Best Superfeet Insoles Reviewed for Performance

Your feet connect you to the world and if they do not have the right support you are limited in your actions. Whether it be long walks on the beach, arduous hikes, or a casual stroll through the town, your feet deserve the best so they can get you through whatever it is you may be doing. Superfeet Insoles are comfortable, convenient, and offer a variety of styles that will provide you with the kind of customized support you need as well as helping to prevent and provide relief from certain disorders of the foot.

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Updated is our top ten list of Superfeet insoles, narrowed down to give you the best options for sports, dress shoes, support and comfort. Ratings have changed slightly based on peformance and comfort, so be sure to check the Criteria section after looking through our list, and decide which is right for your feet, and your favorite shoes!

A lack of good foot support can lead to health problems ranging from neck strain to hip joint stress. Superfeet insoles can alleviate these issues by supporting and cushioning your feet in a certain way. There are different types of inserts that cater to different types of feet with specific styles available that target the following foot problems: toe pain, knee pain, corns, metatarsal pain, Achilles heel pain, bunions, and neuroma, along with other conditions.  Individuals with high arches or who need deep heel support can find the right insole with Superfeet.

Featured Recommendations

Green Heritage
  • Green Heritage
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • High Arched
  • Firm Support
  • Price: See Here
Blue Premium
  • Blue Premium
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Medium Arched
  • Thin
  • Price: See Here
Berry Performance
  • Berry Performance
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Medium Profile
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Price: See Here

It is not advisable to pick any random style of insert you see as they may not fit you properly, or they might not be designed to meet your specific needs. If you are an active individual you may want to research thicker and more high profile soles, while someone who is more inclined to low-impact activities may want to look into thinner soles. Lifestyle differences will affect what kind of Superfeet insole you will require which is why we have carefully researched and selected a number of the best insoles available for this list to provide a point of reference which will help you in choosing the best pair for your needs.


10 Best Superfeet Insoles


1. Green Heritage

The Green Heritage edition has the deepest and widest heel support for your foot. There is odor neutralizing technology that will help keep the bacteria out of reach, while its firm support gives structure and stability as the foam is high density. This bright green insole works well for those who need tremendous support in their arches and heels and provides all-around cushioned support.
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High Volume
This product has heavy duty support with thick foam to allow for the firm, cushioned support for the base of the foot. The high volume of the insole is great for shock-absorption, so it is ideally great for high arches and prominent heels. The thick foam also is great for athletic activities where cushioning is needed, such as running, jumping, or higher impact movements.

Deep Heel for Stability
The deep heel has the complimentary support a high arch needs and adds to the base layer for stability. This adds extra support allowing for the individual to experience pain relief as soon as possible. The deep heel creates a cradle that allows for support and increases proper gait when walking or running.

Cost & Value
The cost definitely matches the quality of the insoles. They last for years and will relieve those who have serious pain issues and who have plantar fasciitis. They are sturdy and are less expensive than having custom made orthotics. A solid option for those who find themselves on their feet all day, or need something for activities that create higher impact on the foot.
  • The maximum amount of shape
  • High arch support
  • Good for flat feet
  • Firm support
  • Alleviates overpronation
  • Hard to break in
  • Need to be cut to size

2. Blue Premium

The Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles have a medium sized insole that is more natural to the foot. The product is thinner than the Green Heritage product and is worthy of casual wear. This works well with common foot pains in regards to the arch, heel, and plantar fasciitis. Like the Green insole, there is a preventative coating that protects from bacteria. The Blue Premiums are also latex-free and vegan.
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Durable Wear
The Blue Premiums are best for an everyday shoe that you wear. The insole is made of durable plastics, yet it is comfortable enough to allow for arch and heel support. Perfect for those who working long hours on their feet, but may not need the higher impact foam cushioning from our top pick. Nurses, construction workers, or laboratory personnel will appreciate the durability of this insole.

Designed to provide immediate relief, the Blue Premiums will go above and beyond for hours. Those who find they need casual support for standing hours at a time will find that this product will suit their needs. The sturdy material helps alleviate foot fatigue while keeping natural foot gait and positioning.

Cost & Value
The cost is similar to the rest of the Superfeet insoles, so the real difference in choosing between which sole fits what your feet need the most. An investment in the Blue Premiums will save you pain and grief in the future as the insole will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. Great for those who work a fast paced career on their feet, such as nursing, bartending, construction or lab staff.
  • Medium & intermediate support
  • Helps with plantar fasciitis
  • Immediate relief
  • Durable
  • Cushioned
  • sizing is a process
  • Break-in time

3. Berry Performance

The Berry insole is designed for pain relief and maximum support for the individual who is always on their feet. It has a slimmer heel, a wider foam shape, and a deep heel cup. The heel stabilizer works to fill in the gaps that your shoe leaves your foot. The reinforced stabilizer cap in the back of the insole works to provide flexibility and sturdiness.
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Since the Berry insole is medium profile, this means that there is more support than casual, daily wear insoles. This is not to discredit the everyday use of the Berry insert, but to attest to the fact that it offers a thicker sole but not as much as the Green Heritage or Orange insert.

Deep Heel Cup
The deep heel support adds pain relief for those who have a medium to high arch. They are designed for those who enjoy running and hiking. The cup also helps nestle the foot into proper positioning for walking or running, and helps avoids slippage in the shoe during movements. Ideal for those with a narrow heel who require a little extra fit for their favorite pair of active footwear.

Cost & Value
The cost is slightly pricier than the casual lighter insoles as the Berry offers more support and is a pain relief focused product. With its supportive structure, and wide foam design, it keeps cushioning maximal for impact absorbance. Those with narrow heels may appreciate the heel cup provided with the Berry insole as it helps nestle the foot in proper position, and helps prevent slippage inside the shoe.
  • Medium-profile
  • Can still be casual
  • Wide shape
  • Deep heel
  • Hard to find the right fit
  • Cushion is not as comfortable

4. Copper

4. Copper
The Copper Personalized insole has memory foam and is sensitive to the curvature of the foot. Since it is made of memory foam layer, it will mold to any unique foot. This insert provides maximum support and is designed especially for pain relief. The insert has three layers that serve to protect your foot from impact.
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Memory Foam
Since the Copper Personalized inserts are made of memory foam, they contour to your foot exactly. There are three layers. The bottom layer is for maintaining shape and support, the middle layer provides comfort and stability, and the top layer is pressure-sensitive. Great for work shoes or sneakers, they’ll help give that added cushioning that could be missing.

Low Impact Activities
The Copper Personalized insoles are best for those who want to relief foot issues that do not relate to other joint issues. The foam allows for easy comfort for those who do not necessarily participate in high impact activities on a daily basis. Perfect for those on their feet all day long, or just individuals who appreciate a little extra cushioning in their footwear.

Cost & Value
These insoles are different from the Premium insoles as it is made with a whole other material. The cost of these insoles is in conjunction with the level of comfort and will provide a satisfactory return on investment. Ideal for those who love their shoes but just need a little extra cushioning and comfort, so their favorite pair doesn’t sit in the closet unworn due to discomfort!
  • Memory foam
  • Shapes to curvature of foot
  • Maximum support
  • Low-impact activities
  • Not for extreme activities
  • Sizing

5. Orange Premium

5. Orange Premium
The Orange Premiums' provide excellent support and boasts a firm and sturdy grip. They are in line with the Superfeet brand as they provide immediate relief to those with knee problems, plantar fasciitis, etc. You can feel a difference as soon as you step onto these insoles. They are recommended for those who need a strong arch support and high profile thickness.
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Maximum Support
The Orange Premium insole has the widest and deepest heel cut of the Superfeet inserts. The insole is designed with shock absorption and long-lasting comfort in mind. The full-length foam will provide necessary pain relief for those who need a high arch and deep heel support.

High Impact Activities
This product is engineered for intense activities such as track running, soccer, and other related high impact sports. The maximum support allows for the individual to continue their day without an aching foot or painful knees.

Cost & Value
Since the Orange Premiums have the most support and high profile thickness, it is higher in price when compared to the rest of the line. However, this product is definitely a smart investment in value when it comes to individuals who wish to work longer and harder at their high impact activities.
  • Maximum support
  • Thick sole
  • High arch support
  • Deep Heel
  • Recommended for high-impact activity
  • Not for casual use
  • Can make a shoe feel tighter

6. EasyFit

6. EasyFit
The Superfeet EasyFit is a ¾ length insole specifically designed for use with low-heeled, slip-on, and flat shoes. These insoles are made to stay perfectly in place and even work with non-removable factory insoles. The EasyFit relieves common foot pain, fatigue, and pressure while preventing blisters from occurring. Made with a natural NXT anti-bacterial coating to prevent odors, the Easyfit is a latex-free and vegan-friendly product. They’re also designed to prevent toe crunching and relieve strain on the ball of the foot. The EasyFit is available in sizes small through extra-large and comes highly rated amongst users everywhere.
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Made to prevent blisters and common foot pain, the EasyFit is one comfortable insole. No-slip wearability and an NXT anti-bacterial coating keep your feet feeling fresh and secure all day long, while the EasyFits latex-free composition ensures you won't experience any irritation.

NXT Anti-bacterial
The EasyFit Insole comes pre-treated with an NXT anti-bacterial coating that acts as a powerful protective agent against bacteria, mold, and fungus that can build in a shoe over time. When these things have time to multiply they can cause unpleasant odors and infections.

Cost & Value
The EasyFit comes at a reasonable price and provides a customized fit specifically for low-heeled shoes. These insoles relieve common foot pain, fatigue, and pressure, while also preventing blisters from developing. Variety of sizing options allows this to be versatile for anyone’s foot in terms of fit, and can be worn with high heels or other formal style of dress shoes.
  • NXT Anti-bacterial
  • Stay Put
  • Relieves Pain
  • Prevents Blisters
  • Latex-free
  • Low Heeled Only

7. Black Premium

7. Black Premium
The Black Premium Insoles are developed to provide a comfortable fit with a thin natural support. It is a versatile insert and is low-profile to accommodate all types of shoes. These are recommended for those who have flat feet and need an extra boost in support. These will work in most shoes ranging from sandals to ice skates.
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Low-Profile Support
It may be that it is more common to find insoles that provide thick support, however, the low-profile feature is important as well. Because these have a lower arch design, they fit the flat foot much better. The low-profile also allows for the individual to put them in tighter shoes and still have room for mobility without pinching.

Stabilizer Cap
The rear-foot of the insole is reinforced and has extra support in order to add flexibility to the thin, natural feeling insole. It is firm in the heel and metatarsal area to provide sturdy support. This allows for cushioned support in the toe area while still allowing impact absorption in the heel. The flexibility also allows for a moldable fit should you need to customize the insole slightly.

Cost & Value
The price of the Black Premiums is in the mid-range for Superfeet insoles. The value aligns with the cost because of less material that is included in a thin sole. This is a great deal for those who are looking for a durable insole that can be used in many different low-impact activity settings. Good for those looking for extra cushioning and support for long hours on the job, or short duration athletic activities that are not high impact.
  • Low-profile
  • Deep heel support
  • Firm and strong sole
  • Flexible
  • Make a tight fit for shoes
  • No arch support

8. Delux Dress-fit

8. Delux Dress-fit
The Delux Dress-Fit Superfeet Insoles are made for pain relief and mid-range thickness support. These inserts are for dress shoes and have a suede top for style and comfort. There is an odor-control coating, slip-resistant ridges, a stabilizer cap, and a heel cup.
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This insole is inconspicuous and offers a fantastic deal of style. Its soft micro suede top will not detract from your original shoe’s style. It will complement a leather dress shoe and provide long-lasting support. No need to avoid wearing your favorite dress shoes simply due to discomfort any longer!

Pain Relief
The insoles will stay in place and fit true to size while relieving symptoms of plantar fasciitis. This means you can wear your fanciest dress shoes with the confidence of a comfortable gait. Soft and comfortable, it adds just enough cushioning to help alleviate tough soles without being bulky or restrictive.

Cost & Value
The Delux Dress Fit insoles are more affordable than the top three products from Superfeet, and the do a fabulous job in ensuring your feet stay stylish while comfortable. They are worth the cost as their value exceeds the price. Step out in style and comfort to your next big night on the town or wedding!
  • Stylish
  • True to size
  • Slip resistant
  • Plantar Fasciitis pain relief
  • Breaking in
  • Tough sole

9. Carbon Full Length

9. Carbon Full Length
The Carbon insole is a natural and low-profile fit. It is mainly for comfort and not pain relief. Superfeet uses carbon fiber technology and ultralight foam to design a thin high-performance sole. There is a beveled edge to ensure a better fit and sizing experience, a wider shape, and biomechanical shape.
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The ultralight feature of the Carbon Superfeet insole means that it is the perfect product for those who value a light spring in their step. There are perforations in the middle and front of the insole to provide a reduced weight and breathability. The breathability makes these great for those with sweaty feet, but also those who need extra cushion and ventilation during athletics. Marathon runners will love the support and lightweight feel!

Low Profile
The low profile of the Carbon insole means that it allows for a more natural feeling in the foot. They are great for trail running while offering flat feet the support it needs. This design has a low arch, so it does not impede the mobility of the flat foot. No need to fear blisters as the beveled edge helps keep a snug fit without rubbing.

Cost & Value
The cost of the Carbon insole should honestly be higher, as the current price is essentially a steal for those who require a low arch support. The ultralight carbon fiber technology means that the insole is durable, so technically speaking, the value is tenfold of what the purchase price really is! You’ll have these last for a long while, so they are well worth the investment upfront.
  • Ultralight
  • Low-Profile
  • Low arch support
  • Durable
  • Can be squeaky
  • Breaking in

10. Yellow Control

10. Yellow Control
The Superfeet Yellow Insoles have an elevated heel to help your foot stabilize for your high-impact activities. The high-density foam cushions and supports your foot for long-lasting comfort. The breathability of this insole is increased making this product great for hockey skates. The heel cup also adds extra support when it comes to shock absorption.
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The Yellow insole is comfortable and is recommended for sports players who need a little more support in their skates. In addition to the comfort levels, the insole is designed to spread the transfer of energy evenly, so the athlete will experience better stability. Great for long distance runners, or just athletes who find themselves training for longer than 90 minutes a day.

This insole caters to the athlete which means that breathability of the shoe is important. It is unpleasant when the foot gets overheated, so Superfeet has designed this insole for long-lasting, high impact athletes. Perfect for outdoor related sports, running, high impact sports that require jumping or lateral movements, it will leave your feet feeling cooler and more cushioned when compared to using a sneaker insole.

Cost & Value
The cost of this insole is average in comparison with the other inserts. It is more affordable than the top inserts, however, these insoles are recommended for those who only want a thin level of support. An extra layer of cushioning can go a long way for endurance sports with the proper insert!
  • Great for athletes
  • Strong heel support
  • Venting system
  • High-density foam
  • Not recommended for flat feet
  • Fits large to size


The health of the foot translates to the health of the body. If your feet are uncomfortable, it becomes a daily nuisance, and the rest of your mind and body will suffer. A foot insole seeks to alleviate those issues and provides comfort, pain relief, or even both. To find the right pair of insoles, however, everyone must keep in mind that they have different feet and it is imperative to find the right fit for your arch, heel, and lifestyle.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Superfeet Insoles

Performance Qualities

Superfeet insoles are designed for aerobic performance usage and the performance-related features they offer are critical to their positioning on our list. These insoles aren’t just an average insertion to your inner shoe, their purpose is to maximize comfort and functionality while performing in a wide variety of sports. This is achieved by applying technologies and designs that serve this specific purpose.

Arch support is one of the most imperative factors of a performance insole. Since arch support preferences may vary considerably amongst different users performance shoe manufacturers often include a generic amount of arch support. Customizable insoles, on the other hand, allow you to access just the right amount of arch support that you need, whether your arch is really high, or nearly flat, personalized insoles will adapt to your foot and provide adequate support.

The performance features of these insoles vary according to the type of activity you will be performing, which is why Superfeet delivers a wide range of options when it comes to customized insoles. They offer slim designs for the light discipline athletes and thicker options for rougher activities that require greater support. There are also intermediate designs that improve performance on all types of disciplines. However, it’s recommended to own two specialized pairs of insoles if the intensity of your activities is too different. Superfeet insoles are weightless, and you’ll barely remember they are there. Acting as a replacement for traditional insoles they will maximize performance without altering the normal fit of the shoe.

One of the most important improvements in overall performance noted by consumers is the heel support. Superfeet insoles offer deep and wide cushioning and support on the heel zone, which considerably reduces the amount of stress on the heel when performing impact activities like running and jumping. Thanks to this, the ankles are also comforted, as tension normally makes its way up from the heel. The deep and wide approach allows both heels to achieve a much more secure stance and keeps the heels tucked in the insole for much greater stability. By providing a secure fit to the heel, internal slipping is eliminated and the heel gets the most out of the cushioning technology.

Insoles by Superfeet are engineered for performance optimization, thus they’ll endure anything you put them up to, from walking and jogging to hiking and climbing, these insoles will continue to provide each one of their qualities regardless of the amount of tension placed on them. Additionally, they’ll also reduce a lot of the shock that would normally go through your feet and up to your legs. The materials of the Superfeet insole are very comfortable – even for barefoot performance and the smooth traction between your feet and the materials cause no irritation at all. Furthermore, humidity protection technology prevents sweat from becoming an obstacle during wear and in turn prevents odors from occurring.

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The adaptiveness of a sole refers to its ability to resemble the anatomical shape of your feet. This allows users to experience a much more customized performance and gives them access to features that improve their specific foot shape and proportion. Believe it or not, those little aspects that are not present in standard insoles are making a difference in your performance.

For instance, arch height is one of the most underestimated features of insoles. The lack of arch support – or the excess of it – can, and will prevent you from reaching your most optimal performance. Not to mention, that in some cases users aren’t even able to perform due to the extreme difference between their arch and the support provided by the insole.

An insole that provides adequate arch support, on the other hand, will offer a  much more comfortable wear. Furthermore, it allows your feet to perform motions much more naturally, reducing a lot of stress on the arch. People often ignore the importance of arch support, not realizing how it affects performance. Another aspect to consider is the heel; heel cushioning is just as important as arch support – especially when we’re talking about a particularly high arch or flat foot.

One of the adaptive features you want to keep in mind is the depth of the heel cushioning, depending on the activities and sports you’ll be performing. The heavier the activity, the deeper the heel cushioning should go. However, deep cushioning may be more comfortable for activities such as jogging as well.

Superfeet insoles can compensate for some of the features lacking in a shoe and in most cases, these features are a matter of comfort, if you’ve performed any sports on your own, you know the huge importance of comfort. However, Superfeet insoles can also fill in some very functional aspects related to performance, such as cushioning and padding. Insoles by Superfeet know how important it is to personalize your performance experience. Because of this, they feature a build of memory foam, this material consists of a type of foam that is somewhat molded by the pressure of your feet and take the shape of your feet, thus providing you with unique adaptation.

Although it may take a few wears for memory foam to adapt properly, once it’s correctly shaped by your feet it will stay that way. Despite Superfeet insoles being excellent for sports performance, they’re also excellent solutions to generic casual shoe insoles. Users who suffer from feet irregularities such as plantar fasciitis, high arches, or heel pain will find customizable insoles to be a huge relief to their daily life.

Personalized insoles are great for activities such as mountain biking which is very tough on your feet, especially on the heels. Prolonged practice often leads to next-day soreness around the heel and the whole foot that becomes an obstacle to daily chores, such as walking which can start to seem considerably difficult (and even painful). However, a substantial insole featuring the right depth will protect your feet from most of the stress (if not all of it). This relieves pain and also contributes to the recovery process.

Protective Properties

When it comes to protection from injuries, pain, blister, and other conditions of the foot, an insole plays a crucial role in keeping your feet guarded against these annoyances. There are elements of an insole that are vital to ensuring the prevention of future injuries and the formation of underlying conditions, while also being paramount to the treatment and recovery of current foot related problems. Some of the most important elements to consider when thinking about an insoles’ protective qualities are:

  • Cushioning:

Adequate cushioning is a factor that many people assume will not become a problem for them because they have purchased a pair of shoes which claims to be ‘comfortable.’ Unfortunately, many shoe manufacturers use the cheapest methods of cushioning available and use a generic insole that does not provide an appropriate level of cushion.

Wearing a well-cushioned shoe protects the delicate underside of the foot from the pressures of every step, as well as supporting of the arch. For individuals with conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, a well-cushioned shoe is a must!

  • Alignment/Arch Support/Shock Absorption:

Did you know that there are actually three arches in your foot? Many people believe that they only have one arch which is not the case, there is the medial, lateral, and trans-metatarsal arch. So what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that arch support is more important then you may have thought.

The arches of the foot are there for specific reasons including, to absorb the impact of every step, to support your body while you move, and to redistribute weight more evenly throughout the foot. The arches are also responsible for the alignment of the foot and when your feet are out of alignment conditions such as overpronation or supination can occur.

There are many insoles which are designed to anatomically support the three arches of the foot by re-aligning both feet through the redistribution of weight more evenly. This will prevent future medical issues involving your feet and will work to correct any pre-existing ones too. Superfeet insoles are adequately cushioned with a polyurethane middle layer that contributes to reduced vibration and greater absorption. Additionally, this second layer also provides a much more solid structure to the insole; delivering stronger support and stability.

  • Heel Support:

Having heel pain makes performing your regular daily activities very difficult. If you are suffering from heel pain investing in the right pair of insoles will protect your foot and prevent further pain. An insole will address the underlying cause of your heel pain and work towards supporting and stabilizing the foot

Superfeet insoles include a heel cup, which is the most external layer and covers the heel zone. The heel cup maintains the heel in its most natural position, making it much easier to absorb impact. In combination with the heel cushioned depth, the heel cup also provides a better grasp of the inner shoe. Aside from absorbing shock, it also retains the heel in a neutral position for natural performance.

Additionally, Superfeet insoles have humidity-reducing technology which works in combination with the shoe’s breathability to keep your feet fresh. This along with anti-bacterial technology works at protecting your feet from fungi, athlete’s foot, and bad scents in general.

Shock absorption is something that normally happens at the midsole; however, the insole can considerably reduce impact and muscular vibration too. Superfeet insoles are adequately cushioned with a polyurethane middle layer that contributes to reduced vibration and greater absorption. Additionally, this second layer also provides a much more solid structure to the insole; delivering stronger support and stability.

Superfeet insoles count with yet another layer; the heel cup. This last layer is the most external one and covers the heel zone. The heel cup maintains the heel in its most natural position, making it much easier to absorb impact. In combination with the heel cushioned depth, the heel cup also provides a better grasp of the inner shoe. Aside from absorbing shock, it also retains the heel in a neutral position for natural performance.

Keep in mind that protection varies according to the model of the insole, as well as its purpose. There isn’t necessarily a more protective insole – they just offer different types of protection. For instance, a recovery and pain relief Superfeet insole counts with a considerably different design than that of a performance one. The features and technologies of both simply act differently, aiming at separate results.

Lastly, Superfeet insoles count with high-density memory foam. Like we previously explained, this foam is molded by pressure. The high-density approach works as a compressed foam, allowing the insole to contain a greater amount of foam in a slimmer shape. By focusing on density rather than volume, these insoles offer the same qualities of a bulky insole in a very light design instead.

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Comfort Level

One of the most important aspects that will affect your overall performance, is how comfortable your feet are. It doesn’t matter if your shoes are high-quality, or if you’re a superstar on the playing field if your feet aren’t sitting comfortably and well-supported it’s going to negatively impact your performance.

Through the past years, manufacturers have been making a huge effort to increase the comfort of their shoes, whether it is cushioning, smoother inner build materials, breathability, or so-on. However, there’s one element of the shoe which manufacturers have difficulting in meeting the needs of everyone: the insole. It would be extremely hard (or impossible) for manufacturers to make an insole design that provides comfort to every single user. An insole that’s meant for high arches wouldn’t fit a user with flat feet, and so on. This is why it’s so important for you to research carefully before making a purchase so that you take the time to find the most appropriate products for your own specific needs.

Superfeet insoles are engineered in a biomechanical shape that resembles the natural shape of the foot to provide a number of comfort enhancements for the wearer. Temperature regulation is one of the many features the Superfeet insoles provide. The responsive temperature control equipped with Outlast Adaptive Comfort on the top layer of the insole absorbs, retains, and releases heat. For colder environments, a thermal layer featuring open cells retain heat and keeps your feet warm for better performance. The toes are arguably the part of the feet that suffer the most in cold environments. Because of this, Cold Performance Superfeet Insoles are equipped with an insulating foil on the posterior end of the insole to repel cold from the toes.

Thermal features are not to be taken lightly, as the weather can have a huge impact on you. Extreme temperatures can lead to quicker muscular fatigue, but also to irritation of the feet – affecting both performance and recovery. Thermal technologies can be the difference between a smooth, warm experience and an uncomfortable one. Cold weathers can make your feet go numb causing discomfort and impeding your ability to complete daily tasks or activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if my insoles aren’t removable?
A: All insoles are removable. Some are made to be removed, and some are simply glued onto the shoe. When replacing a glued insole, carefully start removing it from the heel end, lifting all sides at the same time. Preferably use an object to separate the insole from the shoe by sliding it between them as you remove it.

Q: How do I clean insoles?
A: It’s fairly easy when it comes to Superfeet insoles. Remove them and toss them in the washing machine along with other clothing or towels (preferably not alone). Some insoles may not be suitable for machine washing, make sure to read the product’s washing instructions before proceeding. Keep in mind some chemical products, like bleach, may affect some insoles.

Q: What insole do I need?
A: Superfeet covers a rather large variety of insoles. These products can serve from simple comfort to rough performance such as trail running and mountain bike. Refer to our recommended criteria and keep in mind the activity you’ll perform in order to find the most suitable pair of insoles for you. Obtaining multiple pairs is always an option, too.

Q: How to measure the insole?
A: The insole is usually the same size as your feet, except for a ~1.5cm variation. It’s pretty much the available space within the shoe; you can get a good reference by measuring your feet. Place your heel against a wall with your foot straight and place a ruler or metric tape under your foot. Take the length from your heel to your big toe and add 1.5cm to it.

Q: What insole is the most suitable for a flat foot?
A: Superfeet’s Black Premium features a decaying arch support. This means the arch is somewhat lower than the heel, making it an ideal fit to support users with a flat foot. Any other design that mimics this low-profile approach is a suitable option for flat foot users.

Q: How to keep insoles from fading?
A: Over time, it’s impossible to stop insoles from fading; the repeated use and friction with the foot is inevitable. However, barefoot performance seems to make insoles fade considerably faster. Good socks, along with good insole materials, will certainly slow down the fading process.

Q: What are custom insoles for?
A: Superfeet insoles cover a great variety of activities. They can be a simple comfort element for casual wear as much as they can be a professional piece of performance equipment; it ultimately depends on the model and purpose of the insole. Refer to our criteria above for other benefits.

Q: How does insole sizing work?
A: Sizing is a delicate topic when it comes to personalized insoles. In order to obtain the best results, the insoles should match your feet as much as possible. Thus, if the sizing is either too large or too short, you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits. Insoles should be just about the same size as your feet, with a ~1.5cm bigger variation.

Q: I stand a lot at work, will insoles help?
A: Yes. Superfeet insoles not only provide you with very comfortable cushioning, but they also help you maintain a very neutral and natural stance. This makes walking and standing much easier on your ankle, knees, hips, and even your back. Obtaining Superfeet insoles will considerably reduce lower back and knee pains caused by prolonged standing.

Q: Should I buy a pair of insoles for each pair of shoes, or just move around one pair of insoles?
A: We recommend you experiment with a single pair of insoles first. Once you find a pair that suits your feet anatomy and your preferences, getting another pair of two is not a bad decision. You may also want to obtain multiple pairs depending on the purpose you’re giving them.




  • Anti-bacterial: An agent which prevents the growth of bacterias, mildew, and odor.
  • Corns: An area of hardened skin that forms from repeated friction in one area
  • Customizable:  Can be changed or molded to your own desired effect
  • High Density: Having a high concentration or large amount contained in a small area.
  • Insole: A fixed or removable insert placed inside of a shoe.
  • Low-impact: Exercises which put little to no impact or strain on the body.
  • Memory Foam: A type of foam material which retains the shape of your foot.
  • Metatarsal: Refers to the bones of the foot.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: The most common reason for heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue connecting the forefoot to the heel.
  • Thermal: Referring to heat or warmth.
  • Vegan: Containing no animal-derived products.


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