Best Under Armour Running Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Under Armour has been a reliable brand in running shoes for more than a decade. Using their innovative technology, advanced knowledge, and relevant designs, this brand works hard to design running shoes that are truly built for the comfort, protection, and stability of the runner. With so many styles to choose from, Under Armour allows anyone to find a shoe that perfectly fits the needs of your type of running.

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When looking for the perfect running shoe, there are many variables to consider. One of the most important aspects is the running surfaces you may face, another is understanding the support you need, and you need to set a goal. Are you hoping to get a better time in your next marathon, going to try out trail running, want to start out your running career, or simply need a good shoe to go to the gym? Under Armour has been making great strides in the running shoe world, and has a great shoe for all of your running goals.

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Micro G Assert 7
  • Micro G Assert 7
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Leather Overlays
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Dash 2
  • Dash 2
  • 5 out of 5
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  • One-Piece EVA Midsole
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SpeedForm Apollo 2
  • SpeedForm Apollo 2
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Foam Infused Heel
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You may know Under Armour for the quality clothing lines, and the quality of the running shoes will not disappoint. Each shoe listed in this top 10 list have benefits to set you up for success for all of your running needs.


10 Best Under Armour Running Shoes


1. Micro G Assert 7

Ultimate comfort for an ultimate run. The upper is constructed with mesh for 100% breathability and a lightweight. The overlays are leather for durability and stability helping to keep your midfoot locked in. Every step you take responds with comfort with the EVA sockliner and the Micro G foam midsole. The rubber outsole supports foot zones of high impact without the extra weight.
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Leather Durability
Sometimes a running shoe's material is used for style instead of function. You can get both with the Assert 7. Durable leather is used in the overlays to help withstand wear and tear while giving a better stabilizing, locked in fit.

EVA Sockliner
A lot of running shoes only offer one supportive feature. Not only do you receive support in the midsole and outsole, you get an extra layer with the EVA sockliner. The liner is very soft and offers a sock-like feel without extra materials for a lightweight in-step feel.

Cost and Value
Assert 7 is on the lower price range but do not mistake it for low-quality. A perfect beginners runner shoe, you can test drive great performance features at an affordable price.

Pliable and lightweight

Affordable pricing

Quality construction

Easy break-in

Withstands heavy activity


Stiff in the beginning

Sizing runs large

2. Dash 2

Not a serious runner, but you still like to hike, walk, bike, and casually run? The Under Armour Dash 2 is the ideal model for you. Great support of a running shoe, but with the durability to stand up to all types of terrain.
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24/7 User Support
The foam midsole will allow you to move comfortably all day and all night. The design allows for the shoe to be lightweight, so the last thing on your mind during a run is your shoes. The support is equally noticed if you do decide to use the shoe for hikes, physically demanding work days, or running errands.

The textiles, solid rubber outsole, and stitched leather all add up to a long lasting running shoe. The longevity of the Under Armour Dash 2 is a major benefit.

Cost and Value
For casual runners, this shoe is excellent value. The shoe will not need to be replaced as frequently as other running shoes, and you will be able to wear this shoe for activities besides running.

Breathable mesh top

EVA midsole

Unique design combinations

Easy cleaning


Constricts wide feet

3. SpeedForm Apollo 2

A clean design with a few options for color combinations and a tasteful placement of the Under Armour logo make this shoe a great option. The construction of this shoe is recommended for casual running on the treadmill, all distance running, and road running. It is highly recommended you break in this shoe with a few short mileage runs before taking them over 3 miles.
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The fabric and design of the shoe will allow for breathability. This provides a benefit for those who feel their feet get hot during running, and it will help with smells. This fabric also allows the shoe to be lightweight, important for long distance running.

The extra cushion in the midsole will provide great support to all arch types. You may find you need a little extra support if you have particular needs, but the factory construction will allow for most arch types to feel very comfortable.

Cost and Value
You can expect to get a lot of miles out of this shoe, so you can feel confident they will provide a great value.

Seamless heel cup

Silicone grip heel

Locked-in fit

Anatomical fit

Flexible rubber outsole

Dual layered midsole


Sizing runs small

Lengthy break-in

Order 1/2 size up

4. Charged Bandit 3

4. Charged Bandit 3
A great mid-distance running shoe. Depending on your climate, this running shoe may also lend itself to being an ideal long-distance shoe. It seems that Under Armour is constantly listening and adapting to needed changes between models, and the Charged Bandit 3 is nearly perfect.
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One major upgrade is the dual-layer midsole. The added layer helps with durability, the responsiveness of energy, and comfort for runs of all distances.

Moisture Control
The fabric isn’t necessarily water resistant, so if you live in a dry or warmer climate this would not be an issue. However, the Antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner does lend a hand to moisture control. If you live in a warmer climate, this will help if you find your feet sweat, or if you live in a moist climate this will help keep the inside of your shoe dry.

Cost and Value
Great value for a warm or dry climate mid to long distance runner. If you live in a climate that is typically wet, it may not be a great value unless you plan to run mostly indoors.

Non-adjustable tongue

Tongue slippage free

Lightweight construction

Firm external heel

Durable materials


Sizing runs narrow

5. SpeedForm Slingride TRI

5. SpeedForm Slingride TRI
With over 22 color combinations, it might be difficult to pick a favorite. With a runner’s dream construction, this shoe is ideal for all distances, and will provide great comfort on hard running surfaces.
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Sprinter’s Dream
Sometimes it seems the long distance runs get all of the love when it comes to discussing shoes. This particular shoe will be a great option for sprints, stair runs, and cross training. Under Armour has introduced seamless asymmetric zonal compression that will allow you to get from heel to toe very quickly.

Between the woven and durable fabric, dual-layered midsole, and padded tongue, you will find this shoe to be incredibly comfortable for all of your running needs.

Cost and Value
This shoe is an excellent value if you will be using them for training, and for your races. Due to the versatile construction to allow for ideal conditions in sprints, and long distances, you will find this rivals the best of all running shoes.

Dyneema woven construction

Various style options

Rubber sole

Innovative construction


Sizing runs narrow

6. SpeedForm Gemini 3

6. SpeedForm Gemini 3
A greater evolution in the Gemini series, the neutral and lightweight Gemini 3 will give you cushioning and flexibility you crave. Constructed with Speedform, you'll have a precision fit and built-in sock liner that gives you greater comfort and support. The threadbone midfoot gives structure and the engineered mesh enhances ventilation.
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Responsive Cushioning
The superbly cushioned midsole responds to your every step. As you run, the midsole absorbs your step energy and uses it to propel your next move.

Seamless Heel Cup
So many running shoes have a thick and bulky heel cup that can hinder your performance. With the Gemini 3, you have a heel cup that is seamless to give you a better performance fit without minimizing stability.

Cost and Value
It's a bit costlier, but the construction of the Gemini 3 and what it has to offer is well worth the cost. Don't cheapen your run.

Stabilizing Micro G heel

Lightweight blown rubber

Responsive, durable midsole

Seamless, weightless heel


Very different cut

Reported heel pain

7. SpeedForm Slingshot 2

7. SpeedForm Slingshot 2
Lightweight and minimalist the Slingshot 2 gives you everyday style that's ready for any race. A fashionable design with a fresh look, there are built-in perforations in the toe box and tongue with a lacing system that is wide and adjustable for a fit that is locked down. Also, a sock-like fit wraps closely around the foot for a better grip and guidance. You'll win every finish line quick and easy.
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UA Speedform
Are you tired of unnecessary distractions and irritations from other running shoes? The Slingshot 2 comes with an innovative technology that reduces any fit problems. It does so by molding to your feet to give you a laser-sharp fit.

Threadborne Knit
Some running shoes are breathable but fit poorly while others fit tightly but are not breathable. With this specialized knit you have breathability that isn't weak and an upper that isn't too tight. Its snug-like compression fit enhances directional strength.

Cost and Value
These fit similar price range of other Under Armour shoes. However, this model comes with cool performance features at no extra charge to you.

Responsive charged cushioning

Quick toe-off

High-abrasion rubber

Casual wear ready


Lacing is confusing

8. Threadborne Slingflex

8. Threadborne Slingflex
With all the amazing features, it's no wonder why this running shoe is another one of Under Armour’s best sellers. The Threadborne upper and strong Dyneema fibers work together to create a form fit that's also flexible and durable. The removable Micro G sock liner provides a cushion against the bottom of your feet and also makes cleaning convenient. From the padded mesh tongue, two-piece Charged Cushioning and rubber soles, this running shoe is an all-around great choice for any type of runner.
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Powerful and Lightweight
Under Armour created these shoes with types of innovative fabrics. The Threadborne and Dyneema fibers are strong and durable while allowing for a lightweight form fit. Providing heavy-duty strength and protection against the outer part of the shoe, these materials are still light enough to prevent the runner from slowing down.

Charged Cushioning
The midsoles of these shoes come equipped with a two-piece layering system of Charged Cushioning. This kind of padding creates a soft, foamy feel that forms to your foot while it also works to absorb any pressure and friction from your movements. A great choice for creating ease during your run.

Cost and Value
These running shoes are priced a little less than some of the others but are still up there in cost. The strength, durability and lightweight feel make it a trustworthy choice that will last you a long time.

Threadborne woven fibers

Dyneema woven fibers

Double charged cushioning

Removable sock liner

Internal heel counter

Lightweight and strong


Limited breathability

Limited moisture control

9. Horizon RTT

9. Horizon RTT
This shoe is perfect for those of you outdoor lovers and trail runners. The high traction rubber sole provides support and grip needed to keep your balance and stay protected. The durable upper and reinforced materials provide increased durability in critical areas, keeping your shoe fully intact for longer periods of time. Featuring a molded foam collar, mesh heel, Charged Cushioning and full-length EVA Midsoles, you really can't go wrong with this running shoe.
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Running on natural surfaces like grass, dirt or rocks can create stress against the foot and damage shoes that aren't tough enough. That's why Under Armour created these shoes with high traction on durable rubber soles that are made to be long-lasting and supportive.

Comfortable Fit
While running may be tiring, these shoes will make your feet feel like they're walking on clouds. The Charged Cushioning inside the shoe provides a soft, supportive feel perfect for long distance runs. The molded foam collar and protected heels form to the shape of the foot, protect and provide comfort.

Cost and Value
Like all other Under Armour shoes, you can expect these to come with a decently hefty price tag. For those of you who are truly into trail running, you don't want to settle for less; instead, purchasing a pair of reliable running shoes like these will protect your feet no matter where you go.

Complete EVA midsole

Reinforced materials

Protective welding

Breathable upper

High traction rubber sole

Molded foam collar


No flat surfaces

No man-made surfaces

10. Threadborne Slingwrap

10. Threadborne Slingwrap
Combine premium materials and innovative, elite technologies and you’ll find yourself with a highly reliable running shoe; just like this one! The Threadborne knit upper provides lightweight breathability while the flexible foot straps secure the foot into place for increased safety and support. Molded Charged Cushioning can be found all around this running shoe, from the comfortable sock liner to the durable compression midsole. All around this shoe provides all the proper features needed for a comfortable, successful run.
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Secure Fit and Structure
The mid-foot straps located on the outside of the shoes work hard to create a flexible and form fit. The TPU enhanced heel and anatomically designed outsole also help to provide proper structure and increased stability. Coexisting with Charged Cushioning, the inside of the shoes will also provide plush comfort and a flexible yet secure fit.

Complete Comfort
The Charged Cushioning really takes control over this shoe. Found in the sock liner that helps form to the shape of your foot and compressed into the midsole to provide cushion and rebound, these running shoes will provide you with complete comfort on or off the track.

Cost and Value
You probably already understand the pattern by now, but as always these shoes are going to be a little pricey during the initial purchase. Once you step foot into the comfortable, secure fit you'll be thankful you spent a little extra and made the right choice.

Mid-foot straps

Charged Cushioning

TPU enhanced heel

Isolated rubber pods

Reflective night material


Very high cost

Think about your running goals. Are you a beginning runner who averages a few miles per week, or are you training to run a long distance race? Your goal will lead you to your ideal Under Armour running shoe. Use this guide to provide the parameters, lace up those running shoes, and enjoy your run.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Under Armour Running Shoes

Innovative Technology and Designs

One of the things that makes Under Armour such a reliable and top quality brand is their constant in-depth research and innovative technology used in their running shoes. This brand puts themselves in the shoes of the runner to better understand each individual’s needs and provide shoes with the proper solutions.

The designs are specially crafted and well thought for each different type of running. Under Armour always aims to create a lightweight feel in their running shoes while still using strong, durable materials. Their many styles in shoes are designed to form around the foot in whichever way best suits the runner. With so many forms, fits and shapes, you truly have a lot to choose from.

Under Armour uses modern, advanced technologies to create fashion-forward, functional running shoes. Technology like their 3D printing allows this brand to create the perfect fit, stitching, and use of materials. When you face a problem while running, it’s Under Armour you’ll want to turn to for the solution. Being properly structured, strong and comfortable, these designs for running shoes are literally some of the best money can buy.

Going even further into innovative designs, Under Armour provides a wide variety of features in their running shoes from shock absorption to protective welding. Every small detail counts when creating these running shoes, that’s what makes them so reliable. EVA multilayered Midsoles, high abrasion rubber soles, and midfoot straps are just a few more examples of extremely functional features you can expect to find in Under Armour running shoes.

Each of their shoes is created differently to enhance the special features needed for each run. You won’t find the same features in all their shoes which is why their advanced technological designs are so unique. All in all, Under Armour is a brand that truly works hard to only bring the most relevant features in footwear forward.

Supportive Structure

The structure of your running shoes is an important factor in keeping your foot secure and protected from any injuries. Running shoes that don’t properly support your feet can cause a variety of health concerns from blisters and calluses. These are things no one wants to worry about while on a peaceful run, which is why Under Armour has done all the thinking and prepared the proper solutions for you.

The type of running you’re doing changes the features and support you need from your shoes. Under Armour designs their shoes to provide you the proper support needed for the places your planning to go.

Runners like prefer running in remote areas in wildlife, up hills or on dirt paths need a secure fit that supports the heels and ankles without being too constricting. Of course, Under Armour has created this is a few different designs. For those of you who would rather run where it’s convenient like on concrete or on a track, you’ll want to have a running shoe that absorbs the pressure of the hard surfaces and provides your feet with comfortable cushioning. Under Armour has this too!

Under Armour also uses smaller features in their shoes like TPU enhanced heels, reinforced upper and outsoles and flexible padded ankle collars. Providing extra strength support in areas that receive more pressure than others, the supportive structure in all Under Armour running shoes is made to last.

No matter what running shoe you choose to wear, you can all expect them to be made with the same quality the provides the secure fit you need. When looking to enhance your performance and protect your hard working feet from any injuries, Under Armour is a brand that you can trust and rely on to do the job correctly.

  • Structure determines foot security and injury protection.
  • Different types of runs require different types of structures.
  • Soft surface running requires support in the heels and ankles.
  • Hard surface running requires cushioning and pressure/shock absorption.
  • TPU enhanced heels, reinforced uppers/outsoles, and flexible padded ankle collars provide extra support in the structure.

Types of Running and Traction

The types of running you do and the area in which you choose to run are all very important key factors in choosing the proper running shoes. Joggers, sprinters, and long distance runners are all different from each other just as running on concrete is much different from running on dirt trails.

When looking for reliable running shoes, one of the first things you should consider is where you run, what type of running you’re planning on doing and how long you’re actually going to be running for. Longer distance runners are going to want to seek out some extra comfort along with their secure, durable fit.

Under Armour understands the differences in running and aims to create shoes that come equipped with specific purposes to aid in their use. For example, those of you who enjoy running on trails and dirt paths created by nature are going to need shoes that come equipped with grip and proper traction on the outsoles to prevent you from slipping. While with traction is a key feature for off-road running, it’s really not ideal for running on flat, man-made surfaces.

If you’re someone who takes mornings jogs in your neighborhood or likes to run on tracks or at the gym, Under Armour has a supportive running shoe for that too. Flat surfaces require different features like shock absorbing, durable soles and a proper rebound in each step. Under Armour uses their innovative designs to provide a firm yet plush, comfortable feel in these types of running shoes.

No matter where you choose to run or how hard to work to push yourself, Under Armour running shoes will be there every step of the way to provide you with only the most important features you need. From running up a hill to taking a jog through the park, every shoe is designed for the specific task of helping you run as best as you can.

  • The type of run determines the type of shoe.
  • Consider where you’re running, what type of running, and how long you’re running.
  • Soft surface running requires grip and traction.
  • Hard surface running requires responsive rebound, shock absorption, and durable soles.

Comfort and Breathability

While structure and durability are needed to make a strong, supportive shoe, breathability and comfortable cushioning are needed just as much to keep your feet in good health. Comfort can be found in Under Armour running shoes in a variety of areas, all contributing to making the shoe a top quality choice for all types of runners.

On the inside of the shoes, Under Armour inserts Charged Cushioning and/or Micro G lining. Both of these features can only be found from this brand and nowhere else. These special enhancements ease pressure from the foot and replace the stress with a soft, form-fitting feel.

Charged Cushioning is better than regular shoe cushions because it is created specially to aid in a variety of areas rather than just being squishy. This type of padding is designed to absorb shock and ease pressure away from the foot while providing a firm and form fit. You’ll most likely find this feature in the midsole of Under Armour running shoes, but sometimes they also use it with their insoles as well.

Micro G lining is similar to the Charged Cushioning but instead of being used as a midsole it’s typically only used as a sockliner or insole. This feature is a softer than the firm Charged Cushioning and allows the foot to settle into place comfortably. Some of their sock liners are also removable which is a great option for easy cleaning.

As far as breathability goes, you can find this feature in their 3D printing and mesh uppers. The 3D printing allows Under Armour to create designs that are strong, lightweight and still have room to breathe. Mesh uppers are a great choice in running footwear because the material is flexible and stretches to the shape of your foot. Mesh also lightweight and comfortable while also providing proper the air circulation needed to keep your feet cool and dry.

Overall, Under Armour commits to only using materials and features that provide proper functions and comfort. Their shoe designs are created to form to your foot and provide the perfect individual feel you need to perform successfully during a run.

  • Breathability and comfort are important for good foot health.
  • Charged cushioning and Micro G lining ease foot stress and pressure.
  • Charged cushioning absorbs shock and provides a firm fit.
  • Micro G lining is softer and helps to settle the foot in place.
  • 3D printing and mesh provide breathability.
  • 3D printing are special designs for strength and breathability in addition to being lightweight.
  • Mesh is flexible and stretches, is lightweight, and gives great circulation.

Durable, Long-lasting Materials

When choosing a good running shoe you’ll want to look out for features that make the shoe more durable and protected, to extend the life of the shoe. While finding an attractive style and a comfortable fit is important to the appeal, strong, reliable materials are what you really need to have in a good quality running shoe.

Luckily with this brand, they work hard to only use the strongest, most innovative materials known to man. Their team is always working hard on research to source and provide the best materials, so if something new and better becomes available, you can expect to find Under Armour creating a shoe with it.

An example of their durable materials would be their constant choice to use Dyneema fibers in the creation of their shoes. For those of you who don’t know what Dyneema is, in short terms it can be described as the worlds stronger fiber. This material is as strong as metal without being nearly as heavy; in fact, it’s actually considered a lightweight material. Under Armour weaves this fiber into the uppers of some of their running shoes because it can protect your feet, take extra damage and still provide you with a breathable, flexible fit.

Another aspect in durability is Under Armour’s rubber outsoles. While any regular shoe with a rubber sole may not provide support or will end up wearing down and falling apart, Under Armour’s soles will do just the opposite. They use their innovative technologies and protective welding to help increase the strength of the soles and allow them to be more abrasion resistant. No matter what type of surface you run on, you can expect these soles to always protect your feet and provide you with comfort and security.

Under Armour knows what kinds of materials are needed for the challenges of any run which is why they’ve created their own signature materials for complete comfort and success. Their patented technology like Micro G lining and SpeedForm designs are why the brand is a top quality choice in running shoes from the occasional jogger to the serious long-distance runner.

  • Durability is paramount for long lasting shoes.
  • Dyneema is a super strong but lightweight material that protects your feet.
  • The rubber outsoles use protective welding to increase outsole strength and be abrasion resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes Under Armour better than other running shoe brands?
A. From their innovative and attractive designs to their quality materials and patented features, Under Armour works hard to create shoes that are truly made for the runner. They use only the strongest materials to create durability and a strong, yet lightweight feel. Their wide range of styles and color options are also a great choice for any runner no matter what their style or gender is. Lastly, if you running shoes don’t fit the way you’d like them to, you can return them back to Under Armour and for a return or exchange in a better fit. Under Armour truly wants your feet to feel comfortable and protected no matter where or how you run.

Q. How do I clean my Under Armour running shoes?
A. First of all, one major thing to remember is: never put your running shoes in the washing machine or dryer. You’ll want to hand wash your shoes to protect the material. Without submerging your shoes in the water, take a washcloth or sponge, apply mild soap and gently rub out any dirt or stains using warm water. To protect the quality of the materials, it’s also recommended to stay away from cleaners with chemicals. Instead, you’ll want to use a plant-based or natural soap. Lastly, to avoid stains clean your running shoes right after you get them dirty and make sure you leave them out to air dry.

Q. How long can I expect my Under Armour running shoes to last before needing to replace them?
A. The length of time for your shoe life can vary depending on how often and how far you run. If you just like to go for light morning jogs, you’ll probably get at least 6 months of good use. For those of you runners pushing yourself to run long distances, you’re shoes are going to wear much quicker. You can still expect to get approximately 4 months minimum, even for the most avid runner. The durable and quality in these running shoes will help them to last even longer than their typical expected lifespan.

Q. Does Under Armour carry the same styles for men and women?
A. Yes, they do. The styles are the same but since men and women’s feet are slightly different in shape, they’ve separated their shoes by gender for a more customized form fit. One other thing that’s slightly different is that the color options are different and selective to your gender. Some colors you find in men’s running shoes, you may not find in women’s. Typically, the men’s shoes are darker or come in more neutral colors while the women’s shoes are usually brighter and more colorful.

Q. Can I wear Under Armour running shoes for more than just running?
A. Some running shoes that aren’t completely specialized in a specific type of running can work well for walking or as everyday shoes. The more basic models with a simple design and comfortable fit can also be great in casual work settings, school, and during regular moments in your life. Some of their other running shoes with good traction can also work well for light climbing and hiking. They even create shoes that are good for cross-training too. Overall though, it’s better to wear running shoes for what they’re ultimately designed for.

Q. Do Under Armour shoes fit true to their size?
A. Typically, Under Armour running, shoes fit true to their size. If you look at the sizing chart that the company provides, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit without any hesitation. While their shoes are designed to fit ‘normal’ feet, they also create styles for those with flat feet, high arches, and wide feet.

Q. Does Under Armour offer running shoes for wide feet?
A. Yes, they do! Whether you have wide or flat feet, Under Armour will be able to provide you with the same comfort and support that they do in every running shoe. While you won’t find as many styles that come with this feature, there’s still a good selection to choose from. Another good trick if you’re a female with wide feet is to order from the men’s selections as they’re usually a bit roomier than women’s shoes.

Q. What kind of technology does Under Armour use in the creation of their shoes?
A. Under Armour uses a large variety of technologies during the creation of their running shoes and they’re continuously creating newer, more relevant features as they’re being discovered. From their patented SpeedForm design to their comfortable Charged cushions and Micro G lining, Under Armour commits to only using innovative features that truly help the runner. With new 3D printing, their running shoes are now designed to be stronger and more lightweight at the same time.


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