Best Slip On Work Boots Reviewed

Choosing the right footwear has never been more important. Whether you’re around heavy machinery, on a farm, or just down right tough, having no pain and comfort are essential when choosing the right boot for you. Why settle for sweaty feet full of blisters when a little research is just around the corner? Work boots can be a breeding ground for bacterial infections if there is poor airflow on trapped sweat.

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Several boots carry different products and features to prevent that. Have you ever stood at work all day and wondered why your lower back had pain? Did you even consider the quality of your work boot? Several boots manufacturer’s have also created products for the insoles of their boots to help you improve and maintain a healthy posture. As we know budget always plays a factor while shopping, there are several boots listed here within reason but with help you complete pain free workdays.

Featured Recommendations

Justin Original Stampede
  • Justin Original Stampede
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 11 inch top
  • Price: See Here
Dr. Martens Icon
  • Dr. Martens Icon
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Electrical Shock Resistant
  • Price: See Here
Stanley Dredge
  • Stanley Dredge
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Full Grain
  • Price: See Here

Here, you will find a list of the Top 10 Slip on Work Boots. Each boot has something to offer for a variety of working climates. If you’re shopping on a budget but demand comfort and protection, you’re in the right place. Keep your posture in check while providing a healthy climate for your feet. Your feet have never been more important.


10 Best Slip-On Work Boots


1. Justin Original Stampede

Need a work boot that gets the job done? These slip on Justin Stampede Work Boots are the right fit for tough work. High quality and durable, non-slip grip with excellent rubber traction and ankle support will keep comfort all day long. Justin Stampede Work Boot is a slip-on style that allows for easy on and off for the heavy worker.
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J-Flex Comfort System-Insoles
The J-Flex Comfort System inside the insoles of the boot offer long day comfort and support for feet. The comfort system is the most comfortable boot you’ll ever own, even your feet will be surprised.

Leather Designed Uppers
Durable and breathable, the uppers of this boot will maintain stability and style for your feet and ankles. Breathability allows your feet to remain dry and comfortable throughout the duration of your working day.

Cost and Value
The Stampede Justin Work Boot has been an overall favorite because of its high quality and hand crafted design, for several years. Comfortable insoles will provide you support all day long. This makes it the most popular favorite with each boot designed with your feet in mind.
  • Extra safety to cover entire foot and ankle
  • Comfort in the insole for all day wear
  • Convenience for easy on-off
  • Support for ankles, with durable leather
  • Rubber sole for non-slip grip
  • Weight of the boot
  • Chemical proof is not guaranteed

2. Dr. Marten's Icon

Heavy-duty and durable describe the Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Steel Toe Boot! With maximum comfort and fashionable support, these boots will get any job done. Seasons changing? This boot is made to last through every season without a single slip. High quality rubber soles allow any walking conditions with safety in mind. Feet conditions will remain healthy, dry and, pain free with this boot.
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Barriers to Block Moisture
Moisture is one thing that will not be in this boot. Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Steel Toe Boot offer plenty of barriers to block moisture from entering. The upper portion of the boot has been created with water resistant leather while the inside provides a moisture wicking lining, which is guaranteed to keep your feet dry all day.

Air Cushioned Sole
Dr. Marten’s air cushioned sole provides a no slip grip that is resistant to several slippery substances, including, Oil, Fat, Petrol, and Alkali. What this means is that this boot was made for your safety in mind. The sole not only offers a no slip grip, but also gives you an air ride feel.

Cost and Value
The Dr. Marten’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe offers a lot to the hard working individual. Made with steel plates for any approved work, this boot also offers a dry climate and an anti-bacterial insole for extra protection for your feet. You can’t say no to these boots when every step of is a step of comfort.
  • Pull on boot with loops for easier on
  • Water resistant with antibacterial insoles
  • Goodyear welted rubber soles for durability
  • Moisture wicking lining to keep feet dry
  • Due to durable materials, boots may be heavier than normal
  • Some wear on stitching around leather may occur

3. Sketchers USA Blaine Orsen

Fashionable with the ability to match almost any pant, this boot offers quality, safety, comfort, and, style. This boot features a round toe, ankle support, and beautiful smooth oiled finish. This boot also offers a durable rubber sole, safety comes first, with you in mind.
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Memory Foam Insoles
Offering memory foam insoles to support comfort and stability all workday, as well as excellent support in the ankle, this boot is a good fit for comfort.

Deep-tread Rubber Sole
The deep-tread rubber sole offers long lasting wear and tear on both the heel and the tread of the boot. With this deep-tread, it also offers excellent traction on any surface.

Cost and Value
The stylish slip on, smooth oiled leather offers a lot for your feet. Comfort and style packed into one boot will determine your purchase. With the non slip on the bottom of the boot, this style also provides stability for your ankles.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides comfort and safety
  • Convenient opening at the top of the boot
  • Memory foam insoles to absorb shock
  • May not pass all safety regulations
  • Not waterproof

4. Dr. Marten's Fusion

4. Dr. Marten's Fusion
Dr. Marten’s Fusion Safety-Toe Work Boot features leather that is smooth grain and a comfortable air flow in the insole, allowing breathable properties. These boots were built for powerful work days with a steel plate on the inside to protect your feet for at all times.
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Anti-Static Slip Resistance
Anti-static slip resistance in the sole is one of the work boots best features. There is a good chance you could slip on anything while working out in the field, but this boot will prevent you from injury and was made as if it was looking out for your safety.

PVC Air Cushioned Sole
The Chelsea Work Boot sole is also made with Goodyear welt and designed with PVC air cushioned sole, to make every step feel as if you are not even wearing a heavy duty work boot.

Cost and Value
Dr. Marten’s is not just known for their name, but also their quality, style, and comfort. Easy on off features with your comfort in mind has made this safety boot a number one seller. Air flow is constantly being circulated making this pair also breathable and preventing your feet from becoming sweaty. Almost as if this boot was made for you.
  • Anti-static and slip resistant
  • Interior is designed with moisture wicking material
  • Durable work boot that is also attractive
  • Goodyear welt sole, built for durability
  • Known to fit smaller
  • May not be up to all safety codes

5. Ariat Workhog H2O

5. Ariat Workhog H2O
The Ariat Workhog H2O is a stylish boot made for all conditions. Snow, rain, heat, this boot is made to last! Keeping your safety in mind, this boot features a firm grip in working conditions and consistent stability for your ankles. Topped with a comfortable insole.
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Ariat has designed a platform for the boot that will provide you with the most stable posture while in your working position. This platform is called ATS Max and will guarantee a less fatigued foot and a more aligned body.

Featherlite, Slip Resistant Sole
The Ariat Workhog also features a featherlite sole that partners with a slip resistant grip to substances such as oil. Combine these two and you have the dream boot of comfort and durability.

Cost and Value
The well known name and style can sell itself on its own, yet, this boot is made for tough work. Designed with air-wicking material and leather that is waterproof, this boot is built tough and for any dirty job. Don’t forget about the comfort and easy slip on style, with these features in mind, you can’t pass up this opportunity.
  • Moisture wicking material
  • Lightweight sole
  • All seasons approved
  • Abrasive, anti-slip grip
  • Known to drag down socks
  • Some tear after time on moisture wicking material

6. Blundestone Dress Series

6. Blundestone Dress Series
Looking for a work boot that can double as a dress boot? Look no further. The Blundstone Dress Series features style and class. Combined with carpenter jeans, casual jeans, or khakis, this boot can support your style and your comfort!
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Shock Absorbing Impact
The sole of The Blundstone Dress Series offers a shock absorbing impact with comfort and flow, for each step you take. The sole doubles as a cushion for hours of standing with no pain.

Thermos Urethane Injected Sole
The outsole of this boot features a solid construction of Thermos Urethane (UTP) which will aide in the prevention of slipping. Oil, fat, and gas resistant, this boot will ensure your safety on and off the field.

Cost and Value
The well known Blundstone Dress Series boot doubles as work and pleasure. Whether you’re working or playing, this boot will support what you do. Why settle for different boots when you can get The Blundstone Dress Series and accomplish every task.
  • Steel shanks inserted for maximum durability
  • Leather uppers designed for H2O resistance
  • Dress them up or dress them down
  • Ant slip resistant materials built into the sole
  • Does not contain steel in the toe

7. Ariat Groundbreaker Pullon

7. Ariat Groundbreaker Pullon
Built with comfort in mind, the Ariat Groundbreaker has been hand crafted for the hard working. This boot features a solid and durable platform to get any job finished. Western style with a steel toe, this boot is fit for anyone.
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Moisture Wicking Material
The Groundbreaker offers a mesh lining to help wick moisture and keep your feet dry for any occasion, while the full grain leather prevents moisture from entering the boot.

Duratread Outsoles
With life in mind, these boots are made to last. The Ariat Groundbreaker serves as a durable boot made with a Duratread outsole to extend maximum comfort and durability. The Duratread sole also doubles as an anti slip resistant rubber sole.

Cost and Value
With a western feel, these boots were built for long lasting comfort. Double stitching on the leather uppers keeps the boots in solid condition while the Duratread soles keep maximum comfort and durability.
  • Duratread comfort and durability
  • Full grain leather
  • Anti Slip Platform
  • Double stitching for strength
  • Can aide in the prevention of electric hazards
  • Known to be hard to break in

8. Stanley Dredge

8. Stanley Dredge
The Stanley Dredge Steel-Toe Boot provides comfort and durability to ensure any job is done right. Made with the finest leather material and a crush proof steel toe, the boot will prove it is essential to perform.
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Midsole and outsole is injected with polyurethane to absorb any sort of shock this boot may cause, making to the perfect comfort for the hard working.

Slip Resistant Outsole
Outsole is slip resistant to most materials and is made tough to prevent any electrical hazards that may come your way on the job.

Cost and Value
The Stanley Dredge Steel Toe provides a leather upper with stretchable material made to last, for easy on and off access. Made tough with injectable outsoles to keep comfort all day long.
  • Absorbs Shock in the heel
  • Polyurethane injected soles
  • Leather uppers for prevention of moisture
  • Lightweight, stretch material for easy on and off
  • Steel plate provided for ultimate protection
  • Size runs smaller-suggested ordering ½ size up


9. Georgia Athens

9. Georgia Athens
You can’t go wrong with the choice of the Georgia Athens Work Boot. Advanced moisture wicking material ensures dryness in the boot, which also ensures comfort. Made with fine leathers, this boot has been created to fit all hard working needs.
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Georgia Waterproof System
This boot has been designed to stop moisture from coming in and letting your sweat out. The Georgia Waterproof System and waterproofed leather suede uppers has been used to keep things dry, even on the dampest day.

Advanced Memory Foam Polyurethane Insoles
AMP (Advanced Memory foam Polyurethane) has been inserted into the insole of the boot to reach maximum levels of comfort and shock absorption.

Cost and Value
Stylish and waterproof, this boot has been designed with you in mind. Don’t sweat the small stuff, this boot has dual air flow to be sure to let that sweat out. Ultimate moisture wicking materials combined with the airflow will guarantee dryness all day.
  • Steel TPU Shank
  • Georgia Waterproof System for dryness
  • Added heel support
  • Shock absorbing heel
  • 3.0 lbs per size 10
  • Stitching may wear

10. Wolverine Marauder W02165

10. Wolverine Marauder W02165
Looking for a boot that has every quality? Look no further! This boot has so much to offer a hard working individual. Maximum comfort, durability, and a waterproofing system, will be sure to get any job done.
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Thinsulate System
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, doesn’t matter. These boots have been designed with a thinsulate system to block all elements. Topped with full grain leather to vanish water, these boots will keep your feet warm, dry, and cool all seasons!

Welt Contour Construction
Wolverine Marauder offers a welt contour construction. The construction is designed to keep on-going comfort on and off the worksite. Designed to work like a boot, but fit like a shoe, this boot will move with you.

Cost and Value
The Wolverine Marauder W02165 Waterproof Work Boot has so much to offer the laborer. Full grain leather, dual working outsoles, and a waterproofing system will work hard to keep you safe and comfortable wherever you go.
  • Injected soles for ultimate shock
  • Thinsulate system offers warmth
  • Mesh system provides a breathable climate
  • Anti slip protection
  • Steel plate for safety
  • Dual protection in work boot may contribute to weight
  • May not be up to some company safety regulations

Why spend hours on research when all the information is provided right here? Comfort, strength, safety, and durability should always be kept in mind while researching the best slip on work boots that are available on the market. There are several styles to chose from, but comfort and safety should be your first choice. Each product on this list will have several different comfort and safety features that could fit anyone’s or any jobs needs and requirements to perform.  When considering a good work boot, consider the environment that you work in. How long will these boots be on your feet? What is the most important feature to you? Does it support your foot? Support is essential when you are using your feet or standing on your feet all day. Each boot has an important feature that will stand out to anyone, in any position. Steel toes ensure safety as well as non slip materials. Maximum comfort and durability to withstand any situation is an important feature each boot has. Each boot on this list is made with high quality in mind and is made to get any job done.