Best Wellington Boots Reviewed & Rated

“April showers bring May flowers” is a statement becoming a more archaic and misinformed notion these days. With rainy days stretching further into the summer, one must wonder if a raincoat and umbrella are going to suffice when today’s current climate conditions are calling for near-monsoon levels of a downpour.

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We've updated our top ten list of wellies to add a few more children's styles and brands such as Crocs and Lone Cone, and another well known brand for the adults. Be sure to check through the Criteria and FAQ sections to choose the right pair of wellies for your needs!

You may find that getting wet while out with the family on a rainy day is a hassle, but for many people around the globe, keeping rain and mud away from their feet is critical. Professionals in all fields of employment, whether they’re tilling fields in murky swampland or traversing from bus to office, need the reassurance of footwear that is going to give them the waterproof protection they need. This becomes especially hard to achieve when there’s a certain expectation to maintain work clothes in prim and proper condition without dirt clumps and standing water sloshed about in soggy work boots or dress slacks. So, for the sake of saving on an expensive dry-cleaning bill, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten Wellington Boots on the market.

Featured Recommendations

Crocs Handle It
  • Crocs Handle It
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wide Toe
  • Easy Handle Pull
  • Price: See Here
MuckBoots Arctic Sport
  • MuckBoots Arctic Sport
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Insulated
  • Price: See Here
Lone Cone Patterns Easy-On
  • Lone Cone Patterns Easy-On
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Patterned Boot
  • Easy Pull Handles
  • Price: See Here

By design, Wellington boots are carefully made to provide the wearer a virtually foolproof solution to keeping feet dry and productivity in life at an all-time high. Careful consideration was taken in accordance to popular distributor user reviews and major brand names like Hunter, Servus, and Tingly to narrow down the list to what we feel are the finest Wellington boots available for purchase. Things we strove to look for was the quality, comfort, and affordability presented by the product versus their current standing competition. Whether skipping into muddy puddles or digging in trenches, we’ve got you covered on your future Wellington boot purchase.


10 Best Wellington Boots


1. Crocs Handle It

It’s no wonder at the top of our list is one of Crocs quality footwear models, the Handle It. Similar to other Crocs footwear, it’s packed with comfort for your little one’s puddle splashing needs. With a variety of fun colors, your children can pick their favorite colors to head out in the rain to school or to play. An easy pull side handle makes these a breeze to get on and off so they’re no fuss!
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Waterproof protection comes in the form of synthetic uppers that keep kids feet dry and clean. A sturdy toe bumper help protect their feet, and grippy lugs on the sole base help them stay upright running through puddles or walking to the bus. The Crocs logo on the heel is reflective, and gives a little more protection when your kids are out in dimmer light in the rain.

Crocs Design
Crocslite molded material help keep these comfortable, sturdy, and suitable for little one’s growing feet. With ample room in the toe for toe splay, or for growth, they’ll be able step in comfort. The Easy pull-on handles along each side of the boot make them a cinch to get on and off, so they won’t be tracking mud in after playtime outside! And, with so many bright colorful choices, your kids can choose their favorite so they’re sure to fall in love with their new rain boots.

Cost and Value
Pricing can vary slightly depending on sizes and colors selected, but the Crocs Handle It is by no means an expensive option. Ideal for children learning to get their shoes on and off, the handles make this a fun pair of boots to wear. Reflective protection coupled with Crocs comfort and waterproofing will have your kids splashing around in puddles after the next rainstorm!

Reflective Logo

Easy Pull On Handle

Brand Name




Run Narrow


2. Lone Cone Patterns Easy-On

Another solid option for children’s wellies, the Lone Cone Patterns Easy-On is similar to our top pick but gives a bit more flexibility in the construction of the boot. In addition, it comes in fun patterns such as dinosaurs, bees, cats, owls, and others, so your little one will fall in love with certain with these boots! Waterproof in design, but also with a cotton lining, little ones feet will stay dry during puddle playtime.
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Designed from flexible rubber, the Lone Cone Pattern Easy-On allows for running, hopping, and playtime all while keeping them dry when splashing about. A cotton lining helps wick away moisture, and keeps breathability in the boot. One-piece construction means that no seams will tear over time, and a rugged tread helps keep them on their feet in wet conditions.

Along the sides of the Patterns Easy-On are two easy grip handles, which makes them easy to get on. Patterns come in fun designs such as owls and dinosaurs, space cats and unicorns, so you’ll find one your child is sure to fall in love with! Easy to clean as they’re made from soft rubber, simply wash away any dirt or mud!

Cost and Value
One of the most budget friendly options on our list, the Lone Cone Patterns Easy-On is a great rain boot for children. Flexible rubber keeps them dry, is easy to clean, and prevents seam tearing with its one-piece construction design. Fun patterns will have your kids pulling these on to go play in the puddles!

One-Piece Construction

Cotton Lined

Handle Pull On






3. MuckBoots Arctic Sport

Made for extreme conditions, these Arctic Sport boots by The Original MuckBoots Company are an excellent choice if you need a pair of waterproof footwear for extremely low temperatures. With a comfort range of -40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, these sports boots will offer plenty of versatility to ensure you have the right protective and comfort features no matter what situation you find yourself in. With an 11” shaft, these boots are mid height, allowing for plenty of movement while you perform your daily tasks.
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Excellent Insulation
These boots are lined with fleece that is sure to keep you warm when you need it the most. Additionally, a thermal foam underlay is added at the instep which ensures that your feet do not experience the harsh cold radiating from the surface underfoot. Furthermore, the stretch-fit topline will fit you snugly, preventing from cold air getting into your boots and keeping the warmth in.

Reinforced Rubber Outsole
The rubber outsole on these boots is 100% waterproof, making sure you don’t get any leaks, wherever you step. It’s excellent for long walks, especially considering the EVA foam midsole which has great shock absorbing and cushioning properties. You will appreciate the arch support, as well as the reinforced toe, heel and Achilles areas which give plenty of protection.

Cost and Value
These boots rank high on this list, and are an investment that will definitely pay off if you need a pair of Wellington boots for very cold weather. They will give you the perfect combination of rugged and cushioned, and are often chosen by explorers and professionals whose job takes them to places with extremely low temperatures, which is a true testimony to the quality they offer.
  • Lightweight
  • Fleece lined
  • EVA foam midsole
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay for added warmth
  • Unisex style
  • Not suitable for people with a high instep
  • Tight top cuff

4. The Original MuckBoots Chore

4. The Original MuckBoots Chore
MuckBoots are a brand that's been a mainstay in protective footwear for the better part of nearly two decades. Wet or dry, sunny or rainy, you need proper footwear for any important or everyday life-event. With their sleek design and unparalleled performance, The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot delivers on heavy-duty foot protection in a very light package. Appropriate for use even in sub-freezing conditions and up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, these boots are an excellent choice if you want something that will keep the warmth in and the cold and wet out, while still protecting your feet and allowing you to pull the boots on and off without too much of a hassle.
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Reinforced Lightweight Rubber
The outsole of these boots is made out of rubber that is reinforced in key areas to offer you better durability and more protection. These Wellies are triple reinforced in the toe area and quadruple reinforced in the heel area, providing good protection to your Achilles tendon as well as your toes and heels. In addition, the sole has a steel shank that prolongs the lifespan of these boots and provides you with better arch support.

These boots have a 5mm neoprene bootie that stretches four ways, and that will fit your calves snugly without allowing for cold air and water to get in. The lining is a breathable mesh that won’t have you feeling like you’re walking in a swamp. On the outside, these boots have a wide cut heel base that offers better stability and wearing experience, while the kick rim allows you to get these off hands-free.

Cost and Value
While these boots cost quite a bit, they aren't’ even close to the most expensive item on this list. You will appreciate these boots if you need proper weather protection in the cold, and appreciate good stability and arch support paired with a comfortable fit in the upper.
  • Four way stretch upper
  • Great for cold weather
  • Unisex style
  • Kick rim
  • Steel shank for arch support

Lifespan up to about one year

Not suitable for temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit

5. Kamik Raindrops

5. Kamik Raindrops
Kamik has long been associated with producing top-notch weather-resistant footwear to tackle just about any occasion. The simple design of these boots paired with strong synthetic backing makes a wonderful raincoat companion. With the acclimate weather conditions meandering between scolding hot heat to torrential thunderstorms, consider picking up a pair of Kamik Raindrops Rain Boots for your little ones to match their high-energy demands for footwear that is just as ready for an adventure as they are.
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Easy to Remove
The synthetic upper and form-fitting design allows for easy wear and removal without intermittent strain for big and little hands alike. The decorative side buckle allows for comfortable adjustment and fit, while the inside boasts a removable EVA foam insole which gives plenty of cushioning, arch support, and is a good barrier between the cold ground and your little one’s sensitive feet.

100% Waterproof & Recyclable
Kamik spent quite some time developing the materials needed to build this pair of rain boots. Their synthetic rubber is lighter than natural rubber, but just as strong, providing your kid with plenty of protection. In addition, the material is completely recyclable, which is great for the environment. Great flexibility and comfort make these boots an excellent choice for kids any age.

Cost and Value
These boots rank quite low compared to other items on this list. This is especially important considering that children’s boots are often more expensive, than those made for adults, yet don’t provide the advantage of long wear due to growing feet. Added value comes from the fact that these boots are 100% recyclable, meaning that they won’t end up in a landfill after you’ve done with them.
  • Eco-Friendly synthetic rubber design.
  • Easy-To-Use Pull on Construction
  • Highly Cost Effective
  • Adjustable Side Buckle
  • Big enough for some Adults to use
  • Heavier in comparison to other boots in its category
  • The material used could be a turn off for leather enthusiasts

6. Servus Comfort Technology

6. Servus Comfort Technology
Grab a pair of Wellington boots that look about as tough as you are with the Servus Comfort Technology 14" Boots. Designed with the "Working Man" in mind, these PVC Polyblend weather boots allow the burly lumberjack or eccentric fashionista to wade through the waters of Rocky Mountain flood zones with incredible ease and comfort. Available both in a steel-toe and soft-toe version, these Wellies are a great choice for those who prefer a simple but feature-packed pair of footwear.
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Industrial Strength Upper
With a special PVC polyblend found in these boots and plumbing hardware alike, these industrial-strength boots allow the common man to brave the mud-filled construction sites of any region worldwide. The upper is resistant to degradation from agricultural chemicals, animal waste, and fertilizers, making these a great choice for ranch use. The deep angle cleated outsole will keep your footing safe on any surface while also protecting you from electrical hazard.

Comfort Technology
Servus' patented CT (Comfort Technology) features a scalloped top-line that is unique to these boots, and which allows for easy flexing and movement paired with reinforced stress points and a guide along the shaft for comfort and adjustment. In addition, a lightweight FOOT FORM cushioned insole gives you plenty of heel and arch support and can be removed, washed or replaced at any time.

Cost and Value
Comfort and thrift go hand in hand with these industrial-strength Wellington boots without compromising incredible durability and craftsman-like quality for the most discerning and punishing of work applications. Ranking low on this list when it comes to price, these Wellies are a perfect choice for the serious working man who isn't a big spender.
  •  FOOT FORM contoured cushion insole allows for great arch support and easy removal.
  •  Deep Angle cleated outsoles prevents slips, trips and falls on various surfaces.
  •  PVC polyblend injection molded construction for high durability and water resistance
  •  Easy pull-up design for easy boot removal
  •  Incredibly cost-friendly in comparison to their competition.
  •  Prone to off-putting odor after extensive use.
  •  One Month Warranty

7. Joules Evedon

7. Joules Evedon
The Joules Evedon are a classy and elegant alternative to the often rugged or colorful Wellington boots that have become so widely worn by everyone. These are made of quality rubber and come in five luxurious colors with the addition of a ribbon in the back which makes these boots truly a unique style. These boots come with a one year warranty, which means that not only will you be sure you’ve purchased a good product, but you get the additional advantage of knowing that no matter what happens, these boots have got you covered.
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Full Height
These boots come in full height, which is 15” when measured from the arch of the shoes. This makes them perfect for wearing in the rain, whether it’s just a drizzle or a real downpour. They will protect you from the wet, while also giving plenty of protection to your clothes, ensuring that there is no staining on it once you have arrived at your destination.

Easy to Maintain
With the correct maintenance, these boots will last you quite some time. After you’ve come in from the wet, you should wipe them down with a damp cloth, which will remove any dirt and water, and will ensure that your boots stay new-looking for a longer time. If you like the glossy look, you might want to purchase Joules’ Buffer Up spray which maintains the shiny new look of your boots for longer periods of time.

Cost and Value
These boots rank average on this list when it comes to price, and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a beautiful but elegant design that is sure to go with any outfit. Being so simple, these will even work at an office for when you need to wear your Wellies, but still want to look professional.
  • Simple elegant design
  • 15” shaft
  • Enhanced grip on all surfaces underfoot
  • Good for skinny to normal calves
  • Easy to clean
  • Run ½ size large
  • Take some time to get on and off

8. Hunter Original Tall

8. Hunter Original Tall
A design as old as the "Baby Boomer" generation, the Original Tall boot is meticulously handcrafted for a highly customized fit and feel that can only be expected of a Hunter Wellington boot design. These boots retain their traditional appeal with Their textile lining, original calendared out soles and natural rubber mesh created for both fashion and fast-paced work conditions. The 16” shaft ensures that no puddle is big enough, allowing you to step worry--free wherever your path takes you.
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28 Individual Parts
These highly-tailored Wellington boots harken to an age of impeccable craftsmanship and expertise with over 28 parts, from strap to heel, containing pure natural rubber in a near seamless design. Not only does this ensure a 100% waterproof boot, but also improves the durability and amount of wear you will get out of these.

Calendared Outsoles
The calendared outsoles and arches allows the wearer to virtually coast along any surface without slipping or tripping on their way to the office or preferred local coffee shop. In addition, they allow for excellent grip on wet and muddy terrain, making them a great choice for those who like to go for a long hike, regardless of the weather conditions.

Cost and Value
This level of craftsmanship comes at a hefty price compared to the other selections on this list, but for the fashion-conscious, the boots sell themselves in style and stability. With plenty of colors available, you are sure to find the pair of Hunter Wellies that will go with any of your favorite outfits.
  • High quality and handcrafted for personal fit and comfort.
  • Rubber/Textile lined for maximum comfort
  • Durable side strap for increased fitting
  • Full arch, ankle and calf support
  • Wide assortment of highly attractive colors to choose from
  • High cost boots may chase off most users
  • Sizes tend to run small

9. UGG Shaye

9. UGG Shaye
The UGG Shaye is a quality rubber rain boot, with a UGGpure wool insole to keep your feet cozy and warm in wet weather. Made in the USA, but with fur from Australia, it’s typical UGG brand expertise wrapped in a waterproof pair of boots. With a larger boot opening over 15 inches, you’ll be able to wear boot socks for a little fashion statement as well!
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The Shaye rain boot comes in a variety of color hues, from neutrals to brighter options. Shiny rubber gives them a classic wellington look, and helps keep them waterproof. With a larger boot opening over 15 inches in diameter, they’re great for those with larger calves, and also allow some individual styling by pairing boot socks along with the wellie. About knee height, they’re sure to keep you dry!

UGG Comfort
Within the Shaye lies UGGpure wool insoles, soft and comfortable for extended wear should you need it. PVC outsole allows you to keep traction in messy weather, while patterned tread adds to the grippy texture of the sole. Great for taking outside to work, playing with the kids, or if you expect to be out downtown during unfavorable conditions.

Cost and Value
Similar to other UGG footwear, it’s slightly less expensive than some other UGG models of footwear, but is a bit more expensive than some on our list. By no means will the Shaye break the bank, and is worth the investment for the brand name comfort, stylish design, and waterproof construction for which it’s been designed. A great option to consider if you’re looking for a new pair of wellies!


15 Inch Boot Opening

UGGpure Wool Insoles

PVC outsole


Size Up

Hard to Remove

10. Nomad Puddles

10. Nomad Puddles
Chique and style clash with form and function in these highly stylized Wellington boots. Frolicking in the rain on a city street or country road never looked as glamorous as it does when you are wearing these Nomad Puddles Rain Boots. Available in over 25 beautiful designs, these dazzling rubber Wellingtons make an intrepid jaunt on a slippery sidewalk, and are sure to not only keep you dry and warm even on the rainiest of days, but will also get you numerous compliments thanks to their unique designs.
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High Quality Rubber Upper
These boots use the highest quality rubber to ensure that you have a fashion friendly, completely waterproof boot that is sure to keep you protected from wet weather conditions. The boots are lined with cotton for extra comfort, and have a classic mid calf shaft that is the perfect height for most people, regardless of their height.

Excellent Traction
Visually stunning in appearance and performance, these Nomad Puddles Rain Boots allow the user to walk tall in the platformed, contoured rubber boots. The sturdy treads on the outsole are made so as to offer plenty of grip and traction, and will work just as well on wet concrete as they will on muddy country roads.

Cost and Value
Depending on size and color, these boots rank low to average when compared to other items on this list based on price. They offer excellent protection and durability, and have the added advantage of beautiful designs that are sure to make even the darkest of days a little bit brighter.

High style and fashion-designed

Pure rubber fabric for high water resistance

Calendared outsoles

Staunch platform

twenty different designs


High fashion means high cost

Not for Messy Work

There you have it, a top 10 of the most rugged, flamboyant and absurdly priced Wellington boots on the market today. Like any other purchase, choosing the style that fits your needs will be completely up to you and how you intend to wear it. Take in consideration the fact that while most of these Wellington boots will work just fine in an urban environment, they may not all be the best selection for working in your uncle’s horse ranch on a muddy summer day. While the idea of frolicking in SpyLoveBuy Karlie Knee High Rain Boots at a local fabrication plant might sound like an entertaining idea, it certainly won’t make for a proper work boot when the stylish design burns off from a nearby welder.

Luckily, this list features both fashion-oriented as well as performance-oriented Wellies, which means that you’re sure to find a pair that works for you. Regardless of your selection, take comfort in knowing that we’ve done our research for the best Wellington boots in the market to help you, the consumer and future wearer of the rain-resistant footwear, decide on your next purchase. If you wish to find out more about how we made our choice, and what aspects of boots we took into consideration when compiling our list of the best rain boots, make sure to read the Criteria for Evaluation section, or go through the Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers you need.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Wellington Boots

Comfort/Arch Support/Heel Support

A good Wellington boot should give you a nice soft fit and offer plenty of support so that you don’t develop any discomfort or pain as you wear them for prolonged periods of time. Luckily, makers have caught on to the fact that this type of boot should not just be functional, but also needs to provide this required level of comfort, and nowadays you have the opportunity to choose from many features that are oriented towards providing you with the best possible wearing experience. A contour cushioned insole is a great start to your search for comfort and foot support in your Wellington boot. First, it provides you with the softness your feet will appreciate in each step you take. Second, it will give you arch and heel support that are a must for anyone with flat feet, plantar fasciitis or any related foot problems. A bonus benefit is that you can remove it and wash it to help limit the odor in your shoe.

A lack of arch support can lead to a number of pain issues from your feet all the way up to your back that will eventually limit your ability to walk if not taken care of properly. So, it’s a very important thing to have that support feature in your shoe. The heel cup that provides the heel with the needed support can reduce heel slippage, which those who’ve experienced that can tell you it’s a pain you’ll be happy to avoid. A Wellington boot that has EVA foam components can prove to be an excellent choice as it provides a comfort similar to wearing sneakers, which are known for giving great arch support but also plenty of shock absorption. You’ll be able to walk all day with that material comforting your feet.

If you’re looking for a Wellington boot that gives you great foot support particularly for working outdoors, pay attention to a boot that has the wide-cut heel. It can provide you with a lot more stability than most boots and give you a great comfort to your feet through your long day of work. Additionally, any boot that mentions having reinforcement in parts of the shoes such as the toes or the heels is sure to give you stable foot support in your steps. Lastly, a boot with a scalloped top edge should be worth much consideration given the comfort it provides through allowing the calf area more ability to flex in the boot.


Traction/Slip Resistance/Outsole Overview

Great boots can make you feel like you can confidently step on anything in the world and have the balance and stability to still be standing tall. One of the ways Wellingtons provides that is with their rubber outsoles. These outsoles give the shoes excellent slip resistance regardless of whether you intend to walk in the rain or you need to make your daily steps on wet indoor surfaces. In addition, rubber soles will provide you with excellent durability that you can appreciate year after year. Another way Wellingtons offers traction stability is through their angle cleated outsoles. For those familiar with sports technology, cleats are something quite familiar from the footwear worn by football and baseball players. For those less so, these are bumps on the soles which have the function of digging into the ground, making sure that you have plenty of traction and that you don’t slip even when walking on mud.

Similar to how well they grip to the ground for the players that run around on a field, cleated outsoles provide excellent traction for Wellington boots that can be great prevention from any potential slips that could lead to a painful fall to the ground. You can also look out for any boot featuring a PVC outsole which also has great slip resistance and durability. Try to see if a boot is stated to have large grip soles as this can also mean better traction. You can be assured the features in the top Wellington boots will keep you standing and walking on your feet on any rugged or wet surface for a long time.

Certain Wellington boots also provide the benefit of having electric hazard rated outsoles. This means that this shoe has been tested and proven to be able to protect against electrocution. So for those who work in the electric energy company field, a good Wellington boot for you will definitely need to have this feature.

Breathability/Mesh Lining/Stretch-Fit Topline

When you’re walking in boots they can heat up somewhat quick since they give your feet a lot of coverage. You need a boot that can assist in keeping your feet cool. Wellingtons help give you temperature regulation and breathability through their mesh lining. The mesh liner moderates the temperature in your shoe through providing increased airflow that helps to keep your feet less sweaty and much cooler. Even if the lining mentioned as featured in the Wellington boot you’re looking at is not mesh, it will still provide breathability for you. Moderating temperature doesn’t just mean keeping your feet cool during hot seasons, but it also means keeping them warm during cold seasons too. Wellingtons offer a solution to that in the form of their stretch fit topline. It’s specifically designed to keep warmth in your feet and thus more comfortable walking or working in freezing conditions.


Waterproof/Chemical Resistant

There are not very many things that can be as uncomfortable as walking around with wet shoes and socks. This is especially true if you’ve got a whole day of work ahead of you. Wellington boots can help prevent this through their waterproof design that is made so as not to let any water into the shoe, keeping you safe from rain, snow, and puddles. The best Wellington boots will have an injection molded construction feature. It makes the shoe waterproof helping to keep your feet dry through the fiercest of rain storms.

If you’re working on a farm, the injected molded construction feature can provide chemical resistance as well. It protects the footwear against any potential degradation that can be caused by fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and even animal waste. You’ll be able to work in Wellington boots with this feature for a long time. Full-grain SPR leather is another feature you can search for to give you that chemical resistance you may need. Although leather is not completely waterproof, but rather water resistant, it may as well be possible that you need a pair of boots for barn and field work, and not for wearing in the rain and snow.

Person with umbrella walking through rainy street, California St & Hyde St, Nob Hill, San Francisco

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I clean Wellington boots?
A: It’s very easy to clean Wellington boots. Once you find a brush, the first thing you can do is to remove any dirt or other material that’s on the outside of the shoe. After you remove the dirt or other material on the outside of the shoe, get some warm water and get some soap. Rub down the boot with your washing cloth with the warm water first. After you do that, rub down the boot with soap using your washing cloth. To clean within the soles, you can use a small brush of some kind to get the dirt out. Make sure you wash all of the soap off of the boot before you let them dry so the soap doesn’t cause any damage to them. If your Wellington boot happens to be rubber, make sure you don’t dry them out in the sun which can cause cracking. Instead, dry them in a cool place in your home. You should also consider purchasing a rubber conditioner to polish the boot and help maintain the condition of the rubber.

Q: What’s the right size Wellington boots for me to purchase?
A: The right size to purchase is basically the same as size as your regular sneakers. Most Wellington boots tend to be true to the size given. If you happen to be a half size, your best bet is to get the next size up. Remember that you’re generally supposed to wear socks in order fill in these boots. That can either be two pairs of regular socks or one pair of thick socks. The right size won’t have the best fit for you if you try to wear them without socks.

Q: What’s the difference between a rubber outsole and a PVC outsole in a Wellington boot?
A: Some Wellington boots feature a rubber outsole and some feature a PVC outsole. Both can provide traction for the shoe, but they are different in some ways in what they can specifically offer you. PVC outsole is basically a plastic material and that makes it lighter than the rubber outsole. So if you’re looking for a little bit more lightness in your boot, PVC would be the right feature to look for. Rubber outsoles, however, are more flexible and don’t wear out as quickly as the PVC outsole. So if you’re looking for more flexibility and durability in your boot, then rubber would be the best feature to look for.

Q: Where should I store my Wellington boots?
A: It’s suggested by Wellington boot experts that the best place to store your Wellington boots is in an area that is cool and ventilated. Consistently leaving them outside in extreme temperatures for long periods of time can risk drying and cracking the rubber of boots.

Q: How do I repair a crack or split in my Wellington boots?
A: Inevitably over time after consistent amounts of usage a day will come when the boot may crack or split open in some part. Fortunately, you can repair this yourself without having to go to a cobbler. There are a few different methods you can use to plug up the crack or split in your boot. One method is the boot patch, which you can find specially designed ones for the Wellingtons. After you clean the damaged area of the boot, you can peel the boot patch and stick it to the area of the crack or split. It will provide the same waterproof abilities through its airtight seal that you had before the damage occurred. Other methods include using a flexible adhesive to apply to the area or a silicon rubber sealant. Both alternatives take longer to achieve the repair than the boot patch, but it’s another option that can plug the split in your shoe if you’re unable to find any boot patches in stock.


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