Best Superga Shoes Reviewed & Rated for an Iconic Look

Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, a college student or an office worker, whether you want to spend your day on the streets or at the park, Superga footwear will ensure that you are comfortable and fashionable every step of the way.

This world-renowned company was founded in 1911 – more than a century ago! – in Turin, Italy, and it first specialized in producing rubber-soled tennis shoes. In 1925 came the classic 2750 model, still widely popular and sought after even today.

After closing down during the Second World War, Superga factories reopened with new fervor, and since then the brand has expanded exponentially. Today, the label produces not only sneakers but also rain and outerwear boots, and even clothing lines! It has become a name synonymous with smart casual footwear, further made famous by countless celebrities enjoying its versatile designs.

Featured Recommendations

  • 2750
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Simple Versatile Design
  • Price: See Here
  • 2411
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy Neoprene Upper
  • Slip-on Design
  • Price: See Here
  • 2287
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Metallic Shine
  • Platform Sole
  • Price: See Here

Superga is all about comfort, sporty chic, and casual wear. If you are looking for that perfect everyday sneaker, or a variation of a sneaker, which will keep you supported and comfy and will go well with your laid-back style, then look no further than the brand with over 100 years of experience in creating just that.

We have put together a list to better help you with your choice. After pouring over countless designs, we selected only the best of the best, keeping in mind the various styles, the comfort levels, material quality and, of course, the prices. By the end of this guide, we hope that you will be able to pick out a new favorite pair of Superga shoes for yourself!


10 Best Superga Shoes


1. 2750

A design which has been around since the year 1925, the 2750 sneaker is truly an all-time favorite. This classic shoe launched the entire Superga brand, and has an upper constructed out of pure cotton, a vulcanized rubber outsole, and a lace-up system with embossed eyelets. There are logo tabs on the side and at the heel for added authenticity. The 2750 sneaker is a simple premium canvas model, and it comes in a myriad of different colors and variations for maximum versatility. The ultimate smart casual design!
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Pure Cotton
While not suitable for inclement weather, the 2750 sneaker is a godsend in warm temperatures. The pure cotton of its upper promotes proper airflow and allows the foot to breathe. It keeps you dry and comfortable inside the sneaker and ensures a healthy foot climate.

Vulcanized Rubber
Vulcanization is a process which involves mixing rubber with various additives. This makes the sole of the 2750 sneaker more flexible, stronger, more resistant to heat and other environmental conditions than plain rubber soles.

Cost and Value
This staple Superga design - the one which started it all - comes at a surprisingly affordable price. It is a simple sneaker, one that will find its place in your wardrobe without any trouble, and its iconic silhouette enables it to go well with anything you decide to throw on. You won’t regret investing your money in the 2750.

Breathable Cotton

Premium Canvas Upper

Vulcanized Rubber Sole

Stretch Resistant

Smart Casual


Poor Arch Support

Not for Bad Weather

2. 2411

Now here is a design which deviates from the Superga norm. The 2411 is a round-toe slip-on sneaker with a clean, smooth silhouette. It has a one-piece upper made out of neoprene, with a stretchy collar and a pull-tab in the back for easy entry. The lining inside of the sneaker is textile, and there is a lightly cushioned footbed for added comfort. As with other models on our list, the sole is wrap-around and made out of vulcanized rubber. We must say that we are impressed with the effortlessly minimalistic appearance of the 2411 sneaker.
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Stretchy Collar
The slip-on design can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. However, with the 2411 sneaker, getting in and out of the shoe is a breeze. The collar stretches out for a flexible fit, and the pull-tab in the back allows you to easily slip inside.

Cushioned Footbed
If you’re looking for sneakers, you’re likely expecting to spend a lot of time wearing them. Every drop of comfort is important, and the cushioned footbed of the 2411 is there to ensure that your feet are supported and comfy no matter how long you’re walking around for.

Cost and Value
With its unique design - well, unique for Superga - we are not surprised that the 2411 is one of the more expensive options. It is a sneaker which doesn’t only look stylish, but which also provides you with great comfort and arch support. It is long-lasting, with a brand name which is a synonym for tennis shoes, and we feel like it is a good investment.

Arch Support

Padded Footbed

Flexible Fit

Easy Slip-on Design




Narrow Toe Box

3. 2287

Superga breaks away from its subdued, casual designs and steps into the world of bold metallics with the 2287 sneaker. It comes with a cotton upper in different metallic shines, such as silver, navy blue, and this stunning rose gold in our picture. The 2287 sneaker has a one and a half inch bubble sole, a lace-up closure with metal eyelets and the brand logo on a tab in the side. This contemporary design is refreshingly eye-catching and futuristic, and will bring a polished twist to your wardrobe.
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Metallic Shine
If you are tired of regular, uninteresting sneaker designs, then you will be absolutely thrilled with the 2287. The metallic gleam of this sneaker takes everyone’s breath away, and you can be sure that you will receive countless compliments on its innovative design.

Bubble Sole
Aside from it being made out of vulcanized rubber, the sole of the 2287 is a so-called ‘bubble sole’. This means that it is made out of a flexible, shock-absorbing material which ensures maximum cushioning as you walk.

Cost and Value
We were shocked that the 2287 sneaker is the least expensive out of all the ones we’ve looked at. Its unique platform metallic design is not for everyone, that’s for sure, but if you are willing to experiment with your style and don’t mind a shining addition to your outfit, then these sneakers are definitely the way to go.

Metallic Shine

Canvas Upper

Bubble Sole

1.5 Inch Platform

Unique and Trendy


Cramped Toe Area

Heavy and Clunky

4. 2795

4. 2795
A little less summer and a little more autumn, the 2795 is here to ensure that you are warm and comfortable during the colder days of the year. This high-top sneaker has an upper made out of wool and polyester, which you will agree is a bit unusual for athletic, or even lifestyle footwear. It comes with a lace-up system all the way to the top, a cushioned insole and a vulcanized rubber outsole. The 2795 sneaker is unique in many ways, but it ensures that you can now wear your favorite Superga design well into winter as well.
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High Top
While the 2795 is more of a lifestyle sneaker than a sports shoe, it is still important to feel secure in it, just in case you have a sudden need to break into a run. The high-top design makes sure that your ankles are supported and stable, and that you don’t risk any sprains or injuries.

We admit that we were a little taken aback at the idea of a sneaker made mostly out of wool. However, the choice makes sense, as wool provides warmth and soft, cozy comfort as you go about your cold, autumn - or even winter - days.

Cost and Value
Simply put, the 2795 sneaker is cheap. Really, it is so cheap we are having a hard time believing the price on this high-top. For a sneaker which is comfortable, secure and fashionable, which you can count on to keep you warm in cold weather, and from a brand as famous as Superga, this model is an absolute steal.

High-top Design

Warm and Cozy Wool Upper

Cushioned Insole

Breathable Lining

Ridiculously Inexpensive


Not for Warm Weather

Difficult to Clean

5. 2388

5. 2388
The 2388 sneaker mule is a perfect combination of sporty and sleek. This design has a leather-constructed upper with dual gore panels for an adjusted fit. It is backless, as all mules, and it comes with a soft, textile lining. There is cushioning in the footbed for all-day wearability, as well as patterns in the rubber outsole which ensure good traction and durability. We can safely say that summer footwear has never been so chicly refined as with the 2388 mule.
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Natural leather is an outstanding material. It enables air to properly circulate in and out of the sneaker for maximum breathability - a feature that is very important in summer weather. Additionally, leather is malleable and changes shape over time to fit the contours of your foot.

Admittedly, the 2388 mule is pretty comfortable as it is with its backless design, soft natural materials, and an elastic fit. However, there is also the added benefit of its textile lining, which provides an abrasion-free environment for maximum wearability.

Cost and Value
Compared to other designs on this list, the 2388 is a reasonably priced sneaker. It is unusual but modern and refreshingly smooth in appearance. The materials the 2388 is made of are very high-quality and will make sure that this mule lasts you for a long time to come.

Leather Upper

Dual Gore Panels

Backless Design

Soft Textile Lining



Wide Fit

Size Runs Large

6. 2790

6. 2790
The timeless, tried-and-true form of the 2750 gets a redesign to follow the latest fashion trend of platform shoes. Meet the 2790 sneaker, which differs from its classic predecessor in that it has a one and a half inch platform sole. Its upper is canvas with a cotton lining, and its sole is vulcanized rubber. To keep the minimalistic design but to ensure brand recognition, there is the ever-present Superga logo on the side and the embossed eyelets in the lace-up closure at the front. Now you don’t have to compromise by choosing either a platform shoe or a Superga design, because you can have both!
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Aside from being the absolute favorite this season, flatform shoes have their own set of benefits. Especially the 2790, which provides a boost to your height and to your confidence, without taking away from the comfort of a casual sneaker design.

Cotton Lining
Unlike some other material options, which may cause unpleasant rubbing and even blisters, cotton is extremely gentle on the skin. You can be sure that in the 2790 sneaker you’ll be able to walk for as long as you want without even a hint of pain.

Cost and Value
The 2790 flatform is a sneaker which sits in the middle range when it comes to price. It isn’t expensive, nor is it too cheap, and we feel that the cost accurately reflects the comfort, durability, and stylishness you get for it.

1.5 Inch Flatform Sole

Gentle Canvas Lining

Canvas Upper

Vulcanized Rubber Sole

Lace-up Closure


Rigid Soles

Heel Slips Out

7. 2288

7. 2288
The classic Superga sneaker silhouette gets a little twist with the 2288 design. This sneaker is not actually a sneaker - its back is missing, effectively making it a mule. However, it still has all the hallmarks of a tennis shoe - the soft cotton upper, the vulcanized rubber outsole, the cotton lining and the lace-up system, although on this model the laces are only for decoration. The 2288 mule is perfect for summer, when you don’t feel like confining your feet to sneakers but also don’t want to deviate from your usual, laid-back style.
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Slip-on Design
The 2288 makes it ridiculously easy to enjoy warm weather. This mule has that classic slip-on design - perfect if you’re always in a hurry and don’t have a second to spare on properly putting on your shoes, or even if you’re a barefoot enthusiast who likes to slip out of their shoes from time to time.

One of the many advantages of a mule sneaker is that there is nothing constricting your heel. In the 2288 mule, you don’t have to worry about the topline cutting into your skin, or getting blisters at the back of your foot.

Cost and Value
The 2288 mule is one of the least expensive models on our list. You might think it’s just a great weekend shoe, but if you’re not careful you may fall in love with it so much that you start wearing it everywhere. With the high-quality materials it is constructed of, we see no reason why you shouldn’t get this fashionable design!

Backless Mule Design


Canvas Upper

Vulcanized Rubber Sole

Easy and Effortless


Wide Fit

Tongue Moves Around

8. 2802

8. 2802
Reach staggering heights with the 2802 sneaker! We are in awe of the height of this flatform shoe, with its sole going up to approximately three inches in thickness. The upper of the 2802 is made out of plush velvet and the lining is soft canvas. This sneaker has a cushioned footbed and a natural rubber outsole, vulcanized as in all other models on this list. The 2802 design is not for the weak of heart - this platform requires some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy these stylish sneakers for a long time to come!
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Stable Platform
While it may appear daunting at first, walking around on three inch high platforms, the 2802 is actually a surprisingly stable sneaker. With a little bit of practice, you won’t have to worry about stumbling, falling or risking any injuries in this shoe.

Velvet Upper
Aside from being soft and gentle on the skin - conforming to your foot shape for maximum comfort - uppers made out of velvet are also quite fashionable. They exude an aura of romance and plush elegance, and the 2802 sneaker won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent.

Cost and Value
Arguably the most expensive selection in this guide, we do wonder if the 2802 flatform is worth the price. It is a solid sneaker, from a renowned brand, and we see no apparent flaws in its design. However, other brands might have similar silhouettes for less money, so we do question the value of the 2802.

Stable Three Inch Platform

Plush Velvet Upper

Cushioned Insole

Soft Canvas Lining

Fashion Forward



High Cost

9. 2756

9. 2756
The classic 2750 silhouette gets a twist in the form of an interesting jersey upper and a contrasting trim. The 2756 is a variation on the well-known Superga design, and it has a cotton lining, a lace-up closure with metal eyelets for an adjustable fit, and a cushioned footbed. This sneaker comes with a natural rubber textured outsole, and of course the must-have logo tag at the side. The pull-tab in the back allows for a quick and easy slide into the shoe, which makes the 2756 sneaker the perfect casual option.
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Textured Sole
The 2756 has that standard vulcanized rubber outsole, in all its flexible and resistant glory. However, this outsole is also crepe-textured, providing superior traction. No more slipping or skidding across unfavorable terrain!

Machine Washable
Unlike most sneakers which can only be carefully wiped down with damp cloths or treated with specialized products, the 2756 is ridiculously easy to maintain. Simply throw it in the washing machine and you’re all set!

Cost and Value
The 2756 belongs in the high range, price wise. It is a solid sneaker, simple and comfortable, easy to clean and even easier to wear. If you’re looking for a regular sneaker to complete your everyday looks, this is a great choice. However, we do feel that it is somewhat overpriced and that even on this same list you’d be able to find more affordable designs which meet your standards.

Fashionable Contrast Trim

Adjustable Fit

Great Traction and Durability

Machine Washable

Jersey Upper


Needs Breaking In

May Cause Blisters

10. 2314

10. 2314
The 2314 is another flatform favorite from Superga. This round-toe slip-on sneaker has a soft velvet upper with dual gores in the sides for an easy fit. The collar of the shoe is padded for added comfort and the inside is lined with canvas. There is a lightly cushioned insole and a natural vulcanized rubber outsole one and a half inches thick. As other flatforms, the 2314 will add to your height. It is an exquisitely versatile sneaker, as the velvet gives a classy spin to the standard casual look.
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Gore Panels
The 2314 sneaker has no complicated lacings, no stubborn zippers or unreliable buckles. With this design, you simply slide into the shoe in record time and be on your way. Perfect for those who are always on the go.

Everything about the 2314 - the platform sole which absorbs impact, the soft velvet upper and the canvas lining, as well as the padded collar and the cushioned footbed - is designed with the sole purpose of providing you with maximum comfort.

Cost and Value
We admit that we were somewhat unpleasantly surprised by the high cost of the 2314 sneaker. It is a solid design, comfortable, versatile and trendy, but we can’t help but feel that you’d be better off looking for similar options from other brands.

Round-toe Slip-on

Padded Collar

Canvas Lining

Velvet Upper

Stretchy Fit


Shoe Comes Off

Sizes Run Large

If you feel like all of these would be a good option, and are having a hard time choosing a design that would fit you the best – well, we can’t blame you. The fact of the matter is that all Superga footwear is created with customer satisfaction in mind, most of them being slight variations of the already famous 2750 model.

In our Criteria section below we have outlined some of the more important features of Superga shoes, in the hopes of helping you with your choice. When considering all the options, take into account the materials the shoe is made of, as well as where you will be wearing it, what the weather will be like, how long you expect to be on your feet, etc. Think about the clothes in your wardrobe too, and whether or not the design that caught your eye will go well with what you have.

Read on to learn more about the materials all of the models on our list are made of, their pros and cons, and the various shoe styles this effortlessly relaxed footwear brand has to offer.


Criteria For Evaluating the Best Superga Shoes


The Superga brand has always been about comfort, first and foremost. Their materials are carefully selected to ensure that the wearer of their shoes has a pleasant, smooth ride and that they are not experiencing any discomfort or pain. This includes materials which are flexible, abrasion-free, breathable, which keep the feet warm during the winter and sweat-free during the summer.

We have divided the materials into three different groups – materials for the upper, the lining and the sole, and we expanded a little bit on each so that you get a clearer picture of the advantages and disadvantages of each material type.

  • Canvas:
    Superga canvas sneakers are made out of 100% cotton. This is a highly breathable fabric, meaning that the air flows easily in and out of the upper. It helps keep the temperature inside the sneaker down even in warm weather, and also keep your feet dry and cool.
    Furthermore, canvas sneakers are very easy to clean. You usually need only some soapy water and a toothbrush to get rid of most stains, though some Superga designs are also washing machine friendly – you just throw them in, switch the machine on, and forget about it!
    An important quality of canvas footwear is that they are light. We don’t want to feel like we’re wearing ankle weights whenever we go outside – canvas materials are there to help us feel light and breezy and like we can do anything.
    And lastly, canvas sneakers are incredibly popular. Think of brands such as Vans or Converse – their canvas footwear comes in a staggering array of color combinations, patterns, and prints. You are bound to find a design which speaks to you.


  • Leather:
    Much like canvas, natural leather is also a breathable material. In leather footwear you don’t have to worry about sweating or overheating – these uppers promote air circulation and help make your feet feel comfortable.
    Leather footwear – leather sneakers, in our example – is also highly durable. Leather is a strong material which holds up well against wear and tear and different weather conditions. You can be sure that your genuine leather sneakers will outlive all other designs made from different materials.
    However, the most important feature of leather is that it changes shape over time – as you wear the sneaker, it takes the form of your foot, providing you with extra comfort, support, and a better fit.
    Similarly to canvas footwear, leather sneakers are also easy to clean. Though throwing them into a washing machine isn’t recommended, these shoes can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any unwanted spots.


  • Neoprene:
    Neoprene is a synthetic rubber of incredible physical toughness. It is water resistant, as well as heat, chemical, and oil resistant. It preserves its flexibility in a wide range of temperatures, and it can withstand any and all weather conditions – rain, snow, sand, dust, bright sunlight.
    Neoprene comes in different thickness and density levels, all of which can provide excellent cushioning and protection.


  • Wool:
    One design from our list is made out of a wool upper. While wool footwear is rarely seen, this is a surprisingly practical material to construct shoes out of.
    Wool is a light, natural material which regulates temperatures even when wet. It keeps your feet warm in cold days without overheating them.
    Wool sneakers also have moisture-wicking properties, which means that they quickly transfer sweat from the inside to the outside surface of the upper and that the sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric.
    What’s more, wool also has antimicrobial qualities. It prevents bacterial growth and reduces the risk of infections.

Lining inside a shoe has the purpose of covering the inside seams and lengthening the lifespan of the shoe. This is what comes in contact with your foot as you wear your sneakers. Linings can be made out of a variety of materials, but in the case of this guide, we are only going to talk about textile linings.

Almost all of the designs from our list have a textile, cotton lining. Cotton is very breathable – though not as breathable as leather – and moisture-absorbing, ensuring that your feet are dry inside your sneakers.

Additionally, even if you wear cotton-lined footwear every day, it will most likely retain its shape, since cotton linings can be quite durable.


All Superga shoes come with soles made out of vulcanized rubber. This type of material is produced by mixing sulfur with natural rubber and then heating it up. The sulfur creates additional links between polymers of the rubber to strengthen them and increase their durability. Essentially, the sulfur changes the chemical structure of the rubber. This entire process was named after the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.

Vulcanized rubber is more elastic than natural rubber, as well as more resistant and longer-lasting. What is most outstanding about vulcanized rubber, however, is that it provides a superior grip and traction. Even though in Superga sneakers you aren’t likely to do any serious sports, it is good to know that your footwear will support you in case you decide to play some ball with your kids or break into a run with your dogs.


Even though the brand first started out as a tennis shoe manufacturer, Superga has since branched out into other types of footwear. This is why on our list we have many different variations of the classic sneaker, but also some other popular styles.

  • Sneaker:
    While today the sneaker is the ubiquitous shoe, one without which life wouldn’t be the same, back in 1911 when this Italian footwear company was first starting out, it wasn’t the case. Sneakers were first created with sports in mind, in an attempt to provide athletes with solid footwear that would help them achieve their potential and break all the records.
    Of course, now sneakers are lifestyle shoes more than anything, and we wear them everywhere we can because they are comfortable, easy to wear and go well with (mostly) everything.
    Superga sneakers, in particular, are designed with that trendy casual style in mind. Their classic, most recognizable silhouette is a low-top canvas sneaker with a wrap-around vulcanized rubber outsole and a lace-up closure. Though of course, over the years the brand followed all the latest fashion styles and diversified the original concept, adding a lot more options for all sneakerheads out there.
    • High Top: High tops are sneakers with a higher top – never would have guessed it, huh? They wrap around your ankle, which is especially handy when you’re an active person and you’re not only walking but also running, twirling, leaping, jumping, bouncing and everything in between. The high top stabilizes your ankle, prevents any wobbly movements and dramatically reduces the risk of sprains or injuries.
      It is also useful during colder months, as it serves as sort of a bootie if it’s made out of snow and rain resistant materials. (Bonus points if it’s a high top with a wool upper, like the one in our list.)
    • Slip-on: Slip-on sneakers have all the benefits of a sneaker – lightweight, comfortable, fashionable, supportive – but without the fuss of lacings. This is a great design for those who have not yet mastered the skill of tying shoelaces, such as young children, or for those who for some reason have difficulty reaching their feet – pregnant women, the elderly, overweight people and similar.
      Slip-on sneakers are also life-savers if you’re the type of person who is always in a hurry, flying from one place to the next, and if you don’t have much time to bother with complicated closures.
    • Flatform: Flatform is a word derived from the phrase ‘flat platform’. Essentially, these are sneakers with platform soles, but we use the term ‘flatform’ to distinguish them from platform heels.
      The flatform trend has been on the rise in recent years, and everyone is dying to have a pair of these sneakers. They are as comfy and versatile as other sneaker types, but they also provide you with a boost in height, sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes quite considerable.
      Bear in mind, however, that flatforms – especially the really high ones – aren’t geared towards running or other sport-like activities, as you might risk losing your balance and even taking a fall in them.


  • Mule:
    We are thrilled with the way Superga reinvented the classic sneaker design and turned it into a sneaker mule. Their mules have the same laid-back, sporty chic vibe as their sneakers, but they are backless, making it easy for everyone to slip in and out of them.
    Mules are convenient in warm weather, if you’re not a fan of sandals of flip-flops but still don’t want your feet to sweat in regular sneakers. They are also very practical, in that they are quick to put on, and they go well with all casual outfits, just like sneakers do!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Superga footwear vegan?
A: Some of it is, such as their Cotu Classic styles. The latex glue that this brand uses is animal-friendly, though we should mention that some designs are made out of both synthetic and genuine leather. Some kid’s models also have the option of leather insoles. In any case, it is best to read the description of each product before you make a purchase.

Q: Who are some of the celebrities wearing Superga footwear?
A: Each year this brand employes celebrities as their brand ambassadors, and together they create sneaker collections designed by the ambassador. In the past, Superga brand ambassadors have been: Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, supermodel Binx Walton and others. In the case of its U. S. branch, fashion designer twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have even been hired as creative directors for the company.


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