10 Best Dansko Clogs Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Dansko clogs are an exceptionally popular choice of footwear for individuals who work in the nursing industry. This type of footwear provides nurses with the much needed support for the hours spent on their feet to prevent (or at least minimize) the amount of foot, knee, ankle, and back pain endured.

Best Dansko Clogs

As most know, it isn’t uncommon for someone in the nursing industry to spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours on their feet. Dansko clogs offer those in the nursing industry the comfortable pair of shoes they need to get through the day. While Dansko clogs tend to be more popular among those who work in the nursing industry, anyone who spends hours on their feet can benefit from this type of footwear. An individual who works in a nursing home, for example, spends a great deal of time on their feet and could benefit from wearing this type of shoe.

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In our most recent update, criteria for the evaluation of Dansko Clogs was added as well as your most frequently asked questions. The criteria and FAQ address the comfort, durability, and support of Dansko Clogs and how those key aspects are considered before creating this list. Our newly added FAQ section discusses these features in detail while also addressing concerns with care and maintenance. Both the FAQ and Criteria are sections written for clarity and transparency in our selection process of Dansko Clogs.We greatly consider and research these shoes based on their comfort, durability, and support before compiling our list to better serve our customers. 

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Dansko Elise
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Designed to be a slip-on shoe (sometimes referred to as a slipper), Dansko clogs do not apply as much tension or pressure as a typical sneaker would. This makes them extremely beneficial for someone who spends a lot of hours on their feet. The only thing you really have to be concerned about when deciding whether or not this type of footwear will work for you is whether or not it is alright for you to have slip-on shoes. Obviously, there are some industries where this type of shoe wouldn’t be appropriate. But, if a slip-on shoe is appropriate for your work environment, they can be a great choice.

It is, however, important to keep in mind there are some exceptions to Dansko clogs as some are designed to be dress shoes for more formal affairs. This guide includes a list of Dansko clogs that are a combination of dress shoes and slip-on clogs.


10 Best Dansko Clogs


1. Dansko Reggie

The Dansko Reggie Peep-Toe Bootie is more of a formal clog intended for women who are going to spend hours on their feet and need a shoe that is both dressy and comfortable. The Peep-Toe Bootie has a nice heel that will make the woman a few inches taller. Unlike traditional high heels, Dansko designed this clog to provide both comfort and height.
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No comfort limit
Heels are always troublesome because there is usually a time clock that eventually runs out on how long the shoes are comfortable. Dansko, however, designed these clogs to provide you with a few inches of heel and comfort.

The leather design of the Dansko Reggie Peep-Toe Bootie offers tons of breathability to the wearer. A woman can be on her feet for hours and hours in this bootie and never have to worry about hot, sweaty, or sore feet.

Cost and Value
You can expect to pay a little more for this clog than the Professional Box Leather Clog. The price difference, however, stems from the fact that this is more of a formal Dansko clog. Most customers who have had the pleasure of wearing this shoe were very pleased with their purchases.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Temperature control
  • Ample foot support

Limited choices when it comes to style and design

2. Dansko Pro Oiled

The Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog is a must-have for someone who spends a lot of hours standing in place on their feet. Someone who works in an operating room, for example, would really benefit from this particular clog. Available in shades of brown, black, and white, the Oiled Leather Clog complements and complies with most work uniforms.
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All day comfort
The Oiled Leather Clog can be worn for an 8, 10, 12, or even 14-hour work shift. The shoe was designed to provide endless support and comfort for any and all amount of time spent on one’s feet.

In addition to being comfortable, the Oiled Leather Clog was designed to include impressive temperature control. This keeps your feet from getting too hot and sweat during a long shift.

Cost and Value
The Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog actually runs a little cheaper than some of the other Dansko clogs on this list. Being simple, sleek, and comfortable, this Dansko clog is well worth the money invested in purchasing it.
  • Ideal for someone who stands in one place for long hours
  • Perfect for someone with back pain
  • Simple and stylish
  • Difficult to properly size
  • Not ideal for wide feet

3. Dansko Elise

Believe it or not, there are people who do not care for the appearance of a clog. If you happen to be one of those people, Dansko makes clogs that do not look like actual clogs. The Dansko Elise Oxford Sneaker was designed to look sportier as opposed to looking like a clog. While this shoe looks like a sneaker, it slips on the same way a clog does. From the inside, this sporty piece of footwear offers all the same support and comfort of any other Dansko clog on the market. This particular piece of Dansko footwear offers as desirable cushioned bounce for someone who spends a lot of hours on their feet.
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Lots of styles available
One of the biggest draws to this sporty Dansko clog is the sheer number of different styles and colors available. Most of the other Dansko clogs have very limited choices when it comes to style.

Lightweight and flexible
The Elise Oxford is so lightweight and flexible that you may find yourself looking down at your feet to make sure you are wearing shoes. They provide you with comfort and support all while making it feel as though you aren’t wearing shoes at all.

Cost and Value
The Elise Oxfords do tend to run a little cheaper than most Dansko shoes. The price difference is largely because these have a sporty and sneaker appearance to them. They do not come off as clogs and are not a great choice for formal attire. They, however, are perfect and affordable for someone who can wear sporty footwear as part of their uniform.
  • Lots of style and color options
  • Slip-resistant
  • Flexible and lightweight design
  • Sporty, non-clog appearance
  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Not ideal for formal events

4. Dansko Sophie

4. Dansko Sophie
The Dansko Sophie Sandal is a stylish women's clog that offers both comfort and fashion. Like most Dansko clogs, the Sophie Sandal was built to provide you with comfort and support that lasts the entire day. As an added bonus, this gorgeous clog is available in a number of different styles and colors. This is the perfect clog for a woman who needs something of style that complements a number of different outfits without sacrificing the comfort of her feet.
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Durable outsole
The Sophie Sandal was designed to be a long lasting, durable shoe. This clog is the perfect addition to your footwear when you need something that provides both comfort and fashion to your feet. Designed to be simple and gorgeous, it will complement almost any outfit that needs a glamorous pair of shoes.

Supportive strap
Dansko clogs are known for being convenient slip on and slip off shoes. The Sophie Sandal has a supportive strap worked into the design. While this makes it a little more challenging to slip the shoe on and off, you don’t have to worry about the shoe slipping off of your foot if you design you want to shake it on the dance floor during date night.

Cost and Value
This is another one of the Dansko clogs where the price varies pretty greatly depending on what style or size you want to purchase. In general, the Sophie Sandal does tend to run a little cheaper than some of the Dansko clogs on the market. Considering the perfect blend of comfort and fashion this clog offers, it is well worth the money invested into it.
  • Gorgeous design
  • Cushy/soft footbed
  • Ample arch support
  • Ample heel support
  • Supportive strap closure
  • Strange sizing
  • Not great for wide feet

5. Dansko Professional

5. Dansko Professional
The Dansko Professional Clog isn’t that dissimilar from the Professional Mule and the Box Leather Clog. It offers the same iconic style, support, and comfort you come to expect with Dansko clogs. The Breathable PU foam footbed offers temperature control and the padded instep collar offers comfort with every step you take. Like the Professional Mule, the Professional Clog is also available in a number of different stylish designs.
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Breathable PU foam footbed
The breathable foam footbed is one of the biggest draws to this Dansko clog when it comes to level of comfort. The foam footbed makes it impossible for your foot to get hot or sweat. It keeps the shoe a cool and comfortable temperature while absorbing any foot sweat.

Several different styles
One of the more refreshing aspects when purchasing the Professional Clog is range of different designs to choose from. There’s traditional blue and brown leather as well as blue grove and a gorgeous tiger lily pattern. There’s a little something for everyone.

Cost and Value
Again, the price on this Dansko clog is going to vary depending on what size and design you opt for. The price range, however, does line-up with the other prices for other types of Dansko clogs currently on the market. Overall, customers tend to be pretty pleased with everything this particular Dansko clog has to offer.
  • Several design options
  • Cushy foam footbed
  • Temperature control
  • Support and comfort
  • Doesn’t line up with sizes of other Dansko clogs
  • Toe area is a little snug

6. Dansko Pro XP

6. Dansko Pro XP
The Dansko Pro XP Mule is a piece of footwear with a sleek design and a snuggly comforting fit. As with most Dansko clogs, you can expect there to be a little give for heel movement (if you purchase the right size). There, however, isn’t so much give that you could twist your foot the wrong way. The Dansko Pro XP Mule comes equipped with a leather-lined memory foam foundation to provide your foot with the support and comfort needed to survive the day. Thanks to the reinforced toe box, your toes will have plenty of room to wiggle and breath, while still being protected. The slip-resistant sole will even protect you from losing your footing should you step in anything wet or sticky.
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Leather-lined memory footbed
The leather-lined memory footbed is single handedly the best feature this Dansko clog has to offer as it is the reason the shoe offers so much comfort. As an added bonus, the footbed will absorb foot perspiration.

Slip-resistant soles
Regardless of what type of industry you work in, wet floors tend to happen everywhere. The slip-resistant soles allow your shoes to provide you an extra layer of protection when walking around.

Cost and Value
With little to no break-in time required and comfort beyond anything you could imagine, these Dansko clogs are worth every penny you spend on them. As far as price is concerned, the price lines up with most quality slip-on clogs. Most who have had the pleasure of purchasing and wearing these clogs for a long shift agree they are worth the investment.
  • Comfortable and supportive footbed
  • Slip-resistant
  • Moisture absorption
  • Little break-in time required
  • Toe room
  • Weird sizing

  • Not ideal for wide feet

7. Dansko Pro Box Leather

7. Dansko Pro Box Leather
The Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog was designed to guarantee a perfect fit. This particular clog is available in both white and black waterproof leather. It is perfect for just about any work uniform. The foam footbed offers ample comfort and absorbs foot perspiration. The design of the shoe gives the foot plenty of room to move without providing so much room that the foot can get injured.
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Most customers agree walking around in the Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog feels as though you are walking on clouds. The key to reaching this level of comfort is giving your feet a chance to break in the shoes.

Breathable footbed
The footbed of the Box Leather Clog was designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable during a long shift at work. The shoe provides plenty of room for your feet to breath, and the temperature control will keep your feet from getting too hot. As an added bonus, the footbed will absorb any foot perspiration.

Cost and Value
Price wise, the Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog tends to run a little cheaper than other Dansko clogs. While they require a little time to be broken in, these clogs are extremely comfortable. After the break-in period, these clogs are well-worth every penny.
  • Arch support 
  • Temperature control
  • Shock absorption 
  • Foot fatigue reduction 
  • Wears out quicker than other Danskos 
  • Not ideal for wide feet 

8. Dansko Wayne

8. Dansko Wayne
One could argue the Dansko Wayne Slip-On is really just a simplistic form of the Wyatt and Oxford. Dansko brags of elevating casual footwear to an art with the Wayne slip-on. This particular shoe features full grain leather uppers elastic gores, and lightly padded collar. This slip-on comes complete with a Nitrol slip-resistant sole to keep your foot safe and secure as you walk around in a wide range of floor conditions. This piece of footwear is ideal for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet, but still needs to look professional.
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Slip-resistant Nitrol rubber sole
What can make or break whether or not a clog is ideal for a work environment is whether or not the clog is slip-resistant. The Nitrol rubber sole on the bottom of the Wayne makes it perfect for walking on floors that make get slick from time to time.

Removable EVA insole
The EVA insole provides your foot with plenty of support for the long hours spent on your feet. Being removable, keeping your Dansko Wayne clean is a breeze.

Cost and Value
The price of the Dansko Wayne Slip-On lines up with other slip-on clogs intended to be worn in work environments where the wearer is intended to be standing and moving for long periods of time. Most customers agree these slip on clogs are comfortable and built to last.
  • Wears well
  • Easy fit 
  • Compatible with custom orthotics
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Sizes run small 

9. Dansko Karl

9. Dansko Karl
It’s a common misconception that all Dansko clogs are intended to be for women. And not just women, but women in the nursing industry. The Karl Oiled Leather Clog, however, was designed specifically for men. This gorgeous Dansko clog is available in both antique brown and black. It offers all of the comfort and support expected from a Dansko clog.
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Incredible arch support
The Karl Oiled Leather clog isn’t just a visually appealing and convenient slip-on shoe. It offers the arch support a person needs to get through a long day on their feet. Some could argue this shoe offers a gentle hug the entire time you are wearing it.

Convenient open heel
The convenient open heel makes it easy to slip the Karl Oiled Leather clog on and off your feet. This particular clog is comfortable enough to be worn with or without socks.

Cost and Value
The price of the Dansko Karl Oiled Leather Clog lines up with most of the other Dansko clogs. This may not be the best Dansko clog to purchase if you are looking for something to wear while spending hours on your feet on a daily basis. While customers agree it is a comfortable clog that is a great on-the-go shoe, it does not necessarily hold up well as a work shoe.
  • Incredible arch support 
  • Ideal temperature control 
  • Open heel 
  • PVC frame 
  • Sizes run small 
  • Wears out faster than desired 

10. Dansko Pro Mule

10. Dansko Pro Mule
The Dansko Professional Mule isn’t that different from the Pro XP and the Boxed Leather Clog in terms of some of the features it offers. The support and comfort levels of these three Dansko clogs do not have much of a difference. What really sets the Professional Mule apart from these other Dansko clogs is the number of different styles available. In fact, the biggest problem you are going to have shopping for this clog is sorting through the very long list of designs to find the one you like the best.
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Tons of design choices
As stated previously, it is the endless design and style options that make the Professional Mule so appealing. It offers all of the comfort and support you expect from a Dansko clog without being limited to a few sleek, but simple color options. Just take care not to opt for a design that is too off the wall to fit your work uniform if you are purchasing this as a work shoe.

Comfort and support
The Dansko Professional Mule is a dream shoe for an individual who spends a lot of hours standing on their feet. It offers comfort in the form of padded support and temperature control. As an added bonus, any foot perspiration is absorbed by the shoe and slippery floors are never a problem.

Cost and Value
The price on the Dansko Professional Mule ranges pretty greatly depending on what size and design you would like to purchase. This price range, however, does line-up pretty well with other Dansko clogs. Most are very pleased with what they have had to pay to get a pair of these clogs.
  • Wide range of color/style options
  • Padded support
  • Temperature control
  • Slip-resistant 
  • wSome of the designs are not work uniform friendly 
  • Weird sizing 
  • Takes a while to break in

Bunions, hammer toe, blisters, plantar fasciitis, continual joint pain, and tendinitis are common foot ailments suffered by those who stand on their feet for hours and hours on a daily basis with infrequent breaks. They key to minimizing your chances of suffering from these foot ailments is all about the type of support your feet has. Dansko designs clogs that provide your feet with all-day comfort and support. They come with incredible arch support and unbelievable comfort. As an added bonus, they are also designed to be trendy. Who wouldn’t want to wear shoes that make you tingle with joy as you walk around?

One thing to be learned from this list of Dansko clogs is that there are a lot of similarities across the board. The Professional Mule, Professional Clog, and Box Leather Clog, for example, are not that different in terms of the support and comfort they offer. What differs is the price and design options. There are, however, some obviously different Dansko clogs in this list such as the Sophie Sandal or the Reggie Peep-Toe Bootie which are geared towards someone looking for something stylish and fashionable.

The best part of Dankso clogs is there is a little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something trendy and comfortable or something to support your feet during a 10 to 12-hour shift, you are guaranteed to not be disappointed.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Dansko Clogs


Dansko Clogs are widely known across the professional world as some of the most comfortable shoes to work in. Nurses and health professionals alike swear by their comfort and support during long, grueling night shifts. Those with orthopedic issues such as plantar fasciitis and foot pain hail their healing properties as near magical. And for aging feet, those who find once common tasks strenuous, Dansko Clogs breath life and vitality back into overworked soles. S when selecting Dansko Clogs for this list, we took special care into the opinions and experiences of those who live in these shoes. Every shoe on our list is outfitted with features that not only aid in comfort and support, but also in Dansko’s longevity. When searching for the perfect pair of Dansko shoes, keep these key aspects in mind.


Best Dansko Clogs-comfort

All Dansko Clogs are outfitted with interior cushions along the upper, footbed, toe box, heel, and lip for optimal comfort. But Dansko Clogs rely on much more than interior cushioning for their customers’ orthopedic health. Key features of Dansko’s comfortability depend on the fit of their shoes and the high-quality materials that make up the shoes.

Fit- When selecting a Dansko Clog for any type of event, whether it’s work, camping, or the like, the fit of a shoe plays a huge role in your overall comfort. Dansko uses European standards to determine the size of their shoes. While this might be cumbersome for new users, veteran Dansko owners appreciate the simplicity and wide selection European sizes offer. Dansko also mitigates the long standing debate between narrow and wide shoes by labeling their products as such. If you have wider feet, simply select a Dansko shoe marked ‘wide’ without sacrificing style or your regular shoe size. And once you have that perfectly fitting Dansko shoe, you will have an extremely comfortable shoe.

Materials- The materials, of course, play a huge role in Dansko’s comfortability. As previously stated, all Dansko Clogs have extremely padded interiors for optimal comfort. But the materials used don’t overheat your feet even with all the extra cushion. This is because of Dansko’s breathable leathers and footbeds. All Dansko leathers are treated to be lightweight, durable, and breathable for the optimal comfort of the wearer. And the footbeds, while also extremely cozy, are built with multiple layers to promote air circulation and breathability.

Temperature Control

Best Dansko Clogs-breathability

Since we were just on the topic of temperature and breathability, it’s only natural to discuss Dansko’s ingenious design for temperature control and regulation. Dansko Clogs are modeled after the original backless clogs of Danish culture. Deriving from this original shoe, Dansko creates a looser fitting shoe to continuously circulate air all around the foot. This combats foot ailments such as athlete’s foot and keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature all day. Dansko also equips their clogs with roomy toe boxes, allowing your toes to spread out and breathe. All Dansko clogs were designed with breathability and temperature control in mind, but the shoes selected for this list outdo Dansko’s norm.

Durability and Wear

Best Dansko Clogs-durability

Durability, as defined for this list, is a shoe’s resistance to outside forces such as water, oil, grease, and debris. When selecting Dansko clogs, we took special consideration for those equipped with water and stain resistance. Most of Dansko’s treated leather was designed to wick away oils, grease, and other staining agents for optimal wear and durability. With proper care and maintenance, a reasonably priced Dansko Clog should last the average person two years. And while the original shine of that once new shoe fades, the comfort and support persist through the years.


Best Dansko Clogs-support

One of Dansko’s most sought after and greatest features is the shoe’s toe to heel support. Dansko Clogs are elevated, meaning the heel is raised above the forefoot. This elevation allows stress and tension to leave the heel and disperse over the shoes thick, cushioned insole. A rocking outsole promotes a healthy gait while correcting your posture with every step. This feature of support is especially valuable for those who spend all day on their feet. Though the rocking outsole might seem weird at first, it will quickly become second nature and your heels will thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Dansko Professional Clogs suppose to fit?

A: Dansko Clogs follow the European size system. If you aren’t sure what your size is, look up conversion charts from American to European sizes. If you fall into a half size, round up and you’re all set! Dansko Professional Clogs are designed to mimic the comfort and support of backless clogs, so the shoe fits a bit on the loose side. This allows the shoe to move with your feet and promote air circulation throughout the toe box. Though you might have to get accustomed to the looser fit of Dansko Clogs as a new user, the fit is always secure yet breathable. If the shoe is pinching or causing painful blisters, you’ve bought a size too small. However, if the shoe flies off during activity, you’ve bought a size too big. Follow that general guide, and you’ll find a perfectly fitting clog!

Q: What size of Dansko Clogs should I buy?

A: With Dansko Clogs, a looser fit is generally better. And since they follow European sizing charts, round up if you fall on a half-size like 5 ½ or 6 ½. Dansko Clogs also offer three forms of fit for different foot types. Depending on the build of your feet, most Dansko Clogs come in regular, narrow, and wide widths. So if you’re generally a size 6, but regular shoes seem too narrow for you, try a Dansko Clog in a size 6 with a wide width. Not only does this ensure a correct and comfortable fit, but it also takes the guess work out of online shopping. If you know you’re American size, simply convert over to a European size, pick your width, and bam! Perfectly fitting shoes for all day comfort and support.

Q: Will leather Dansko Clogs stretch?

A: Most leather shoes take a bit of wearing to fully open up and form to the contours of your feet. Dansko clogs are no different, but if you’re having trouble breaking in the leather follow this simple guide for relaxed Dansko Clogs in a pinch:

Spray and completely saturate the leather of your Dansko Clogs with Shoe Stretching spray. This allows the leather fibers to relax for our next step.

Insert an adjustable shoe horn and calibrate to the desired width. Remember, it’s always better to start off with a smaller, rather than larger, stretch.

Dry and stretch overnight. Slip into your newly sized Danskos the following morning and rock the town!  

Q: Are Dansko Clogs slip resistant?

A: Many of Dansko’s shoes offer slip resistant features, but not all of their clogs come equipped with slip resistance. Excellent options for our slip prone viewers are the Dansko Elise Oxford Sneaker, the Dansko Pro XP Mule, and the Dansko Pro Mule. All of these shoes provide superb grip and traction, so even the slipperiest of floors are no match for these ultra sturdy and secure clogs.

Q: What are Dansko Clogs made of?

A: Danskos usually sport a rubber bottom and a mix of leathers in their footwear. Typically, your Dansko shoes will be constructed from one of the following leathers:

Box Leather: Box leather is the most suited for the workplace environment of a lab, hospital, or nursing home due to its simple maintenance. Box Leather is extremely easy to clean and maintains its lustrous shine after continuous years of wear.

Nappa Leather: Nappa leather is the softest leather offered by Dansko due to its specialized tanning method. While shoes sporting this leather are optimal for special events, they are rather difficult to clean.

Oiled Leather:  Oiled leather gets its name from the heavy oiling process it undergoes. This process ensures a blinding shine to your shoes and creates a water resistant leather perfect for camping trips and the outdoors.

Patented Leather: Known for its intense shine, patent leather is typical of business and formal events. The poly-coat atop the treated leather provides this leather with its patent shine but also gives the shoe durability for many years of usage.

Full Grain Leather: Ideal for the workplace also, full grain leather is treated to be water resistant and suitable for wet/acidic environments. Not only does this leather perform well in the office, but also in the great outdoors.

Q: How do I wash my Dansko Clogs?

A: Typically, spot cleaning your Dansko shoes work best. Simply take a damp cloth with a gentle cleaning solution and rub the area with small, circular motions. Dansko also offers a wide variety of shoe maintenance and cleaning products on their website for optimal care. One of the best products for leather shoes is the Dansko Beeswax Conditioner. The conditioner works best on warmed shoes, allowing the product to be fully absorbed by the shoe. The Beeswax Conditioner keeps your shoes shiny and scuff free longer than just cleaning the shoes, so be certain to condition your leather shoes frequently.

Q: My Dansko Clogs reek! How do I wash out this horrid smell?

A: We’ve all had trouble here and there with pesky shoe odor. To bring your Dansko Clogs back to that fresh, out of the box scent, follow these easy steps:

  • Get a damp cloth and gently wipe the inside of your clog. If you can’t reach the nooks and crannies of your clog, get a toothbrush or something just as small to finish the job.
  • Mix equal parts warm water and white vinegar to create your cleaning solution. Dip a different cloth into the solution, wring it out, then scrub at the inside of your clog.
  • Allow the shoes to dry overnight, or until they are no longer damp.

Q: How long will a pair of Dansko Clogs last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, two years typically. However, if you are experiencing insane amounts of activity your Dansko Clogs might last a little less than the full two years. It’s important to not only wash your Danskos but to also condition them with products such as leather cream and Beeswax conditioner. This not only ensures their longevity, but it also ensures their beauty and shine.

Q: How do I prevent my Dansko Clogs from squeaking?

A: The best option is to contact Dansko directly for a new pair. Your clogs should not squeak so horribly that it bothers you, or forces you to search the forums late at night for some semblance of an answer. But, if you’re not in the mood to contact Dansko, or if their customer service team has been less than spectacular, here’s one quick fix. On the bottom of your squeaky Danskos, place strips of cloth tape. The cloth won’t impede traction, and the soft fibers should stop the squeaking in its tracks.

Q: Where are Dansko Clogs made?

A: Dansko has manufacturing warehouses in both China and Italy. All their factories are held to the same, rigid standards for quality and safety. But if you prefer one location over the other, look at the box for the manufacturer. Both locations make the exact same shoes, so there shouldn’t be a dip in quality no matter which manufacturer you purchase from.

Q: Are Dansko Clogs good for plantar fasciitis?

A: Yes, Dansko Clogs are excellent for plantar fasciitis as well as other foot problems. All Dansko shoes are given the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association for their stellar health benefits. Most Dansko Clogs sport cushiony footbeds and inner linings while maintaining a breathable environment for your feet. This combats issues such as athlete’s foot and other foot fungi, and reduces foot pain tremendously.