10 Best Crocs Shoes Reviewed & Tested for Comfort

Every now and then, it’s nice to just easily slip on a pair of shoes and be on the go whenever you want. It’s also nice to have a shoe that makes your feet feel good while you’re on the go too. If you can find a shoe that can do both of those things and look stylish at the same time, even better. That’s exactly what Crocs sets their shoes out to be. They’re a brand of shoes that are casual and comfortable for your everyday outings, while also being stylish.

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When you think of Crocs, you probably mainly think of those clog shoes with holes that you’ve seen some people walk around in. While that’s one of the shoes that Crocs offers, they offer much more than that. They also offer sandals, loafers, flip flops and even boots. Whatever type of Crocs shoe you may desire, they’re all designed with the same casualness and comfort that you’ll be happy to have on your feet.

Last Updated: July 27, 2017
by Mirisa Jewell :

This update of the Best Crocs Shoe list, features many of the top quality croc shoes. They are the best in comfort and durability. This page includes shoes like the Crocs Kadee and the Crocs Santa Cruz.

Featured Recommendations

Crocs Classic
  • Crocs Classic
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Removable Back Strap
  • Price: See Here
Crocs Kadee
  • Crocs Kadee
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Low-Cut Vamp
  • Price: See Here
Crocs Specialist
  • Crocs Specialist
  • 4.1 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Enhanced Arch Support
  • Price: See Here

A lot of the features in these shoes will be ones that’ll specifically focus on comfort. From cushioning to massaging footbeds, Crocs will provide you the shoes that will make your walks a pleasurable experience.


10 Best Crocs Shoes


1. Crocs Classic

The Crocs Classic is easy to slide your feet right into whenever you’re ready to take a walk outside. They come in just about every color in the rainbow to fit with whatever color clothes you put on or you can just pick your favorite color. They feature a removable back strap and a synthetic sole. They also feature ventilation ports and plenty of room to fit most feet.
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Ventilation Ports
The ventilation ports in the Crocs Classic allows for breathability for increased comfort to your feet. The ports also allow for water to be drained out of your shoe for when you’re walking in rain or bodies of water.

Removable Back Strap
If you prefer your shoe to be more secure on you, you can use the strap to fasten on your feet. If you prefer your shoe to be more easily slipped on and off, you can remove the strap completely.

Cost and Value
These shoes are really affordably priced compared to most of the other shoes on this list. You’ll be getting great comfort in whatever color you want at a great cost.
  • Ventilation ports
  • Removable back strap
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • Less arch support
  • Hard rubber

2. Crocs Kadee

The first thing you might notice about the Crocs Kadee is it has a nice stylish look to it with it’s long thin shape. It’s bound to make any feet placed inside of them look nice. The Kadee features a low cut vamp with cutout details, a synthetic sole, and a bumpy footbed. With this shoe being particularly fashionable, you can comfortably wear these with any style of clothes.
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Low Cut Vamp
The low cut vamp is what creates the shape of the shoe and can really flatter your feet. It’s also very airy helping to give breathable comfort to your feet.

Bumpy Footbed
The bumpy footbed is a nice cushion to soften the steps you take in these shoes. It also massages the feet giving you comfort throughout your day as you stand in them.

Cost and Value
This is another very reasonably priced shoe compared with the shoes on this list. While it doesn’t come in as many colors, it’s an affordable stylish option to consider purchasing.
  • Low cut vamp
  • Bumpy footbed
  • Stylish
  • Synthetic sole
  • Tight on the toes
  • Less color options

3. Crocs Santa Cruz

This shoe is a bit of an unexpected curveball in Crocs line of footwear, but the Crocs Santa Cruz stands out pretty nicely compared to its counterparts. The synthetic design looks very soft to the touch. This shoe features a canvas upper, an elastic goring on the sides, and a croslite material midsole. The Santa Cruz also features tiny nubs on the footbed.
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Canvas Upper
The Canvas Upper on the Santa Cruz allows for the shoe to be very lightweight on the feet. It’ll definitely be easy for you to walk around with these shoes on all day.

Tiny Nubs
The tiny nubs on the footbed of the Santa Cruz are designed to give the feet a massage like feel. It helps to ensure maximum comfort while you’re wearing these shoes.

Cost and Value
These shoes run a little bit higher than the other shoes on this list. Though at still a relatively low price, you can get the benefit of unique style and massaging comfort with this purchase.
  • Canvas upper
  • Tiny nubs
  • Elastic goring for secure fit
  • Croslite material midsole
  • Wears out somewhat quick
  • Difficulty finding right size

4. Crocs Specialist

The Crocs Specialist has the look of your more familiar Crocs shoe, but it differs in having it’s own look to it. It has a closed heel and a closed toe with no perforations on the outside. The Specialist features a grippy outsole, massaging footbed, and tiny nubs on the footbed. The shoe also features enhanced arch support and a thicker metatarsal area.
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Enhanced Arch Support
The enhanced arch support feature of the Specialist is designed to support your foot more in your steps. The added arch support will help to increase comfort for your feet.

Thicker Metatarsal Area
Sometimes unfortunately people step on our feet, and with less than adequate upper shoe protection, it can be painful. The thicker metatarsal area gives more protection to the top of your feet.

Cost and Value
These shoes are low priced with all of the sizes. There are many color options, but it’s worth a buy if you’re looking for casual shoe that can be appropriate for the workplace as well.
  • Enhanced arch support
  • Thicker metatarsal area
  • Workplace appropriate
  • Loose fit
  • Not very wide
  • Shrinks in heat over time

5. Crocs Yukon Sport

If you’re looking for a really rugged shoe that you can go into outdoors and get a little roughed up and dirty, the Crocs Yukon Sport just might be for you. The leather you see on the outside of this shoe makes it look very able to withstand wear and tear. It features hook-and-loop-straps and ventilation ports. It also features an ergonomic footbed.
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Ergonomic Footbed
The ergonomic footbed of this shoe is unique in that it conforms to the shape of your heel giving you a comfort that is suited to your individual foot needs.

As you’re moving around in difficult terrains outdoors, you’re going to want these shoes to stay on you. The hook-and-loop straps will give you a secure fit on your feet.

Cost and Value
Unfortunately there’s not many left in stock currently. But the prices are low with this shoe and worth a consideration to purchase if you’re looking for a good shoe to wear in tough terrain.
  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Hook-and-loop-straps
  • Ventilation ports
  • Circulation nubs
  • Short straps
  • Tight fit on the toes

6. Crocs Swiftwater

Just as the name of this shoe indicates, if you’re looking for a Crocs shoe that’s great in any scenario involving water, the Crocs Swiftwater would be the right shoe. Among the features of this shoe, it has a water friendly mesh, leather hook-and-loop strap, and a protective toe cap. It also has a very good looking textile on the outside.
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Water Friendly Mesh
The Crocs Swiftwater water friendly mesh, in combination with the leather design of the shoe, helps to protect your feet from any bodies of water from rivers, lakes, to even oceans.

Protective Toe Cap
In any body of water you never know what sharp objects your toes might step in or get caught in. The toe coverage provides extra protection to prevent unnecessary toe injuries.

Cost and Value
These are higher priced than the other shoes on this list. There’s only one design of this shoe available right now, but you have a great purchase here if you’re looking for a good water resistant shoe.
  • Ventilation ports
  • Removable back strap
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • Rough inside seams
  • Very narrow

7. Crocs Bistro

You’d be surprised to know that the Crocs Bistro was specially created for people who work in the foodservice industry. Fortunately these are available for all of us to reap its protective benefits. This shoe features a Lock Tread, thicker metatarsal area, and the extra-dense vamp. The Crocs Bistro also features synthetic sole, a heel strap, and a massaging footbed.
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Lock Tread
The Loc Tread feature of the Crocs Bistro gives it an excellent slip resistance that even meets food service industry standards. These shoes will make you better able to walk on wet services.

Extra-Dense Vamp
The Extra Dense Vamp features of this shoe helps to protect the upper part of the feet. Whether someone steps on your feet or spills something hot, your feet will be less likely to sustain injury.

Cost and Value
These shoes come at a relatively affordable price.This is a worth a purchase consideration for the traction and protection it provides for your feet that you’ll be thankful for.
  • Lock tread
  • Extra-dense vamp
  • Heel strap
  • Massaging footbed
  • Heel strap may break easy
  • Very wide

8. Crocs Patricia

With a name like Crocs Patricia, it’s no surprise this shoe looks like something you could picture a model walking down a runway wearing. This is definitely among Croc’s most stylish shoes on this list that you can enjoy the look of your feet in. The Croc’s Patricia features a Croslite-strap upper, heel conforming footbed, and circulation nubs. It also features a rubber sole.
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Circulation Nubs
The circulation nubs in the Crocs Patricia are a very unique feature in that they not only massage the feet, but also help to increase blood circulation in the feet.

Rubber Sole
A shoe with a heel that rises two inches would make you think you have to be very careful walking in them. Fortunately the rubber sole gives this shoe a good traction to keep you stable in your steps.

Cost and Value
While some sizes are a little higher priced than others, overall the Crocs Patricia is pretty low priced. If you’re looking for a stylish shoe on a budget, this would be a good purchase.
  • Circulation nubs
  • Rubber sole
  • Croslite-strap upper
  • Heel-conforming footbed
  • Tight toe strap
  • Very narrow fit

9. Crocs Crocband II.5

The Crocband II.5 is another shoe that has that familiar look you think of when you think of Crocs. This shoe also uniquely comes in two colors at once, with one color on top, and one color on the bottom. It features an advanced toe box ventilation, fully molded croslite material, and a pivoting heel strap. In addition it features perforation on the vamp and a synthetic sole.
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Advanced Toe Box Ventilation
With the tightness in a shoes sometimes, our toes can tend to get the hottest inside a shoe. The advanced toe box ventilation provides breathability keeping your toes nice and comfortable walking around.

Fully Molded Croslite Material
It’s nice to have comfort when you’re on your feet all day. The fully molded croslite material in the Crocband II.5 provides a lightweight cushioning in the shoe giving increased comfort to your feet.

Cost and Value
While this shoe doesn’t stand out as much as the other shoes on this list, it’s inexpensive and gets the job done in providing a casual look and a comfortable feel on your feet.
  • Advanced toe box ventilation
  • Fully molded croslite material
  • Pivoting heel strap
  • Perforated vamp
  • Difficulty finding right size
  • Poor traction on wet surfaces

10. Crocs Cleo Croslite

The Crocs Cleo Croslite is another very stylish shoe on this list that can get the attention of friends and family alike. This shoe has a unique two-tone chocolate and cotton candy colored option as one of the color combinations you can get this shoe in. It features a double cushioned footbed and double strapped design. It also features circulation nubs and croslite material.
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Double Cushioned Footbed
Most of the other shoes on this list generally only have singular cushioning. The double cushioning featured on this shoe will help to give your feet extra support and comfort.

Pivot Strap
It can be difficult getting the right size shoe sometimes. The pivot strap allows you to customize the fit of the shoe on your feet to get the right security and support.

Cost and Value
The Crocs Cleo Croslite is on the lower end of the scale of pricing on this list. While you only get two color combinations to pick from, you’re getting a good combination of fashionable and comfortable buying this shoe.
  • Double cushioned footbed
  • Double strap design
  • Synthetic sole
  • Croslite material
  • Very wide
  • Lack of color options


How to Choose the Best Crocs

Our days can be filled with enough complicated tasks not to have shoes be an added complication. Crocs gives added simplicity to your day by giving you shoes that you can easily slip on at any moment, and walk on to the next task of your day. As you’ve seen in the options on this list, they provide a variety of types of shoes to consider beyond what you’re familiar with when you think of Crocs.

Best Crocs Shoes-on rack

From shoes that could be on a runway or shoes that could work well in the workplace, you can find a Croc shoe for just about any situation. In addition to a variety of options with Crocs, you’re able to get all of those options with lots of comfort. Whether the features are a massaging footbed, double cushioning, or tiny nubs, your feet will feel good walking in all of these shoes. With low prices for a majority of these shoe options, it’s hard not to think of Crocs as a great purchase for your next shoe selection.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Crocs Shoes


Comfort/Foot Support

Best Crocs Shoes-comfort

The best Crocs shoes are supposed to give your feet great comfort and foot support. When we think of comfort, we generally think of something soft to put on or rest on. It’s much the same with our feet in wanting something to soften the weight that we put on them, particularly if we’re having to stand or walk for long periods. This helps to not only make our steps easier to make, but also helps prevent us from having too much foot pain during the day or potentially have a foot injury. Good features to look out for in Crocs shoe are ones that massage your feet, like tiny nubs or a bumpy footbed. It’s also great if they have features designed to mold to the shape of your feet for added comfort, such as ergonomic footbeds, or a shoe that has enhanced arch support. All of these maximize the comfort that’ll you want in wearing the Crocs footwear.

Easy to Slip-On

Best Crocs Shoes-slip on

Part of what makes a shoe casual to wear is that it does not require much effort to put them on. You may have places you need to get to quickly and don’t want the hassle of having to tie on a shoe. Crocs shoes can be slipped on in seconds in varying degrees of simplicity to help you save time in your day. If you really just want to quickly get in and get out of them using your feet, it’s best to look for Crocs sandals, flip-flops, and loafers which generally allow you to do that. If you don’t mind using your hands because you want to make sure your feet have a little more security, there are the options of Crocs shoes with back straps and velcro straps that can be fastened on quickly.



Another part of what makes a shoe casual and comfortable is it allows your feet to feel cool, similar to how t-shirts and shorts help you to feel cool on warm days. A good Crocs footwear can give you that option in as little or as much as you desire to have it. In having it to the maximum, Crocs sandals and flip flops would be the best breathability option since they are open toed shoes. If you prefer to have more shoe security with the upper and the sides of your shoe more enclosed, the Crocs clogs can also provide a level breathability with it’s ventilation ports. They allow for air to flow in on your feet and maintain coolness throughout the day.

Slip Resistance/Traction

Best Crocs Shoes-slip resistant

While less of a factor if you’re mainly going to use Crocs shoes for casual outings, slip resistance and traction is very important if you plan to use these in a physical work setting or going for a nature walk. Choosing a Crocs shoe that does not particularly have as much traction or slip resistance could result in a fall and a potentially painful injury. A rubber sole on some Crocs footwear provide the necessary traction for stable steps. The Lock Tread in other Crocs shoes meet the slip resistance standards of the food industry, where conditions in the workplaces have that industry can often be slippery. These features will help to ensure your safety standing and walking.

Upper Foot Protection

Best Crocs Shoes-red shoe

Sometimes a part of getting that important comfort in your Crocs is having protection to help prevent any discomfort on your feet. If you’re walking amongst a crowded environment, you don’t want to feel more pain on the top of your feet because of more exposure due to not having much upper covering with your shoe. Finding a Crocs shoe that has an extra dense vamp will give you the added protection from steps or spills that may come on your feet. A Crocs shoe that has a thicker metatarsal area is another option that can provide this kind of prevention of upper foot injury as well.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size should I get if I wear a half size?

A: As you’ll probably notice when you look for sizes of Crocs shoes, the sizes are generally whole number sizes. The best thing you can do if your feet are a half size is to get the next number up. So if you’re a size 7 and a half, then you should purchase a size 8. A size lower than that will likely be tight and uncomfortable on your feet.

Q: Can these be worn barefoot?

A: Yes, these can be worn barefoot and are generally a more comfortable fit without socks on. A lot of Crocs have perforations, so your socks will get wet if it rains. Nonetheless, weather permitting, it’s perfectly fine to choose to wear these with socks as well if you desire.

Q: Do the soles last long?

A: It’s definitely an important thing that you don’t have to make a new purchase very often when you purchase a new shoe. With the Crocs brand, you’ll be going without a new purchase for a long time in most cases. They can last through long work days and overall can last up to a couple of years being worn often.

Q: What are Crocs made of?

A: Crocs are made out of croslite which is made out of ethylene-vinyl acetate. To put it in laymen’s terms, it’s basically made out of a foam like material similar to rubber. These give the Crocs shoes the soft comfortable feel that have made them popular.

Q: Which Crocs are a roomy fit?

A: Most crocs are generally wide and intended to fit loosely on your feet. So you’ll likely have plenty of room in your shoe for your feet to feel good. You’ll also have the option of adjusting in certain options such as sandals, where straps can be loosened or tightened.

Q: Can you unshrink Crocs?

A: As you may or may not be aware, Crocs can potentially shrink sizes when left in the sun on a hot day. It’s suggested you can wash them in hot water or put them in a dryer in order to stretch them back out. After you do that it’s possible you’ll be able to put them back on normally. The important thing to do is make sure you don’t leave crocs in the sun on a hot day.

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