Best Thigh High Boots Reviewed & Rated for Comfort

Have you ever felt that your closet is missing something? That your outfits aren’t giving the right “vibe”? One of the most important staples to your look; your shoes. Since skin-tight leggings and skinny jeans have taken over the fashion industry, the right footwear is crucial. It’s a new year which means another “new you”. So let’s revamp your style with the shoes that can give you mile long legs without needing a six-inch stiletto: thigh high boots.

You may ask “Why?” since you have plenty of fall boots (the classic solid browns and flat soles will never let you down), but those aren’t enough to give your night out the WOW factor. Thigh high boots (also known as over-the-knees) can be the perfect combination of sexy and stylish. Who doesn’t want to see their reflection in store windows and think “I look hot!”?

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Forever Link Camila-48
  • Forever Link Camila-48
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Synthetic Sole
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ShoeDezigns Travis 05
  • ShoeDezigns Travis 05
  • 4.7 out of 5
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West Blvd. London
  • West Blvd. London
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We can all agree one of our favorite things is hearing other women tell us they absolutely love our shoes and where did we buy them. Since thigh highs are available in so many different styles, you’ll be hearing it all day left and right. Wedges, spikes, and chunky heels. The options are practically endless! They are definitely a must-have, and once you buy one pair you’ll find yourself needing more. Without further ado, here are the top ten thigh highs you have to check out.


10 Best Thigh High Boots


1. Forever Link Camila-48

The Camila-48 boots are over-the-knee boots that lace all the way up, making them one of the only quality pairs that are customizable to your calf and thigh sizes. Made from quality synthetic leather, they’re practically guaranteed to last. With only a 2.5-3” tall heel losing balance will be the least of the wearer's worries. They also feature zippers that run down the sides all the way to the bottom, with a tapered toe for comfortable wear.
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Synthetic Sole
Featuring a synthetic sole these boots will definitely last more than a handful of wears. Being man-made they will not wear a natural substance would. Rather, they will continue to prevent any slipping longer than a lot of other boots on the market. Although you’ll want to watch your step because they’re more likely to scuff.

No Slit Behind Knees
Unlike many other knee highs, these boots do not feature a slit behind the knees. This can make them harder to bend. Although, this reduces the possibility of thighs looking bigger than they are which is something we’re all afraid of.

Cost and Value
Comfortability is something the Camila-48’s are loved for. We all hate the beautiful shoes that kill our feet. These Forever Link boots being leather, lace-up and made with quality craftsmanship make them a great choice for someone looking for a bargain.
  • Fit any body type
  • Completely adjustable
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Thicker heel for better balance
  • Available in 3 finishes
  • Not true to size
  • Slightly bunches at ankles

2. Shoe'N Tale Stretchy

These stylish and comfy boots are your hot choice for a cold winter night! They come in a variety of colors to choose from and have a heel height of 3 ½ inches. With a lace-up design and two material types to choose from, your winter fashion will never run cold.
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Elastic Stretch
The boots are constructed with a bootleg that is fully elastic. The elastic stretch gives the closet calf shape fitting possible without being too tight or too loose fitting. You’ll receive a snug fit without the worry of the bootleg slipping down.

Faux Fur Lining
These boots are lined with faux fur that is of the short pile type. This will provide comfort and warmth plus the feeling of luxury without the fur guilt. Being short pile, the lining keeps fabric bulkiness and irritation at a minimum.

Cost and Value
Similar boots on the market can cost a fortune! You can receive similar style and quality at a much better price. In addition, these boots are winter boots allowing you to have long-term wear since they can’t be worn all year-round.
  • True to size
  • 9 color choices
  • Fur lining (faux)
  • Stretchy boot leg
  • Just right heel height
  • Great for narrow calves
  • Suede or leather (both faux)
  • Oddly stitched
  • Cold season only
  • Sweaty feet from lining

3. Breckelles Alabama-12

The Alabama-12’s are officially labeled a riding boot. They’re more for practicality than fashion but are still very stylish. Their initial design is similar to the Camila’s but hugs the legs tighter with a shorter heel. The toe is rounded rather than tapered, which gives a little more wiggle room. If steampunk is your go-to, Alabama’s are going to be your number one choice.
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Treated Material
As we all know, the material is very important when it comes to the appeal of shoes. Made out of 100% synthetic material these boots are vegan-friendly. This also means they’re more likely to stand up to everyday wear.

Zipper Jams
When putting them on the zippers can easily become stuck. It can definitely be a hassle if in a hurry and your boots won’t cooperate. Breckelles shoes are worth it (Nordstrom’s does sell their products after all) but just like any knee highs, they have disadvantages. Slowly zipping them up is one of them.

Cost and Value
Bargain hunting is always hit and miss. Luckily with this boot, you’ll hit a home run. The make is similar to Steve Madden’s in style and comfort. Thankfully for less of your hard earned cash, you’ll have shoes that look designer.
  • Fairly weather resistant
  • Enough room for added insoles
  • Thick heel for stability
  • Relatively warm
  • Almost zero traction
  • Laces fray easily
  • Wooden block inside heel


Sometimes we want a “pull on” pair of boots that have zippers for a little extra room. These fashion casuals have exactly that. With zippers that reach by the ankles (let’s face it, most boots are a pain to pull over them) your search can end. It’s also a dream come true that these boots have ties around the thighs to prevent them from falling below your knees.
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Wide Calf
Not very often you’ll find boots available in more than one sizing caste. I’m happy to say these are. When choosing sizes the option of “wide calf” is a delight to the reader’s eyes.

Padded Lining
Stay warm and stylish with the faux fur lining and padded insole. No need for clunky, ridiculously expensive winter boots. Although you’ll want to go a little bigger so as to wear socks thicker than paper. Other than the tight fit layers are a surefire way to keep your toes warm on cold days.

Cost and Value
With functioning ties, the added zipper, and decorative buckles you’re getting more than what you bargained for. The slimming effect Dream Pairs achieved can easily be mistaken for a maxed out credit card. Don’t forget the wide range of colors to go with every outfit.
  • True to size
  • Comfortable cushioned insole
  • Adjustable fit
  • Low heel for versatility
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Scuff easily
  • Fake tread

5. ShoeDezigns Travis-05

5. ShoeDezigns Travis-05
Everybody loves a good pair of combat boots. Although we can all agree sometimes we want them to be sexy rather than manly. These military lace ups are the best combination. Fashion + function isn’t something we get to witness everyday. Low heel with deep tread and thick soles make a boot everyone will want to steal from you.
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Heavier than Average Boot
At about 3 pounds these shoes will achieve ‘thicc’ legs considering the strength it takes to walk in them for extended periods. There’s a chance you won’t find them worth the trouble if you hate your feet dragging every now and then. Just remember, beauty is pain right?

Rubber Outsole
Just like regular combats, the Travis-05’s have a rubber outsole that grips the ground as you walk. Looking stylish in the winter has never been easier. With this boot you’ll be able to walk across icy parking lots without losing traction even once.

Cost and Value
Luckily the boots are in the “middle” for price point. Another great buy for costing a fraction of any other military style. Different colors can run more than others, so make sure you’re paying attention before hitting checkout.

6. Guilty Shoes Slouchy

6. Guilty Shoes Slouchy
Don’t ever feel guilty wearing these sexy boots! The boots have a stiletto heel that stands at five inches and the shoes come in ten colors. There are even styling options such as tied lacing in the front and back in addition to no lacing at all. If boots are made for walking, make sure you walk over in the finest walk.
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Durable Comfort
The boots come with great features. For starters, they easily slip-on and slip-off and the outsole are constructed with rubber that is sturdy for maximum comfort. Also, the insole is cushioned to keep your feet comfortably snuggle for prolonged wear in every season.

Easy to Clean
There’s nothing worse than dirt and grime on a shoe that can’t be removed. Fortunately, these boots are easy to clean! To remove dirt and grime, all you have to use is a damp cloth with a pea size of mild liquid soap. For deeper cleaning, a simple rubber eraser and a brush constructed for suede and nubuck material will do.

Cost and Value
Since these boots provide great comfort along with being to clean, your purchase will repay you multiple times. Not only will they last long but your feet and wallet will last long as well while walking in these boots.
  • Slight roomy fit
  • Comfort walking
  • Deep, rich colors
  • Stays put on legs
  • Lightweight feeling
  • Great for thick, athletic calves
  • Sizing runs small
  • Reports of weak heel

7. Fashion Thirsty Stiletto

7. Fashion Thirsty Stiletto
There are definitely times your outfit calls for some smut. Stop right there because these shiny boots have a six-inch heel. With an elastic opening, they’re sure to hug your thighs just right. You will want to go a little larger in size because the faux leather doesn’t stretch out much.
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Platform Gives Added Height
The six-inch heels aren’t accurate on the added height you’ll receive from this boot. The platform stacks on another two inches, in this case, beware if you aren’t looking to add eight inches to your stature.

Sizing Label
The labels inside the boots are listed in UK/EU sizes. When purchasing please go by US size, otherwise you could end up with an ill-fitting shoe. Example; UK 4 is actually US 6.

Cost and Value
Even though they don’t have any embellishments like many other boots, expect to pay a little more. This is because of the wide sizing range and added elastic to ensure fit.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Snug fit
  • Don’t slide down
  • Sturdy heel for stable gait
  • Not made for all-day wear
  • Strange shipping smell

8. RF Chunky Heel

8. RF Chunky Heel
Remember watching Austin Powers and loving the go-go boots that were everywhere? Thanks to Room of Fashion you can now buy the modern day version. With a wide variety of colors and sizes you can match these shoes to practically anything. Also if you love to wear a lot of black but want a touch of color these are the perfect choice.
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Regular, Medium, Wide
It’s not very common for boots to cater to three different leg types. Happy to say these do! You can order them in regular sizing, or get them for medium and wide calves too. Room of Fashion knows that not every woman is the same.

Laces for Adjustable Fit
You may be asking “Can they get any better?” well yes they can. With laces up the back you can adjust the fit to contour your legs. A dream come true since not all of us have thin legs.

Cost and Value
You definitely will love how reasonable the pricing is since the majority of chunky heel boots can kill your wallet. Even better, seventeen colors and half-sizing are available. You’ll still want to be on the safe side and go a little larger but there’s no beating the value of these.

9. Kaitlyn Pan Lowland

9. Kaitlyn Pan Lowland
At a higher price point, these Kaitlyn Pan’s are worth the splurge. Made out of microsuede on the outside and lambskin on the inside, these are “quali-T”. They cushion your feet and legs like your favorite pair of UGGS. Although they’re only available in five colors, you can’t deny that they are lovely.
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Spandex Shaft Lining
When looking for a close-fitting boot it’s important to know what they’re made from. The lining in the Pan’s is made from Lycra, an elastic polyurethane fiber that gives you snug fit and flexibility other shoes don’t.

True to Size
Although the fit is as expected if looking to wear skinny jeans or socks under them order up in size. I am happy to report that when ordering, the measurements are listed as well. No more endless scrolling through reviews to double check they’ll fit properly.

Cost and Value
Reading reviews, these lowland “knockoffs” are worth every shiny penny. Considering they’re made from the highest quality synthetic suede with real lambskin.
  • Low heel
  • Cushioned insole
  • Rubber sole
  • Slide on/off easily
  • Deep tread for traction
  • Chemical smell out of box
  • Color rubs off on socks

10. Stuart Weitzman 5050

10. Stuart Weitzman 5050
Everyone wants that one pair they’re afraid of regretting later. Take the plunge with these real imported leather, A-list boots. An ultra-slim fit that flexes with your legs is hard to come by but the 50’s are exactly that. Even the insole is genuine leather, which makes them all the better.
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Micro stretch Back
Running down the back of the boot is a panel of stretch material to achieve that “flawless fit”. There will be no need to keep your legs straight when seated like many other pairs require.

Rubber Sole
The bottoms, like any other SW’s, has the signature “STUART” along with deep grooves. This feature gives the tread a perfect amount of traction. Also being made from a quality rubber they grip the ground and absorb impact, giving ultimate comfort.

Cost and Value
Even though you may be hesitant to spend so much on ‘shoes’ you deserve to splurge on that one pair. The quality SW achieves means these will last longer than any other pair you may buy. Spend so much for one pair that you’ll still wear years to come, or buy a new cheaper pair every few months? The choice is obvious.
  • Real leather
  • Sized to fit
  • Stretch panel
  • Thicker low heel for stability
  • A favorite for celebrities
  • Bunch at ankles
  • Tight on high arches

Every woman needs to own at least one pair of over-the-knee boots once in their life and so many styles are available to cater to each individual taste. Low heels and stilettos or lace-ups and pull-ons. The possibilities are endless to give you all you’re hoping for. Whether it be fall, winter, spring or summer there’s a pair for every occasion. Just be forewarned, once you buy one pair you’ll find yourself wanting more, therefore this list of top ten will most likely be in your cart and on its way to your doorstep within the week. Just remember to read descriptions and reviews thoroughly for correct sizing, so as to avoid any disappointment in your beautiful footwear. Also, remember proper care will keep your boots beautiful and long-lasting.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Thigh High Boots

sitting thigh highs


No one wants to be having a great time dancing then have to take off their shoes because it’s killing their feet. That’s why it’s extremely important for your thigh high boots to be comfortable and flexible. What makes this possible? The material they’re made from of course.

Materials That Make the Best Quality Boot:
  • Leather –
    Shoes made from real leather not only look nice, they’re definitely one of the more durable substances. Also, leather is much easier to clean than a lot of other shoes. You also don’t need to worry about abrasions on the outside ruining the appearance with how strong it is.
  • Textiles (fabrics) –
    Different fabrics like polyester and nylon are usually the most common types of materials used to make footwear. This is because they’re breathable and comfortable. The names used for these are lycra, rayon, and polypropylene.
  • Rubber –
    Another popular material is rubber. Why? Because they absorb impact much better than others do. It’s also extremely waterproof.
  • Suede –
    Suede is a favorite among many for it’s soft, smooth feel. It breathes and looks expensive (which it can be).

Remember, each one will have some sort of downfall that could make or break your decision. For example, leather can get intensely hot and sweaty. Textiles aren’t usually long-lasting because they have very little water resistance. If you’re looking for lightweight, stay away from rubber since it’s fairly heavy. The beauty of suede comes with a price since it stains so easy.

Thigh high trees


An extremely important aspect you need in your thigh high boots is the ability to adjust them to fit your legs. Not all brands cater to wide calves, so make sure you read descriptions before hitting “Add to Cart”. Reviews are a great help too when you’re trying to figure out if they’ll fit or not.

  • Laces –
    For complete adjustability always opt for boots with laces, since you can loosen and tighten them to your satisfaction. Many of the boots on this list have drawstrings or completely lace up to cater to all women.
  • Elastic –
    A surefire way to get a boot that won’t slide down past your knees is to buy ones that have elastic bands built in. With this feature, the fit of your boots will be comfortably snug.
  • Zippers –
    Boots that have only zippers aren’t adjustable but if you’re hoping for that edgy look they’re what you want for sure. Luckily the companies usually widen the leg shaft as the sizes go up and they’re more likely to accommodate wide calves by having separate sizing available.

Classy thigh hihg

Fitting of Thigh-High Boots

One major issue with boots is many times the ankles are ridiculously narrow, which can mean an uncomfortably tight fit. It can feel like a boa constrictor is wrapped around your legs every step you take if they’re tight in the ankles.  A few of the over-the-knees on this list have been reviewed as ankle grippers, but the majority were labeled as just “right”. Although, vigorous wear can stretch certain materials over time and loosen those too-tight but oh-so-cute thigh highs.

In addition to ankle fit, you want a proper calf fit. Calves vary in sizes and it can be frustrating to find boots with a proper calf fit. To help alleviate this problem, it’s best to understand the measurements of boots and your own leg measurements.


The height of shaft:
Boot shafts are measured from the bottom of the boot to the top of the boot. To have a proper shaft, measure from the bottom of your heel to below your kneecap.
The circumference of calf:
Boot calves are measured around the fullest part of the boot leg (usually near/right below the boot leg opening). You can do the same by measuring around the fullest part of your calves (usually the widest part of your calves that sits right below your knees).

The two other measurements are the ankle measurement and the heel measurement. For the most part, those two measurements aren’t as important when it comes to fit like the calf and shaft measurement but if you do find them important, just measure the circumference of the ankles and the center side of the boot heels (if possible). If you are concerned about ankle fit, rest assured that ankle measurements of boots are usually balanced with the calf measurement so you will not have to worry about an uneven fit from ankle to calf.


Calf Measurements:
Wide calf: 16 inches or more. Wide calf boots usually have functional features such as buckles, laces, or stretchy boot leg materials.
Narrow calf: 13 ¾ inches or less. Narrow calf boots will be slimmer and you can tell just by visuals before you even decide to try any boots on. Also, they’ll have fabrications that will instantly form to the narrow calf of the individual.

What about average calves? Judging by the measurements of the wide calf and the narrow calf, it should be understood that average calf measurements fall between the two respective measurements. Usually, boots will be labeled for wide calves or narrow calves and if the boots aren’t labeled as either, it’s safe to assume that the boots are averaged calf. Of course, it’s just better to know your own measurements and find boots that fit the similar measurements. If you can’t try them on before you buy, most product descriptions of sites will have the measurements listed.

pretty thigh high boots

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What goes with thigh high boots?
A. Skinny Jeans and Leggings; Any skinny jeans or leggings will pair up fabulously with thigh high boots. They keep your legs looking slim, long and lovely. Pairing the two also enhances your ‘gluteus maximus’ (your butt) to the max thanks to their signature tightness. I’m pretty positive we’ve all turned and looked at our asset in the mirror just to simply admire it. Over-the-knees will not disappoint you with that aspect.

Dresses; It seems we’ve all felt the pain of finding the perfect dress and it being inappropriately short, so it ends up sitting in our closet unworn because of our fear of showing too much skin. Get a pair of thigh highs and voila  you can now wear that dress and feel no shame! Just remember to bend at the knees if you drop something or be prepared to give everyone behind you a show. (You can also cheat and wear volleyball shorts underneath for extra peace of mind.)

Q. Are thigh high boots still in style?
A. Of course they are! It seems there will never be a time that thigh highs won’t be in style. Even when the inevitable change in fashion comes where boot-cut jeans and long flowy dresses/skirts become whats “in” again. There will still be fashionistas rocking mile-long legs with shorts instead of pants and dresses. Making a statement is what these boots are made for. Anyone else feeling the urge to suddenly listen to Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made For Walkin’?

Q. Can I wear thigh high boots to work?
A. That depends. If you’re working somewhere where employees wear a uniform, I would say no. What about an office? That would have to depend on dress code and what you wear with them, i.e. dress it down with a long cardigan and flat heel. Clothing retailers typically prefer their workers (“consultants”) to wear whatever is considered fashion forward or their own product, so if your store sells thigh highs buy a pair and advertise.

Q. “I’m plus-sized, can I wear thigh high boots?”
A. Girl, yes! You deserve just as much to wear what small women wear. Being petite myself I can assure you most of us think curvaceous women such as yourself look better than us in pretty much anything! (Although I don’t speak for everyone). There’s no wrong way to have a body. Rock your curves, you’re fierce! Many of the boots on this list can cater to you. Especially the lace-ups since they’re completely adjustable!

Q. How do I properly store my thigh high boots?
A. Pool noodles. Recently in the DIY world, women have been cutting pool noodles and putting them inside their boots. This keeps them from flopping to the side and developing ugly creases. Which are practically impossible to get rid of once they’re there. It’s also a good way to retain the rounded shape for your legs.

Q. Can I clean them?
A. Definitely. Each material can be cleaned using various methods. Without proper care your boots won’t stay beautiful for very long. Here are some care tips;

  • Leather –
    Using a microfiber cloth (like you use for your TV/computer screen), lightly soak water into the cloth and dip into baking soda. This helps get rid of scuffs. Don’t scrub too hard or you could damage your boots. Now with a new cloth wipe them down, removing the baking soda residue. Don’t let them sit wet, buff them dry with another cloth.
  • Canvas –
    Also known as lycra, it’s definitely one of the easier types to take care of. Just a bit of cool water and a toothbrush will get out any dirt/spots they’ve accumulated. After you’ve dried them just spritz a bit of waterproofing spray.
  • Suede –
    Cleaning suede sounds scary if you’ve heard stories of people accidentally ruining their favorite coat or shoes. Put your fears away because here’s an easy method; you can buff away dirt/stains with a brush or cloth, and using a solution (2 parts water 1 part white vinegar) gently wipe away any remaining spots. Let air dry and they will look like new again.
  • Microfiber –
    Put simply a soft bristle toothbrush and a bit of Dawn dish soap will keep your microfiber (otherwise known as faux suede) looking brand new.

Q. How can I keep thigh-high from slipping down?
A. The idea of thigh high boots slipping down is embarrassing but there are ways to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. In addition to finding boots that properly fit your calves, you can wear knee-high socks, stockings, or tights because it will give the boot leg fabric to grip. Wearing leggings and denim skinny jeans can help as well. Another trick is to wear double-sided fashion tape and some boot owners get creative by inserting rolled up cards or even elastic hair ties around the knee. Lastly, pure leather boots can minimize this problem and in extreme cases, one can visit a cobbler to tighten the bootleg up.

Q. How do I put on thigh-high boots?
A. While some boots provide room for easy slip-on and slip-off maneuverability, other boots are quite snug and make it harder to put them on. Just like wearing socks, stockings, tights, leggings, and denim skinny jeans can hold the bootleg up, they can also make it easier to slip the boots on as well. Another tactic is to fold the bootleg up and then roll it back into place and some people will scrunch the bootleg like a sock for easy put-on. Of course, the boot eg has to be flexible material for it to be folded or scrunched up and it could be harder to do with leather material.


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