Best Softball Cleats Reviewed & Tested for Performance

Any form of baseball can become very competitive. When playing in local leagues or the major leagues, the competition is just the same, and the stakes will be very high.

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That’s why having the correct pair of cleats will be able to put a player at an advantage compared to the other players.

Last Updated: November 2, 2017
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A softball cleat is a player's best asset when playing softball. With this on mind, we have compiled the best softball cleats in the market. These cleats gurantee you high performance, comfortability, style and durability. Our guide also has the Criteria & FAQ sections, where we look at the important factors to consider when shoppping for your softball cleats and also some of the frequnetly asked questions.

Featured Recommendations

Mizuno Spike 3 Switch
  • Mizuno Spike 3 Switch
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 9 spike outsole
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Mizuno Swift 4 Metal
  • Mizuno Swift 4 Metal
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded tongue
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Performance MD 2
  • Adidas Performance MD 2
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Molded rubber outsole
  • Price: See Here

We cover the best softball cleats that you can get in the market, their merits and demerits. Just like any other pair of sports shoes, it’s very important that the softball cleats you pick are not only comfortable but then they are efficient in the field and can fit you perfectly.


10 Best Softball Cleats


1. Mizuno Spike 3 Switch

These softball cleats are designed for female players who their main priority is to take the softball pitch seriously fast. They have been designed to offer maximum comfortability and performance. The Swift 3 happens to be the best shoes to play baseball with especially in the softball category.
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Style & Design
The black and white gives a beautiful contrast, however there are other colors combinations available. The design can be easily maintained and cleaned. The shoes are made from synthetic fabric that is very durable even under constant use. The outsole has 9 spikes for superior comfortability and traction. Stability and cushioning are provided by the parallel wave present in the outsole. The inserts are available in 14 colors. The spikes are metallic. There are perforations on the upper section. There is a mesh lining. The midsole is full length.

Comfortability happens to be one of the bestselling features of this shoe. With a good fit you will be able to enjoy maximum comfort. Picking a larger size however will offer ample breathing room. The shoes can be described to offer an easy feel to the feet and offer plenty of room around the toe sections hence no stiffening of the feet when playing. Though, you will need to wear them constantly so that you can be able to enjoy a high level of comfortability offered by the shoes.

Cost & Value
Investing in these shoes is definitely a must if you want to enjoy a natural feel when running continuously. They also offer great support to the feet in case they are banged up. Playing softball especially in the fast pitch can be very demanding but with these cleats, you enjoy cushioning from heat and pressure. They are flexible and comfortable, offering a correct fit.

The cleats have 9 spikes on the outsole which offer good traction.

The mesh lining offers breathability to the feet.

The outsole and midsole guarantee comfortability even after long hours of use.

The design used in making the cleats is very stylish and the inserts are available in several colors allowing for customization of the cleats.


Issues with the size, it tends to run large.

Needs time to break in

2. Mizuno Swift 4 Metal Fast Pitch

The construction and design of this shoe offer the female players durability and comfort level. They are perfect for the players who are in the elite category of fast pitch players. They allow the player to play aggressively and comfortably by giving them superior traction. The stability and cushioning give the player extra confidence when playing in the field.
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Style & Design.
The design and style of the Swift 4 allows for optimal comfort and fit. The WAVE technology from Mizuno offers stability and extra cushioning. For added comfort the mid sole is full length. The tongue of the shoes is padded hence added comfort and superior fit. The heel measures around 1 inch. The shoe is very breathable thanks to the mesh lining on the upper part. There are perforations on the upper section. The lacing system is closure design. The shoes have a ProFlex design.

Maximum cushioning and stability is offered by the Swift 4 from Mizuno. The wave technology used in the construction of the shoes offers the needed cushioning, stability and comfortability. The outsole has 9 spikes which offer excellent traction to the player and increased stability on all types of playing fields. The leather upper part of the shoe is perforated and the fabric used in making it is breathable hence maximum breathability at all times. The midsole has a full length feature which reduces the cleat pressure on the feet when running or walking. For maximum natural movement the cleat has a ProFlex technology.

Cost & Value.
The shoes are very affordable and with the many features from Mizuno, you will definitely be able to enjoy the cash you spent when buying these shoes.

The spikes on the outsole are metallic hence great traction and extra stability when playing.

Breathability is guaranteed by the lining which is breathable hence the feet are always dry and fresh. 

Maximum natural movement enabled by the ProFlex which has many flex zones.

Cushioning and extra support offered by the midsole (full length).


The sole is made from synthetic fabric hence not very durable.

Some buyers have complained that the size of the shoes runs a little small.  

3. Mizuno ADV Finch 6

The 6th version of the ADV Finch from Mizuno is an ideal shoe for the female players who enjoy fast pitch baseball. This latest design comes with extra comfortability and added traction to the female players. They allow one to embrace both style and effectiveness when playing baseball.
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Style & Design
The spikes are 9 in number. The outsole is advanced hence perfect for the fast pitch. The upper section has been made from synthetic leather. The tongue is padded. The midsole has a full length feature. The sole is made from synthetic fabric also. The studs are made from rubber. Jennie Finch has endorsed this shoe. Available in many color combinations.

The Finch 6 has rubber studs that are suitable for all types of fields and durable. The studs are also comfortable. The tongue has an extra padding hence maximum comfort. The cleats are breathable because of the synthetic leather used in making the upper section which is breathable in nature. The midsole offers comfort during the match by reducing the amount of cleat pressure exerted on the feet when playing or training. The outsole is advanced and has ProFlex grooves that allow for flexibility when playing. The rubber are molded to offer stability, comfort and traction.

Cost & Value.
They have a perfect fit and with all the technology used in its construction the 6th edition of ADV Finch is definitely a good investment as a pair of cleats for any player.

The rubber studs are durable and provide great comfortability.

The cleats can be used in all types of fields.

Sufficient support provided by the full measured midsole.

The synthetic material used is very breathable and durable.

The shoes have excellent fit.

Plenty of color variations to choose from as a buyer.


Players who have wider feet will find these cleats tight.

The shoes do not offer ample arch support.

4. Mizuno ADV Finch Elite 2

4. Mizuno ADV Finch Elite 2
Mizuno must have thought about the fashion conscious female baseball players when making these shoes. The color combinations that are available are very impressive. They have superior fit and comfortability. The players are also offered stability with cushioning hence their feet are protected from any form of shock.
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Style & Design
The cleats have been made from synthetic materials. The cleat has been designed with a thermoplastic polyurethane. The outsole has an advanced designed that is used in making the 9 spikes. The midsole is full length in nature. The wave technology from Mizuno has also been used in this shoe. The tongue is both padded and booty.

Optimal feel is offered by the shoes when playing in a fast pitch by the thermoplastic polyurethane used in making the cleats. The advanced outsole makes these shoes ideal for playing in a fast pitch. The midsole contributes to added comfort because it is full length. In order to get the needed cushioning and enough stability the wave technology was used in the construction of the shoes. Superior snug fit and comfortability achieved by the padded tongue.

Cost & Value.
Looking for something that will make you stand out in the field both a player and a stylist, then the 2nd generation of the Finch Elite is the best combination to go for. They come in wonderful color combinations. Just like the other high quality shoes from Mizuno, these cleats have great comfortability and offer a great deal of support to the player despite the type of field they are on. They go for less than $100 in most online shops, a good investment if you are looking for good cleats.

The shoes have a great fit that is snug

The cushioning of the shoe is enhanced by the wave technology.

The tongue helps in giving the feet a more comfortable fit.

The shoes rise a little above the ankle, hence more protection, especially for the younger players.


Some buyers have had issues with the durability.

The shoes run small. 

5. Adidas Performance MD 2

5. Adidas Performance MD 2
If you want your kids to make a memorable entrance (to the new comers) into baseball or experience when playing baseball then these are the best cleats to get them. They are ideal for beginners.
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Style & Design.
The textile used in the construction of the shoes is synthetic leather but the sole is made from rubber. There are inserts (color cards) that allow a buyer to customize the color of their shoes. The midsole has almost ¾ of ethylene vinyl-acetate for extra cushioning. The rubber outsole is molded. The outsole has a little slug on the rounds of the base. The textile lining enhances the comfortability of the shoe.

Adidas has managed to offer one of the most comfortable cleats to the young players. Even kids who are 1 year old can enjoy the comfort of these shoes. They are breathable and the midsole has been constructed to offer extra cushioning that enhances level of comfort felt by the feet when running or walking. Durable traction is by the molded outsole which means a comfortable non slipping experience when playing. The textile lining present in the inside part of the upper section of the shoes offers the feet a comfy feel from inside.

Cost & Value
They are indeed very affordable and will be the best companion to your child each time he/she is on the field playing baseball. The synthetic leather used in making the shoes gives the buyer an assurance of durability and breathability. Despite being designed for kids, these cleats are able to perform just as effectively as those designed for the elite players.

The shoes have a great fit especially with players with average foot size.

They are very affordable.

They have extra cushioning and comfortability.

The shoes are durable.


The shoes run big for players with smaller feet.

6. Mizuno Select 2 Fast Pitch

6. Mizuno Select 2 Fast Pitch
Mizuno has a wide variety of high quality cleats for the female athletes. The 2nd generation of the Spike Select is a wonderful cleat from Mizuno that high performance and made specifically for the female baseball player who is looking for lightweight experience, cushioning, control and great comfortability.
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Style & Design.
The style and design of this shoe was inspired by the natural baseball playing environment. The fabric used in the construction is synthetic. The synthetic fabric has been designed using dyeing process, fabric structure and special yarn. The collar is padded and the lacing up system is closure in design. The midsole is full length. The insole has a memory foam. The outsole is advanced and has metal lugs. DryLite™ has been in-cooperated in the cleat’s design to enhance breathability.

Comfortability is a must in this cleat because the wave technology has been used in making the technology of the midsole. The wave technology shape uniquely dissipates the impact forces far from the player’s feet hence a more cushioned and smooth step when taking every step. The shoes have great comfortability and durability. The feet are always cool, fresh and dry, and the body is also kept cool by the DryLite™ technology. This technology is durable, breathable, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Cost & Value
Even though they are not molded, these lightweight cleats still offer great support and comfort to the players. And they can be used in out fields. With less than $100 dollars price tag, the shoes will prove to be a good investment. Suitable for all types of players and most playing fields.

The traction and grip offered by the shoes are great.

They offer a great fit especially for players with narrow feet.

They offer a more cushioned, smooth and comfortable step when walking or running.


For players with wide feet the shoes will be a little too narrow.

7. Mizuno Advanced Sweep 2

7. Mizuno Advanced Sweep 2
The Sweep 2 has been specifically designed for the fast pitch. The cleat balances both stability and comfort, while still guaranteeing maximum performance. The feet enjoys great traction when making all the softball moves. As a player you don’t need to be worried about the chances of suffering from abrasion because the shoes has an inbuilt toe protector. The out wave cushioning and the padded tongue make sure the feet are very comfortable. The model is available in a range of colors.
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Style & Design
The outsole of the 2nd edition of Advanced Sweep is advanced. The wave cushioning in the outsole has been designed in a parallel shape. The midsole is full length in size. The toe protector is in built. The tongue is padded. The amazing performance design has been used on the Sweep 2. The shoe is made from synthetic fabrics. The shoe weighs around 10 oz.

The outsole offers top line comfort and traction. Added stability is enhanced by the parallel wave cushioning design in the outsole. The midsole adds to comfort by its full length size. The shoe has a toe protector to reduce abrasion. The tongue also enhances comfortability by its padded nature. The softball fit is optimal and has a cushioning feeling.

Cost & Value
Many buyers have been very pleased with the performance of the Sweep 2 especially the grip offered by the metal cleats. The shoes have a stylish look, offer great stability and impressive comfortability. They are indeed high quality even when you look at the many customer reviews. They are averagely priced, but still they deliver just as good as the high performing softball cleats on the market.

The cleats are lightweight and hence very efficient for a fast pitch game.

They have a very comfortable fit that is snug.

The metal spikes offer great grip and traction on the field.

The unique pattern used makes it more suitable for the female players.


They run small, get a size that is bigger.

8. Mizuno Finch Franchise 5

8. Mizuno Finch Franchise 5
A pair of cleats that are very versatile. Mizuno presents the 5th edition of the Finch Franchise as one of the best inventions from their team. The shoes can survive on different types of surfaces. The shoe has been endorsed by Jennie Finch.
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Style & Design
Synthetic leather fabric has been used as the main fabric in making the shoes. The technology used in the outsole is advanced hence a good grip on the fast pitch. The studs are made of high quality rubber and are molded. The tongue is padded. For ample comfort the synthetic leather fabric that is used is very durable. The WAVE technology is parallel and offers cushioning that enhances the stability of the shoes. The midsole is full length in size. Though the color options are a little limited.

The rubber studs allow players to enjoy comfortability on all kinds of playing fields. They are also very durable. The midsole helps in adding comfort to the feet. The leather fabric on the upper section ensures that the shoe has a longer lifespan. No entry of grass or dust when playing has been achieved by the padded tongue. This is helpful when playing in wet environment. The molded spikes offer a good grip.

Cost & Value
Though available in limited color options mostly black with either white or pink blend, this shoe happens to be among the most affordable baseball cleats by Mizuno. Still it has the admirable features that all other softball shoes from Mizuno has, so you will definitely find optimum comfort from the durable synthetic leather fabric used in the upper section, great grip and durability from the rubber cleats. Indeed it’s a high value package.

The color schemes on this cleat are stylish.

They are versatile hence can be played in all types of fields.

They have a good grip.

The cleats are durable


Players with wider feet complained of the shoes being tight.

9. Mizuno Advanced Erupt 3

9. Mizuno Advanced Erupt 3
If you are looking for a pair of men’s baseball shoes that are reliable then the 3rd generation of Advance Erupt will be a good choice to settle for. They are outstanding and efficient. Having all the desirable features that most players look for in good softball baseball shoes.
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Style & Design
Synthetic leather has been combined with fabric in making the upper section of the shoes. The tongue and the collar are plush. The foot bed of the outsole is made of EVA construction. The number of spikes is 9 and a unique design has been used in their construction to enhance traction. The lug design used on the cleats is GroundGrip. Just like other Mizuno cleats this cleat also has ProFlex technology for maximum flexibility and natural movement of the feet when playing.

The plush tongue and collar helps in making the player has added comfortability when wearing the shoes. Sufficient padding is provided to the whole foot by the midsole. For shock absorption and extra cushioning the Erupt 3 has used the EVA construction in making the foot bed. The top part has a lateral stiffening that overlays it and increases level of durability and comfortability of the cleats. Superior traction is offered by the shoes thanks to the design used in the outsole.

Cost & Value
Very affordable softball cleats by Mizuno. Breathability and comfortability happen to be just some of the few features you will enjoy from these cleats. All the features on these shoes makes it ideal to be used in all the types of playing fields. So a very good investment for players who have to play on different types of fields.

Comfortability and breathability is great.

The cleats are durable.

The padded tongue increases the comfort levels of the shoes.

Cushioning and padding are offered to the entire foot.

Maximum shock absorption.

The GroundGrip enhances stability and excellent traction.

Greta versatility and can be used in majority of sporting activities.


The cleats tend to run a little small when it comes to size.

Limited color options for buyers.

Players with wider feet will find these shoes too narrow.

They take quite some time to break in.

10. Mizuno Swift G2

10. Mizuno Swift G2
The Swift G2 is a great foot companion in the field when playing baseball. Suitable for both men and women, the shoes has managed to find more favor among the female buyers. The women players have praised the shoes for offering powerful performance when playing. They are very stylish and effectively help in making sure the 3 primary natural movements (run, bat and throwing) are not affected in any way.
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Style & Design.
Synthetic materials and fabric have been used in the construction of the shoes. The sole is made from synthetic materials. The 9 stud technology has been used. The Wave technology from Mizuno has also been used in designing the shoes. Flex construction of the shoes is engineered by the ProFlex construction offering natural movement. Color cards are present. DryLite fabric is used in making the upper section of the shoes. VS-1 cushioning technology is also used in making the sole.

Traction and stability is enhanced by the 9 stud technology. Weight has been reduced by the wave technology and hence more stability, cushioning and durability of the shoes. Comfortable and flexible natural movement brought by the ProFlex technology. You can customize the cleats to fit the team colors using the color cards. DryLite fabric ensures perspired vapor is taken away from the feet hence keeping the feet cool and dry. Added cushioning is brought about by the VS-1 cushioning and hence maximum shock absorption by the cleats.
Cost & Value

The Swift G2 is a step up to any player who wears them when going to play baseball. Getting these shoes means that you will have shock absorption features, wave technology, cleated and ProFlex construction all in one shoe. Your cash will get you great support on your feet and enjoy a good ground grip and traction when you seriously need it.

They offer great fitting to players with wide feet.

They are very comfortable even to young players.

They are high quality shoes for playing baseball.

Offer great traction even on wet surfaces.


They take time to break in and will be a little uncomfortable.

The shoes run small.

Some buyers have complained of the durability of the cleats.

Baseball happens to be one of the most fun sports, which is enjoyed by people of different ages. The players do not have an age limit. That’s why having the correct pair of cleats is very important when considering how to play the game perfectly and winning. The above list of baseball cleats will definitely be a plus for any player.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Softball Cleats


Every player at one point or another will need some assistance when buying a new pair of baseball cleats. Even the seasoned pro will need a few heads up when buying his/her new pair of cleats. Every day you find players and potential buyers asking a lot of questions with regards to picking the correct pair of cleats. We spent ample time going through the cleats on the market, reviewing and testing, before coming up with a detailed buying guide that will help you in picking out your next pair of cleats.

When reviewing and testing the cleats we used some factors that helped us in picking out the best cleats for softball. These factors are:

The Playing Style

Each player has his/ her own playing style and it’s important to understand and know what your playing style is before you buy your cleats. The type of boots suitable for each player is largely dictated by the playing style and the approach used by the player when he/she is playing in the field. The favorite position and why it’s your favorite position. Some players might be rigid when it comes to a playing position while others are more flexible and will change into different positions while playing.  In a baseball game you will find players having more specific playing positions and that’s why each cleat is different from another.

The Forwards: a cleat that will give them a very good strike zone and is lightweight, hence allow for sudden explosive movements.

The Wingers: lightweight cleat that can move fast and has great flexibility when it comes to changing direction.

The Defensive players: cleats offering maximum protection and can enable for a super pass to be made.

The Midfielders: cleats with maximum control and maximum cushioning to allow comfort when running in the fields.

The Goalkeepers: cleats providing good traction and grip, the cleat should also be lightweight for quick lateral movements.

The type of Playing Pitch.

There are different types of pitches that players play on, and each pitch has its own suitable cleats to be used. When shopping for your cleats, it’s important that you consider the type of pitch you will be playing on, remember there are some leagues that do not allow the use of any cleats. Even though our buying guide covered only the softball cleats, it’s good for one to know how to differentiate the other types of pitches available and the cleats worn on these pitches. Below are the types of cleats categorized depending on the type of fields that you will be playing on as a player and the suitable cleats for each field.

The Firm Ground Cleats (FG) : ideal for dry grassy fields (when the weather is dry).though many fields are now having artificial grass so you will find many FG cleats being preferred as a substitute footwear when playing on artificial pitches.

The Soft Ground Cleats (SG): soft grounds that allow the studs to sink in easily in wet slippery fields, the studs are always replaceable.

The Artificial Ground Cleats (AG): they are still new in the market and many companies are working hard to have their own types of artificial ground cleats. They are more specific and detailed in delivery as new turf surfaces cleats. They are known to offer great traction, strictly not to be worn on firm grounds.

The Hard Ground Cleats (HG): they are losing their popularity in the market.  Perfect for fields that are bare with very little or no grass. They have conical studs and a lower profile, hence having a more balanced feel.  They also function well on firm grounds.

The Turf/ AT cleats: the best shoes for players when playing on artificial playing fields. Featuring low profiles, the number of conical studs is concentrated. The studs are very small and are made of rubber. When playing on turf surface, these cleats offer the traditional performance style.

The Indoor Cleats (IN): made for soccer play in the court, they have a surface that is very flat.

The Materials or Fabrics.

The upper section of the cleats plays an important role in determining how comfortable a shoe is. Each player has his/her own personal preference when it comes to the upper construction and design of their baseball cleats. Players have different tastes and preference when it comes to the most comfortable fabric being used. Some brands like using one material while other prefer improvising with different types of fabrics. Below is a detailed breakdown and explanation of the different fabrics that are normally used in making the upper section.

The Kangaroo Leather fabric: in the past kangaroo leather was used in making boots of premium quality. The trend has now evaporated and many companies are now using more modern materials in making baseball cleats. The kangaroo leather gives the foot flexibility by molding into the shape of the feet hence offering great durability.

The Natural Leather Fabric: this type of leather involves the goat skin or calf skin, most of the boots use this type of leather when constructing the upper section. They are the 2 types of natural leather that have survived the test of time and are still being used in making baseball cleats. The leather boots provide a unique feel and good breathability.

The Synthetic Leather Fabric: used by many companies, even major brands like Adidas and Nike have their own versions of synthetic leather. This replica leather fabric has similar qualities like the natural leather. But since they are synthetic additional features are added onto the fabric like waterproofing. Though they don’t feel as natural as the natural leather, more developments are being made to make the replica be more efficient than the natural leather fabric. So far they have been offering great performance for many athletes.

The Synthetic Fabric: uppers that have been designed with synthetic fabric give players a unique experience that is different from the feel offered by the natural fabric. The material is thinner and offer the buyers with a fit that is lightly larger. They have limited stretching, so it’s good to take this into consideration when going for synthetic fabrics.

The Mesh/ Breathable Fabric: mesh has gained much popularity when making the upper section of shoes. The mesh is also used in trainers since it’s very thin and has pores. It offers the feet with a lightweight, breathable feel. Though it has the possibility of adding moisture to the feet and hence adds extra weight to the feet. In order to deal with these challenge many companies are now using a mesh fabric that is waterproof.

The Knit Fabric: Adidas has the “Prime knits” while Nike has the “Fly knits” fabric. They are considered to be revolutionary materials, since they offer a feel that is completely new. There is a layer that is lined with the knit fabric so as to make sure that water or liquids will not affect the durability of the shoes.

Weight of the Shoe

The weight of a baseball cleat gives many players a chance to explore the different varieties of shoes that are sold. For the past few years there has been tremendous advancement when it comes to the technologies and materials used by companies in making baseball cleats. The kind of outsole used and how high the ankle is, will determine how heavy your softball cleat is. The weight of a cleat is a tricky subject having a bittersweet experience for different players, before picking a shoe is good to know what exactly you are looking for in a shoe. Extremely light shoes will offer you very minimal stability when playing which can end up giving you a sloppy terrible experience when playing. The low cut cleats weigh between 10-11 ounces, the ideal mid cut ones weigh from 12-13 ounces. If you can get the lightest then pick it but then don’t be tempted to forget all the other important traits all in the name of pursing a lightweight features in a pair of cleats.


Softball just like any other sporting footwear has a variety that depend on the type of game one will be playing.

The Slow-pitch Softball Cleat: the category has a wide collection of cleats having both competitive and the casual cleats that can be used in playing slow pitch softball.  The majority of the softball teams playing softball has prohibited the use of metal cleats (they can injuries to players when the players are sliding into the bases). The plastic and rubber cleats are preferred and offer ample traction.

The Fast-pitch Softball Cleat: They features on pitches that are much faster pitches, however the pitching level is underhand. Compared to the styles of softball, the fast-pitch is known to be extra competitive. When playing fast-pitch softball the players have been granted permission to steal the base once in a while. That’s why they need cleats that make it easier for them to steal bases, and that’s why metal cleats are allowed in the fast-pitch game

The Other Variations of Softball Games: the softball game has other variations like: children’s/kids softball, wheelchair softball and indoor softball. There is also the less popular 16inch softball. Some versions need co-ed teams in order to be played. Each game has its own regulations and the type of cleats allowed and that’s why if you are playing the other versions of the softball, it’s good to talk to the organizer or your coach and ask for clarification on the type of cleats.

The Type of Spike

The spikes vary depending on the material used in making them. We have metal spikes, plastic spikes and rubber spikes. The metal spikes offer better traction with extra durability. The metal spikes are a favorite during the fast-pitch leagues (only at the professional and college levels), some leagues or games do not permit the use of metal cleats (like in high school, metal cleats are banned). All children’s sports do not permit the use of metal cleats while some states have allowed the use of metal cleats in high school. The other limitation are venues, metal cleats are also banned by some pitches: the main reason for the ban is to make sure the players are safe and are not more prone to injuries. The next option would be the rubber spikes or the plastic spikes, however their traction level is lower, and they can function effectively. They are more affordable compared to the metal spikes. Then we have the replaceable spikes, this means if you have metal spikes you can easily substitute them with the rubber spikes when going to a different game or when they are worn out. Many players go for this last option because they are more convenient to have, instead of having different pairs of cleats for different games, they just need one pair with replaceable spikes.

League Requirements

Before you buy your cleats it’s advisable that you confirm with your coach/league or the organizer on what are the specific requirements and regulations when it comes to the cleats being worn during the game. Many amateur and youth softball leagues do not allow the use of metal cleats (for safety reasons). The case is different for professional and college leagues, and even some high school games.


Size and fit go hand in hand in all sporting foot wears. Nobody wants to wear something that will be too tight for them to navigate the field comfortably or too loose that it will be slipping on and off each time you start to run or walk. The perfect cleats will be ones that are available in multiple sizes hence making it easier for buyers to try them until they get a perfect fit. Having the correct size is very important, and that’s why it’s highly recommended that you make a physical purchase always if you can manage. Let online shopping be the last option for you. Fitting the shoe physically will guarantee the buyer, of getting the correct size, and it’s much easier to replace a shoe you bought physically (in case it doesn’t fit) compared to the one you bought online. If you are not well informed with the sizes, you can ask for help and/or use the size charts that are normally provided by the different companies that make cleats. Go for the size chart if you have an exact shoe size/number.

Amount of Comfort offered by the Cleat

The comfort level of the shoe is affected by literally everything from the size, construction, design to the type of spike used on the cleat. However the inner construction plays the most important role in the comfortability of the shoes. The level of ankle support, cushioning and inner padding play the most important role in comfortability. Every player seeks for maximum comfortability when playing, not to mention it’s also a confidence booster. Sturdy outsoles put the extra pressure on the feet and so picking shoes with added insole cushioning or padding can deal with the extra pressure. Cleats having ample ankle support helps players in dealing with challenges like excess pronation. Additional support is offered with high top shoes, useful when making lateral movements.

The Brand

We have so many brands in the market, though it’s more common getting high quality cleats from top brands. That’s why looking at the brand is something very important. There are many companies globally making baseball cleats. Though some players have come to bump into non popular brands that have proved to extra useful to them, so when looking at the brand look at how effective the cleat is. Some of the big names you will find in the market are Nike, Under Armour, Mizuno, New Balance and Adidas. These brands are very famous globally and players love their products since they are of high quality.

Price and your budget

You must have a budget so that you don’t over spend. Then don’t shy away from picking a good shoe because it’s costly, a cheaper version might prove to be short-lived and not very comfortable. Go for a well-known brand that has high quality and durable cleats. The good brands are always releasing new improved cleats into the market, pick something that is definitely within your budget and still be of high quality. Especially if you are shopping for the children’s cleats its good you pick only the best of the best.

Picking the colors

Everyone would want to look smart, even in the field. But then one’s league or team will definitely have their own color requirements, which as a player you have to follow. Some of the cleats will have color inserts that will allow you to customize your shoes to your team color. Neutral colors prove to be very helpful especially if you will be playing in more than one team, they are uniform and versatile.

Mock Running when you have your cleats on

Very important procedure for players when they are changing from wearing rubber cleats to using metal cleats. Metal spikes have more traction compared to the rubber spikes, hence it’s good for a player to understand how to play with the cleats, or he/she stands a chance of injuring himself.  Metal cleats can cause foot injuries and know injuries when the shoe gets stuck (extra grip from metal cleats) when playing. A few sliding and running laps before the game while wearing the shoes will create comfortability that will be useful when you will be moving at full speed when playing.

Other Factors to take into consideration

Get a snug fit, but make sure that there is ample room around the toe section. Make sure you fit the cleats while wearing the socks you will be wearing the cleats with. This will give you a good fit. Make sure the fitting is done in the afternoon.

Having a tongue that is thick is advantageous since it prevents ant dirt from entering the inner part of the shoe. It also keeps the laces intact and tied at all time.

The midsole should have lightweight padding for shock absorption and extra cushioning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should my softball cleats fit?

A snug fit is perfect. Ample wriggle room for the toes. Also look at the type of socks you are wearing and the number. Some players in order to get extra cushioning and support, they will wear even three socks. All narrowed down to the personal preference since the extra padding will need more space.

Q: Which is the best spike, the metal or the molded?

These two cleats have been made using a similar pattern, their positioning on the underfoot is the same. The only difference is that, metal cleats offer more grip compared to the molded cleat. The molded cleats are also the rubber cleats. But then different players want different levels of grip and therefore, it’s good to make sure that you pick the type of cleats that will best suit, meet the league qualifications and give you maximum comfortability.

Q: What is efficiency feature that is sought after by the low cut, mid cut and high cut cleats?

These cleats offer different levels of ankle support with the high cut offering the maximum and the low cut offering the minimum level of ankle support. However the low cut offers more flexibility unlike the high cut cleats, they are also more stable. When picking how high you want your cleats to be, it is good to look at the level of flexibility, stability and ankle support.

Q: Which materials are used in making softball and baseball cleats?

Most baseball cleats or boots are made from a combination of the following materials: leather, plastic, mesh and metals/rubber. The upper part always has breathable mesh for enhanced breathability, the leather provides extra responsiveness and protection. The sole is made from rubber and metal (for metallic spikes).

Q: Is it okay if I use my baseball cleats when playing football or soccer?

No. baseball cleats have been constructed in a design that leaves the metal on the cleat’s underside to be exposed. For a molded spike you might use them, the only difference is that they will not be as efficient as the football cleats in terms of protection. Football cleats possess upper sections that are reinforced hence added protection to the toes and the feet. If you are in the field and someone steps on your foot while you have softball cleats on, then it will be more painful compared to when you wear the football cleats.

Q: What are the steps I can follow to make sure my softball cleats are more durable?

After buying your cleats, what next? The best care and maintenance will enhance the durability of your cleats. Below are simple care tips that you can do to make sure your cleats are well maintained.

  • Always have: paper towels, Popsicle chopsticks, shoe trees and extra shoelaces, whenever you are going to play any game. These items play an important role in taking good care of your cleats.
  • Cleats should always be stored if they are not being used on the playing fields, don’t walk or wear the cleats on hard surfaces, you can have trainers to walk to the field or from the field.
  • Make sure the baseball cleats are not exposed to extreme temperatures (common when you leave the cleats in your vehicle), extreme temperatures affect the durability of the shoes.
  • During the cleaning process, start by removing the mud. This is done by clapping the cleats, use a knife that is puffy. Then wash the cleats using a hose, gentle soap and a very soft cloth. Let the shoes dry up while they at the normal room temperature.
  • If you have metal cleats, always check for rust, and always replace the broken or missing spikes. Make sure the cleats are sturdy always.
  • After the game or training, before you store the cleats make sure they are dry to avoid any moisture from building up.

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