10 Best Zumba Shoes Reviewed

Zumba is one of the best exercises to get in shape while having fun because it is all about dancing. However, some of the steps involved in this dance-exercise can take a toll on your feet. Moreover, Zumba can be problematic or feel uncomfortable for people who have plantar fasciitis or other foot problems. Then there are the aches and pains that the vigorous dance sessions of a Zumba class can cause to your body. The solution to all these problems lies in wearing the correct shoes for Zumba that can facilitate an enjoyable experience while maintaining safety.


You have to keep a few points in mind while shopping for your new Zumba or dance-exercise shoes, in addition to paying attention to your experience and fitness level. Any Zumba shoe that you buy should help you avoid pain and accidents. Always remember that things can get topsy-turvy when you are working up a sweat during a Zumba session.

If your shoe does not provide a decent grip or flexibility, then you can slip or trip, which can cause a serious back or skeletal injury. There are also chances of ending up with sprains or muscle pain if your sneakers cannot cope up with your movements. Furthermore, your shoes must help you maintain posture and balance in the face of the physical and frequent nature of a high energy Zumba session.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2017
by Mirisa Jewell :

Criteria and Frequently Asked Questions content input, this material provides knowledge regarding popular questions regarding where to buy the best zumba shoes or if it is necessary to have a special pair of shoes for zumba class.

Puma Cell Riaze
  • Puma Cell Riaze
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Soft Heathered Textile
  • Price: See Here
Ryka Influence
  • Ryka Influence
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Colorful Lace-Up Shoe
  • Price: See Here
Zumba Impact Max
  • Zumba Impact Max
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Removable Insole
  • Price: See Here

You should also remember that poor footwear can lead to energy loss, and you do not want that during your Zumba session. Moreover, you also do not want to be in a situation where you are spending more time worrying about your insufficient shoes than following your instructor’s move. All of these factors can be detrimental and prevent you from making the most of your Zumba class, let alone enjoy it. Therefore, to help you make the right decision, we have picked the ten best Zumba shoes for you.


10 Best Zumba Shoes


1. Puma Cell Riaze

The Puma Cell Riaze is a well-cushioned and stylish shoe built for women. These trainers are ideal for an energetic Zumba class because the heel cushioning effect maximizes shock absorption and comfort. This features makes these pair of shoe ideal for dancing and being agile on your feet. Moreover, you do not need a break-in period for these shoes and can start grooving in them as soon as you buy them.
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These trainers are perfect for Zumba and dance cardio classes because they do not stick to the dance floor. They also make pivoting easy. In addition, these shoes are cute enough to be worn post-workout, so they can serve more than one purpose.

The Puma Cell Riaze is a super comfy pair of shoes that will literally make you feel that you have pillows under your feet. The breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner provides optimum comfort and fit.

These mid-range trainers are reasonably priced for the plethora of features that they offer. The bonded synthetic overlays with soft heathered textile upper will add a sharp look to your attire.

Padded collar and tongue

Cushioning, EcoOrtholite lining insole

Bubble, cushioned technology midsole

Rubber outsole with extra heel cushioning unit


Sizing is too small and narrow

2. Ryka Influence

The Ryka Influence was created especially keeping high impact fitness enthusiasts and Zumba dancers in mind. The sole of the shoe is ergonomically designed to facilitate natural movements during a dance-workout session and includes a pivot point. These pair of dance shoes are lightweight, supportive and stable, which makes them a good choice for all the jumps, spins, kicks, grooves and moves of Zumba sessions.
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With the Ryka Influence on your feet, you will pass a Zumba class with flying colors. These pair of dance shoes are also ideal for keeping knee pain at bay, even while you are doing high impact moves.

These high-performance athletic shoes will provide you with an unsurpassed cushioning, comfort, fit and control. The dual impact midsole offers cushioning in the forefront and heel, which will keep you comfortable when you move to the rhythm of the music.

The Ryka Influence is a reasonable pair of Zumba shoes that will help your knees from hurting. The shoe will help you manage higher impact moves efficiently, without leading to pain. This is reason enough to invest in this pair.

Direct-Fuse and Flex-Foil support layers

Traction outsole

Dual-impact midsole

Precise-Return bouncy insole


Not too sturdy

No arch support

3. Zumba Impact Max

The Zumba Impact Max is just the right pair of shoes for all the hip-hoppers, high-steppers and Zumba enthusiasts who require some cushioning for the moves they are pushing in. These pair of dance shoes are shock-absorbing and supportive and have been created specifically to enhance your Zumba experience. This footwear incorporates the special Z-compress, Z-brace and Z-slide techniques that help the wearer glide and slide on the floor effortlessly, while also providing optimum support.
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This Zumba footwear makes use of a compressing energy return system. This reduces the force of the foot’s impact while someone is dancing. The shoe also holds the foot securely that makes it easy to do high-energy dance moves.

As the name suggests, the Zumba Impact Max was created to withstand maximum impact. These shoes seem to offer enough flexibility, cushion, and support to the point that your leg and feet joints will not feel sore after a class.

This zumba-specific footwear is mid-range in price and therefore will not burn a hole in your pocket. The pricing also goes well with the fact that you are purchasing occasion-appropriate shoes.

Made specifically for Zumba enthusiasts

Do not stick to the floor

Can withstand maximum impact

Has a removable insole


Not too wide in the front

Could use extra cushioning

4. Ryka Downbeat

The Ryka Downbeat has been developed and designed to mold to the shape of your foot, which makes it a good Zumba shoe. A session of Zumba can involve everything from jazzercise moves to freestyle dancing, and it is important to wear a shoe that can support your foot optimally through the myriad movements. These shoes are ideal for exactly such sessions as they provide exceptional comfort and an outstanding fit so that all your focus can be on dancing.
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These cute shoes provide good support to the ankle, which is especially necessary when one is performing high impact dance steps. These dance trainers also have the perfect pivot point for turns.

These pair of Zumba trainers will make your feet feel nice and snug. The shoe sole is great for allowing movements, which not only includes Zumba but step aerobics, jumping, Turbofire, Body Pump and HIIT forms of exercise too.

These shoes fall in the mid-range bracket, which makes them a good option owing to the plethora of features they bring to Zumba dancers. The Ryka Downbeat is also durable, which ensures that you get more than what you pay for.

Adjustable instep strap with Velcro closure

Available in cheerful colors

Prevents slipping

The shoes are lightweight


Can feel flat

5. Capezio DS24 Rockit

The Capezio DS24 Rockit dance sneaker will help you make all the right moves on the floor. These lightweight shoes will help your feet breathe better while performing your Zumba steps. The flat and boxed toe feature make it easier to perform toe stands and other intricate dance steps. The contoured EVA footbed enables the foot to absorb all the shock that come with high impact moves.
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The lightweight construction, platform toe and specialized sole of these dance trainers make them a good performer in Zumba, hip hop, jazz and aerobic classes. You can make all your dance moves with ease and precision, once you step into these Zumba shoes.

The padded lining of the Capezio DS24 Rockit provides superior comfort. The shoe also has an Achilles notch, collar and padded tongue that add to the cushioning. These sneakers have built-in flex points and ventilation that will enable your feet to breathe better while engaging in a high energy Zumba sessions.

These shoes are priced reasonably for the features that they offer. The Capezio DS24 Rockit allows lateral movements and does not disappoint, providing good value for the money spent on them.

Split sole design for foot articulation and flexibility

Speed looped lacing system starts further to the side, providing a snugger fit

Padded Achilles notch for added comfort

Perforated arch for breathability and ventilation


Can be a bit slippery on wooden floor studios

6. Bloch Boost

The Bloch Boost is a practical dance sneaker that is super comfortable. These shoes have elastic stretch laces that allow more "give" when you do your Zumba steps, in addition to securing the perfect fit. The split sole/cut-out in the center of the sole also make the shoe really flexible -- which makes the shoe an ideal option for Zumba enthusiasts and dancers.
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These sneakers will bring an added zing to your dance practice. These Zumba appropriate shoes will prevent your knees from getting hurt as their soles offer a good energy rebound that lower the impact of strong foot-to-ground hits. This footwear also makes it easier to do the turns associated with dancing.

A majority of user reviews have rated these shoes as super comfortable that actually make the wearer feel as if they are barefoot and even better. The built-in arch support really works and makes the foot feel well cushioned.

These shoes are a reasonable buy, which is a steal -- considering its comfortability and flexibility. The mesh upper also makes the shoe comparatively cooler than other closed dance shoes, and who does not want their foot to feel dry and airy instead of sweaty and clammy during a Zumba session.

Available in pretty colors

Variable lacing system offers optimum arch fit and support

Pivot point allows 360 degree movement

Four part high density out sole enhances flexibility


You have to use the sizing guide to get the perfect size

7. Asics Gel Fit Sana 2

The Asics Gel Fit Sana 2 is a good option for those who find themselves susceptible to bruises and blisters caused by high energy Zumba sessions. These trainers are a good buy for people with sensitive feet. The flexible and lightweight shoes provide tension and support from forefoot to heel. They also make it easier to make a lateral movement, which is a plus point for Zumba dancers.
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These gel-fit trainers maintain a dance focused sole geometry. They are wide enough in the toe box for facilitating jumps without being too loose. The arch support is also good, which prevents concerns about getting plantar fasciitis.

These shoes have been built with the Rearfoot gel® cushioning systems and lightweight flexible midsole. Both the features in tandem provide excellent cushioning. The trainers also have a mono-sock fit system, including an elastic internal sleeve.

The Asics Gel Fit Sana 2 may feature among the top best Zumba shoes; however, they are priced quite reasonably. The mid-range price gives more than the value for money and adds to the popularity of the shoes.

External stretch heel cup

Cushioning system uses Rearfoot GEL

AHAR+ high-abrasion outsole

Available in 9 beautiful colors


Insole cannot be removed

8. Reebok Hayasu

You will actually groove your way to the top with the Reebok Hayasu. These UltaLite shoes have been created with Reebok’s TurnZone technology to maximize the experience of dancing. The advantage of getting these trainers is that they can actually be used for multiple purposes. From engaging in Zumba to a cardio session, and weight lifting to just walking around - these shoes can be worn for various activities. Therefore, they are a good all-over workout shoe.
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The Reebok Hayasu provides good ankle support and sidewall stability. The turn style on the bottom of the shoe enables quick movements, without giving up its grip on the floor. These features make the shoe a good buy for a Zumba enthusiast.

These shoes mold around high arches, thereby providing good heel support. The pivot point on the bottom is perfect for a Zumba dancer’s constant foot movement. These dance trainers have a stretchy bootie construction that allows a seamless fit. The soft side pieces of the shoe give good midfoot support.

The Reebok Hayasu can be placed in the mid-range price category. The flexible, comfy and supportive shoe will be a smart buy because it can be worn for various activities.

Available in 17 styles

Rubber sole

Molded Ortholite sockliner

Multipurpose wearability


Sock liner at the top can make it difficult to insert a foot into the shoe

9. Nike Flex Trainer 5

The Nike Flex Trainer 5, which is available in 21 colors, will make your Zumba session fun and easy. These trainers effectively tackle problems like calf and ankle pain as well as the occasional slippage caused by poor traction -- that can come with many other shoes used for Zumba. The shoes have been designed with Engineered multidirectional flex grooves that promote the flexibility needed for dancing.
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These extremely lightweight shoes will help you get a good grip on the floor. As a result, there are zero chances of slipping or sliding while you make lateral movements during a Zumba session.

The shoe has been crafted with a Phylon midsole that gives lightweight cushioning to the wearer. The outsole is also made of Phylon, which together with the minimal rubber pods, provides optimal traction.

The mid-range Nike Flex Trainer 5 are a steal for the comfort and flexibility that they offer. The appearance of the trainers, which will add to the smartness and style of your overall look, is an added bonus.

Available in 21 vibrant colors

Good for zumba bootcamp

Synthetic and mesh upper



Arch support can feel inadequate

10. Reebok Dance UR

The Reebok Dance UR are just the pair of shoes to show off your hot Zumba moves. These trainers have been crafted specifically for dancing but look great for normal wear too. The shoes have horizontal flex grooves that facilitate foot movement. The ForeFoot Grip feature incorporated in this dance shoe provides traction in all the right places, making it suitable for vigorous Zumba sessions.
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These dance shoes by Reebok feature a turn zone and pivot point on the outsole, giving a dancer optimal control for the jumps, turns and spins needed during a Zumba class. The sneakers have been designed with a 3D FuseFrame gives the wearer seamless and lightweight support.

The Reebok Dance UR comes with 3D Ultralite tooling that offers lightweight cushioning to make it easier to participate in long Zumba sessions. The shoes have a low cut style constructed with breathable mesh and synthetic overlays that promote ventilation in the foot area, adding to the comfort factor.

The reasonable pricing of these trainers adds to their appeal, making the Reebok Dance UR a good budget Zumba shoe. The vibrant colors of the shoe give it a sporty and fun vibe.

Extremely lightweight.

Provide good support

Great turning/traction

Horizontal and vertical flex grooves


Sizing can feel strange, you have to choose the size carefully


How to Find the Best Zumba Shoes

Before questioning yourself as to whether spending money on Zumba specific shoes is worth it or not, ask yourself, would you go hiking on a forest trail in knee-high boots or pumps? Or, would you drive your car in rain or snow with inadequate and cheap tires that provide no grip? No, right? Similarly, it is essential that you invest in, and also choose, good Zumba sneakers to get the maximum benefit from your workout that also maintains safety simultaneously.


While buying, the shoes, there are a few other factors that you should take into consideration. Feet tend to swell after a strenuous session of physical activity. Therefore, while purchasing a pair of dance shoes ensure that fit is a little snug but not overly tight because they can cause you pain or be uncomfortable — once you start to use them.

Measure the size of your foot at the end of a day to pick the correct pair of Zumba shoes. While you are at it, see if you can wiggle your toes a bit after you have laced up. Shoes that provide good arch and lateral support, as well as extra cushioning in the heel and forefront, are always a good bet. Trainers that meet these characteristics will be great for any Zumba class, even for the intense total body transformation routines.


Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Zumba Shoes


Shock Absorption

Best-Zumba-Shoes-instructor-jumping-and doing intense dancing

Zumba, being an energetic dance form, can be hard on the feet as it comprises of various Latin dance moves that require a person to punch on the floor with their foot, while at the same time being light on the toes. This makes it a must for a pair of Zumba sneakers to have a good sole with adequate shock absorption powers. This will protect the foot from a hard impact and subsequent bruises and injuries.The thickness and type of material used to make a shoe have a strong bearing on its shock absorption powers.

The apt shock absorbent material is foam, rubber, or a combination of the two. Shoes with extra cushioning close to the insole also are good for shock absorption. Furthermore, Zumba classes held on tile or concrete floors need a higher shock absorption level and cushioning to prevent injuries such as stress fractures and shin splints. On the other hand, dance sessions held in carpeted studios require a smoother sole to ensure that it does keep getting stuck in the rug fibers.


Grip and Traction

Best-Zumba-Shoes-grip and traction

A good pair of Zumba shoes is those where there is a neat balance between the grip, slip and traction features. A great dance shoe should allow one to pivot, slide and glide easily across the floor, without making a person lose their balance and fall. This implies that a Zumba appropriate should also have adequate grip and traction, without going overboard. Therefore, for evaluating the criteria needed to make a shoe perfect for Zumba sessions, we have ensured that only shoes that allow the right balance of slip, traction and grip have been allowed on the list.

Trainers with a pivot point on the ball of the foot, while the rest of the sole has good grip, makes for an ideal pair of shoes to dance in. Furthermore, when we talk about excellent grip, it refers to the right amount of grip and not grip that feels like your shoes are glued to the floor. Dancing or doing Zumba means that a person has to be surefooted, agile and quick to change directions and make effortless turns and spins — without the shoes gripping too hard on the floor as that can only cause harm to your foot.

A Zumba shoe is also different from running trainers in their use, as the former is primarily meant for indoor use and the latter is usually for the outdoor. Therefore, Zumba appropriate shoes are those that have soles crafted with squishy and softer compound as compared to standard trainers.


Split Sole

Best-Zumba-Shoes-split sole

Some sneakers come with split soles, where there is a separate sole for the ball of the feet as well as the toes and one for the heel. These type of shoes are suitable for experienced Zumba dancers whose feet have been made strong with years of practice. They allow more flexibility for the foot, however, such shoes do not provide adequate arch support. In general, this makes such shoes unsuitable for beginners as the front, and the back of the trainers can move independently of each other. Our list of featured Zumba shoes has been created keeping all these characteristics in mind.


Flexibility and Support

Best-Zumba-Shoes-dancer-in room

Dancing involves plenty of articulation through the feet and seamless contact with the floor. It is important to find shoes that will allow easy movement through the sole as well as not hinder movement. Flexibility is an important aspect of Zumba shoes because a dancer spends a lot of time on their toes. Zumba dancers need trainers that is much more flexible than the standard sneaker or runner.

The strike pattern involved in Zumba workouts is different than it is in running or walking. Therefore, an apt pair of Zumba shoes has a flexible outsole that is less rigid and more pliable than typical running trainers. A flexible Zumba dance shoes are also one where the midsoles provide a little more bend. However, saying all that, the flexibility offered by Zumba shoes should be neatly balanced with ample support.


Pivot Point/Spin-Spot


One of the vital characteristics that make a shoe Zumba appropriate is its pivot point — the feature in a shoe that allows a person to turn while moving. It is typically a circular spot on the midsole that facilitates a person to spin freely in the shoes. A lack of a pivot point in a shoe meant for Zumba implies that the wearer can have too much grip on the floor. This would make the shoe stick to the floor, resulting in damage caused to the foot if one is not able to twist or turn correctly. A person can end up with a twisted and injured ankle. The pivot point also enables the wearer to twist and turn without adding pressure on the knees. Normal trainers will not give a person as much freedom as dance sneakers due to their stronger grip.


Lateral Support


You should remember that Zumba dance steps involve lateral movements, i.e., side to side motions, unlike walking or running which revolves around forward propulsion. Therefore, even the most comfortable of walking/running trainers can cause pain and discomfort when you use them for doing Zumba. The correct Zumba sneakers provide good support on both sides of a shoe.


Heel Counter

The heel counter is the portion of the heel that cups your foot’s heel. In general, a shoe with a stiffer and higher heel counter gives more stability to the foot and keeps the ankle from rolling. Also, a good Zumba shoe has an Achilles notch in its high counter to allow for the tensing of the Achilles tendon. If this is not the case, then your footwear can rub and lead to blisters or even cause grave injury. Incidentally, the Achilles notch is typically a cut-out on the heel counter top in the shape of a “V.”

However, it should be noted that experienced Zumba dancers usually avoid a high heel counter because it can restrict the foot’s movement. Moreover, professional dancers have stronger muscles and tendons controlling their feet and providing them good foot stability, owing to the years of practice. Also, if the heel is too high, it can make pointing the foot challenging and painful.


Ventilation and Breathability

Zumba sneakers need to be breathable because dancing is a very physically intense activity. If the shoes do not allow ventilation, they can make the feet incredibly sweaty and smelly. Shoes meant for Zumba should ideally have a mesh system that makes for good venting and allows the feet to breathe while dancing. Subsequently, ventilation and breathability facilitate a person to dance in comfort for the duration of the activity. This is precisely why we have shoes made with airy and lighter materials on our list. Uppers made with synthetic material and featuring seamless overlays result in cool and airy shoes that let the moisture out before it builds up, as well lets air in.



Zumba is a cardioversion of dance that needs a person to be being quick and staying agile on the feet. Therefore, you want a show that will not slow down your movements with unnecessary and extra weight. The ideal Zumba dance sneaker is made with lightweight material and should weigh less than two pounds, but not compromise on strength.



Q: Where can I buy Zumba shoes?
A: Zumba shoes are available at nearly every sports shoe store and footwear chain. However, buying dance shoes online will give you the option of making a selection from a myriad range of shoes with just a click of the mouse. This will make the purchase convenient. Amazon is one online store that has a good and vast collection of Zumba shoes and you can buy your desired pair easily on this website.

Q: Can I use my other high-quality training shoes for Zumba?
A: It is not a very good idea to do so. Training shoes, irrespective of the quality, are usually mean to facilitate forward motions. Meanwhile, doing Zumba means that you will be making lateral movements as well as spin and move in every direction. Moreover, regular trainers have a strong grip which is unsuitable for doing dance steps. Therefore, you need to buy shoes meant specifically for Zumba.

Q: Is it necessary to have a special type of shoes for Zumba?
A: Yes, as mentioned above, the best Zumba sneakers are specifically created to meet the demands and pressure that vigorous sessions of dancing put to your feet.

Q: How often should I replace my Zumba shoes?
A: Zumba shoes should be replaced every six to twelve months. One of the most common mistakes made by dancers is wearing such shoes out of class, though of course, one can utilize a shoe to their maximum ability. However, doing this will wear out the shoes, especially the pivot points faster.

Q: Do I have to break in my Zumba shoes?
A: The majority of good Zumba shoes do not require breaking in and are good to go from the start. However, to be on the safer side, you might want to walk around a bit in these shoes before going full throttle on the dance floor. This will also enable your dance trainers to loosen up and give your feet time to get comfortable with the new feeling of traction.

Q: Can I use orthotic insoles with my Zumba trainers?
A: Yes, you absolutely can use orthotic insoles.

Q: Do I have to wear shoes for Zumba? Can’t I do it barefoot?
A: You should not participate in Zumba shoes barefoot, and your feet should be enclosed in a pair of good dance trainers. At the end of the day, Zumba is a fitness class that involves vigorous physical activity. Not wearing a shoe, rather a Zumba shoe will make your feet susceptible to high risks and injuries.

Q: I have a pain in the outer calf of my leg. Does this mean I am wearing inappropriate Zumba shoes?
A: Yes, wearing the wrong shoes or shoes that are worn out during Zumba sessions can cause such a pain.

Q: Are dance shoes the same as Zumba shoes?
A: Not all dance shoes can be used for Zumba. Do remember that dance is a wide term that includes tap dancing, ballet, etc. which require shoes that cater to a different set of criteria. Though Zumba shoes are referred to as dance shoes, not all dance shoes are meant for Zumba.