10 Best Fashion Sneakers Reviewed & Rated for Looks

During the past years, performance shoes have seen a huge advancement in quality, but what about shoes made specifically for looks? We don’t hear much about them. Updated technology during the recent years has allowed manufacturers to make the best of out of their resources, making Fashion a staple in the shoe industry.

Best Fashion Shoes

Customers and users, in general, grow more interested in the looks of their shoes – arguably more interested in them over the performance qualities. This has created a huge demand for fashionable designs, and thus, both major and minor manufacturers have incorporated appealing designs to their products.

Last Updated: August 4, 2017
by Sergio Bettiol :

The newest update includes fresher products on the list, as well as some all-time favorites like Converse’s All-Star Chuck Taylors. It also reflects the key aspects of each shoe, providing you with specific details to help improve your buying experience while looking for fashion sneakers.

Featured Recommendations

Converse Chuck Taylor
  • Converse Chuck Taylor
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Huge color variety
  • Quality Support
  • Price: See Here
Nike Air Force 1
  • Nike Air Force 1
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight build
  • Flexible frame
  • Price: See Here
Vans Era
  • Vans Era
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waffle outsole
  • Vulcanized build
  • Price: See Here

However, fashion sneakers have been around for a considerably long time. Although the latest trends call for performance shoes such as Nikes and Adidas, other brands like Converse, DC, and Vans continue to be a part of this industry. At the end of the day, there’s a wide variety of options when it comes to fashion wear.


10 Best Looking Fashion Sneakers


1. Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Top

Converse’s Chuck Taylors are far from being a new introduction in the world of fashion sneakers. This pair of shoes is arguably the oldest edition in this list; yet remains to be one of the most widely used sneakers around the whole world. If you’re in your teenage years, or past them, chances are you’ve owned a pair of these.
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Huge Variety
Converse shoes, Chuch Taylors specially, are also popular for the very large variety of colors in their models. Because of this, many customers own a second pair (or more) of this model, and some even collected the Chuck Taylor rainbow.

Quality Support
These shoes are all-around greatness. Not only do they look good, but they also feel good. Chuck Taylors are about as supportive as it gets in fashion shoes; walking with them is no issue. Hell, some people even use High-Top Taylors for heavy weightlifting.

Although they’re not the cheapest sneakers around, the Chuck Taylors meet a considerably fair price. Taking in consideration their durability and support, you can rest assured that you won’t need to replace them anytime soon.
  • Large variety of models
  • Durable wear
  • Supports full-day use
  • Tight on the toes for wide feet

2. DC Pure Action

DC is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) and most popular skating shoe designer and manufacturer. Their shoes quickly made a reputation amongst skaters, and not long after, models like the Pure Action made it into fashion wear. This model counts with a substantial midsole, as well as foam padded elements like the tongue and the collar for greater comfort.
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Plenty of Models
The Pure Action shoes also count with a considerable amount of different designs. These vary in color, on both the external side of the shoe and the inner build. Many users own multiple pair of these too.

Fashion and Functionality
Although the Pure Action is far from being a performance shoe, it proves its worth in skating. Aside from being very good-looking, the thick midsole and abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole make this model an efficient skating piece.

DC’s Pure Action is a bit cheaper than the rest of DC similar products. This skater shoe offers great feats for their cost, which meets the average value of our list.
  • Great for skating
  • Thick midsole
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Multiple color options
  • Heavy shoe

3. Nike Air Force 1

Aside from their excellent performance shoes, Nike is one of the most popular brands when it comes to fashionable wear too. The Air Force 1 is amongst their most acquired fashion products, coming in mid-top, high-top, and low-top designs. This model features a considerably comfortable inner build, additionally equipped with Nike’s original air-sole technology in the heel.
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Tops and Colors
The Nike Air Force 1 has three available options: low-top, med-top, and high-top. Each of the variations comes in pretty much any color you can come up with, covering a huge diversity of colors and their respective shades.

Lightweight Support

Although mostly used as a fashion shoe, the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 meets very functional qualities. The shoe is composed by lightweight and comfortable materials despite its size. The frame is flexible and the design includes an ankle strap for a better fit.

This piece is notably pricier than the average fashion sneaker – but it’s to be expected from a mid-top design. Despite the price tag, this model offers a great deal in terms of durability and customer satisfaction.
  • Perforated toe box for greater flow of air
  • Air-sole heel technology
  • Nike Air capsule within the midsole
  • Could use some more space in the inner shoe

4. Vans Era

Yet another fashionable low-profile sneaker. Vans is an industry veteran when it comes to low-profile fashion shoes. The Era approach is not a recent release, yet it remains to be one of the most preferred Vans casual options. This shoe delivers both a fashionable design and skating functionality. If you’re a die-hard Vans fan, chances are you’ve probably owned a couple of these. If you haven’t, you’re missing out.
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Signature Skating Design
The Era release counts with the traditional Vans skating features, which include the waffled outsole for a greater grasp of the skateboard as well as the laid back feel. The padded collar increase comfort during both walking and skating.

Vulcanized Construction
The rubber of the midsole has been vulcanized; a process in which an acid compound reinforces some of the features in rubber to make it more durable and resistant. Thanks to this, comfort and durability increase considerably.

Vans’ Era is the best value of our list. This low-profile build not only features a low cost, but also a very good construction consisting of strong materials such as vulcanized rubber.
  • Vulcanized rubber
  • Waffled outsole for  better grip
  • Low-profile skate performer
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Needs more flexiblity

5. Adidas NEO Raleigh Mid-Top

The mid-top Raleigh release is just what you look for in a fashionable shoe. Although used mostly by skaters and b-ballers, they’re a quite popular option for casual wear too. This model counts with a faux leather upper build, tonal color shades, and the signature three-line branding. A substantial midsole made of vulcanized rubber makes the shoe much more durable and efficient.
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Vulcanized Rubber Sole
The sole features a variation of rubber that has been vulcanized. This vulcanization process improves multiple qualities of rubber, the biggest ones being much more durability and far greater resistance against abrasion. Because of this, a long-lasting and comfortable wear is guaranteed.

Padded Elements
Padding can be found around the whole build; in the inner construct, around the collar, and behind the tongue. This padding makes the fit more snuggly, as well as more firm. Additionally, extra loop holes for laces are placed in front of the tongue, offering an even firmer fit if desired.

The Neo Raleigh is pretty accessible in comparison to the average mid-top shoe. Counting with durable materials, a performance approach, and highly comfortable design, this shoe is worth their value.
  • Vulcanized outsole
  • Faux leather upper
  • Collar & inner padding
  • Good value
  • May be uncomfortable during first uses

6. Air Jordan 1 Retro

If you’re into fashion shoes, then you’ll know about the Air Jordans (and if you’re not into fashion shoe as well most likely). Nike’s Air Jordans are high-end basketball shoes; however, they’re in the thin gap between fashion sneakers and performance shoes. Aside from their performance qualities, the Air Jordan 1 (and other series, too) are very popular options for street wear.
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Air Unit
The Air Jordan’s signature air cushioning unit is encapsulated within the rubber sole. This cushioning system makes prolonged wear much more comfortable. Also, it considerably reduces stress around the areas of the foot that generally suffer the most, such as the heel.

Performance Qualities
Most users see Air Jordans as cosmetic wear. While they do emphasize on a fashionable design, Nike also incorporates some of the signature performance aspects. These are the deep flex groove, as well as the concentric traction pattern, providing a stronger grip and a deeper flex.

Jordans are known for their huge popularity amongst fashion shoe users. However, they’re also known for their hefty price tag. Its high quality and design come at a high cost, although many consider it to be worth it.
  • Oustading looks
  • Deep flex groove
  • Concentric grip
  • Air cushioning capsule
  • Sizing runs about a full size small

7. Lacoste Chaymon G416

Lacoste is a reputable brand when it comes to fashion. Their selection of polos, perfumes, and shoes are amongst the most popular of class wear. The Chaymon G416 are no exception to this, following their standard low-profile silhouette and an upper build fully composed by different leathers. The monochrome colorways are very eye-catchy and a rubber sole makes walking much more comfortable.
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Casual Wear
The Chaymon G416 is the kind of shoe that fits pretty much any occasion. The Lacoste classy, yet casual approach allows this pair to complement some shorts or even jeans.

Full Upper Leather

An upper structure composed mostly by leathers equips this shoe with a very classy approach. The nylon in the upper works in combination with 50% Leather (Split Suede) 38% PU Leather) and 12% textile.

Lacoste products aren’t as accessible as other brands. While this pair ranks over the average value of this list, it guarantees a durable life as well as a very fashionable design.
  • Build composed of mostly leather
  • Rich monochrome colors
  • Visual contrast

8. Vans Classic

Vans once again proves being one of the top low-profile manufacturers in the skating shoes market. The classic slip-on brings back the original design of vans, incorporating padding around the collar and on the footbed. The substantial midsole counts with the qualities of vulcanized rubber, keeping skating performance at top while flashing the classic design.
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Vulcanized Rubber Construct
Like in most of their skater models, the Vans Classic is based on its vulcanized rubber. This material possesses benefits that enhance both comfort and performance, such as greater shock absorption, comfort, and durability.

Signature Skating Features
Vans shoes are a popular fashion shoe, but they don’t forget about the skating part. This is why the Vans Classic adds their signature features, which include the waffled outsole for better board control and the substantial vulcanized rubber midsole.

Vans generally offers a great deal for their quality shoes, and their Classic release is not an exception. Sitting below the average value of this list, these shoes are a great buy keeping in mind their quality and premium fabrics.
  • Padded collar and footbed
  • Vulcanized build
  • Waffled outsole
  • All-day comfort
  • Upper build is hard to wash

9. Adidas NMD R1

Adidas performance shoes are not only very functional, but also utterly fashionable. This is why their NMD_R1 has become such a popular pair for casual wear. This model is arguably more popular for their looks rather than their performance. The structure is very lightweight and highly breathable thanks to the primeknit upper, which wraps the foot providing a snug fit.
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EVA Midsole
An EVA midsole in combation with the molded heel patch offer great responsiveness for both running and jumping. The build in general is very thin, providing a sock-like feel ever after multiple hours of use.

Boost Technology
Adidas most innovative technology, the boost, creates the most receptive cushioning in their brand. The boost technology consists of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) molecules that deliver power for the next gait. This technology makes comfort and cushioning one of the strongest features of this pair.

This model wields a considerably hefty price tag, being the costliest items on the list. However, you can't expect less from a freshly-released Adidas featuring TPU technology. Regardless, the shoe is utterly durable and won't need early replacement.
  • Casual performance
  • Boost technology (TPU)
  • Utterly comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Considerably expensive

10. Nike SB Zoom Dunk High-Top

The Nike SB Zoom Dunk is a very stylish design. Despite being released some time ago, it continues to be one of the most popular trends in fashion footwear. This model is the bridge that gaps between fashion wear, skating shoes, and basketball performance. Despite looking bulky, the SB Zoom is made out of weightless fabrics.
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Peforated Upper
The light fabrics are not only comfortable, but also highly breathable. This makes the design considerably easier to wear throughout the day without experiencing discomfort. The tongue is made out of mesh, and the toe box materials are perforated for greater flow of air.

EVA midsole
A full-length EVA midsole increases comfort without adding bulk or weight. This material improves cushioning greatly, working in combination with the rubber material that prevents abrasion.

Although it's pricier than the average product in this list, it's important to keep in mind this is a high-top shoe. Additionally, the premium fabrics and equipment make it durable enough to be worth your buck.
  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Forefoot overlays
  • Mesh tongue
  • Forefoot perforations for greater breathability
  • Small toebox
  • Heavy

In conclusion, fashion is a very wide topic. When it comes to shoes, there’s a plethora of materials, designs, colors, shoe height, and preferences to choose from. This is why in this list we’ve tried to incorporate varied elements that represent different type of fashion sneakers. Additionally, it’s not necessary to limit yourself to a single pair – in fact, most users own multiple pairs of different styles (and multiple pairs of the same shoe, too).

We hope this list has oriented you in knowing and finding the most popular and widely used fashion shoes of the moment. Keep in mind that there’s no standard to which pair is better looking or more popular, as personal preference is what matters the most in fashion sneakers.

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