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Have you been looking for a way to add a little (or a lot) of height to your daily apparel, but aren’t willing to commit to skinny, tall heels that make you feel like you’re balancing on stilts? Your search can finally come to an end! Wedge shoes are a great beginners heel, thick enough to provide balance and stability. The versatile wedge style allows for utterly different shoe designs compared to your typical high heeled shoe. Now you can find short boots, sneakers, and sandals with just the right amount of height to keep you comfortable and in style.

Last Updated: June 19, 2018
By Himmatpreet Kaur:

Our most recent update took a fresh look at our list of wedges to ensure that they are the most current, best-rated options available on today's market. We also took a thorough look at our criteria and frequently asked questions sections to ensure the information contained there is accurate, current and the best information available to help you decide on a great pair of wedges. Happy hunting!

Just like regular high heels though, if you don’t look carefully and pick the right pair of wedges, your feet can go through uncomfortable periods of stress and become damaged. When selecting any high heel shoe, you want to make sure you’re being provided with proper arch support or cushioned footbeds. We know fashion is essential too so when we created this list we made sure to give you wedges with lots of style and color options.

Featured Recommendations

TOMS Desert
  • TOMS Desert
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfortable
  • Price: See Here
  • DREAM PAIRS Booties
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded insole
  • Price: See Here
Blowfish Balla
  • Blowfish Balla
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stacked heel
  • Price: See Here

It’s 2018 now which means it’s time to give yourself only the best options and quality care that you deserve. We all work hard for our money, and it’s important to feel fulfilled when spending it on items we desire. In honor of this, we’ve created a list with only the best wedges available so you can look great!


10 Best Wedges


1. TOMS Desert

A fantastic company, dedicated to giving back to those in need for every item purchased with their 'One for One' program. TOMS shoes are made from high-quality materials, making them great for long-term reliability. Featuring a 2 3/4" wedge heel and short laces, these booties are extremely versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Coming in over 30+ colors/patterns, these wedges are fashionable and comfortable; a must-have in every closet.
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Casual Yet Classy
The style of the boot is very minimal and attractive. This simple style allows for versatile wear in an array of occasions ranging from everyday use, parties, special occasions or simply going for a walk. The short laces towards the upper-front of the shoe also add a little more excitement and security to the design.

Comfortable Arch
The height of these wedges are enough to add height, yet still short enough to comfortably move around in. In-shoe arch support helps to relieve tension and stress from the foot during wear. This is a perfect choice for those who move around on their feet often and are still looking to stay in style.

Cost and Value
These shoes priced on the higher-side, however, due to their amazing charity work and brand reputation, a purchase from TOMS is more than just buying another pair of shoes. I've had one pair last over 3 years before, so I truly believe the investment is worth the cost. It's a pair of shoes you can really feel good about buying and wearing.

2. DREAM PAIRS Booties

You won’t know the comfort of these booties until you slip a pair on, although at first glance you may think the heel is intimidating, these booties make you feel like you’re walking on clouds all day. Great to wear to work, or a nice dinner, these are a versatile boot that won’t leave you with irritations or sore feet by the end of the day.
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Cushioned Insole
We’ve all been there - wanting to dress up and wear a heel, but not wanting to be uncomfortable all night long. These booties fit like a glove, and because of their padded insole, you will not be dying to get home halfway through the day to take them off. Heels do not have to be uncomfortable, and these prove that.

Faux Materials
Although genuine leather may appear to look nicer and be of higher quality, faux not only lowers the cost significantly it makes them easy to clean and take care of. Plus when the quality is this good, it makes it hard to tell the difference.

Cost and Value
Coming across a heeled bootie that offers great support and cushioning isn’t always easy. These wedges offer a snug fit and are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe making them a total steal, and a must-have.
  • Color Selection
  • Man Made Material
  • Padded Insole
  • Laces
  • Need to be Broken-In

3. Blowfish Balla

These Balla stacked wedge sandals are not only adorable and very on trend, they also feel great on, and are extremely comfortable. If you’re worried about the fit around your ankle being too big or tight, the buckle helps you easily adjust that, ensuring the perfect fit.
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These slightly distressed and worn-in looking wedges are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Easy to pair with just about any outfit, and extremely on trend, pair these with your favorite jeans, or shorts and dresses in the summer for an effortlessly cool look.

Low Stacked Heel
The micro-wedge heel on these sandals give you the perfect amount of height to add a little something to your outfit, while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. If you are ever torn between wanting to be comfy but also have a pair of heels on these are perfect for you.

Cost and Value
An excellent value, these sandals can easily transition from day to night and have the perfect sized heel to be worn without any discomfort. Very affordable considering their versatility, and how highly sought after they are.
  • Stacked Heel
  • Buckles and Side Zipper
  • Faux Leather
  • Cushioned Footbed
  • Traction Outsole
  • May Rub and Cause Irritation

4. Converse Chuck Taylor

4. Converse Chuck Taylor
A new twist on the classic Chuck Taylor style! These high top sneakers completely disguise the wedge that provides an extra 2 inches in height. Lace-up front helps to secure the foot in place while adding to the normal sneaker look. Perfect for casual and everyday wear, these shoes go great with jeans, shorts, and dresses. Coming in a variety of colors, you'll be sure to find a pair that fits your style.
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Hidden Wedge
Keep your style a comfortable secret; with these shoes, no one will know you're even wearing heels. This great style keeps the same classic look with the newly added benefits of 2" in height. The wedge style provides support to the arch and foot, giving extra stability during use.

This style is perfect for adding a little sporty flare to your outfits. High-top lining covers over the ankle and can either be laced all the way up or worn loosely with the lip out. Either way, the high top style is a great choice for an everyday, casual type of shoe.

Cost and Value
Averaging in the same price range as all other Converse shoes, the cost at first may seem a little high but the long-term reliability makes them a great investment. Not to mention, the hidden wedge is a complete bonus you won't find anywhere else.
  • Hidden wedge
  • High top
  • Classic Chuck Taylor style
  • Features 'All Star' logo
  • Lace up
  • Not for extended wear

5. Teva Mush Mandalyn Ola 2

5. Teva Mush Mandalyn Ola 2
This simply styled flip-flop wedge is perfect for everyday wear or wet trips to the beach. The overlapping criss-cross straps help to keep the foot in place during movement while also adding a little extra style. Comfortable arch and foam soles form to your foot for added comfort. The minimal 1 3/4" heel is great for beginners or those who are looking to add a smaller amount of height to their appeal.
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Comfortable Soles
These solid yet plush foam soles allow your foot to sink slightly into the shoe, forming the soles to the shape of your foot. The cushioning is resilient and durable, providing long-term support.

Minimalist Style
Coming in solid colors with minimal design, these wedge flip-flops make for a simple style perfect for a variety of aesthetics. With the overlapping straps being the focal point of the shoe, the rest of the basic design allows for a glowing focus on the bare-foot.

Cost and Value
Perfectly priced for their value, you'll feel like you're getting your money worth with these shoes. This reliable brand creates shoes for long-term use and simple comfort.
  • 1 3/4" heel
  • Foam soles
  • Overlapping straps
  • Flip-flop wedge
  • Simple, minimalist style
  • Straps may rub 

6. Crocs Leigh 2

6. Crocs Leigh 2
These wedges create a youthful, lightweight appearance great for all ages. The cushioning foam footbed and shock-absorbing soles combine to provide complete comfort during a long day on your feet. Double toe and adjustable ankle straps help to secure in your foot while the feminine shape draws positive attention to foot curves. These 3 1/4" wedges are a great companion for a variety of occasions including work, a night out or an afternoon picnic.
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Adjustable Ankle Strap
Using innovative technology, these ankle straps were created to adjust from the buckle but actually attach underneath to avoid constant bending of material during removal of the shoe. This double feature aids in comfort and helps to avoid the straps from rubbing against the ankles.

Ultimate Comfort
I mean, you can already see the thick cushioned footbed from here; this foam lining was created for nothing but pure comfort! Added arch support and shock absorbing soles create the perfect combination for ease of movement.

Cost and Value
Pricing is higher with these wedges. Nailing fashion and function, these shoes will not disappoint and are made for long-term reliability. The versatile style and cushioned soles make for a great purchase.
  • Foam footbed
  • Adjustable ankle straps
  • Double toe straps
  • Contemporary shape and style
  • 100% Vegan material
  • Sizes may run small

7. Clarks Caslynn Shae

7. Clarks Caslynn Shae
Featuring a minimal yet tropical boho style, these 3 1/4" wedges make a great choice for a fun night out or a warm summer day. Making for a bold way to add height, the platform, cork-styled heels add contrast and texture while the suede cross-over straps add a soft, smooth finish. Ortholite insoles and an adjustable closure help to make these wedges nothing but comfortable.
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Ortholite Insoles
This breathable, lightweight insole cushioning is the secret key to ultimate foot comfort. The long-term material helps to manage moisture, keep the foot cool and allow for better air circulation.

Adjustable Closure
Located towards the back-side of the ankle, the suede shoe straps come with an adjustable closure to help fit the shoe better around your foot. Since all feet are different shapes and sizes, it's important to have these adjustable features to maximize comfort.

Cost and Value
A fair priced pair of wedges for all the extra added benefits of reliability. These heels will last a long time and provide complete comfort during use. Clarks is a reliable fashion brand that won't disappoint.
  • Ortholite insoles
  • 3 1/4" heel
  • Platform wedge
  • Adjustable closure
  • Soft suede material
  • May not be true to size

8. Bernie Mev Lulia

8. Bernie Mev Lulia
This funky, retro-styled wedge is created with woven fabric technology for extreme breathability and air circulation. The flexible fabric forms to your foot and provides a snug, comfortable fit. This 2 1/4" platform heel is created with rubber featuring textured ridges on the sides for added style. With over 40+ colors and patterns to choose from, you'll be sure to find a pair that fits your style.
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Woven Fabric Technology
A highly unique style that can't be found by any other brand, this woven checkered pattern makes for a down-to-Earth appeal. Providing breathability and flexible fitting, these wedges are perfect for those who move around often or like to spend time in the outdoors but still like to look trendy.

The front strap and the flexible woven material combine to form grip and support that would normally be provided with laces or adjustable closures. Because of these functional features, these wedges are quick to slip on and off, making them a very convenient pair of shoes.

Cost and Value
The cost is on the higher side with these wedges. The unique woven material is intricate and the shoes ability to form perfectly to your foot make them a quality-value buy worth the price.
  • Closed toe
  • Breathable woven technology
  • Memory foam insole
  • 2 1/4" heel
  • Front strap
  • Sizes run small

9. Ralph Lauren Charla

9. Ralph Lauren Charla
This modern two-piece wedge creates a classy boho vibe with its woven jute material. The 2 1/2" heel features a closed, round toe and wide ankle strap for a minimal style aesthetic. Flexible material allows for the shoe to form around the foot and avoid discomfort. Making a great casual pair of platform wedges, these shoes work well with a variety of clothing and occasions.
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Woven Wedge
Wrapped in jute and woven into the heels, these wedges add a more light and natural style. Appearing to look more down-to-Earth, no matter what time of year you wear these wedges, you'll always carry a sense of warm comfort.

Flexible Ankle Strap
Unlike most other shoes which have a buckle as their adjustable strap, these wide flexible ankle straps are made from elastic, made to stretch and form to your foot shape. No longer do you have to worry about the discomfort of a buckle rubbing against your ankles.

Cost and Value
Depending on the size and color, the cost can be a bit higher. On average though, I would say this is on the higher end for pricing no matter what due to the brand name reputation.
  • 2 1/2" heel
  • Closed toe
  • Wide elastic strap
  • Woven heel
  • Two piece style
  • Minimal footbed padding

10. Chinese Laundry Nima

10. Chinese Laundry Nima
The perfect wedge pump to wear from the office to dinner without skipping a beat. Effortlessly stylish and chic these are the wedges you didn’t know you were missing, fitting true to size and made with a soft, smooth faux suede fabric, these will quickly become your go-to for a classy business look.
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True to Size
Not always having the chance to try on shoes before buying them can be stressful, you want to ensure the perfect fit, but trusting size guides can be difficult. Having a brand that confirms their shoes are true to size is a huge plus, and can be a lifesaver when it comes to purchasing new shoes.

Faux Suede
The simple, fun colored faux suede material used to make these wedges is soft and easy to clean, so whether you are wearing them to work or a night out with the girls, don’t worry about stepping in something or an accidental spill, these can easily be wiped clean. Even more so if a protectant spray has been used beforehand.

Cost and Value
Not the most affordable pair on this list, however, they are a staple piece most women should have in their closet, and therefore spending a little bit of extra money on something you know you will get a lot of wear out of is always worth it.
  • Quite Comfortable
  • Simple to Care for
  • Affordable
  • Versatile Style
  • Limited Colors

That concludes our best list of wedges! Now that you understand the importance of choosing the proper wedge shoes, you’ll be sure to find a pair that makes you and your feet happy. As you can see from this list, there’s a wide variety of styles to choose from when wearing wedge shoes. Weather you’re looking for sandals, heels, sneakers or booties, wedges will provide you with the extra boost you’ve been looking for. With so many different styles and heel lengths to decide from, there’s a wedge shoe for all ages and activities. Now your only job is to find which ones you like the best!

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Wedges


If you love the look a pair of high heels add to an outfit but are not willing to sacrifice comfort all night, wedges are the perfect shoe for you. From sandals to booties or pumps; wedge heels can be found on a large selection of shoes and are as versatile as can be.

Wedges have a joined heel and sole and are made of one solid material – often cork or wood. Cork is preferred in sandals as it is durable but lightweight and does not feel heavy on your feet during the summer months. When it comes to booties, the cork or wood base is usually wrapped in another material to give the appearance of a sleeker look – typically the same material as the rest of the shoe.

More comfortable to walk in than most other heels, yet they can still be challenging depending on how high the wedge is. Deciding which design and style of wedge best suits you all depends on your lifestyle and how you plan on wearing them. Neutral colors go seamlessly with any outfit, and although look nice, do not necessarily draw attention to your feet. Whereas bright, colorful heels or funky patterns can make your shoes the focal point, and that is not always wanted.

They are an excellent choice for outdoor events, especially ones that will be taking place on grass like a wedding for instance. There is nothing more frustrating than having to walk through a grass field and have your beautiful stilettos continuously go through the grass and get dirty. A low heeled, sleek pair of open-toed wedge sandals can be the perfect alternative and look just as classy and elegant while leaving you comfortable and worry-free.

Wedges can be made from a wide variety of materials from leather, cork and everything in between, knowing how the shoe will be worn and to where will help you decide what material will be the best fit. If you plan on wearing them mostly outdoors, to the beach, for example, look for a sturdier heel, especially one that has grip on the sole. Indoor wedges that you plan on wearing strictly to work or indoor venues can be slightly less durable and be made with cork or rope. If you plan on investing in wedges, whether they be for indoor or outdoor use, consider the material and how it will hold up over time.

Lower heeled wedges have a flat sole and then gradually get higher as the wedge grows, this creates a smooth transition into the heel, offers the foot arch support and creates an overall soft and comfortable surface area for your foot throughout the day. When the heel of your sandal or shoe is over around 3” a platform comes in; this adds quite a bit of thickness to the sole and ball of your foot giving you an extra boost, and with higher heels offers most support and creates a more comfortable surface to walk on.


The reason most people opt for a wedge heel is to optimize comfort, because of the thickness of the heel and platform at the front of the shoe, the entire foot is supported, mainly the middle part which ensures a sense of comfort that a pair of stilettos never will. Walking in a pair of heels for longer than a few hours can be daunting, but when it comes to wedges you can be on your feet all day, doing numerous activities either indoor or out and not have to think twice about the comfort of your feet.

The wedge is very foot-friendly and thus has become more and more popular amongst those who want the look of a heel, but the comfort of a shoe. Wedges are an especially excellent option when traveling, especially abroad. If this isn’t a trip where you can get away with strictly wearing sneakers, wedges will give you the appearance of a dressy shoe while remaining comfortable. Not only do they cut down on the number of shoes you need to pack because they will double as your casual day shoes and going out shoes, but they also are great for walking on various terrains.

You are bound to walk on grass, gravel, cobblestone, and other terrains when out and about, and have you ever tried walking on any of those in high heeled shoes? It’s not an easy nor fun task. When flats are not an option, and you dread the thought of having to walk or even stand around in heels all day, wedges will change the game.

Fit and comfort go hand in hand, therefore taking the time to accurately assess what shoe fits you best is essential. If you have smaller ankles strappy sandals that don’t look and feel loose are hard to find. Look for ones that have thicker buckles and straps and are easily adjustable. You don’t want to tighten the fastener to the tightest hole or have to puncture an additional hole to make them even tighter, and shouldn’t have to.

Created decades ago the wedge heel continued to resurface due to it’s easy to style ways and immense comfort. They have time and time again been a staple in closets worldwide and are a shoe everyone should have at least one pair of. Stop having to pick between style and comfort and have both. Offering more support than any other heel on the market and great for improving posture the wedge heel makes being on your feet smooth, and comfortable regardless of what life or your day throws at you.


Just like any shoe, especially one that has a heel on it, you want to make sure it is secure on your foot. Slip-on wedges may look cute, but after an hour or so of walking in them, you will begin feeling discomfort due to your toe having to grip the front of the shoe to keep them on. Proper closures that fit and stay in place can not only add a stylish look to the shoe but will also have you feeling comfortable all day.

Depending on the style of shoe the types of closures they have will vary, although they all offer different levels of support, some are more secure than others and if given the option should be chosen over others. Consider the amount of support you need, and how shoes often fit you. Most heels cause your feet to slide to the front of the shoe; this can damage your toes and cause irritation. The fit will vary depending on style, so deciding on a style, and then taking the time to find the perfect fit is essential.

When it comes to wedge sandals the most common type of closure is around the ankle, in either an ankle strap with buckles or just an elastic back. Although the elastic back can sometimes look sleeker and takes little to no time to just slip on, it is not the most practical option; from sliding down your heel throughout the day to stretching out over time, or just not being the right fit and tightness, to begin with. Having a closure that is adjustable and therefore can be fitted to your foot correctly is ideal.

Commonly seen on sandals or booties, zippers are a great way to secure a shoe however they are also not always the most secure. When it comes to booties, zippers are there to close the shoe easily. However, details like laces are usually added on as well to secure the bootie. Sandals, generally just have a zipper that will run the length of the back of the shoe and although it is an easy way to take them on and off, it doesn’t add much support other than closing the shoe.

If there is any straps or designs going around your ankle a buckle is the best way to ensure the perfect fit, especially if you struggle with shoes correctly fitting your ankles, and should be what you look for when purchasing new wedges. Struggling to find the right fit with any shoe can be challenging, but when heels are involved not having your foot adequately secured and supported in your shoe can lead to injuries.


Simple, stylish and versatile. However, there are a time and place for wedges, and although easy to style, they are not always the best choice for specific events. It is important to know how to style a pair of wedges and where they are best suited. Regardless of the type of wedge heel, you wish to wear, some are much more casual than others.

Wedge sandals, for instance, can be a summer staple and are great to wear with most outfits. They are perfect when you want to be comfortable in a cute summer dress, but wish to add a little something extra to your outfit, and desire that added height. They come in any style imaginable, as well as color and design, however, if you are looking to invest in a pair that will last and be wearable with most of your wardrobe, opt for a neutral colored pair of pumps and sandals.

Although typically classified as a “casual shoe” wedges are becoming more fashionable, and are transitioning into a more formal style. So how do you wear wedges and what looks best with them? If the heel is under 3” consider these daytime heels and pair them with skinny jeans, summer dresses, and shorts. If you are going for a fancier more nighttime look add a little more height and go for a pump or sandal that is over 3”.

There is a significant difference between trendy shoes and classic, timeless shoes. Wedges can lean a lot towards the stylish side of things, so when choosing a pair, you need to decide whether or not these will be carried on into other seasons, and will blend into your wardrobe or if they are a trendy summer item. Colorful, espadrille type shoes and sandals are only great for summer and are a style that changes each season, so it is crucial to not invest in these trends because by next year they won’t be popular.

That is not to say that you should not buy fun, trendy wedges each summer, but it is important to know what shoes are worth spending a good amount of money on and which aren’t. Invest in a good quality pair of wedge pumps, ones that fit your feet like a glove and that will become your go-to shoe when you want to look professional around the office, at weddings, or any event, where not only style is important but comfort as well. Do not invest in wedges that are made of rope, like espadrilles, or cork. These are cute but will only last one season before they start to look worn, especially if you plan on wearing them frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can wedges be formal?
A: Absolutely. Wedges are easy to dress up depending on the style, and can easily be worn to formal events such as weddings. They are a great option as well for outdoor activities rather than stilettos that will leave you puncturing holes in the grass and getting your shoes dirty the entire time. Depending on how formal the event is, you can wear a classic, sleek pair of neutral wedge pumps, or for summer events, simple sandals are great.

Q: How do I keep them clean?
A: They can be tricky to clean depending on the material; a leather or suede can be just wiped down, however, espadrilles or a cork heel can be extremely difficult to keep clean because wiping them down will just smudge the stain. Keep in mind where you will be wearing these shoes, and how often before you make your purchase. If you plan on wearing them all summer, know these should not be an investment piece and be prepared to throw them out by the end of the season.

Q: Are they more comfortable to walk in than regular high heels?
A: Everyone’s level of comfort in heels is different, and for some wedges may not feel much different than stilettos, however, if you are a high heel beginner, wedges are a great start. Because there is a heel along the entire sole of the shoe, you are provided with much more support and given a more level platform to walk on.

Q: Can they be worn to work?
A: Wedges, along with any other type of high heel can be worn anywhere depending on what your dress code is at work. In any office space wedges are considered very appropriate and can look very classy.

Q: What type of style is the most comfortable?
A: Some styles offer more support than others, for instance, wedge booties are tied up and will give you a more snug fit, that holds your foot in. The higher the heel, regardless of if it is a wedge or not, you will begin to have more and more discomfort or difficulty walking depending on your level of experience with heels. Always try on your shoes and ensure that you have the right size and the right fit for you.

Q: What types of materials are wedge heels made of?
A: Wedges are made of one solid material, and the type of material used depends on the kind of shoe. Cork and jute are frequently utilized for sandals and other summer styles, due to how lightweight they are. Leather, suede and synthetic materials are more common with dressier wedges such as pumps or booties.


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