Best Suede Shoes for Men & Women Reviewed

Many men and women are not too keen on the idea of buying suede shoes, due simply to the fear of ruining the suede itself. And while suede leathers by nature are going to be something you’ll want to take care of in order to extend their longevity, the process of cleaning a shoe, and even suede, in particular, is not very difficult at all.

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Bruno Marc Urban
  • Bruno Marc Urban
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wing-Tip Lace Up
  • Price: See Here
Kenneth Cole Desert Sun
  • Kenneth Cole Desert Sun
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • American Made
  • Price: See Here
Puma Classic
  • Puma Classic
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Quality Build
  • Price: See Here

Even when taking into account the maintenance that has to be done when purchasing a pair of suede shoes, they still make a fantastic causal and even professional investment; as all types of leathers go great with formal outfits. Whether you’re looking for suede sneakers, boots, oxfords, or even loafers, we’ve included the best suede shoes in each category to make sure you have plenty of options to choose from.



10 Best Suede Shoes



1. Bruno Marc Urban

Oxford's are a staple in the fashion world for both men and women due to their fantastic build style in addition to the sleek looking materials used. The Bruno Marc Oxfords in specific are tried and true coming in 15+ colors and featuring a stunning suede design that looks great when paired with any wardrobe.
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Wingtip Lace Up-Design
Wingtip style lace-up designs are very popular among Oxfords and for a very good reason. The three laces provide a neat and secure hold while giving off a sleek and minimalist design that looks great in casual settings.

Non-Skid Outsole
Skidding is very common among higher-end casual/formal shoes due to the rather bulky nature of the outer-sole itself. A Durable and high-quality non-skid outsole can dramatically increase the lifetime of the shoe by preventing un-wanted skidding and wear on the bottom of the shoe.

Cost and Value
Bruno Marc Oxfords always stand at a very affordable price tag, making these a great option for formal events where you don't want to spend a lot of money. Bruno Marc is a great company and their suede shoes and nothing short of fantastic; truly one of the best suede shoes currently available on the market.
  • High Quality Leather Suede
  • Non-Skid Outer Sole
  • 15+ Colors
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Look Great
  • Lacking In Overall Durability

2. Kenneth Cole Desert Sun

Chukka boots are always a fantastic addition to any wardrobe due to their versatile build that looks great in casual settings as well as formal. Kenneth Cole Chukka Boots in particular feature a city-like look and come in multiple suede colors to choose from to fit your outfits.
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Made in the United States
Kenneth Cole shoes are produced and manufactured in the United States, providing the wearer with a reliable outer sole and an overall build that's sure to last years.

Low Cut Profile
Low cut boots are becoming more and more popular among men's fashion as they look sleek, and provide the wearer with fantastic protection and overall durability.

Cost and Value
Considering the All-American high-quality build, the Desert Sun Chukka's aren't that expensive with everything considered. With plenty of color options to choose from and a sleek looking body, these boots are a perfect choice for all fashionable settings.
  • Made in the U.S.
  • High Quality
  • Plenty of Color Options
  • Sleek Look
  • Great Value
  • Sizing can be a bit off

3. Puma Classic

Puma has always been an excellent choice for suede shoes as they provide a mix of both a casual and formal design that looks excellent on foot. The Classic Suede's come in plenty of different sport type colorways that give off a classical vibe, and are extremely comfortable.
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Narrow Fit Tooling
One of the more attractive features for a select audience may be the fact that the PUMA Classic are tailored towards those with more narrow feet. Of course, that doesn't mean that the shoes can't be worn by wider feet, it's just a great change of design whereas many current shoes are designed to be in the middle of narrow and wide.

High Quality Build
German made PUMA's are known to be one of the best build casual shoes available, and it's no question why. The outer-sole is stitched onto the body rather than glued and the shoe itself feels premium and has a very nice weight.

Cost and Value
PUMA shoes are always worth the price if you like the design of the shoe itself. With a more than reasonable price tag, you can be guaranteed a high-quality shoe that provides a classic look and looks great.
  • High Quality Materials and Build
  • Many Different Colorways
  • Look Great
  • Great For Narrow Feet
  • Classical-Sporty Look
  • Can Be a Bit Harsh on the Ankles
  • 1/2 Size Up Preferred

4. Madden M-Feathr

4. Madden M-Feathr
The M-Feathr Loafers by Madden are one of the most beautiful loafers currently available on the market. This particular pair is marketed to be extremely versatile, being able to be slipped on and off with ease an either be dressed up or down.
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Feather Light
A loafer should be light by design, and the M-Feathr's definitely are weighing in at only twelve ounces per-shoe. This makes the M-Feathr's perfect for slipping on and off in both casual as well as formal settings.

Luxurious Design
Featuring a high-quality cognac, navy, or grey, suede body with white detailing, the M-Feathr's are everything you could ever need when it comes to casual or formal dress shoes.

Cost and Value
As mentioned above, the M-Feathr Loafers by Madden sport a comfortable and luxurious look at a very cheap price. Well worth the money if you're on the market for some cheap and fashionable shoes, or if you just like loafers.
  • Afforable Price Tag
  • Luxurious Look
  • Comfortable
  • Casual & Formal
  • Easy to Slide On and Off
  • Lack of Color Options

5. UGG Brock

5. UGG Brock
Many looking or even considering purchasing suede shoes are almost always turned away from suede and leather shoes themselves due to the fact that they can be ruined quite easily. This isn't the case with the Brock Fashion Sneakers by UGG as they are one of the most durable suede sneakers on the market, featuring fantastic waterproofing and traction-enhancing soles.
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Spider Rubber Out-Sole
As mentioned above, the UGG Brock Fashion Sneakers are one of the most street ready suede shoes you can currently buy, the outer soles being a huge contributing factor to the overall versatility of the shoe. The high-quality soles give the Brock Fashion's a great mix of traction and durability, making this the perfect luxury casual shoe mix.

ENERG Inner-Soles
On the inside of the shoe, the inner-soles are just as good as the outer-soles providing fantastic arch-support in addition to extra layers of foam for a breathable and moisture-wicking build.

Cost and Value
The Brock Fashion's by UGG are one of the more expensive suede shoe options on this list, but for a good reason. The features offered are great providing a mix of casual features and a luxury design, in addition to waterproofing. If you don't mind spending a little extra on a much more durable suede sneaker, these are a perfect option to consider.
  • Two Sets of Laces Included
  • Waterproofing
  • ENERG Insole
  • Made in the USA
  • Spider Rubber Outer-Sole
  • Can be stiff before breaking them in

6. Ollio Classic

6. Ollio Classic
On the Women's side of things, the list starts out with another great Oxford choice this time by Ollio. These pair of Oxfords in specific have evolved from plain formal shoes to a more versatile piece of casual wear that can be dressed up or down to suit any need you may have. The low-cut laces and wing-tip signify the Ollio Oxfords as a perfect choice to pair with any piece of clothing.
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Calf and Faux Leather
The Ollio Oxford's utilize a variety of materials two of which being Calf and Faux leather, which both keep the shoe looking fantastic, and free of any stiffness when on foot.

A classy look comes along with a lightweight design, due to the rather minimal volume of materials applied to the shoe itself. As a result, the Classic Faux Suede Oxford's make for a perfect office casual shoe that you can wear all day without any problems.

Cost and Value
These shoes provide fantastic value when considering the rather cheap price tag. Included is a lightweight, easy to wear design that comes in plenty of colors, and utilizes quality suede materials. You simply can't go wrong with the shoe if you need a cheap formal shoe.
  • Quality Suede
  • Lightweight
  • 8 Colorways
  • Budget
  • Low-Cut Lace
  • Hardened Build
  • Easily Wear

7. Puma Classic+ WN

7. Puma Classic+ WN
Puma makes its way onto another entry on our list and this time it's the Women's version of the PUMA Classic+. A combination of narrow tooling and high-quality suede makes the Classic+ one of the best go-to sneaker options currently available on the market.
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Narrow Tooling
If by chance you didn't read the first PUMA classic review for men, narrow tooling is something that's more or less exclusive to the Puma Classic's themselves. For those of you with much more narrower feet, the PUMA Classic+ is a perfect choice as they suit one specific foot type providing the wearer with a much more personalized fit.

High Quality Suede
PUMA is known for their use of suede in the sneaker industry and it's no secret that they utilize it to it's fullest extent. The suede featured on the classics is not too stiff and provides a vintage sporty look that fits almost any piece of casual clothing out there.

Cost and Value
The shoes themselves are fairly priced and offer plenty of colorways to choose from, and a great design sure to meet anyone's needs. What makes PUMA sneakers so fantastic is the mix of contemporary styles and versatility, and this is more than present in the Puma Classic+.
  • Great Design
  • Lots of Colorways
  • Versatile
  • High Quality Suede
  • Tailored for Narrow Feet
  • Fade quickly

8. Bella Marie Angie-53

8. Bella Marie Angie-53
Ballet Toe shoes have been around for ages and the heel-free design is a timeless addition that certainly makes them look absolutely stunning. Bella Marie shoes are known to be extremely high quality, and the Angie-53's are no exception as they feature an all-American U.S. build.
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Made in the U.S.
The American build, as stated above, is obviously a plus as it causes the materials to look fantastic and not to mention last much longer than if it was imported. A great feature that adds a lot of value to the shoe itself.

No-Heel/Pointed Toe
One of the many appeals to this shoe is the heelless design in combination with the pointed toe. In combination this makes the shoe look fantastic while also being comfortable to walk in and slip on and off.

Cost and Value
The cost of the Angie 53's are very affordable and offer a great balance between professionalism, and a casual look. Being American made is also a fantastic addition, making this one of the best high suede shoes you can get for the price.
  • U.S. Made
  • Heelless
  • Pointed Toe
  • Easy to Slip on and Off
  • Affordable
  • Sizing Issues
  • Thin Feel

9. V.J. Suede Moccasins

9. V.J. Suede Moccasins
Moccasins are a very popular casual choice among both Men and Women due to their stylish and unique design paired with suede materials. The V.J. Moccasins in specific are classified more as a loafer in part because they slip on and off with ease, adding to the casual nature of the shoes as a whole.
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Breathable Leather Liner
Breathability is huge on loafers let alone moccasins because the shoes themselves are very thin and can become warm extremely fast due to the materials used in the shoe.

Non-Slip Rubber Soles
Non-slip soles are always welcome on casual shoe products because they offer a line of protection on a shoe tailored more towards style than anything else.

Cost and Value
For moccasins, these are a bit more on the expensive side, but that may be a result of the 100% handmade leather build. Other than that, the shoes are a great casual option because they look fantastic on feet and match with a variety of different outfits.
  • 100% Handmade Suede Leather
  • Slip On Design
  • Whipstitching At Toe
  • Breathable Liner
  • Well Cushioned Inner-Sole
  • Not Very Durable
  • For Dress/Casual Purposes

10. Dream Pairs Narie

10. Dream Pairs Narie
Ankle boots are no stranger to the world of women's fashion, and the Narie are great addition's to anyone's wardrobe. Narie boots feature all man-made materials and thermoplastic rubber soles for a high-quality build that's durable and reliable.
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Padded Faux Fur Lining
These Narie Ankle Boots feature a faux fur lining around the shoe that's extremely comfortable and provides a fair amount of insulation for those cold days.

Thermoplastic Rubber Soles
Rather than just regular rubber, the Narie ankle boots have thermoplastic rubber, a much more durable and reliable version of the regular polymer making it a great high-quality alternative

Cost and Value
Narie shoes are fairly priced especially considering the design value and overall quality of the shoe itself. If you're looking for a great fall themed casual/formal shoe, these are a great option.
  • High Quality Suede
  • Made Made Materials
  • Fuax Lining
  • Comfortable
  • Fairly Priced
  • A bit small
  • Can be a lilttle uncomfortable

Every shoe on this list is composed of reliable and high-quality suede that will last you a very long time, so long as you take proper care of them. If you have any worries or question about how to take care of your suede shoes in order to make them last as long as possible, please refer to our FAQ section below.


Criteria Used for Evaluating the Best Suede Shoes

Shoe Design and Quality

All types of shoes – from sneakers, oxfords, loafers, and more – are included in this list, providing the buyer with as many options to choose from as possible. In doing so, the list contains a nice variety and has options for both men and women to choose from.

With that being said, one of the main factors we focused on was that the shoes had to be of high quality, or else the entire purpose of the list would be defeated. High quality can mean a lot of things, but in terms of this list, every shoe we chose uses good, sturdy materials and is built to last you a long time. Listed below is each type of included shoe type, what we looked for, and its purpose.

  • Sneakers:
    Among one of the most popular shoe choices for both men and women is the sneaker. Sneakers provide the wearer with fantastic comfort for extended walkability, and a more or less beautiful design suitable for casual and semi casual events. Affordable prices are also a plus if we can find them. One of the sneaker kings in this regard is the PUMA Classic; being quite affordable while also featuring a high-quality suede body that looks fantastic.
  • Oxfords and Boots: (Dress Shoes)
    Oxfords, as well as boots, have been a staple in the contemporary fashion world for both men and women. Additionally, both of these shoe types can hold a mix of casual and formal, adding to the overall versatility of each shoe.  One of the many greats in the world of Oxford casual/formal shoes is the Urban Suede’s, as they provide plenty of color options to choose from, and are a choice you just can’t go wrong with.
  • Loafers:
    Loafers are another versatile type of shoe that lean more toward the casual side of things while also having more professional aspects. The loafer shoe type itself is classified as a shoe without laces and features a lighter weight as well as slip-on characteristics. The M-Feathr Loafers by Madden are a perfect, and very popular, example which includes a high quality suede body that matches with anything from chinos, to slacks, and even jeans.


Material Quality

Suede is the number one material we looked for when composing a list of the best suede shoes because the suede itself has to be high quality for the shoe to be good.

The uppers, lowers, heels, inner soles, and outer soles are all created using different types of materials, and figuring out the quality of each material can vary. Generally, finding quality materials is pretty straightforward, however, below are the most common components utilized in shoes and what we look for in each one.

  • Leather:
    Leather is a durable flexible material that is usually used in the uppers or lowers of a particular shoe. Quality leather can be identified as “Real Leather” rather than synthetic counterparts.
  • Polyester Felts:
    Felts are composed of wool and a mixture of other materials. This mixture is great for increasing the thermal insulation of the shoe as a whole.
  • Rubber:
    Rubber is a tough, elastic substance made usually from latex or a mixture of other synthetic materials. Outer soles are what rubber is primarily utilized in as the outer sole itself has to be tough and reliable in order to protect the wearer from debris, as well as provide traction.
  • Foam:
    Foam, as many of you already know, is what’s used in the inner sole of the shoe in order to provide a cushioned and comfortable place for the foot to sit in. Inner soles can be taken a step further with the addition of EVA materials and anti-microbial properties. (Many of which are rarely included in dress shoes)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I clean suede?
Every suede shoe is bound to get a bit scuffed up eventually; what you wanna do is brush any noticeable dirt or stains off. Brush vigorously in all direction and remember: the longer the suede the shorter the brush and vice versa.

Q. How do I protect my suede shoes?
To best protest suede, you’ll want to purchase a suede protector. This will ensure that no major damage will be done no matter the stain.

Q. How long will my suede shoes last?
This question is highly dependent upon how you treat your suede shoes. If you scratch them up or get a bunch of stains on them, their lifetime will obviously deteriorate. Generally, a good pair of suede can last a couple of years.





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