • Hard to break in

9. Wolverine W04727

9. Wolverine W04727
This is your classic country styled boot with all the modern day features for heavy duty work. Created with 100% leather, Goodyear welt construction, and rubber soles, the outside materials of these slip on boots will last through the most rough terrain and dirtiest jobs. This fully unlined boot also comes with removable foam footbeds to add comfort and create an easy way to keep your boots fresh.
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Removable Insert
Most tough work boots don't provide much in the way of comfort. Not only do these boots come equipped with comfortable foam inserts, but they can also be removed for easy cleaning. This is a feature that extends the life of your boot and will prevent odors and sweat from building up.

All-around Durability
From the inside to the outside, these slip on work boots were made to stay strong and protect your feet. The full coverage of authentic leather protects your feet from outside contact while the inside foam footbeds keep your feet at ease. From these features to the heavy-duty outsoles, these boots were truly made for extreme durability.

Cost and Value
These boots are still priced on the higher side due to their high-quality materials and durable construction. Although, compared to other similar boots, you'll find that these offer a similar amount of protection but at a cost that's slightly less. Overall, the durability of these boots is completely worth the cost.
  • 100% leather
  • Mid-calf length
  • Removable inserts
  • Rubber soles
  • Goodyear welt construction

May be too small for wide feet

10. Wolverine Marauder

10. Wolverine Marauder
Looking for a boot that has every quality? Look no further! This boot has so much to offer a hard working individual. Maximum comfort, durability, and a waterproofing system will be sure to get any job done.
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Thinsulate System
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, doesn’t matter. These boots have been designed with a Thinsulate system to block all elements. Topped with full grain leather to vanish water, these boots will keep your feet warm, dry, and cool all seasons!

Welt Contour Construction
Wolverine Marauder offers a welt contour construction. The construction is designed to keep on-going comfort on and off the worksite. Designed to work like a boot, but fit like a shoe, this boot will move with you.

Cost and Value
The Wolverine Marauder W02165 Waterproof Work Boot has so much to offer the laborer. Full grain leather, dual working outsoles, and a waterproofing system will work hard to keep you safe and comfortable wherever you go.
  • Injected soles 
  • Thinsulate system
  • Breathable climate
  • Anti slip protection
  • Steel plate for safety
  • Added weight
  • Falls short on some safety regulations

11. Carhartt Wellington

11. Carhartt Wellington
This soft toe, mid-calf slip on work boot is perfect for those who do light work in the outdoors or are looking for some extra protection during indoor work. The waterproof Wellington leather is strong and extremely durable, truly made to last a long time. The synthetic rubber sole helps to ease pressure and friction. If you're looking for a boot with a firm fit but still enough room for comfort, this is a perfect choice.
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This feature is good for those who work near water and really get down and dirty for their jobs. The waterproof feature also helps to make the outside layer stronger and more resistant to other contacts. While you won't want to submerge your boots in water, you can expect them to keep your feet dry.

Soft Toe
The soft toe feature makes for a more versatile wear. Without the heavy-duty protection, your feet can feel lighter and the boots can be worn for other purposes than just work. The soft toe creates a comfortable roomy feel in the toe area while also still protecting them from any damage.

Cost and Value
As with the rest, you can expect a high price tag on these work boots. With not as many features as other work boots and for the same cost, I'd say the value could definitely be a little higher. Overall, it's still a good choice if you're not going to be doing heavy duty work outdoors.
  • Mid-calf length
  • Soft toe
  • Waterproof
  • Leather
  • Chemical resistant

Poor air circulation

12. Skechers Dorton

12. Skechers Dorton
If you're looking for a good slip on work boot but are more limited to a budget, these skechers are a very good choice. These lower length boots are created with imported leather and stitched with a fashionable side panel. The durable soles and comfortable foam cushioning will help to keep your feet relaxed when standing for long periods of time. This boot is perfect for indoor workers who don't need all the heavy duty features.
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Cushioned Footbed
Coming equipped with gel infused memory foam, the footbed cushions in these shoes were meant to keep your feet relaxed and away from pressure. Most tough slip on work boots don't come with extra padding so this is a feature that is really important for this shoe.

Synthetic Materials
The durable outsole and synthetic leather material can actually be longer lasting than natural materials. The materials are specially created to last longer and can be cleaned much more easily. Overall, this is a feature that helps lower the cost and helps to keep your boots fresh looking no matter how often you wear them.

Cost and Value
These slip on boots are priced at a lower cost than others in this category. Coming with the basic essential features and being priced at a lower cost, this boot is a great choice for those on a budget or those who stay more indoors for their jobs.
  • Lower length
  • Affordable price
  • Memory foam 
  • Durable outsoles
  • More current style
  • Cannot take heavy wear or much outdoor use
  • Sizes run large

13. Caterpillar Revolver Steel Toe

13. Caterpillar Revolver Steel Toe
If you're looking for a heavy duty slip on work boot that can not only protect your feet, but also provide durability in all types of work, look no further. This steel toe boot will protect your toes from heavy objects and rough, rocky terrain. Great for both indoor and outdoor work, these slip on boots rise to about mid-calf, giving you a little more protection than your average ankle boot. Coming equipped with shock absorbing midsoles, slip resistant outsoles and breathable lining, what more could you need?
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Steel Toe
The steel toe is a highly important feature for those who work around large machinery, lift heavy objects or work in rough outdoor jobs like a rock quarry. The steel toe provides ultimate strength and protection around the toe area, which is also good for keeping the material from wearing down in those commons areas of contact.

Shock Absorbing
All the hard work you do comes from a base point, your feet. Your heels can really feel the pressure of every movement if not given the right support. The shock absorbing features in this boot will keep your feet at ease and allow the boot to take on the pressure which would normally be built up against your feet.

Cost and Value
Like all good quality work boots, these are going to on the higher side for pricing. The features of this boot come with are extremely durable and long-lasting making this initial investment completely worth it.
  • Repairable
  • Steel toe
  • Shock absorbing
  • Leather upper
  • Slip resistant outsoles

High priced boots

14. Stanley Dredge

14. Stanley Dredge
The Stanley Dredge Steel-Toe Boot provides comfort and durability to ensure any job is done right. Made with the finest leather material and a crush-proof steel toe, the boot will prove it is essential to perform.
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Midsole and outsole are injected with polyurethane to absorb any sort of shock this boot may cause, making to the perfect comfort for the hard working.

Slip Resistant Outsole
The outsole is slip resistant to most materials and is made tough to prevent any electrical hazards that may come your way on the job.

Cost and Value
The Stanley Dredge Steel Toe provides a leather upper with stretchable material made to last, for easy on and off access. Made tough with injectable outsoles to keep comfortable all day long.
  • Absorbs Shock
  • Polyurethane injected soles
  • Leather uppers
  • Lightweight material 
  • Steel plate 
  • Size runs smaller-suggested ordering ½ size up

15. Georgia Athens

15. Georgia Athens
You can’t go wrong with the choice of the Georgia Athens Work Boot. Advanced moisture wicking material ensures dryness in the boot, which also ensures comfort. Made with fine leathers, this boot has been created to fit all hard working needs.
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Georgia Waterproof System
This boot has been designed to stop moisture from coming in and letting your sweat out. The Georgia Waterproof System and waterproofed leather suede uppers have been used to keep things dry, even on the dampest day.

Advanced Memory Foam
AMP (Advanced Memory foam Polyurethane) has been inserted into the footbed of the boot to reach maximum levels of comfort and shock absorption.

Cost and Value
Stylish and waterproof, this boot has been designed with you in mind. Don’t sweat the small stuff, this boot has dual air flow to be sure to let that sweat out. Ultimate moisture wicking materials combined with the airflow will guarantee dryness all day.
  • Steel TPU Shank
  • Georgia Waterproof System 
  • Added heel support
  • Shock absorbing heel
  • 3.0 lbs per size 10
  • Stitching may wear

Why spend hours on research when all the information is provided right here? Comfort, strength, safety, and durability should always be kept in mind while researching the best slip on work boots that are available on the market. There are several styles to chose from, but comfort and safety should be your first choice. Each product on this list will have several different comfort and safety features that could fit anyone’s or any jobs needs and requirements to perform.  When considering a good work boot, consider the environment that you work in. How long will these boots be on your feet? What is the most important feature to you? Does it support your foot? Support is essential when you are using your feet or standing on your feet all day. Each boot has an important feature that will stand out to anyone, in any position. Steel toes ensure safety as well as non slip materials. Maximum comfort and durability to withstand any situation is an important feature each boot has. Each boot on this list is made with high quality in mind and is made to get any job done.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Slip On Work Boots

Type of Work

Slip on work boots are good to wear in a large variety of jobs. It’s important to consider the type of work you’re going to be doing in these boots before purchasing a pair. While work boots, in general, are great for supporting and protecting your feet, there are certain types of boots that can be better suited for specific jobs.

For example, outdoor and indoor work situations tend to be very different from each other. The kind of features that make a good indoor work boot may not be as durable for the outdoors. You’re probably asking right now, what’s the difference? That’s why I’m here to explain.

Outdoor workers can be from many different lines of work, from construction and demolition to even plumbing, landscapers, and farmers. No matter what kind of job you have, if you’re working outside you can expect the weather and terrain to take a toll on your boots. For these conditions, you’ll probably want to choose a slip on work boot that’s taller and has extremely durable soles.

Indoor workers can be factory workers, people who are constantly standing on their feet and lifting heavy objects. They also consist of people who offer repair services, pest control, electrical and many others. For jobs like these, a taller boot isn’t as necessary. The area you’ll want the most support in is going to be the soles and padding of the shoe to keep your feet relaxed during long periods of activity and pressure.

A couple other things to keep in mind is the type of movements you make. If you’re someone who has to consistently bend down, you’ll want a shorter bot that can bend to your movements. For those who have wet jobs near water, tall waterproof boots are going to be the best for that situation. In general, once we are able to identify the use or location where the boots will be worn, finding a pair that provides the necessary features for the work situation is much easier.

Secure Fit

When looking for the convenience of a slip on boot, it’s important to look for a pair that secures your foot in the right place. The last thing you need on a job is an injury caused by loose boots.

No matter what kinds of work boots you choose to wear, you’ll find that they all rise above the ankle to give your feet and ankles some extra protection. While long boots that rise close to the knee would be hard to kick off by accident, shorter boots can create less of an enclosed fit which may leave a space for your feet to move around.

When working around heavy-duty machinery, lifting heavy objects or simply relying on your feet for stability in your job, loose shoes is not a feature you want to have. Especially when you don’t have laces to secure your shoes tighter, finding boots that are flexible, form-fitting and strong is a top priority.

To help secure your foot better in the shoes, some shorter ankle boots are created with elastic materials on the top sides. The opening around the foot tends to be smaller but the elastic is flexible and stretches to form to the shape and size of your foot. Not only does this feature help with security but it also provides a more custom fit and feel.

With longer boots that cover the calves and shins, you won’t have to worry about your shoes moving around as often. These taller designs are shaped to form securely around your feet and legs while still providing enough flexibility for ease of movement. All around, the slip on boots we chose for our best list can provide you the same amount of security as a lace-up boot but with the extra convenience of being able to quickly pull them on and off.

Boot Length

In the sections above, we’ve lightly mentioned how the right length of the boot can aid in the work situation. Now it’s time to go more in depth about how to choose a length that right for you. Again, the first step is to identify the types of use and fit you’re looking for. Once you’re able to specify this, choosing becomes much easier.

If your job consists of long hours on your feet and constant heavy lifting, you’re going to want a strong, supportive boot. Above the ankle or mid-calf is a good length to choose as these boots are able to move around as you do, while still providing security and a form fit. Longer boots may cut off your circulation when bending down and will get in the way more often than being a protective barrier against your legs.

For those of you who work long days on your feet indoors or are keeping a steady movement going, shorter ankle boots will work just fine. If you don’t need all the heavy-duty features for the outdoors, this length will provide a versatile and comfortable feel without all the bulky tough materials.

Being outside in the mud and water for work can ruin a pair of shoes very quickly. Tall slip on boots are great because they’re easy to use and can protect not only your feet but your legs as well. If you have a job working outside there are many factors of nature that can slow you down but having a tall, protective work boot will help to keep you in your top performance.

Extra Protection

Protection is important in any shoe but it’s especially important for those who rely on their feet for a living. Whether you moving often, lifting heavy inventory or working around large machines, you’ll need to keep your feet safe and protected.

Our feet can do some really hard work, they carry all our body weight and allow us to move wherever we choose. Whenever we are lifting something, our feet are lifting with us too. It is here that your body relies on stability and support. Extra protection can be found in many different types of features, one of them is the bottom soles. This is where the foundation is created, without a strong, stable bottom, you can’t expect the rest to hold up. This is why all of our shoes on the best list come with thick durable soles.

If you’re constantly around large and heavy items, you’ll want to prepare for the occasional accident of something falling. Smashed toes are a no go which is why it’s important to have a protected toe area. From a soft toe to a steel toe, if you want to keep your feet safe, this is a key feature to look for in your work boots. If you’re working around sharp rocks, heavy metals, and large items, we fully recommend protecting your toes with a steel toe boot.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? Protection can be found anywhere in a good work boot. From the types of materials and stitching to the soles and added features, considering all aspects of the shoe is key to finding the best slip on work boots. Whether you need basic level protection or heavy-duty security, you’ll be able to find them all here on our best list.

Strength and Support

Regardless of what type of work you do, if you’re relying on your feet to help you get it done, you’re going to need some strong, supportive footwear. A strong slip on work boot can be found with a variety of features; strength is found in numbers, not through one sole aspect.

Speaking of soles, that is a great first aspect of a supportive shoe. Like a foundation of a house, the bottom of your boots should be stable, resilient and never warp or change over time. A correctly supportive sole will help ease the pressure and friction against the foot. Since your soles come in direct contact with every surface and terrain you’re on, you’ll want to make sure that they’re strong enough to handle the potential damage that may occur.

As we mentioned above, the steel toe is a great way to add strength and protection to your work boot. The stronger the toe area, the more supportive and resilient you can expect your boots to be. This feature is again key for those who work around heavy items or machinery.

When it comes to support, you also need to think about how to ease pressure and replace it with relaxation. It’s important to have cushioning but too much in a work boot can actually be unsupportive. A perfectly supportive footbed will form to the shape of your foot, provide light cushioning but also be firm enough to ground yourself in your shoes.

Lastly, strength can be found on the outside from the intricate stitching to the types of materials used. Since this is a key element in all aspects of the shoe, we’re going to go more in depth below.

Durable Materials

Durable materials are a must-have feature in any work situation. The areas you’re around and the work you do can have a heavy impact on your shoes. While there are other features that can provide strength and reliability, this is a key feature that is seen on the outside but also protects the inside.

Materials that lack quality can actually pose potential health concerns. While wearing down materials may just look unappealing, they also allow unwanted contact from the outside to the inside of the shoe. Bacteria control, proper air flow, and comfort are all things that be compromised with poor quality materials.

Durable work boots need to be created from durable materials. Most, if not all work boots are going to be made with a thick material like leather. There are a few waterproof materials that you can find for slip on work boots; we’ve even included a couple in the list for you. Waterproof may be one of the handiest features but due to the expenses, I would only recommend purchasing them if you’re truly going to be in wet weather or areas. It is there that they will find the most purpose.

As far as a durable work boot goes, the thicker the material, the better protection. Many companies choose real or synthetic leather when creating their work boots because it’s a material that can take heavy wear without showing large signs of damage over time. Unlike canvas materials, leather can’t be torn or ripped easily which also makes it a great choice for those who work outside.

Leather can also be cleaned better than other materials. Avoiding typical stains and taking on dirt like a champ, it is a highly recommended material to look for when choosing work boots. While there are still a number of other materials that are just as durable, we mainly recommend to choose a thicker, and of course, more durable material.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why are slip on boots better than lace up boots?
A. The first, most obvious reason is that of the convenience factor. Not having to spend the time every day to lace up and lace down your boots can save you a decent amount of time when getting ready for work. For those of you with tight schedules or long commutes, this feature can be a huge help in time management. Slip on boots are also more versatile and sleek because the bulky areas for laces are no longer there. These boots can be better paired and layered with clothing.

Q. What kind of socks should be worn with slip on work boots?
A. This type of work boot is always going to rise at least above the ankle. Work boots can create a firm, secure fit which is great for stability, however, the thick padding and material can be an irritation if it’s constantly rubbing against your skin. To avoid friction and the potential for blisters, it’s recommended to wear crew length or knee-high socks. These longer socks can work as a barrier to protect your legs as well as your feet and ankles.

Q. What brands create the best work boots?
A. There are many brands that are known for creating quality work boots and while brand reputation is important, there are many other features that you’ll want to look for. That being said, these brands are widely known because of their reliable and functional features. To name a few, there’s: Dr. Marten’s, Wolverine, Georgia, Ariat, Caterpillar, and Timberland.

Q. Do work boots provide enough footbed cushioning or should I purchase inserts?
A. If you have “normal” feet, you shouldn’t have to worry much about extra support. People with high arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and sensitive skin are going to want to think about adding a second option. While work boots do provide support and strong materials, after wearing them for long hours your feet may start to feel the toughness of the boots. It is recommended to add insert cushioning for extra comfort and support. Choosing the right inserts is just as important as choosing your boots. Don’t settle for cheap padding, this can actually cause more problems. Instead, look for a reliable brand like Dr. Scholls that guarantees moisture control, proper arch support and lightweight, comfortable cushioning.

Q. How do I clean and protect my work boots from damage?
A. Cleaning your work boots properly will depend on the kinds of materials they’re made out of. In general, though, there are a few ways you can extend the life of your work boots. First, keep them dry! If you work outside, you may get your boots wet but when you’re done working it’s important to put them outside or in the sun to dry. If the material stays wet for too long it can warp the shape and cause bacterial concerns. Another thing that you can do is just give them a general rinse off after days where you may step in dirt, mud or whatever else makes your work boots dirty. Then, of course, make sure they properly dry. If your boots are made with leather, over time the material may start to wear down and look dry. To prevent this from happening you can use leather conditioners to coat your boots and keep them looking fresh for longer periods of time. Overall, if you see them getting dirty, just give them a little rinse.

Q. What length is best for slip on work boots?
A. The true, best length is going to be based on the type of work you plan to do in your boots. We’ve mentioned above in detail about what lengths of boots are best for specific types of work, but generally, I would say somewhere between an over the ankle boot and mid-calf is a good all-around length. They’re not too high so you still have the flexibility to move easily and bend your legs. They are still high enough to protect your feet, ankles, and bottoms of your legs.

Q. Can good work boots prevent health injuries?
A. Of course, they can! It’s easier to develop health concerns from wearing bad shoes, so it’s important to pick a work boot that can keep you in your best shape. All of the boots listed in our best slip on work boots list will help to keep your feet protected. Good work boots, in general, should never be loose or too tight, provide proper support and consist of durable soles and materials. Some simple health concerns like foot odor, bacteria, blisters, etc. can all be prevented with the help of a good work boot.

Q. Why should I wear boots instead of sneakers during work?
A. Boots are usually created with stronger, more durable materials and always cover the ankles. While sneakers can be convenient and comfortable, they may not provide the support and reliability you need for hard days on the job. Especially for those who work outside, the materials sneakers are made with would get destroyed within no time. Work boots are made to handle the toughest jobs in the more difficult locations. If you’re looking for support and long-lasting durability, slip on work boots if the perfect place to look.

Q. Can slip on work boots be resown or repaired?
A. Not all work boots can be repaired but some companies create their bottom outer soles with stitching that can be removed. This allows someone like a shoe smith to replace the wearing sole with a brand new one, making your favorite pair of work boots longer lived than you may have previously thought.

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