Best Spring Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Comfort

As the cold days of wearing snow boots, leather boots, furry boots, “anything-to-stay warm” boots comes to an end, you and your feet feel the sheer excitement of spring and the shoe possibilities. Spring is the time of year when everything feels new and awakened after a long hibernation. It is time to get the pedicures scheduled and rethink your spring shoe wardrobe.

Springtime shoes are made for celebration and the prospect of the upcoming warm months that just make our souls and soles happy. You will most definitely see less material, less bulk, and fun prints and patterns adorn spring shoes. Shoes will transition into being lightweight and more breathable. That is a must for warmer weather shoes. After a long season of cabin fever, paired with all of the fun outdoor activities you will be partaking in, be sure to look for shoes that will fit many of the needs you will require. There is nothing that sours a vacation or a fun outing than the wrong shoes. At the end of the day, you don’t want blisters, shooting pains or even feet that got too hot or cold during the day.

Featured Recommendations

Clarks Breeze Sea
  • Clarks Breeze Sea
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fabric Thong
  • EVA Footbed
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Canvas Upper
  • Ortholite Insole
Sloggers Spring Surprise
  • Sloggers Spring Surprise
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproof
  • 100% Recyclable Materials

It can be somewhat overwhelming with all of the choices available for springtime shoes. We searched through hundreds of shoes in order to find the best ones to fit our criteria. The criteria we used are listed below. However, all of these shoes were reviewed and rated by material, functionality, and affordability among other things. Below are our top picks for the best shoes to wear in for this season.

10 Best Spring Shoes


1. Clarks Breeze Sea

1. Clarks Breeze Sea
Nice and cool in both feel and aesthetic appeal is what you are getting with these. They are really comfortable with the EVA footbed and the fabric thong. Also, these utilize a hook-and-loop buckle closure system for a better fit. They are made with many available color choices and can be matched to your heart's content to even more wardrobe choices!
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EVA Footbed
The footbed is EVA and is easy to clean. Moreover, it provides excellent cushioning for a flip-flop design. In other words, you can wear these for hours and still feel great!

These have a sporty and casual appeal to the. This means they will work well in many settings and will go equally well with a lot of wardrobe selections.

Cost and Value
this pair is cost-efficient, in terms of the bank account. They are well-constructed and have a great feel to them, as well. At the end of the day, this is a must-have pair to add to your footwear collection.

1.18-inch Heel Height

EVA Footbed

Fabric Thong

Casual and Sporty


Print on footbed wears off easily

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
These are classics and will always be in style; or at least, they have proven this over the years. With a classic style, you can dress casual and relax on those springtime mornings or look equally good heading out for a day of shopping. This is a lace-up style with a rubber outsole. Cushioning is gained through the Ortholite insole and the medial eyelets provide air circulation. And with the canvas upper, you can help but to feel good in these!
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There are many colors to choose from with this footwear. This means you can mix and match to specific outfits or cater to your individual personality.

Made with a canvas upper, rubber outsole, Ortholite insole, and have decent airflow through the medial eyelets, these are nicely built. Moreover, they will last a long time under normal wear.

Cost and Value
These are a bit pricey but they are well worth the money. They have a great build and are made with high-quality materials. Their construction is proven over the years and you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Canvas Upper

Medial Eyelet Airflow

Ortholite Insole

Rubber Outsole



Size runs big

3. Keen Whisper

3. Keen Whisper
It is a nice cool morning and the sun is rising. You feel an airy breeze on your feet and you smile. This footwear is more than capable of bringing you a fresh perspective on each new day. Made with a polyester upper for easy cleaning and a rubber outsole with nice traction, these are both stylish and practical.
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Lacing System
Some sandals you are stuck with a partial fitting system. With these, however, you can gain a snug fit via the easy, quick-draw elastic cord lacing.

EVA-molded Footbed
This pair is great at giving you comfort and absorbing shock while you walk. In essence, you will have less pain in your ankles, knees, and joints while wearing these.

Cost and Value
Comparable to most on this list, this pair is midrange, in terms of cost association. They are built well, perform even better, and are a perfect solution for days without socks.

Quick-draw Elastic Cord Lacing

Polyester Upper

EVA-molded Footbed



Size runs small

4. Teva Tirra

This great sandal is manufactured by Teva. Teva has been a longstanding company that has been built on strong shoes that are great for many occasions. Their shoes are synonymous with comfort and durability, all while still remaining very stylish. The sandals are very comfortable and highly rated for versatility. They can go on your feet for hikes, walks, beach excursions, and more.
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Adjustable Straps
This shoe has numerous adjustable straps. That makes it a perfect shoe for a wide variety of feet. It is also helpful on those days when your feet seem to swell you can loosen the sandal. Also, when you need more security in wet conditions, such as rain, you can tighten the sandal to make sure your foot doesn't slip out.

Traction Outsole
There is no worse feeling than wondering if your shoes are going to keep you upright on a slick surface. No one wants to risk a fall and resulting injury because their shoe did not keep them from slipping. These traction outsoles have water-channeling lugs that help move the water from in under your foot, therefore keeping a stronger grip on the surface.

Cost and Value
These Teva sandals are in the middle of our price range when compared at large and to the other shoes in the category. They can easily fit into almost any budget. They are a great value because these sandals could be considered all-terrain with their many safety advances. Also, your feet will breathe very easily in them as they are very open. They dry quickly so they make a great choice to wear even if you are getting wet. Teva sandals are a great all-around choice and are so comfortable they could easily become an everyday shoe.
  • Compression-molded Midsole
  • Traction Outsole
  • Nylon Stability Shank
  • Shock Pad Heel
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Velcro stops working after frequent use

5. Sloggers Spring Surprise

5. Sloggers Spring Surprise
Spring showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. With this pair, you can remain confident of dry feet, even after stepping directly into a puddle. These are great for gardening, medical facilities, and rainy days. Furthermore, they are made with 100% recyclable materials, are waterproof, and have decent comfortability associated with them.
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100% Recyclable Materials
These are so recyclable, you can return them after use to be recycled again! They are made from 100% recyclable materials and are, therefore, easy on the environment.

Deep Lug Outsole
No more worries over slipping and poor traction, due to a terrible traction system! The outsole utilized a deep lug traction system. This makes these an absolute delight for spring gardening or walking during those rainy days.

Cost and Value
Whether you need them for work, gardening, or just a day out in the rain, this footwear is perfect. They are budget-friendly, easy on the environment, are very easy to clean; simply spray off and go!

100% Recyclable Materials

Deep Lug Outsole


Made in the USA

Easy Clean


Size runs small

6. Crocs Santa Cruz

6. Crocs Santa Cruz
When Crocs brand first debuted their shoes most people would not even try them on because they were not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, in some opinions. However, once news got around about how comfortable and supportive the shoes really were, the shoes spread like wildfire. Crocs decided to capitalize on the other shoe avenues in the world and began to develop their other styles with the same trustworthy features everyone has grown to love.
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Crocs Croslite Material
Perhaps the industry leader in many categories, Crocs uses a material that is not only comfortable, it has numerous other benefits. It is comfortable, ground-gripping, and odor-resistant among other things. The material is unmistakable and quite remarkable. They use it in this design nicely even though the shoe has a canvas upper.

All-weather Capable
Crocs are known for being able to withstand rainstorms and more. This shoe has a closed upper which provides the perfect footwear for spring days and nights. This loafer can handle if you get caught in a rainstorm as the material is ultralight and dries quickly. As well, the rubber footbed and sole will dry within minutes because they won't absorb any water.

Cost and Value
Crocs are generally speaking an affordable shoe. This loafer is no exception. It hits right in the lower to mid-portion of our price range. Moreover, Crocs has upped their design game and brings new shoes that are suitable for work situations even because they styling has been revamped. The Santa Cruz makes a perfect all-year shoe (weather permitting) so you will most definitely find the days to wear the shoes. With proper care, Crocs can last a very long time thanks to the durable materials they are made from.
  • Canvas Upper
  • Closed-cell Resin Material
  • All-weather
  • Slip-resistant
  • Dressier Styling
  • Material rubs ankles/heels

7. Birkenstock Mayari

There are not many more names ubiquitously known for springtime shoes than Birkenstock. They are a company that has been handed down for generations after coming to life in the late 1770's! However, they quickly rose to popularity in the 1960's. Since then, they have just continued to soar because consumers love the shoes and the brand. The quality and craftsmanship are just about unmatched. Their shoes come highly recommended by podiatrists for top foot support.
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Cork Footbed
While it may seem uncomfortable at first, cork is actually one of the best footbeds to use in shoes. Cork is naturally antimicrobial, therefore reducing the spread of the fungus. Also, cork is very durable and long-lasting. Finally, cork does not retain odors. Spring or open shoes are a huge turn-off for some people that have smelly feet. Cork helps assuage their fears of going open for warm weather.

Anatomical Arch Support
The sole of the sandal conforms to your natural foot pattern and shape. This is the highest level of support you can receive from a shoe. It anatomically supports your exact foot shape, therefore making it one of the highest recommended shoes by podiatrists for anyone but especially those that are afflicted with foot pains.

Cost and Value
Unfortunately, Birkenstocks generally come with a higher price tag than most other shoes. However, do not let that deter you from purchasing a pair. Even if it means you have to adjust your budget for a short period of time, it will be well worth the cost. Birkenstocks have been known to last for multiple years. Aside from that, Birkenstocks will get to be so comfortable they could become your everyday wearing shoes, weather permitting.
  • Tolerable to Water
  • Footbed Customizes to your Foot
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Odor Resistant
  • Good Traction Sole
  • Toe thong rips out easily
  • Cork cracks

8. Sperry Billfish 3-Eye

Sperry has been a 70-plus year boat shoe champion as the entire family was avid boatsmen. One day when Paul Sperry about lost his life due to rough seas and a slick deck, he sought to change the footwear for seamen. In 1935, after watching his dog gallop around on the ice with no problems, he designed a shoe with a sole to mimic the dog paw. Since that day, the boat show has transformed lives with its anti-slip technology! No other shoe can compare to the original. Also, the shoes last through water, sun, salt, and more.
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Mesh and Leather
What a perfect pairing of durable leather and mesh inserts. This powerful combination is sure to keep your feet protected from the elements while making airflow and drying as quickly as possible. Leather will last a long time as these shoes are very durable.

Non-slip Outsole
While some shoe companies claim to have non-slip soles, Sperry boat shoes are the best in the class. They absolutely will not come out from in under your feet unless they are heavily worn down. The soles on these shoes are squishy for comfort but still very strong to keep you stable.

Cost and Value
Sperry shoes are in the upper level of our price range when compared to other shoes in the category. Don't let them fool you by just thinking they are strictly for wearing on a boat. Due to the rise in "casual preppy" weekender style, these shoes will not only keep you safe on so many terrains, but you will be in absolute top style and trends when you wear them. They are also suitable shoes to wear in any weather. If it is cold and you are wearing pants, don't hesitate to wear these shoes with socks. You will get your use from them.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • 360-degree Lacing System
  • Stain and Water-resistent Leather
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Narrow toe box
  • Sole separates at stitching

9. Naturalizer Danya

9. Naturalizer Danya
Naturalizer brand has supremely been associated with comfort and quality shoes. They have found a way to make high heels just a little bit more comfortable for those that choose to wear them. Let's face it, heels are uncomfortable even though they look good. Some women have no choice but to wear heels for their jobs or because just won't wear anything else. Design features in these heels from Naturalizer make the footbed and straps more bearable. Plus, they keep it simple with a nice-height heel.
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Adjustable Backstrap
This high heel won't flop around on your foot as some others have the tendency to do. Naturalizer added an adjustable strap to the back heel portion so you can easily loosen or tighten the shoe based on your foot length. That makes this shoe versatile when your foot has the inclination to slip forward.

Blended Platform
The heel is a nice 3.25-inches however that is offset with a 1-inch platform under the toe. This will give everyone the opportunity to wear a heel that looks taller than it really is. Giving that illusion of height without the pain and stress that is associated with high heels makes this a shoe for even a novice heel wearer.

Cost and Value
Naturalizer strives to bring shoes that are comfortable without the cost. The same is true for these chic high heels. They fall to a price point that is at the lower end of our price range. You won't break the bank when you buy these shoes. Also, they are comfortable enough to be worn for not just a special occasion. They pair nicely with dresses, jeans, and leggings. Therefore, you can most certainly expect to get your usage worth from them.
  • Offset Heel from Platform
  • Laser Cute Straps
  • Adjustable Back Strap
  • Slip-resistant Rubber Sole
  • Straps are tight
  • Velcro wears out on heel strap

10. Keds Chillax

10. Keds Chillax
You can't have a top springtime shoe list without including Keds. They have been a top producer of shoes since 1918 and their reputation supersedes them. Their shoes are easily known for comfort, style, and durability. This particular shoe is so cool, they even named it the Chillax. Awesome styling and the traditional sole that Keds use, it is no wonder they are highly favored for shoes. They make the perfect complement to warmer weather as they are lightweight and breathable, which is perfect for those days when you want to really go barefoot but can't.
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Laceless Style
You might wonder how these shoes stay on without laces or if they will just fly off your feet. Rest assured there is interwoven elastic throughout the shoe that helps the shoes to stay secure and helps you to set trends when wearing these.

Cushioned Insole
The insoles of these shoes provide a very reactive response. Your foot will feel immensely cushioned. Then upon step takeoff, you will notice it does not bog your foot down. Added bonus, the insoles are removable should you want to add in your own specialized or orthotic inserts in these shoes.

Cost and Value
Keds makes very affordable products so that they can fit into almost any budget. These shoes are also the Best Value on our list; which means you are getting a great shoe at an even greater cost when you buy these. Keds are easy-care shoes that will quickly become one of your favorites. You will have no shortage of outfits to wear these with either. It is easy to see why so many people favor wearing Keds every day.
  • Rubber Sole
  • Breathable, Canvas Upper
  • Easy Clean
  • Slip-on Laceless Style
  • Runs small
  • Comes unglued at sole

You can see how fun and versatile spring shoes can be. Remember the weather can sometimes be tricky in the spring. We wake up to warm days and chilly nights in some parts of the world. Always make sure to account for your climate when selecting a pair of shoes from this list. Our top 10 included a range of styles so that anyone can find something that suits all or most of their individual needs.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Spring Shoes


The material of a shoe is going to affect so many aspects of the shoes you are considering. There are dozens of materials and blends that can be used to make one shoe. When choosing what sort of shoe material you need it is important to know the pros and cons of each material. From there, base it off of what you see matching your needs the closest. Here are a few of the most common options that are to be used as materials for springtime shoes.

  • Leather- While most people consider leather not a good choice for a warmer weather shoe, there is only a slight truth to that. Oddly enough, leather is very breathable. However, not as much as other materials. For a springtime shoe, you might be perfectly fine wearing a leather-based option as it has not reached its peak temperatures yet. Also, leather is good at wicking moisture away from the skin. Therefore, on warmer days the leather shoe might actually keep your feet drier than another type of material. Lastly, leather is very easy to clean. It can be scrub with a rag and soapy water and just about comes right back to original condition. On the other hand, unless leather has been properly broken in, it starts out as pretty rigid. It sometimes needs leather conditioners to get it in the prime shape to be thoroughly enjoyed. Cow leather is the most common type to be used. The leather is a popular choice as it is stretchable and durable. Also, it can be dyed to many colors with ease.


  • Mesh-  Typically, the mesh is a go-to material for athletic shoes, water shoes, etc. The lightweight and durable material is easy to care for. Mesh is widely acclaimed for its breathability component. Therefore, when searching for a spring shoe, it is advisable to go with a mesh composition. Mesh is also very comfortable against the skin. Furthermore, if it gets wet in those pesky spring pop-up showers, it will dry relatively fast. That is great because wet shoes set up a breeding ground for bacteria and other fungi. Technology today also allows shoemakers to treat the mesh with antimicrobial properties before they are sold. Lastly, the mesh is easy to dye to many colors and compose to many shapes and adornments. The downside of the mesh is the structure of it. If you are looking for a more rigid type of shoe, you will hardly find one made of mesh. Mesh is made to be bendable and flexible. It is supposed to move with your foot. Another negative factor regarding mesh, especially if a very loosely woven mesh, it has the tendency to pick and fray easier. Think of it like a knitted blanket. The loose rings are easy to catch on things such as branches when walking around.


  • Canvas- A very popular material that is widely used is canvas. This type of material is always touted for its lightweight feeling as well as its durability. Canvas shoes are ideal for long distances when walking since they are not heavy. Your feet won’t feel the fatigue from wearing them. Also, the canvas results in shoes being very flexible. If you need your springtime shoe to bend and move with you on the go, canvas shoes make a great option that really feels like an extension fo your body instead of a separate thing. Conversely, canvas even though lightweight, could take more time to dry than some other types of shoes in the category. Depending on the thickness and weave of your canvas, you might be walking around in soggy shoes longer than you care to.


  • Foam- Generally speaking the foam is used in the soles of the shoe most often. However, there are still two types of foam that can comprise a shoe. There is closed cell foam and open cell foam. Open cell foam is available in different weights, thicknesses, and colors. You will typically see open cell foams used in the collars and tongues of shoes. Interestingly, thin sheets of Polyurethane, or PU, are used to make the backs of fabrics is a lot of styles of shoes. This helps the stitches to “stick” in a shoe and prevents wrinkling and creases. In opposition, there is closed cell foam. It is very dense. Most recognizably known will be EVA foam, usually used in the soles of shoes. The thickness of the EVA also has to do with whether most shoes are waterproof. Using 2mm of foam sheets will waterproof the fabric. Latex and neoprene are the next runners-up in closed cell foams. A trick to remembering this is “closed cell” means closed off. “Open cell” has more room in between the fibers of the material.


Now, this is where it gets really fun to look for spring shoes! There really are so many choices of styles to wear. The major factor to determine what you need is to decide what the shoes will be worn for. Is it a one-time event or are you looking for something to carry you on through the entire summer? From there, are you looking for a fancy shoe or one that is more casual and laid-back? Another important tip to remember, no matter the style and reason for the shoe you have to select a shoe that is comfortable. Otherwise, what’s the point when it could just be packed away and never worn because it hurts your feet?

If you are not needing your shoes for anything specific and are searching for a more all-around wear frequently type of shoe, then how do you narrow down what style you want. It is a good idea to research what is trendy and fashionable. No one wants to be out of the loop in the fashion world. Also, seek the opinions of those you trust the most. They will not lead you astray if you are showing them shoes that will top any Worst Dressed List.

Finally, the myriad of styles can be overwhelming. Spring shoes can be any style. This season will still have cold nights most of the time so you can absolutely purchase another pair of boots if your heart desires it. There are loafers and mules which are a nice choice. They can be worn with many outfits. This type also serves to keep your feet somewhat unexposed. In some instances, you can put fabulous socks with this type of shoe to make a bold fashion statement and to keep your feet warm if needed. Another popular spring style is dress shoes. Most people have one spring event they will be invited to whether it is a wedding or graduation, and you will want to look your best. Picking high heels or dress loafers to compliment the theme or style of the event and your outfit will be much fun! Then, we have athletic shoes or sneakers. It can be our secret that during winter hibernation you packed on a few pounds or you are simply resuming your fitness regime in the lovely warm season, you can pick bright and lightweight sneakers to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Arch Support

One often overlooked but a highly important thing to consider when searching for any new shoe is the arch support that it offers. Most people don’t know the number of things in or with the body the arch of the foot can affect if not properly taken care of. Did you know that with every mile walked, our arches endure 200,000 to 300,000 pounds of stress? It is no wonder with all of that blunt force our arches sometimes hurt us more than they should. For example, two common major complaints are plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Big words. However, they can cause major issues for people and they solely revolve around the arch. One of the ways to help prevent these conditions from occurring or to help symptoms if you already have them is picking shoes that properly support the arch. Some symptoms of improper arch support are pains in the arches, tingling, pain in other areas of the foot that radiate from the arches, among other signs. It is also very important to know the type of arch you have so that you can properly support your individual arch. There are many ways to determine your arch shape, most of which involve at-home, simple tests that don’t cost a thing. You simply use household items you already have on hand.

Once your arch type is determined it will be easier to get a shoe that you need for correct care. There are three types of arches.

  • Average arch- This is what the American Podiatric Medical Association deems as a typical arch. You will see a nice curvature from the ball of the foot to the back of the foot. When examining it from the side it does not seem overly high at the arch.


  • Low arch- Sometimes this is also more commonly known as “flatfooted“. If you stand in front of a mirror and look at your feet, you will have trouble seeing any space from the floor to the top of your arch. Also, you can wet your feet and stand on a paper bag or similar. If there is a wide and solid print as opposed to a cut in at the arch, you can assume you are on the flatfoot side. Furthermore, people with low arches tend to overpronate. This means that the foot rotates too far inwards with each step.


  • High arch- People that have higher arches tend to have a foot that rolls outwards; known as underpronation. This can cause issues with your stance and stride. The side of your foot is taking the impact as opposed to the entire foot. A higher arch will also need insoles that can reach the arch. Higher arches have a more likely chance of collapsing if not supported properly.

If you feel that your typical arch supports and insoles that come with the shoes you are buying do not support your foot in the way you need personally, you can see a specialist and have inserts made specifically for your foot. This is the best remedy to help get rid of the pains you have. They will not fit into all shoes, however. Make sure the shoe you are buying can accept an arch support without being seen and without causing your foot to improperly fit into the shoe once the insert is in.

Affordability and Durability

Really these two criteria go hand in hand. You don’t want to get an affordable shoe and have to sacrifice the durability of the shoe. Conversely, you don’t want to sacrifice the durability just to get something affordable. It pays to plan in advance sometimes. If you need to, make a budget and set aside money for weeks or months in order to purchase the shoes you need without having to worry about the cost. However, if that is not an option as you need the shoes right now, you can rest assured the shoes on our list are highly rated for durability across the board. You will have to determine what is an appropriate amount for your budget personally. We do take into high accord the price range of shoes when making our list. We strive to bring shoes that can easily fit into almost any budget.

The second piece of this is the durability. No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on a new pair of shoes only to have them tear up or fall apart after just a few uses. The shoes we picked are highly reviewed for durability. We also stress that you take care of your shoes per the manufacturer’s instructions. A few general care tips are to never wash shoes in the washing machine as it lessens their lifespan, pretreat with stain repellents when safe on the fabric and appropriate, and finally, use a waterproof spray if and when appropriate. This will help your feet as well as the shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are spring shoes?
A: Spring shoes are shoes that are designed to transition your feet from winter to summer. You will shoes that are made of lighter materials, are not as bulky, and generally speaking, show more skin. Sandals and flip-flops are typical warm weather styles. However, designers are hoping to garner more traction with consumers by making fun canvas and loafer styles. Those make a great choice if you tend to have swings in the weather on a day-to-day basis in your climate.

Q: When do spring shoes come out?
A: There are always going to be spring shoes floating around for sale. Some areas do not have very cold temperatures; therefore, there is no need for cold-weather shoes. Other areas that do experience 3-4 seasons of weather will typically find the newest shoe styles drop out in late January for the northern sphere of the world. Our friends down south will usually see new trends come out in late July/August. However, if you are looking to score a preview of the new trends well before they hit the market, designers typically do their runway shows and release previews a full season in advance. That can sometimes be 6-7 months earlier!

Q: How can I tell what is in style for spring shoes?
A: The best place to check for what is in style at the current moment is with celebrities. They seem to gain early access to trends. Or maybe they are the ones starting the trends? Either way, check out whatever biggest named celebrity is wearing and you are sure to see what is the most popular trend item. As well, a quick internet search can always show you what the biggest trends in spring shoes are.

Q: What are the trends in spring shoes right now?
A: Tends in spring shoes can change weekly to some extent. However, a few characteristics will always remain a true fashion statement. Trends that will forever stay popular in spring shoes are more skin being seen, lighter materials, and bright or fun designs.

Q: Can I wear spring shoes only in the springtime?
A: Absolutely not. However, this comes down to a personal preference more than anything. Also, the weather is an important factor. You would not want to wear spring wedding shoes in the middle of the snow. For the most part, you can expect to be able to wear your springtime shoes well into the summer and fall.

Q: What if my shoes do not offer arch support as I need?
A: It is best to always purchase a shoe that does have arch support. However, sometimes, that cannot be avoided. One example, high heels. They are made to be pretty and usually do not have any arch support. With shoes such as these, it is not advisable to wear them more than a rare occasion. Damage to your arches comes from repeated abuse and long-term lack of support. So if you must wear shoes that do not have proper arch support just don’t do it long-term or on a daily basis.


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