Best White Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Overall Appeal

If you’re looking for a pair if shoes that go with absolutely everything, then a great pair of white shoes is a closet must have. Sleek and minimalistic looking, white shoes make a classic statement, and can be worn with any color outfit. Having a go to pair of white shoes on hand means you always have a great foundation on which any look of the day can be built upon.

Last Updated: December 4, 2017
By Tenby Lloyd:

The new 2017 update reflects a variety is different shoe options that are all available in a monochrome white color. These top shoes have been reviewed and rated to show why they stand out above other shoes on the market, and their pros and cons have been noted. This list is comprised of runners, sandals, slip ons, and walking shoes to give the best overview of what is available. 

Featured Recommendations

Nike Air Force 1
  • Nike Air Force 1
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Piviot Points
  • Nike Air Technology
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Grasshoppers Lace Up
  • Grasshoppers Lace Up
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • APMA Accepted
  • Price: See Here
Converse Chuck Taylor
  • Converse Chuck Taylor
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Traction Rubber
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Price: See Here

Since white shoes is such a broad category, you can find white sandals, white runners, white basketball shoes, and even white high heels. This list is focusing on the absolute best white shoes from a variety of categories; focusing mainly on comfort, durability, and appearance. When you’re buying shoes mainly for the color, that means you want more than just something that feels good, you also want them to look good on. So lets take a look at the 10 best white shoes currently on the market.


15 Best White Shoes


1. Adidas Neo Lite Racer

These shoes come up on lists again and again, and there is good reason for that. One of the best performing shoes currently on the market, the Neo Lite Racers by Adidas look great, feel great, and are well made so that they are durable and long lasting. Extremely lightweight with a cushioned insole, these will be your go to pair of white sneakers for work, home, the gym, and running errands.
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Most Unique Quality
The fitFoam insole is what really stands out in these shoes, and the fact it is made out of a viscoelastic foam gives it it's uniqueness factor. With the ability to contour to the shape of your individual foot, you will get a custom feeling shoe that gives you comfort and support where you specifically need it most. The insole is also removable, so if you aren't a fan of it or if you already have insoles you prefer then you can make that switch without any hassle.

Cleaning Factor
Since these shoes are made of rubber on the bottom and a mesh material on top there is a two step process to cleaning them. For the rubber soles you will use just a regular shoe cleaner, which will leave them nice and bright each time. For the upper part of the shoe you want to avoid a shoe cleaner and stick with using soap and a very mild detergent. Apply the soapy detergent by hand and then rinse and pat dry. Leave your shoes to dry overnight and they should look bright and white by morning. If a few stains or marks remain, either repeat the process, or try using a stain remover to fix the smaller stains.

Cost and Value
These sneakers are not expensive in the slightest, as they are a smaller and very lightweight shoe. As a running shoe they may not be worth the price, but as an every day comfortable sneaker they are beyond worth the price tag. If you like keeping your shoe purchases under the $50 mark, then these are definitely worth checking out.
  • Very Lightweight Sneakers
  • Grippy Sole for Traction on Wet or Dry Terrains
  • Heel Overlay for Additional Stability
  • Removable CloudFoam Sock Liner for Cushioning and Comfort
  • EVA Midsole For Long Term Durability
  • Insole Conforms to Your Foot Shape for a Personalized Fit
  • Can be Worn for Daily Errands as Well as at the Gym
  • Completely White with No Other Colors on the Shoe
  • Sizing May Run About a Half Size Longer
  • Fabric Can Loosen Over Time
  • Width is More on the Narrow Side

2. Toms Classic Rope Slip On

Simple and comfortable is the best way to describe TOMS, and these slip-ons are the ultimate in both. Great for throwing on as you're running out the door, TOMS will become your new shoe best friend as they can be worn for nearly any occasion. With an elastic top to help your foot slide in easily, and a nicely padded foot bed, TOMS Classic Rope Slip Ons are a massively popular shoe. They are also a well loved brand since every shoe you purchase, also purchases a pair for a child in need; making you feel social good about what you've just bought.
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Most Unique Quality
With a canvas, elastic, and rubber design, these shoes are built in a way that helps them mold to your feet, giving you a more comfortable and personalized fit. Although they may feel a bit stiff or even tight when you first slip them on, as you wear them more the fabric will relax and eventually they begin to feel like a second skin.

Cleaning Factor
Since these are every day shoes there is a very good chance they will get dirty fast. The best way to clean your TOMS is to do it by hand, using a bucket of soapy water and a small cloth or toothbrush. As they are made of canvas, you can scrub away at any dirt and then leave them to dry out in the sun or in an airy location. It is not recommended that you ever put your TOMS in to the dryer.

Cost and Value
TOMS are sold at a lot of different locations, so the prices vary wildly from store to store. Overall they tend to be pretty inexpensive, and you can generally find pairs for around or under the $50 mark. It is important to remember that the price on these may be a bit higher than similar shoes by lesser known brand names. This is due in a large part to the fact that TOMS does donate a pair of shoes for every purchase made, so that increases the cost a bit.
  • Easy to Clean Canvas Material
  • Durable Rubber Sole
  • Easy to Slip On
  • Elastic Inset To Ease the Entry of Your Foot
  • Padded Footbed for Additional Comfort
  • Stretches and Conforms to Your Foot Over Time
  • No Need to Wear Socks With Them
  • For Every Purchase A Pair is Donated to a Child in Need
  • Arch Support is Lacking
  • Lining is Thick So You May Need to Order a Half Size Up
  • Not A Lot of Traction on the Soles

3. Puma Roma Basic

Originally debuted in 1968, this sneaker is a modern take on the classic sport shoe by PUMA. Sleek and sporty in appearance, this is also a great walking and running shoe and can be worn to work or just while out and about. With it's extra padding and good arch support, these shoes will give you comfort while remaining great to look at.
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Most Unique Quality
When these shoes debuted in 1968 they were made for athletes who ran, jumped, sprinted their way to victory. PUMA has kept this original concept in mind, and let the original design showcase itself without too many changes. By making only a few changes to the colors and materials, these shoes prove that sometimes things are so good they don't need to be changes over time.

Cleaning Factor
As these shoes are made of a synthetic leather, you are able to use a soft bristle brush to scrub your shoes, retuning them back to their bright white state. Make sure you always use a mild soap and cold water, and never put your shoes in the washer or the dryer. As with any white shoe, these will get dirty with use so following the cleaning recommendations are the best way to keep them looking as fresh as possible.

Cost and Value
The nice thing with PUMA is that even though they are a well known and highly reputable brand, their shoes never tend to run at a very expensive rate. These Roma Basic Sneakers are no exception, and they are super reasonably priced. Hovering around the $60 mark, or less depending on the store you buy them from, the value is outstanding because these are well made, durable, and look great on.
  • Classic Look and Design
  • Synthetic Leather Materials
  • Cushioned Midsole with Added Arch Support
  • Saw Tooth Traction on the Outsole
  • Padded Tongue for Extra Comfort
  • Can be Worn at Work or as a More Casual Shoe
  • Extremely Comfortable and Easy to Wear for Long Periods of Time
  • Look Great On
  • Shoes are Very Narrow in Width
  • Sizing Runs about a Half Size Smaller
  • Material of the Shoes May Squeak 

4. K-Swiss ST329 CMF

4. K-Swiss ST329 CMF
An absolute cult classic, this is one of the original tennis shoes by K-Swiss. Since 1966 this has been one of the most durable shoes, crafted in a way that ensures it has lasted for decades. With an extremely durable rubber sole, you can run and play in these without worry that they will wear out quickly. Cushioned and comfortable, these are the ultimate shoe if you want extra padding and softness for the bottom of your feet.
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Most Unique Quality
The K-EVA midsole on these shoes is crafted with comfort in mind, and is thickly cushioned to give you a durable yet soft feel. The thickness of the rubber sole is also a huge feature as it provides ample shock absorption protecting both your feet and your knees. With how comfortable these truly are, it is no wonder they have been a favourite for so many years.

Cleaning Factor
These shoes are made out of leather, so it is important to clean them properly so you don't accidentally damage them in the process. All you will need to do is to gently rub them with a damp cloth that has been dipped in to a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap. If keeping them white is more important than making them last longer, you can try a sneaker cleaner but be warned that it could cause the leather to peel over time.

Cost and Value
Starting to move up in price, these shoes are a bit more pricey than what we've looked at so far, and tend to hover around the $75 mark. For that price you are getting an extremely durable shoe that should last you quite awhile, as the materials and thickness are meant to uphold over time.
  • Real Leather Material for the Upper Shoe
  • Thick Rubber Outsole with Added Traction
  • K-EVA MidSole for Comfort and Durability
  • Shock Absorbing Heel
  • Available in Extra Wide Sizing
  • Removable Memory Foam Insole
  • Great for Tennis and Cross Training
  • Memory Foam Insole Not as Comfortable as the Original Insole
  • Extra Cushioning May Make Sizing Run a Bit Smaller
  • May be Most Comfortable for Those With Higher Arches

5. Crocs Classic Clog

5. Crocs Classic Clog
Although these shoes may not be the most attractive things on the planet, there is good reason that they are so popular and highly rated. If you want a shoe that is beyond comfortable, extra roomy, and is easy to put on, then Crocs may be for you. Sliding your feet in to a pair of Classic Clogs will change your world, and all the jokes about Crocs will no longer matter. These always become everyones go to pair of shoes for running the garbage out, sitting at the pool, gardening, or just running errands.
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Most Unique Feature
What makes Crocs stand out from the crowd is how comfortable and simple they really are. They are very lightweight, have breathable ventilation holes, and are fully waterproof so you can wear them in and out of the water. They may look bulky on, but your feet and toes will have additional space so you will never feel like they are cramped or tight. The back strap can be removed as well, making them even easier to slide on and off.

Cleaning Factor
Out of all of the white shoes on our list, these are going to be your best bet if you want to keep them clean longer. Since they are made out of their signature Crocslite material, Crocs are easily sprayed off with a hose for easy cleaning. The material can also be scrubbed at to remove any stuck on dirt or scuffs, so you can ensure these white shoes stay white over time.

Cost and Value
Crocs are not expensive at all, and given that they seem to last forever, they are worth every penny. At around $35 or less, these are going to be one of your favourite pairs of every day slip ons and that makes the value on these exceptional.
  • One of the Most Comfortable Shoes You Will Own
  • Perforated Exterior for Breathability and Ventilation
  • Removable Back Strap
  • Easy Slip On Style
  • Very Roomy
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Simple and Easy to Clean
  • Odor Resistant
  • Water Friendly and Buoyant
  • Traction in Wet and Dry Conditions
  • Bulky and Clunky in Appearance
  • Very Informal Footwear
  • Sizing Runs Larger

6. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi

6. Converse Chuck Taylor Hi
These shoes, colloquially referred to as "Chucks" are one of the most common and comfortable shoes you will see around. Made out of leather, with a thick rubber sole, these shoes once broken in will feel like they were made just for you. Originally made for basketball players, these shoes have crossed over and are now worn by athletes, skateboarders, and almost everyone else, including celebrities.
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Most Unique Feature
Since this list is all about white shoes, the thing that makes Chucks stand out is the fact that they look great clean or dirty. Worrying about keeping your shoes clean and white isn't as much of an issue with these, as they are known for being a more grunge shoe. Worn by musicians, skateboarders, and artists these are shoes that appear more "authentic" the more worn in they are. So go ahead and let them get dirty, and enjoy your rustic Chuck Taylors.

Cleaning Factor
With this style of Chucks being leather, you can always pre treat them with a leather spray to help them survive wet and rainy conditions. To wash them you should follow the advice of other leather shoes and use a damp cloth that has been dipped in lukewarm water and a bit of mild soap. Never put these in to the washer or the dryer, as the leather will not do well at all. When it comes to these shoes, its almost better to just let them be, and embrace the worn in look that makes these shoes a classic.

Cost and Value
The price of these shoes is definitely one of it's selling points, as they are athlete designed shoes at a fraction of the cost. While most highly notable sneakers can run in the hundreds, these will sit around $60 at most depending on where you buy them. Since you can find them at many stores, oftentimes you can get them on sale or just for less depending on how hard you look.
  • Looks Great Clean or Dirty
  • Comfortable and Form Fitting
  • Leather Material Stands up Better to Rain if Treated
  • Great for Any Occassion Wear
  • Thick Rubber Sole
  • Can Be Worn During Sports
  • Iconic in Look and Style
  • Shoes that Get Better With Time
  • Not a Lot of Support
  • Monochrome White is Leather not Canvas
  • Not a very Sturdy Shoe

7. Nike Air Force 1

7. Nike Air Force 1
If you want a white shoe that checks off all of the boxes, then look no further than the Nike Air Force 1. This is a shoe that screams iconic, and it has been worn by athletes and celebrities for years. These are shoes that are known worldwide, and have kept their noteworthy status since 1982. Great for athletes, hip hop enthusiasts, every day wear, and depending on you, even formal events, these shoes will be your go to pair when you want to look great and feel great at the same time.
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Most Unique Feature
These shoes are iconic not just because of their celebrity status, but because they are well made and comfortable. With a very springy, cushioned step these shoes are made with Nike Air technology which is what makes them great for your feet. The foam sole has air encapsulated in to it, so that each step you take gives you a little push back and puts more bounce in your walk.

Cleaning Factor
These shoes are made with a combination of leather and synthetic materials, so cleaning is a bit more complicated. The best way to clean them is to mix a little bit of detergent with water, and then use a soft cloth to wash the shoe. Another trick that has been used on Nikes for awhile now, is to take a Magic Eraser and use that on spot stains. Over time your shoes will get dirty, but if you take the time to clean them then you should be able to keep them nice for awhile.

Cost and Value
There's no doubt that Nike is a highly renowned sneaker brand, so you already know that you are going to be paying a bit more if you want to own a pair. These classics are on the lower end of the Nike scale, but will still hover around the $100 mark no matter where you buy them. It's always good to think of a pair of shoes like these as more of an investment, since the long term durability gives them their real value. Well made and great looking, these will be shoes you wear a lot and love each time.
  • Iconic and Classic Appearance and Brand
  • Leather and Synthetic Material
  • Pivot Points for Smooth Transitions
  • Non-Marking Rubber Sole
  • Padded Collar for a Snug Yet Comfortable Fit
  • Massive Midsole
  • Nike Air Technology
  • Soft and Springy With Every Step
  • Can be Purchased as Lows, Mids, or Highs
  • Can Get Crease Marks Over Time
  • May Make Feet Sweaty
  • Heavier than Other Types of Shoes

8. Grasshoppers Lace Up

8. Grasshoppers Lace Up
Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes are designed to promote good foot health. Whether you want these as walking shoes, for leisure activities, or just for general wear, you should find these extremely comfortable as well as helpful if you suffer from a variety of foot pains or conditions. No one wants sore feet by the end of the day, so give yourself superior comfort with a shoe that has additional padding, memory foam, flexibility, and enhanced odor control.
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Most Unique Feature
Because these shoes have recieved the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, you can be sure that you're buying shoes that are made with foot support in mind. After undergoing rigorous testing, these shoes have stood up well and maintained their comfort and durability over time. The inside contains an enhanced memory foam Ortholite sockline which will give you exceptional comfort and will wick away moisture to keep them dry and odor free.

Cleaning Factor
These shoes are made for people who are looking to do more leisurley activities, so really you shouldn't get them too dirty with regular wear. When they do get dirty, the synthetic material can be washed with a brush and some soapy water then left to air dry.

Cost and Value
For such a well made and orthopedic approved shoe, these are super inexpensive and will cost you under $45. They are durable and long lasting, so value wise you are easily getting your money's worth. Keeping your feet comfortable, pain free, and healthy is always important, and at this price you cannot go wrong with a pair of these.
  • Synthetic Material is Easy to Clean
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Available in a Range of Widths
  • Great for Walking and Other Leisurely Activities
  • Rounded Heel for Decreased Impact on Knees
  • Additional Padding for Extra Comfort
  • Flexible Outsole for Foots Natural Movement
  • Ortholite Sockliner with Memory Foam
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • May Not Be Great for Certain Foot Conditions
  • Sizing May Run Smaller
  • Support May Not Be Enough for Some Individuals

9. Keds Champion Original

9. Keds Champion Original
Keds are one of the most versatile shoes, and really can be worn for any occasion. Low-key, simple, and comfortable these will become a must have in your wardrobe the second you try a pair on. A very low cut sneaker, these go with any outfit and can thrown on quickly and easily. They are made from breathable canvas so that your foot doesn't get sweaty or smelly throughout the day, and they include a terry lined sock liner so they can be worn with or without socks. With a rubber midsole and outsole, your feet will be supported and comfortable all day long.
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Most Unique Quality
What makes Keds one of the best shoes to have on hand is that fact that you can literally pair them with almost any outfit or occasion. There is nothing overly flashy or stand out about their appearance, so they are a subtle enhancement to whatever you're wearing.Lightweight and comfortable, you will find that you can slip these on and go no matter what you have to do that day.

Cleaning Factor
Since Keds are made of canvas, they are one of the easiest white shoes to clean. Any type of spot stain remover should be effective at removing stuck on stains, and you can wash them with soap and water. Canvas is similar to a lot of the fabrics your clothes are made from, so washing them isn't much different. If you want to make them more stain resistant, you can cover them in a canvas shoe spray, or even rub beeswax over them to create a protective layer.

Cost and Value
For under $50 you can grab yourself a pair of Keds, which given their versatility is a great price. These are shoes that you are going to get a lot of use out of, so that value really speaks for itself. Of course you can find similar styled shoes for a lower price, but because these are a reputable brand you can be a lot more confident that you are buying something of high quality and longer durability.
  • Low Top Sneaker With Laced Closure
  • Available in Multiple Widths
  • Canvas Material is Easier to Clean
  • Versatile for Every Mood or Ocassion
  • Breathable Fabric to Prevent Sweat and Odor Build Up
  • Improved Arch Support
  • More Secure Heel than Previous Models
  • Sizing May Run Narrower
  • Sole is Quite Thin
  • May Rub Against Ankle When Worn Without Socks

10. Easy Spirit Romy

10. Easy Spirit Romy
If you want an athletic walking shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, and durable then these Romy Walking Shoe's by Easy Spirit are a great choice. With a built in sock liner, these shoes have additional cushioning that keeps your foot comfortable as well as absorbing a lot of the shock from walking or light running. The design is very subtle and so these shoes can pair well with jeans, sweatpants, shorts, or any other causal outfit you desire.
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Most Unique Quality
Comfortable and stable, these shoes have been compared to feeling like you're walking on a cloud. For people with foot issues, pain, or certain conditions these shoes may offer the support and comfort you need. The leather material helps to maintain a very stable shoe, so those who have trouble with walking longer distances may find that these are helpful. With additional space, you are able to put in a custom insole and still have a roomy, spacious feel.

Cleaning Factor
One of the simpliest to maintain, these walking shoes are designed so that they are relatively stain and dirt resistant. Most people find that they only need to give them a wipe down in order to keep them looking bright and white. As they are made of leather, if you do need to give them a good scrub make sure you use mild soap and water. Never put your leather shoes in the washer or dryer as this could easily damage them.

Cost and Value
At under $60 a pair these are the most average priced shoes on our list. Not as pricey as a running or basketball shoe, these are perfectly price for people who like more leisurely paced activity. Value wise, you are definitely getting your moneys worth when it comes to comfort, as these are worth every penny.
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Great for Walking or Light Running
  • Extra Padding and Cushioning
  • Stable and Supportive
  • Sockliner that Absorbs Shock
  • Helpful For Certain Foot Conditions
  • Has Very Good Arch Support
  • Available in a Range of Widths
  • Enough Space to Add Own Insole
  • Tongue is Very Narrow
  • Heel May be a Bit Wide
  • Sizing Runs Larger

11. Vans Old Skool

11. Vans Old Skool
The Vans Old Skool is a shoe that rarely needs any sort of introduction – anyone who’s a skater or knows one most likely has heard about the Vans Old Skool. Representing the immortal skater style white shoe, this pair has a vintage style canvas upper and a vulcanized rubber construction. Fashion, a white profile, and the skating style come all together to form the Vans Old Skool.
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Vulcanized rubber
When traditional rubber just doesn’t cut it, it’s necessary to go for a synthesized option. The vulcanized rubber sole is just like any traditional sole; except it had been vulcanized. The process of vulcanization enhances certain aspects of rubber that optimize the performance and lifestyle during skating and casual wear, such as its resistance to abrasion. Additionally, this compound is slight stickier and holds together with the board firmly.

Waffle outsole
You know you’re talking about a Vans shoe when you see the waffled outsole. Possibly the most emblematic Vans feature, the waffle outsole is a unique outsole pattern than enhances skating performance. This specific design allows for much greater board feel, traction, and distribution of energy. Thanks to this, you can handle the board in a much more natural and smooth manner. Its flex-friendly design is perfect for all sort of daily activities and skating.

Vans is hands down one of the most reputable casual and skating shoe manufacturers. You’ll rarely get to see a defective or poorly designed Vans shoe. The Old Skool edition brings back the classic skating vibe in the white edition. Don’t let its casual look fool you; this model counts with every bit of performance-enhancing technology owned by Vans. You certainly won’t need to buy a replacement pair anytime soon.

Stays true to its size

Super-large variety of colors aside from True White

Wear them with nearly everything

Friendly flex outsole


Tough to break into; the footbed may be stiff during the first couple of uses

12. Adidas Baseline

12. Adidas Baseline
Just like the Vans Old Skool, the Adidas Baseline is a shoe that doesn’t really need presentation. Unquestionably the most popular shoe upon its release (and still used up to this date), the Baseline is particularly known for its white color. The three-striped shoe quickly became one of the most iconic shoes in Adidas, representing one of their best selling shoes. Quality, style, and comfort are three of the many qualities in this footwear.
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Cloudfoam footbed
The AdidasNEO footbed is exactly what your feet need to relieve the stress placed on them by daily activities. A Cloudfoam compound is not only supportive but extremely comfortable and soft to the touch. The footbed support barefoot uses, preventing the development of bacteria and bad smells within the shoe. It also improves the shock absorption process, making the experience more comfortable one gait at a time.

Soft cushioning
Walking can place quite an amount of stress all over and around your feet. This is why the Adidas Baseline is carefully cushioned all around, also delivering targeted support to key areas of our feet. The cushioning makes the walking experience much smoother and comfortable, preventing sore heels or toes the day after a long walk. Both the footbed, the lining, and tongue count with a layer of cushioning.

Adidas shoes are rarely this accessible, but don’t get us wrong – the fact that it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s bad. Everyone who has ever had a pair of Adidas shoe knows there’s no such thing as a cheaply made authentic Adidas shoe. White shoes are all about style and Adidas is all about comfort; what a better combination to rock the casual style of the oldschool Baseline?

Snug fit (comfortable)

Utterly trendy

Enough cushioning

Easy to clean



Lacks breathing vents

Sizing is off, verify the seller’s sizing chart

13. Reebok Club C 85

13. Reebok Club C 85
If you had a pair of the classic Club C kicks, the Club C 85 revamp is something you should definitely be looking forward to. An utterly soft leather upper provides a comfortable inner shoe experience; aside from creating comfort, it doesn’t irritate the skin and prevents too much friction. Despite being a very casual shoe, the Reebok Club C 85 fits in a wide variety of occasions.
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High-abrasion rubber outsole
When we’re talking about daily wear shoes, you must be equipped with an outsole that is grippy, firm, and durable. Rubber is a great material for this task; especially if it’s been modified to enhance its abrasion-resistant qualities. This is the case of the Club C 85, which aside from including a unique outsole pattern, counts with highly durable soles.

Die-cut EVA midsole
Ethyl-vinyl acetate (EVA) is one of the most popular shoe materials for shock absorption. Reebok is no less, and thus they implemented an EVA midsole in the Club C 85. A combination of the classic style and modern technologies makes sure you can get anywhere you want without your feet hurting the next day. The midsole removes a considerable amount of stress from your feet at the end of the day.

Reebok doesn’t feature the lowest prices, but certainly not the most expensive ones either. Sitting just below the average value of the list, the Reebok Club C 85 is one of the most comfortable purchases for those looking for a quality, durable white shoe. The high-abrasion outsole, EVA midsole, and other special features of this shoe guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable casual wear experience.

Soft sole

Great everyday sneaker

Breathable enough for hot days

Walk in them comfortably


Too tight for some users (try half a size down)

14. Adidas Tubular Shadow

14. Adidas Tubular Shadow
The history behind the original Tubular series dates back to the ‘90s, back when the world or performance running was revolutionized by sports technology. Unquestionably advanced for its time, the Tubular redefined modern street style and has ever been amongst the most purchased Adidas shoes. Adidas classic heritage comes to life once again in the form of a good-looking, modernized, and technology-equipped performance shoe.
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Stretchy DuPont Kevlar upper
The DuPont Kevlar and ripstop upper build provide you with the protection you need in a running shoe. There’s not much to say aside from the fact that you’re basically wearing bullet-stopping materials around your feet. This material still allows you to flex freely, as it stretching qualities put no limits on your movements. The sleek and monochromatic look is the cherry on the cake.

OrthoLite sockliner
Smelly feet is one of the most hated aspects of the sport, and there’s no wonder why. The OrthoLite sockliner is a modern solution to the common problem amongst runners; bad-smelling shoes. By preventing the generation of bacteria and further development of odors, this sockliner keeps the inner shoe build stable, fresh, and most importantly, odor-free. If that wasn’t enough for you, it’s fair to note that it’s utterly comfortable as well.

Although it surpasses the average value of the list by some 10’s, the Tubular Shadow doesn’t stop being one of the best options for white footwear. Once again, everyone knows the reputation of Adidas for footwear goes undebated. But, the Tubular Shadow counts with unique features that stand out from other Adidas products. Considering the technologies implemented in this release, the price is only fair for such a quality build.

Highly breathable and stretchy

Odor-preventing sock liner

Durable and protective upper build

Feels like wearing slippers in terms of weight 


The internal materials could be softer

Wider than expected, although it may not require size change

15. Ralph Lauren Faxon

15. Ralph Lauren Faxon
A vintage-inspired Faxon Low is probably the easiest way to look good and be comfortable at the same time. The build for this shoe goes totally white except for a black line on the sole. Ralph Lauren’s iconic leather “POLO” tags contribute to the vintage approach. The piece-dyed canvas looks great in white, once again showing Ralph Lauren knows how to use colors.
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Treaded rubber outsole
Normally, there’s a line between looks and performance that creates a lot of controversy among footwear users. The thing about the POLO Ralph Lauren Faxon is that you get both functionality and a great design in a single shoe. The treading on the rubber sole provides that bit more of protection and durability to the build in general. Walking is not only more comfortable now, but it also has less impact on these shoes.

Extra padding
As if the inside of the shoe wasn’t already padded enough, Ralph Lauren made sure to add even more padding to key elements of the inner shoe. A padded collar, for example, comforts the ankle and the collar area, allowing you to twist your foot in comfort when rotating. The padded tongue is not only soft and comfortable but also contributes to the upperfoot support when tightened with the laces.

Elegance is brought to your feet by a cost that sits around the average value of this list. There’s not much to say about this investment; if you like stylish and reliable shoes, there shouldn’t be much second thought here. Ralph Lauren is not one of the biggest stylish clothing designers because they make ugly shoes, and certainly not because they make low-quality footwear either. This is not a shoe that will go in the trash bag after a couple of months.

Padded collar and tongue

Padded canvas insole

Treaded rubber sole

Soft cotton inner and resistant leather upper


The midsole pattern is hard to clean and makes it really easy for dirt to accumulate between the lines

When it comes to white shoes there are a plethora of options available on the market in almost every type of shoe imaginable. Finding the right shoe means first figuring out what purpose you want them for, and then searching around to see if there are different color options available. Many brands offer their shoes in a range of colors, so often times you will be able to find white if you look hard enough. This list is here to highlight which white options have more than just a specific color; these shoes are also looked at for comfort, durability, and overall performance.

The biggest thing to remember when you purchase a pair of white shoes is that keeping them white is always a struggle. There are a lot of cleaning sprays, soaps, and kits that you can look in to, but making sure they work for the specific material you have is vital. You may not be able to keep your shoes looking white and brand new forever, but there are steps to take that can give them a much longer lifespan.

Criteria Used in Evaluation and Purchasing Advice


It doesn’t matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or what type of footwear you’re using; comfort should be there. There’s just no valid reason to wear uncomfortable shoes after the immense variety of designs and shoe shapes that are available in the online market. One of the biggest objectives of shoes is to create comfort; if you get that bit wrong, you can’t expect anything else from the rest of the shoe.

A shoe is as helpful as its level of comfort. You may count with the most freshly released technologies, unique responsive boost systems, and futurist technologies, but it’s all for nothing if the shoe bothers your foot. Realistically speaking, nobody wants an uncomfortable shoe.

This is a basic feature that must be present in our lifestyle. Even the most casual and purposeless of shoes should be comfortable. If on top of that you plan on using such shoes for performance or sports, then comfortability becomes a must.

You may force yourself into uncomfortable shoes just for the looks (which you shouldn’t do, but it’s possible). However, when we’re talking about any sort of performance, comfortability is no longer an option. Long story short, you won’t be able to perform nearly as well as you could if your feet are in discomfort.

Comfort, unlike other features of the shoe that are complex, is fairly easy to determine. You put the shoe on, you walk and jump in it, and it either comforts you or it doesn’t – there aren’t many other options. However, we may need to break into the shoe with a couple of uses before we can actually determine how they truly feel on our feet.

Because of this, it’s important for users to be able to determine the level of comfort in a shoe before buying it. First off, note that comfort is created by the combination of all elements in the shoe; it’s not something that comes from the shoe as a whole. We’ll give you some tips on each aspect of the shoe that provides comfort and how to identify it.


Cushioning and padding are somewhat the same, however, we refer to them as two different features. Think of padding as a feature that contributes specifically to the comfort in general of a shoe; made specifically to deliver a soft sensation to the touch of feet. Cushioning, on the other hand, is one of the elements responsible for mitigating the impact and any form of stress it prevents.

Padding, as you would normally guess, should be as soft as possible. But, over all other aspects of padding, it’s critical that it doesn’t create any discomfort when rubbed against the skin. This may sound a bit obvious, but there are a lot of users that judge padding based on its softness and not the way your skin reacts to it. You touch it, feel softness, buy it, and then realize it irritates your feet after walking for the day. No good.

Even when wearing socks, the padding material may create friction with exposed segments of the skin. These segments are often the most delicate, too; the Achilles tendon, the ankle collar, and the peak of the upperfoot (which is the area that rubs the most against the material).

You want the inner of your shoe to be padded all around, not just a part of it. Keep in mind that certain areas may be an exception for breathability or other purposes thought by each manufacturer – no shoe design is the same.


There are few things that are as annoying as overheated feet. It’s a huge mistake to underestimate heat and its accumulation around our feet. A shoe shouldn’t be totally closed unless its specific purpose is to retain heat, such as winter boots. Even then it’s good to have a bit of air circulating around the inner.

Not only heats discomfortable when it accumulates, but it may also be the cause of further damage. The skin of our feet isn’t particularly thick, it’s pretty thin in fact, and the foot is a particularly boney area. It only takes a day of exposure to heat accumulation to develop irritation on different parts of your feet.

Another of the consequences is the excess of sweat caused by it. Sweat is normal and inevitable, not to mention essential for cooling our body. However, you obviously don’t want a pool of your sweat inside your shoe. This will just bring bacteria that develop odors, and if the shoe isn’t properly equipped, that odor is staying there until you clean the shoe, guaranteed.

But it doesn’t stop at bacteria – fungi is one of the biggest threats to users who lack breathability in their shoes. Although it can be treated, fungi tend to stay on our feet way longer than bacteria do.

A quality shoe has at least one form of ventilation, and often multiple. These can go from mesh panels to built-in air channels and small perforations in the upper build and tongue, to name a few.


We’re not going to tell you to get a shoe which size is according to your foot – you obviously know that already. But, for as obvious as it is, there’s an alarming amount of users that end up returning their shoes because of the sizing. What’s even more alarming, is the number of users that force themselves into shoes that don’t fit them because they’re lazy to return it (or because they think half a size won’t kill them).

The thing is that, just like every other aspect listed here, the fit is an important factor of footwear. In order to avoid making a mistake at the moment of choosing your sizing, check the sizing chart from the manufacturer. This will give you the exact dimensions of the shoe in relation to each size.

This chart is normally found in the publication of the article, but it’s recommended that you verify the sizing yourself from the official site of the manufacturer. If buying from a retail store, the chart should be somewhere in the shoe box. If not, ask the clerk for it.

It may be necessary to break into the shoe with a couple of uses before feeling its true fit, but the official dimensions should work as an accurate reference. Lastly, don’t forget all feet are different; keep in mind the width of your foot when evaluating the sizing.

Other aspects

As explained previously, comfort is determined by the combination of all elements working together. A shoe may be perfectly cushioned and highly breathable, but it’s all for nothing if the lining or the padding makes your feet itch.

Nearly every aspect of a shoe has an impact on its level of comfort. For readability purposes, we just can’t list every aspect and explain how it affects comfort. Not to mention we’ll explain some of these aspects, later on, so we would just be repeating ourselves.

Long story short, other aspects (especially performance-related ones) will affect the comfortability. Shock absorption, for example, is meant to prevent an overly-stressful walking or running experience for our joints. However, by reducing the amount of shock going into our feet, this feature is creating comfort (or rather reducing discomfort).

Just like that, every other aspect of the feature has a role in comfort. If there’s no flexibility, there will be discomfort in the arch. If the shoe lacks durability, it will start bothering your feet sooner than expected, and so on with every other feature in this list.



Nobody wants to throw away a new shoe. You normally want to get the most out of footwear before getting rid of the pair. The problem is that it’s hard to determine how long a shoe will last before it’s done for good. Unfortunately, the sellers and manufacturers are not always a reliable source; nobody is going to tell you their product sucks, they want you to buy it.

There are some visual aspects that you can evaluate in a shoe to determine its approximate durability (in terms of periods, not exactly the days it will last, of course). Aside from the obvious factors that you can spot in an overly-cheap shoe, such as a poorly glued sole, there are other things you should keep in mind.

Some people are shy at the moment of making a purchase in person. They’ll ask everything to the clerk, which is somewhat logic because he or she may know the product better than you. But, never be afraid of handling the shoe yourself and touching it around all you need. If you feel something is off, mention it or just grab another shoe.

Look at the midsole; if there are obvious glue marks around the midsole it’s either a knock-off or just a very low-quality shoe. In the case there is are any threads or cords, make sure the sewing looks good and it’s not uneven or that it skips spaces. These are signs that the shoe is not worth buying unless you understand its durability and want to buy it regardless. Just know that it probably won’t make it through the year (or will be in poor conditions by then).

Before jumping into further detail of durability aspects, we remind you to ALWAYS check the shoe you’re buying. Defects happen, and they happen in Nike shoes, Adidas shoes, and every big brand out there as unlike as it is. Don’t think that because you’re buying a well-branded shoe you’re safe. Look all around your footwear when you receive it for any details that may shorten its usable time.


The durability of a shoe starts with its materials, their quality, and how they’re put together. Know that a shoe made fully from mesh may be of high-quality, but the fact is that mesh is a weak and thin material that is not meant to represent the main structure of a shoe. At any point in time, you may trip and rip the mesh open with little effort.

Normally, leather is one of the most reliable upper build materials. Authentic leather is amongst the most resistant ones, but synthetic ones may get the job done as well. Do note that the durability of the material isn’t the only thing that matters. Keep in mind its weight, the effort it takes to clean, and how quickly that type of material shows degrading.

Feel free to ask the seller or assistant any information about the shoe that you want to know. Normally, they include key information in the product description such as the upper build and midsole material. But this isn’t always the case. Ask what the insole is made of, the upper build, the midsole, the outsole, and just anything you need to know to concrete your purchase.

A rubber midsole is not bad, but it’s not the best either. There’s a wide variety of synthetic materials that have surpassed rubber in terms of abrasion resistance, weight, durability, and many other qualities. Ethyl-vinyl acetate, for instance, is considered by many as superior to traditional rubber when it comes to the midsole material. This depends on the purpose of the shoe, though.


When a shoe is made for a specific purpose, it should count with the features to support such purpose. For as obvious as it is, there’s a wide variety of shoes out there that lack the correct features to be durable in their field. This may be because they’re cheap or simply because the shoe is made to last only a certain period so you have to buy another one sooner.

In either case, evaluate the features of the shoe in relation to its sport. A running shoe won’t last long without a protective external material, for example. You’re bound to hit something at some point in your running, and when you do, you want your shoe to be equipped enough to survive the hit.

But it’s not about just making it through the first incident. If the upper build peels upon contact or friction, you can still use the shoe perfectly, but it’ll look horrible. The visual aspect of the shoe is highly important to users; nobody wants to wear a shoe that doesn’t look good anymore. You want a shoe that can make it through minor incidents without notable damage on the visual surface (nor the functional part either, of course).

Also, keep in mind that performance shoes normally last less than casual ones. Running shoes may be designed for running, but this doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from it. The materials and components of performance footwear undergo much more tension and stress than shoes used for just walking.

Proper use

You’d be surprised by the number of people that uses their shoes for activities they’re not designed for. In fact, it’s safe to say that we’ve all done so at some point in our lives. Don’t feel bad, though, it can be done with no issue as long as your activity doesn’t differ too much from the purpose of a shoe. Just keep in mind that it will likely shorten the life of the shoe every time you do so.

If you run on your casual shoes for whatever reason, you’re not going to lose them. You may get sore feet, but that should be about it. If you take a casual shoe into the mountain, on the other hand, you can’t expect it to be in the same condition as it was before once you’re done.

Proper use also involves the treatment and care you give to your footwear. A shoe with a leather upper, for example, should be attended with leather treatments every once in a while. It won’t break if you don’t do so, but it will certainly affect the visual impact the shoe has on you (and everyone who looks at your shoe). It’s very easy to spot a shoe that lacks care because it just starts looking bad or older than it actually is.


Accidents will happen, whether they’re your fault or a mistake in the production process of the shoe. In either case, you want a guarantee that backs you up with a new pair of shoes (or a refund) if something goes wrong with the shoe. Do note that you can’t rip a shoe open and ask for another one unless it was a flaw in the construction (somehow).

The longer the guarantee, the better. Users will clearly trust more a shoe with a year-long guarantee than one with a short one, or no guarantee at all. Like we previously said, big brands may be reputable, but they’re not perfect. Every once in a while someone out there buys a quality shoe that has a fabric defect. In case that someone is you, having a guarantee will save your day (and wallet).

Do note that in most cases the guarantee is subject to certain conditions. The most common one is that the item must be returned in its original box with its receipt. Because of this, it’s highly important that you keep the box and a copy of the receipt. Not meeting a single one of the conditions will result in your guarantee being voided.



White shoes are a delicate topic when talking about cleanability. It’s very, very easy to get a pair of white shoes dirty, not to say messed up. The thing about this color is that it looks ridiculously good when it’s clean. Get some dirt on it, however, and anyone across the room will be able to tell.

This color attracts naturally attracts attention, perhaps not as much as a flashy orange or green, but it does. The main con of a shoe that is so clear is that any other thing in the shoe that isn’t white will be easily noticeable. This is why white shoes (and light colors in general) need better attention.

What a lot of people don’t know, though, is that the ease to clean a shoe has a lot to do with its design. You may come across a white shoe with some really cool patterns on it at the store until you buy them and realize dirt gets deeply into the pattern and is a pain to clean. Then it’s not so cool.

The best white shoes are those that are carefully designed to avoid dirt. Note that in most cases a white shoe is not really specially designed to be white. Instead, it’s just one of the colored versions of the certain model. Be careful when buying the white edition of any shoe, as the design may include flaws like integrated patterns that catch dirt and don’t let go of it.

You want the surface to be as smooth as possible, counting with as little obstacles as possible. Any included details of the design must not have spaces that dirt and debris can easily hold on to. It may have it, but know that it’ll be hard to clean.

Cleaning timeliness

A massively contributing factor to the state of a shoe is how often you clean it, and how timely you are at the moment of doing so. We’re not speaking about how quickly you can clean the shoe, but rather how long you take before removing the dirt it has.

If you step on some mud, you want to clean it as soon as possible. You may not have to run home to clean them, but wipe them with what you can and then wash then when you get home. The longer you let the mud sit on the shoe, the harder it will be to remove it.

Cleaning a white shoe can be as easy as wiping if you take timely action. Forget about it, on the other hand, and you’ll find yourself soaking your shoes in soapy water before you can even get to scrub some of the dirt off it.

It also has to do with how often you clean your shoe. There may not be a particularly big stain on the shoe, and thus you didn’t clean it. However, dirt still accumulates all over it when used casually. Knowing how to wear white shoes involves knowing how and when to clean them.

Particular elements

When talking about cleaning shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is wiping the upper build. This is in part because it’s the most visible element, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the only one that requires cleaning.

Some white shoes are smartly designed to be cleanable on the upper, but they forget about smaller elements. The laces, for example, start getting dirt over time as well. As explained above, when you’re wearing white shoes anything that isn’t white will stand out. Don’t think dirty laces with grey marks all over them won’t affect the look of the shoe.

The quality of a white shoe can be determined by how fast its components start to fade in color. Something as simple as the padding on the collar will affect the white appearance of the shoe as a whole. It’s important that the materials don’t become stained by sweat or other natural factors.

Do note that there’s no way manufacturers can stop the shoe from getting dirty. All they can do is optimize the cleanability of the materials and their durability in their original color, but the rest falls into your hands. Designers are not to blame for a shoe that looks bad because it hasn’t been cleaned.


Performance features

Not all white shoes are meant for casual wear. Maybe you felt like purchasing your favorite basketball shoes in their white color edition. In such case, it’s important that the shoe counts with both the qualities of a white shoe and the qualities of a basketball shoe at the same time.

We’re not going into detail on the performance aspects of each sport, it just wouldn’t end. Not to mention we probably have a detailed buying guide for footwear of whichever sport you’re interested in.

Instead, we’ll inform you of the features related to performance that most shoes should have regardless of its purpose. By performance we don’t necessarily refer to sports, but rather the functional aspects of shoes in general. These aspects should be present regardless of the activity, as they cover basic things like the walking motion.

These features are necessary in order to use the shoe comfortably. Not features that create comfort, but rather ones that prevent discomfort. Such features are elemental to perform any task properly – we’re not talking about the task itself, but rather about your feet while you perform the task.

Aspects like flexibility are essential for the human body, for example. There are little to no reasons to use a traditional shoe that lacks flexibility. Our feet need it and it’s just the way our body is meant to move – there’s no further discussion about it.


Unless the purpose of the shoe contradicts so, footwear should be flexible. If we know something about feet by now is that they’re meant to flex during most motions that involve them.

Shoes are meant to be our “second feet” that deal with the nasty stuff our actual feet shouldn’t be exposed to. This means that shoes should imitate each motion of our feet as accurately as possible, and flexibility has a huge impact on that. Flexing and arching feet are some of the most basic human motions.

Normally, the region that needs the most flexibility is the midsole. Think of the sole as the equivalent to our underfoot. If our underfoot flexes or arches, the sole must do so as well. When the shoe contradicts our movements or restrains them, feet suffer an additional dose of stress by being compressed against the shoe.

An inflexible shoe won’t stop you from bending the foot. You’ll still try to bend your foot instinctively, except you’ll lack the space to do so if the shoe doesn’t bend along. By preventing the natural range of flexion, shoes will harm your arches.

Let us remind you that the lowest point of the posterior tibial tendon is located in the arch of the foot. Along with the Achilles tendon, it’s one of the most delicate parts of our feet. Not only that but if it’s affected, it will cause consequences all the way up the tendon. This tendon is stressed further when our feet are restricted from arching.


Our feet move in all directions when we walk, we just may not notice. In fact, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the position our feet are naturally meant to be at while walking. This means that they probably can’t tell when their foot is in an unnatural and stressful position.

This is where the support of the shoe comes in. It’s one of the most unknown and underestimated features in a shoe because it’s not something you can see. Think of the support as a mold that keeps your foot in the right position when moving.

It’s done by compressing our feet slightly. When you tie your laces, you’re compressing the tongue against the foot, creating upper foot support. Support basically forces the foot in the right position, without being too harsh on it.

The arch support, for example, is a little bulk on the side of the inner shoe that acts as a resting place for the arch. It helps the arch stay in a natural, resting position. If it wasn’t there, the arch would be engaged at all times.

Exactly like that, heel and ankle support help their respective area stay in the right position. Support is key to prevent overpronation and supination, which is the overly-inward and outward position of the foot respectively.



Q: How to clean white shoes?
A: If your response to the dirt on the shoes is timely, cleaning a pair of white shoes is as easy as wiping the dirt off. If you forgot about cleaning them or just haven’t cleaned them in some time, you may need to gently and constantly scrub the surface of the shoe with warm, soapy water for a minute or two in circular motions.

Please verify the compatibility of the materials with the cleaning product before proceeding; it’s very easy to damage your shoes by using a cleaning product that stains them.

Q: Why did my white shoes turn yellow?
A: White shoes will start getting yellow over time, and it’s inevitable in most cases. There are a variety of myths and theories explaining why, but the likely reason is pretty simple. Most manufacturers (if not all) used chemicals in the materials to create a brighter white look. When exposed to the sun, these chemicals start to break down slowly, ultimately becoming yellow stains.

Do note that it is possible that your white sneakers turn yellow because of a specific cleaning product you shouldn’t have used on them. Don’t worry, though, as these yellow stains can normally be treated at home for cheap.

Q: Can I toss my white shoes in the washing machine?
A: You can? Yes. Should you? No. Shoes are not meant to be tossed in the washing machine unless the manufacturer instructions indicate they should be washed in such way. The washing machine is not delicate at all; everything in there will hit the interior of the machine over and over until the washing is over.

This process deteriorates the material itself; it may contribute to the caking of the

Q: How to keep white shoes clean?
A: The easiest way to clean a white shoe is not to get it dirty in the first place. As obvious as it is, a lot of people misuse white shoes by taking them into clearly dirty areas. White shoes are meant to be used in clean environments for casual use, mostly for their appearance.

Shoes will get dirty over time regardless of their color, which is why you must clean them periodically. However, white shoes should be cleaned with more frequency. Depending on how much you use them, washing them once every two weeks may be the best choice to prevent dirt accumulation.

Q: Should I dry my white shoes naturally, or machine-dry them?
A: The dryer is very similar to the washing machine in terms of roughness. Clothes centrifuge perfectly in it, but shoes will just bounce from one direction to another hitting everything in the way. Furthermore, the heat produced by the machine is not natural and will have an effect on the properties of the materials.

Unless the manufacturer instructions indicate otherwise, we recommend always drying your shoes in the open air. It’s important that they’re not exposed to the sun, but just the wind instead. It will certainly take longer, but it will help your white shoes last longer, too.

Q: How much are white shoes?
A: White shoes normally cost the same as any of their counterparts in other colors. At the end of the day, they’re the very same model except in different shades. The end cost of the product will depend on the brand, its purpose, its size and many other factors.

A quality white sneaker meant for casual wear can cost $30-$40 or and beyond. However, a freshly released professional football cleat in its white edition can easily cost over 200 and 300 bucks. It all comes down to what the shoe is itself, the colors rarely have any influence on their cost.

Q: How much bleach should I use to clean white shoes?
A: There’s some controversy regarding bleach and white shoes. While bleach is a preferred cleaner for white things, not everything in the shoe is necessarily white. If another part of the shoe is exposed to the bleach, you can expect the colors to fade or change completely.

That being said, if you want to bleach your white shoes, you should use one part bleach and five parts water – never exceeding one bottle cap of bleach. Mix the bleach and water and apply the mixture with a toothbrush around the affected areas. Never apply to the shoe as a whole. Wipe the mixture off the shoe once you’re done.

Q: Is it hard to clean white shoes?
A: That depends on the care you gave them. The cleanability of a shoe depends on the smoothness of its surface as well as the quality of its material. This is up to the manufacturer, of course, but the user also has a role in the cleanability of a white shoe.

The longer you leave them without cleaning, the harder it will be to do so later on. As stated before, cleaning a white shoe can be as easy as using a wipe on it if you clean them shortly after becoming dirty. Remember that patterns and marks on the shoe may allow dirt to allocate all-around difficult spots.