Best Golf Shoes Reviewed & Tested for Performance

Athletic footwear is designed to fit the distinctive needs of a specific sport. Golf shoes, for example, are designed explicitly to support an individual’s feet while playing golf. Golfing footwear offers several different benefits including stability, comfort, versatility, flexibility, and breathability; while also offering extra padding to give golfer’s feet much-needed support when driving the ball. This footwear is, also, designed with materials to absorb moisture, in order to keep a golfer’s feet cool and sweat-free.

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Golfers, also, get to make a personal choice between spiked or spike-free golf shoes. Spiked golfing shoes are ideal for their grip and traction. With spiked shoes, it becomes easy for a golfer to make a sharp turn while striking the ball. The spikes make it harder for your foot to slip. Spike-free (also known as spikeless) golfing footwear is designed to benefit the golf course more than the golfer. The lack of spikes prevents the shoes from doing as much damage to the golf course terrain. Spike-free golf shoes, however, are designed to offer just as much comfort and support as spiked ones do. Typically, spikeless golf shoes are a little cheaper. The only downside to spike-free shoes is the lack of traction and grip. Before deciding, it is a good idea to see whether or not the golf course you use allows spiked shoes. It is not uncommon for golf courses to ban players from wearing spiked shoes.

Last Updated: June 4, 2018
By Tony Skye:

The Recent update reflects the best of 2018’s best golf shoes of all types, shapes, sizes, colors, with new information as to how to choose the best golf shoes and our criteria for evaluation. Also, included are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best golf shoes.

Featured Recommendations

Skechers Go Golf Drive 2
  • Skechers Go Golf Drive 2
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Resalyte® Midsole
  • Moisture-wicking Lining
  • Price: See Here
Ecco Biom Hybrid 2
  • Ecco Biom Hybrid 2
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flex Grooves
  • BIOM Technology
  • Price: See Here
Callaway Balboa Vent
  • Callaway Balboa Vent
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Opti-Soft EVA Midsole
  • Opti-Vent Mesh Liner
  • Price: See Here

Golfing footwear provides the support and comfort needed to enjoy a day of golf without having to worry about coming home with sore and aching feet. In fact, the only thing you have to worry about is deciding what type of golf shoes you want to wear. Fortunately, there are some really great options to choose from.


15 Best Golf Shoes



1. Skechers Go Golf Drive 2

These shoes are wonderful in their makeup. They are created with GOimpulse sensory technology, a Resalyte® midsole, are equipped with lace-up closures, have a moisture-wicking lining, and are budget-friendly. Moreover, these shoes take into account the need for breathability and a more comfortable experience while golfing. As such, this pair of best golf shoes is an ideal addition to any golfer's equipment collection.
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GOimpulse Sensory Technology
GOimpulse outsole sensors are present to help detect the amount of pressure you place when taking your next step. In addition, the way you place yourself in a stance is, also, detectable by this technology. In return, you are given the right amount of 'bounce-back' where it is needed the most.

Resalyte® Midsole
The midsole is put in place to bring you comfort. With this design, your feet will not only remain comfortable but will, also, enjoy the benefits of both stability and security. In this, you will be able to concentrate on your swing; not worrying about what is going on underneath your ankles.

Cost and Value
This pair of best golf shoes is budget-friendly and worth every penny spent. Moreover, these shoes will make a great addition to your golfing shoe collection. As such, we highly recommend this pair; especially, if you desire a more-comfortable experience when golfing.
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Moisture-wicking Lining; breathable
  • Resalyte® Midsole
  • Low-profile
  • Budget-friendly
  • Minimum Color Variety

2. Ecco Biom Hybrid 2

The ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 was constructed with both genuine leather and synthetic material. The soul of this particular golf shoe was crafted to perfectly fit the anatomy of the human foot. A Hydro max solution is utilized to treat the entire shoe in order to prevent moisture build-up. In addition, to being exceptionally comfortable, the ECCO BIOM Hybrid is stylish and available in a wide range of colors.
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The low-to-the-ground design of the ECCO BIOM Hybrid makes the shoe extremely stable. This design provides excellent ground feedback to help the golfer’s performance. The stability and ground feedback allows the golfer to build leg muscles while golfing, as well.

Anatomically Correct
The ECCO BIOM Hybrid was designed to fit the human foot like a glove. The snug padding of the shoe will provide an ideal level of comfort while hugging your foot well enough to prevent it from slipping, as you golf.

Cost and Value
The price tag on the ECCO BIOM Hybrid is within the price range of other shoes considered to be premium golf shoes. The shoe could seem a little expensive to someone who has never purchased golf shoes before, but it does come with a fair price for overall value.
  • Uppers designed with Yak Leather
  • Available in several different colors
  • Anatomically Perfect
  • Incredible Ground Feedback
  • Snug and Comfortable Fit
  • Sizes run a little small
  • Lack of width and half-sizes

3. Skechers Go Golf Elite 2

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 2 is created for performance. With its waterproofed leather, you are certain to be ready for that hole over the following hill; even if it begins to sprinkle. Moreover, this pair of best golf shoes is created to help give you the confidence gained from a firmer stance via the TPU bottom plate.
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Leather Upper
The leather upper is waterproofed. Furthermore, this material will allow your feet to breathe, as you concentrate on that next swing; helping you to remain calm and collected. In addition, the stylistic color variety allows you to choose the look in a more individualistic manner.

TPU Bottom Plate
This plate is designed to give you more stability and firmness. It can, however, increase the expected shoe weight. With that being stated, this technology increases durability factors and works to give you a firm placement while in your stance.

Cost and Value
This pair of best golf shoes ranges from lower-to-mid, in terms of cost. The overall high-quality construction makes them worth the purchase price. As such, these shoes can be a great fit with your golf footwear.
  • TPU Bottom Plate
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Variety of Colors
  • Leather Upper
  • Narrow toe box
  • A little heavy

4. Adidas Golf Tour360

4. Adidas Golf Tour360
These shoes take stability into serious account. With 360Wrap technology, your foot is completely surrounded; enabling better midfoot support. In addition, arch support is gained via control through Torsion Tunnel technology in conjunction with 360Wrap. Furthermore, this pair of best golf shoes remains comfortable and flexible. Moreover, these shoes have a wide variety of colors to choose from; making your stylistic choice even better.
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Torsion Tunnel Technology
This technology provides flexibility from heel-to-forefoot. Furthermore, there is an aspect of control, as well. This means more stability for your feet while you approach that next shot in your stance. In addition, more stability means happier ankles.

Boost Foam Cushioning
With this technology, you will experience a responsive system while walking. In essence, as you begin walking the front nine, you will notice 'bounce back' in the areas of your feet which need it the most. This helps to bring comfortability to your feet.

Cost and Value
The associated cost-range for this pair of shoes is in the upper area. There is a lot of technology in place, however; and the construction is made of high-quality materials. As such, this pair of best golf shoes might be worth the investment for serious golfers.
  • 360Wrap Stability
  • Torsion Tunnel Technology
  • Boost Foam Cushioning
  • Spiked
  • Variety of Colors
  • A bit pricey
  • Reports of being squeeky after getting wet

5. Skechers Go Golf

5. Skechers Go Golf
With this pair of best golf shoes, you are immersed in a world of comfortability, breathability, and stylistic choice. Through the Goga Max insole and 5gen cushioning system, your feet will reap the pleasures of what it means to be comfortable. In addition, the upper mesh allows your feet to remain within a breathable environment; thus allowing you to stay cool under pressure. Lastly, the vast array of color choices is impressive.
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TPU Outsole
The outsole is built to last. Made from TPU, you are certain to notice a difference in traction while heading over to the next tee. Moreover, this pair of best golf shoes is friendly to the course.

5gen Cushioning
With 5gen cushioning, your feet will benefit from the luxury of having access to great cushioning technology. In essence, after a day out on the course, your feet will have been in an environment conducive to lower pain levels, as comfortability factors have remained high.

Cost and Value
These shoes are budget-friendly. Moreover, they are made to be course-friendly, comfort-friendly, and stability-friendly. Add in the wide range of colors to choose from, and this pair of best golf shoes is an ideal choice for pros and beginners, alike.
  • Goga Max Insole
  • TPU Outsole
  • 5gen Cushioning
  • Wide Variety of Colors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Shoes run about a half-size too small

6. Puma PG Clyde

6. Puma PG Clyde
Technically, the PUMA PG Clyde was originally designed with the intention of being basketball footwear. In fact, the shoe was named after Walt “Clyde” Frazier. As to be expected by any PUMA shoe, the PG Clyde offers the perfect combination of style and performance. The waterproof uppers provide feet with a dry and moisture-free environment. Thanks to the EverFoam technology, the forefoot gets the cushioning it needs to come out of a day of golfing with a decent score and without sore feet.
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S2 Quill Spikes
The S2 Quill spikes provide the PUMA PG Clyde with the traction and versatility a golfer needs to perform well on the golf course. As an added bonus, you can hardly feel the spikes through the sole of the shoe; making them perfect to wear as everyday sneakers, too.

Storm Cell Technology
The Storm Cell Technology used to design the PUMA PG Clyde guarantees you can play golf (or just walk around) in any type of weather and on any terrain. This, in combination with the waterproof material, makes the shoe durable against just about anything.

Cost and Value
The PUMA PG Clyde is arguably one of the cheaper golf shoes on the top fifteen list. The best part of this particular footwear is the fact that you are buying golf shoes which can double as everyday sneakers.
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight Cushioning
  • Very limited style/color choices

7. Skechers Go Golf Pro 2

7. Skechers Go Golf Pro 2
Skechers is a shoe manufacturer known for creating innovative and comfortable shoes. The Go Golf Pro 2 is the second generation in their Golf Go collection. Many agreed, when it first hit the market, it was one of the most advanced golfing shoes Skechers had ever produced. This is a lightweight premium golfing shoe which offers a maximum amount of comfort for someone who spends hours on the golf course. The shoe comes complete with replaceable soft spikes and is protected by Skechers’ very own H2GO Shield waterproof system.
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Replaceable Soft Spikes
The replaceable soft spikes provide the Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 with the grip a golfer needs when striking the ball. Combined with the Resalyte midsole cushions, the shoe gets excellent ground feedback and is extremely comfortable.

H2GO Shield
The H2GO Shield ensures your Go Golf Pro 2 is ready to take on any weather condition. You won’t have to worry about a storm (during a golf tournament) causing your shoe to fall apart.

Cost and Value
Compared to some of the other shoes on this list, the Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 falls somewhere in the middle, in terms of price. You are paying for a lightweight and comfortable golf shoe with an amazing grip and an incredible waterproofing protection system.
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Removable Insole
  • Lightweight & Highly Responsive Foam Cushioning
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Soft Spikes
  • Conservative style
  • Limited color choices

8. Skechers Twinkle Toes

8. Skechers Twinkle Toes
Twinkle Toes; this is one of the best names I have ever heard for a pair of shoes, without a doubt! Behind the name, however, these shoes are built to be both course-friendly and foot-friendly. The spikeless Resagrip outsole ensures a course-friendly experience; as well as, an improvement in traction. Additionally, 5gen cushioning helps to promote a comfortable ride while you walk over the course in style.
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Resalyte Midsole
The midsole brings both support and comfortability to the tee. Working in conjunction with 5gen technology, your feet will enjoy the fact they have spent the day in comfort. Furthermore, as your foot remains supported, you will no notice fewer aches and pains, as a result of walking those 18 holes of beautiful wonder.

Resagrip Spikeless Outsole
With the Resagrip spikeless outsole, you will experience an improvement in traction throughout the day. Moreover, these shoes are designed to be course-friendly, as well. Together, you and your shoes can take care of the course.

Cost and Value
This pair of best golf shoes is built nicely. More than that, however, they are built in a budget-friendly way. In other words, you can have the best of both worlds; a nice pair of shoes and the non-breaking of your wallet.
  • Resalyte Midsole
  • Soft-heathered Fabric Upper
  • Resagrip Spikeless Outsole
  • 5gen Cushioning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Limited color variety

9. New Balance NBG2004

9. New Balance NBG2004
These shoes are built to give you great traction while, also, maintaining course integrity. The TPU outsole promotes a firmer stance; thereby, allowing you to dig in while remaining course-friendly. In addition, the midsole offers a low 10-millimeter drop; thus, helping you to stay closer to the ground; a more-natural feel. Moreover, these best golf shoes are ready for action.
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REVlite 10mm Drop Midsole
For those who are used to wearing minimalist shoes or are wanting to try them out, this midsole provides a low 10-millimeter drop. In addition, this midsole (originally, designed for runners) gives great cushioning, for that nice day out on the course.

TPU Outsole
The outsole provides great traction without tearing up the course in the process. In other words, this outsole is designed to be both course-friendly and to provide you with the traction you need; whether, in your swing stance or on your way to the next amazing hole.

Price and Value
The price for this pair of best golf shoes is fairly ranged within the concept of quality versus cost. They do range from mid-to-upper but are built well enough to justify the purchase price. As such, these best golf shoes are worth the investment.
  • REVlite 10mm Drop Midsole
  • TPU Outsole
  • Champ Slim-Lok Removable Cleats
  • Course-friendly
  • Minimal Color Variety
  • Size runs full-size too small

10. Adidas Tech Response

10. Adidas Tech Response
Absolutely comfortable, this pair of best golf shoes matches their high-quality in comfort with a budget-friendly price. Having ThinTech cleats, an Adiwear/Adituff system, and an EVA midsole, you are sure to gain the best in traction while, simultaneously, enjoying the reaping rewards of comfort. In addition, they are made with an upper mesh which promotes foot breathability. Moreover, this pair of best golf shoes is course-ready.
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Adiwear/Adituff System
This system is created with longevity in mind; that is, this technology helps promote durability within the outsole. With an abrasion-resistant makeup, this system is both skid-resistant and provides excellent traction. Moreover, you will be ready for that next tee.

EVA Insole
An EVA insole helps to ensure maximum comfort all day long. Moreover, this insole is created to help promote a better fit; a requirement needed for true comfort. As such, this pair of best golf shoes will help to lower fatigue levels associated with, otherwise, aching feet.

Cost and Value
The cost-range of these best golf shoes is between low and mid (size-dependency is leading factor). With that being stated, these shoes are budget-friendly and worth the purchase price. They would make a great pair of rotating shoes for those who play golf daily.
  • EVA Insole
  • ThinTech Cleats
  • Traxion Technology
  • Adiwear/Adituff System
  • Not waterproof
  • Minimal colors

11. Callaway Balboa Vent

11. Callaway Balboa Vent
Callaway is a name recognizable in golf for years. Moreover, these shoes are perfected with the knowledge Callaway has gained through their years of research. With lug traction, Dura-rubber outsole, 5-millimeter sockliner, and Opti-Vent mesh liner, you are certain to take the course in a professional, stylistic fashion. More than this, however, this pair of best golf shoes is made for the day; golfing at its finest.
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For those who are against the idea of spikes on the course, Callaway has come up with an alternative. This pair of best golf shoes is made, instead, with multi-directional traction lugs. Furthermore, the lug patterns are pronator-friendly; giving you the right amount of bite where you need it the most.

Opti-Vent Mesh Liner
The mesh liner is created with Opti-Vent technology. In essence, this technology works to help give you better airflow. In return, your feet will remain cooler, as you progress through the wonders of a beautiful course.

Cost and Value
The cost for this pair of best golf shoes is absolute, budget-friendly. Starting in the low range and remaining there, these course shoes will not disappoint. Sporting the name Callaway and the technology, thereof; these shoes are worth the purchase price.
  • Dura-rubber Outsole
  • Spikeless
  • Multi-directional Traction Control Lugs
  • 5mm EVA Sockliner
  • Opti-Vent Mesh Liner
  • Minimal Color Variety

12. FootJoy Freestyle

12. FootJoy Freestyle
The FootJoy Freestyle is a very loud and 'in-your-face' golfing shoe. While this, particular, shoe isn’t ideal for a traditional golfer, it is perfect for someone who wants to stand out on the golf course. Despite its bold style, the shoe offers full-range of motion, ideal traction, comfort, and stability. Freestyle was designed to offer just the right amount of snugness to hug a golfer’s foot without strangling it.
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Lightweight Mesh Uppers
Thanks to the lightweight mesh uppers, a foot is able to breathe while wearing the FootJoy Freestyle. The mesh uppers are, also, waterproof which prevents moisture build-up and sweaty feet from becoming a problem.

Achilles Pad
The FootJoy Freestyle was designed with both comfort and support in mind. The Achilles pad provides the foot with the additional support needed to get through a day of golfing without having sore and aching feet.

Cost and Value
The FootJoy Freestyle has a price that is to be expected with a premium-golf shoe of this quality. Freestyle, as with just about any FootJoy golf shoe, is worth every penny and then some, as you are paying for a combination of support and comfort you need while golfing.
  • Great Cushioning
  • Multi-color Variety
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Sizing runs a little large

13. Adidas Powerband Boa Boost

13. Adidas Powerband Boa Boost
The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost offers the perfect combination of traction, stability, and comfort; thanks to its lightweight, laceless-closure system and seamless, leather uppers. Adidas has really gone the extra mile in updating the center saddle straps and supportive materials to hold the midfoot in place. The Adidas Powerband Boa Boost is, conveniently, available in several different colors and several different fits.
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L6 Boa Closure System
The convenient closure system is one of the more-notable features the Powerband Boa Boost has to offer. The push and pull mechanism, located at the top of the shoe’s tongue, makes adjusting the shoe quick and easy.

Toes and Forefoot Comfort
It is obvious a lot of consideration was put into the overall comfort of a golfer’s foot with the design of the Powerband Boa Boost. The shoe features a wider forefoot and a classically rounded toe area. The combination of the two really gives the foot room to breathe without giving so much room the foot can slip.

Cost and Value
The extra consideration given to the comfort of your forefoot and toes, alone, is reason enough to purchase the Powerband Boa Boost. Adidas really came through with giving you the biggest bang for your buck with this shoe.
  • Plenty of Toe Room
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Climate-proof Durable Microfiber
  • Convenient Closure System
  • Very limited style and color choices

14. Puma TitanTour Ignite

14. Puma TitanTour Ignite
Golfing enthusiastic consider the PUMA TitanTour Ignite to be one of the better golfing shoes on the market. Thanks to the Ignite foam and the PWRFrame, the TitanTour offers nearly everything a golfer could want in a shoe; including stability, comfort, breathability, and moisture-resistance. This golfing shoe comes about as close as a shoe can come to having the perfect balance between being soft and firm.
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PWR Cool Insole
Thanks to the PWR Cool insole, the TitanTour Ignite never gets too hot or too cold. The insole was designed to keep the golfer’s foot comfortable while regulating the temperature inside of the shoe.

Premium Materials
Only premium materials, such as full-grain leather, were used to construct the PUMA TitanTour Ignite. The premium materials guarantee the shoes quality and durability; as well as, its aesthetic appeal.

Cost and Value
PUMA footwear always tends to be reasonably priced. When you purchase the TitanTour Ignite, you are paying for the PWR Cool insole, the premium materials, and the PWRFrame. The comfort and durability of the PUMA TitanTour Ignite are worth every penny spent on it.
  • PWR Cool Insole
  • Extremely Comfortable Cushioning
  • Waterproof Guarantee
  • Superior Traction
  • Noisy when walking

15. Nike Lunar Control II

Nike raised the bar in the golfing footwear industry with the Nike Lunar Control 2. The combination of the lightweight Lunarlon cushioning technology and the total grain leather uppers allow this shoe to provide a golfer’s foot with a gentle hug. In addition, to comfort and stability, the Lunar Control 2 comes complete with water protection to prevent sweaty feet.
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Comfort and Support Balance
Every single golfing shoe is a little different when it comes to the way they feel on your foot. Some golf shoes come equipped with so much padding it feels as though you are walking on a cloud; whereas others have a structure that is so solid and stable it becomes uncomfortable. The Nike Lunar Control 2 offers an ideal balance between being comfortable and being supportive. As a bonus, the Lunar Control 2 doesn’t have to be broken in. It can be immediately taken to the golf course without any issues.

The Nike Lunar Control 2 has a lot to offer in the performance department. It features six spikes perfectly spaced on the bottom of the shoe to prevent slipping. The Lunar Control 2 is lightweight, balanced, and flexible. It fits a golfer’s foot like a glove and doesn’t hinder your ability to move around.

Cost and Value
As far as cost-value is concerned, this is a golfing shoe on the market which competes well. It offers a perfect combination of comfort, support, and performance. It’s even stylish with great color combinations; so, you can look good while golfing, too.
  • Comfortable Out of the Box
  • Solid Ground Connection
  • Wide Sole Base
  • Plenty of Breathing Room
  • Lack of proper toe space
  • Sizing is a little off


How to choose shoes for golfing

Having exemplary golf skills will only get you so far if the lack of grip on your shoes causes your foot to slip when you go to strike the ball. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position where you wish your foot hadn’t slipped. The question is: ‘How do you make sure you have the best golf shoes on your feet?’

Best Golf Shoes- How to choose

To decide which golfing footwear is best for you, consider the flexibility, stability, style, and the price. For example, the ECCO Biom Hybrid is a gorgeous golfing shoe that has the only fault of its inaccurate sizes and lack of wide soles. The Biom Hybrid, however, has a pretty steep price tag that not everyone can afford. PUMA PG Clyde, on the other hand, has a lot to offer as a golf shoe, in terms of traction and versatility at a fraction of the price.

Ultimately, only you can decide what type of shoe is right for you, as different shoes meet the needs of different types of golfers. For instances, if you have a powerful swing, you will want a stable shoe that can support that power. Someone with a slow swing, however, would be better off with a more flexible shoe. With these fifteen choices, there’s a golf shoe for every type of golfer in this list.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Golf Shoes


Golfing is one of the most celebrated sports in the world. Having the ideal pair of shoes for the sport enables the players to enjoy the whole game on the course. Just like all the other sporting activities, it’s important that you have the correct type of shoes which have been made, specifically, for golfing. Many of the golfers when playing, occasionally, take a stroll on the golf field/course. This means that the shoes you wear must be able to offer you maximum comfort at all times. Many golf shoe making companies have invested a lot of time and resources; researching and developing their shoes so they are able to offer the golfers maximum comfort and, also, offer a better play.

When shopping for a brand new pair of shoes, many buyers look for specific features in their golf shoes. These features include a good sole, spikes or no spikes, water-resistant ability, and durability. All of these features have come to be known as the ‘game-improvement’ factors.

When doing our research on the best golf shoes, we look at some very important factors which include the game-improvement factors. The metrics help us in picking out the best shoes for golfing and, also, provides us and future buyers with very useful information which will guide them in their next purchase.

The following factors are considered:Best Golf Shoes- golfer on golf course striking golf ball

The Type of Shoe You Want While Golfing

When shopping for a new pair of shoes, it’s very important that you understand the different types of golf shoes that are available, and then match it to your personal preference. This will help you in picking out the best-golfing sneakers.

  • The Cleated or the Spiked Golf Sneakers:
    These spiked golf sneakers are very classic and provide good traction, comfortability, breathability, style and water resistance. They come in a wide variety and getting the best pair depends on the buyer’s personal preference and taste (also what you are looking for in terms of delivery from the shoe). The current market will allow you to get the best golf sneaker, be it a waterproof one or a lightweight sneaker, with metal spikes or with sifted spikes. Personal preference has been greatly taken into consideration. The major advantage of the spiked sneakers, used by golfers, is that they have amazing stability and enhance the golfer’s grip. This is achieved by the factor where the upper section of the shoe has been designed to offer additional stability. The usage of modern technology and innovations has made it possible for traditional shoes to be developed; hence, offering both stability and lightweight features to the golfers (which happen to be the two most important metrics sought after by golfers in their shoes). It’s crucial that you know, however, there might be a tradeoff.


  • The Spike-less/ Street Shoes:
    These are some of the most recent inventions in the golf shoes, the introduction of the spike-less sneakers for golfers has made it possible for those golfers who do not like spikes, to have their own type of shoes. They have been designed to provide both style and comfort and are considered to be low-profile golfing shoes. They have a flat sole and are very lightweight. Many of these shoes have replaced the spikes with rubber studs, while some, have opted for soles that are dimpled. This means they are the best shoes for the hole (19th hole) and, also, for surfaces that are firm (driving range). These shoes are not meant for a casual golfer, even though the professional golfers opt to wear the street type of shoes (since they are stylish and have good comfortability, they help in dealing with foot pain). The non-spiked shoes provide less grip and stability. They, also, have limited waterproof features. Their molded soles have a minimal grip on surfaces that are wet and grassy; hence, not designed to offer any form of waterproofing. Other major concerns of the shoes are their durability and their inability to get a new set of spikes which have been worn out. Many rubber technologies used in manufacturing the shoes claim they have the capability to outlast the lifetime of the shoe.



  • The Golfing Boot: It is one of the more unique types of golfing shoes. They are the best sneakers to use in golfing that will guarantee you maximum protection from Mother Nature. Their designs resemble the design used in making hiking boots (similar design of the Wellington boot). They have been designed to offer great waterproof abilities. They are, however, extra heavy and might offer limited movement; especially, around the ankle when the player is swinging. Nevertheless, they offer great traction and are the best shoes to wear during the cold and/or wet season when golfing. Some of the models have been designed with gaiters so they can offer added water protection. All these features come at a price, and that’s why these shoes are more expensive because they have very thick waterproof fabric used to cover the whole shoe. This means all water and mud is kept out always.
  • The Golf Sandal: They are the opposite of the golfing boots and are the perfect shoes for the very hot golfing climate. It was made so that it can provide the golfers playing in the hot climates both comfort and style at the same time. They are open and have a toeless design which means that they are very comfortable to wear during summer. Apart from this, they are, also, the perfect footwear for a golfer who is heavier in weight. They are not, however, ideal for long walks, as the straps are able to cause blisters. The best thing about these shoes is that they are very cheap and their features mean the shoes have a very low-level of weather resistance and offer minimal lateral support; especially, when compared to the normal shoes used in golf. If you are looking for shoes that will keep your feet cool, when golfing in a hot climate; then, go for this pair of golf shoes.


Best Golf Shoes- leather shoe up close macro shot 2

The Material used in the Making

For the past few years, the materials used in golf shoes have greatly developed, with many manufacturers now using man-made materials and fabrics. These products have been utilized in the construction of the upper section of the shoe and the outsole. This great combination provides the golfer with stability, waterproofing ability, and most importantly, great comfort. Some of the materials that are used in making the golf shoes are:

  • The Leather Fabric:
    So far, leather has been considered to be one of the most preferred choices when looking for materials to be used in making golf shoes. What happens is that the leather is, usually, processed; then, it’s added to the external or exterior part of the sneaker. This offers a shoe that is tight fitting, and at the same time, stretch-free. Shoes that have been made from leather tend to have a saddle design; so, they can offer extra stability. They are the best shoes to wear for a summer golf tournament, and this is because they have amazing breathability compared to the other fabric used in making golf shoes. Most top manufacturers have a waterproof guarantee that can last one year or two years. Remember, however, that the cost of the leather used and the name of the manufacturer, normally, reflects on the price of the shoe. High-quality, generally, means more expensive the shoe is.


  • What material to use for the Waterproof Linings:
    When looking for the best material that has the most efficient waterproofing ability, many top manufacturers opt for Gore-Tex, though there are some manufacturers who have come up with their own customized versions of the fabric. The fabric is very thick with great water-resistant ability. It’s the popular choice of fabric used in making sporting gears for winter sporting activities. The fabric is fully waterproof and is, also, breathable. Compared to the leather fabric, they are much warmer.  This means if you are to take part in a golf event and predict a cold climate; then, you should, definitely, have these shoes as your sporting footwear. Those golfing abroad should keep off these types of shoes, however.



  • The Synthetic Fabric:
    This type of fabric is considered to be the cheapest option for the leather fabric. The upper section of the shoe is covered with a man-made fabric, unlike the others that have a material covering the whole shoe. The synthetic fabric is made of nonporous polyester. The polyester fabric covers the entire upper part of the shoe; offering protection to the shoe’s outer shell. The lining is lightweight and very thin (unlike the leather one). This means the shoes have limited breathability; albeit, they might be very affordable. These types of shoes are very common; since, they allow the manufacturers to offer shoes that are more affordable using cheap man-made materials while, simultaneously, offering breathability and comfort.


Best Golf Shoes- spikes

Personal Preferences / Golf Spikes

Spikes have been known to be in existence for a very long time when talking about good golfing shoes. They are features that most golfers have come to learn to appreciate and utilize to their own advantage. The spikes make sure the golfer enjoys good traction, which is very important in making sure that the golfer’s golf swing is strong. This means the footwear needs to have a firm anchor on the ground. There are different types of spikes used in making golf shoes:

  • The Plastic or Soft Spikes:
    The plastic spikes (also known as the soft spikes) are the most popular variety of sole spikes; used in making most modern-based golf shoes. They are very lightweight and have less tendency of tearing up a green when compared to their metal counterparts. They have a wide size and can effectively spread the player’s weight upon a wider surface area. They are perfect for the tough summer conditions, and the technology of the plastic spike design has, also, been advanced. This means the spikes are able to provide equal or higher levels of traction compared to the metal spikes. They have amazing comfortability; especially, when walking on harder surfaces. They can, also, be easily changed and replaced. This is because the replacement spikes can be easily found in many sporting retail stores and are, normally, purchased with new golf shoes.


  • The Traditional Metal Spikes:
    These types of spikes has been used for a very, long time; albeit, recently, they have started to become less popular. Nevertheless, they are still being found useful in most tour pros. These spikes are longer and much sharper; and when compared to most plastic spikes, they are able to offer a very, high-degree of traction. Their major disadvantage is that they have a high tendency of tearing up the fairways and the greens compared to the softer spikes. Among the many rules of golfing, golfers are not allowed to repair the spike marks on the greens, and that’s why many club players opt for the plastic spikes. The metal spikes are very uncomfortable when you walk with them on harder surfaces; thereby, causing plenty of discomforts. So far, it has been a common trend of golf courses banning their golfers from using the metal spikes. As such, it’s good to check if the course you will be playing at will allow metal spikes or not. But then again, to be on the safe side, it’s good to opt for the soft spikes.



  • Fitting the New Spikes:
    It’s good to note each golf shoe has a unique fastening system that is used when the spikes are being swiped, and that’s why it’s important you have the correct type of spikes that you will be using as the replacement spikes. Many brands in the market have their own wear indicators which guide golfers at the correct time of replacing the spikes. The good thing about replacing spikes is they can make your old shoes feel as though they are somewhat new.


Best Golf Shoes- leather shoe up close macro shot

The Lacing System

We have two major different types of lacing systems that are used in golf shoes. These types are:

The Traditional method of Lacing:
Despite the many recent new innovations and inventions in technology, shoelaces have remained one aspect of any footwear that has stood the test of time. They offer a good snug grip by wrapping the feet in a manner that is sturdy; hence, enhancing a good fit. This means the wearer is guaranteed a comfortable fit.

The Velcro method of Lacing:
Considering the crossover shoes, the developers have introduced a new approach to fastening known as Velcro. As street shoes are all about ease, such type of lacing system, actually, facilitates the process of confiscation of the shoe.

The street and the non-spike shoes have gained more popularity as golf shoes, and that’s why companies have seen it fit incorporating fastening systems that are more casual, like the Velcro; so, they can be able to make the removal and securing of the footwear easier. Some companies, also, have gone several steps ahead to introduce lacing systems that are proprietary using the same lacing systems as the ski boots. These lacing systems are more mechanical and offer very consistent stability; preventing any form of loosening that might occur when walking. This means that these options come at a cost and that’s why these shoes are more expensive.


Best Golf Shoes- fit

Getting the Perfect Fit

It’s good to make sure that the golf shoes you buy are able to fit you properly. This is because you will not only have long-distance walks when playing, but you will, also, find yourself standing for approximately 4 to 5 hours. Either walking, standing, or just hitting the golf ball, making sure your golf shoes fit properly is, absolutely, essential. Having this in mind, there are some things that every golfer should consider when thinking about getting a good fit for their footwear.

  • Measure your feet before picking any size of your shoes. In case, you notice a difference in size with your feet, it’s recommended that you opt for a size which fits your largest foot.
  • After you have narrowed down to your preferred shoe and have the size you want, it’s good you try the shoes on with the socks you will be wearing during the game. This is to make sure the fit is snug but not tight. This gives your feet an accurate fit while on the course.

Best Golf Shoes- style

The Golf Shoe Style

From the very beginning, golf shoes have been designed in a very simple design which was known as the ‘traditional’ design. Nevertheless, in the recent years, many innovations have been made with plenty of style options being introduced into the market. The golf shoes have been known to embrace plenty of versatility and a new look. The footwear can be grouped into two major categories:

  • The Traditional Designs:
    They are known to have a look that is very classic. Their construction and design use leather fabric; therefore, they are sturdy and very durable. Their leather construction is waterproof and guarantees the golfer maximum comfortability during the game. In case, you want to confirm the degree of waterproofing, you should look at the description of the shoe. The major challenge of these shoes is that they are not breathable enough.
  • The Athletic Designs:
    These types of shoes are best for golfers who want maximum air circulation. Since they have an athletic look, they can be confused with the normal cross-running trainers. Their look is very different compared to the traditional shoes. Picking them out is very easy, because of their look.  They are breathable and very, flexible. They are, also, lightweight, just like the other normal athletic shoes. They have a comfortable sole that can suit many outdoor conditions. They have waterproof features and come in plenty of styles and variety of color for the golfers to pick from.

Best Golf Shoes- lining

The Lining

The lining is, normally, used to enhance the design of the golf shoes. There are two major types of lining that are, normally, used and they have different features.

  • The Waterproof lining:
    Many golf shoes on the market are known to have waterproof protection. This is to deal with the unpredictable climate that normally happens when playing. The top material that is, normally, preferred for its waterproofing abilities, is the Gore-Tex fabric. But this does not mean there are no variations available for other top brands to use (they also work just as efficiently as the Gore-Tex fabric). They have an extreme thickness which enables them to be impenetrable. They are ideal for winter and wet climate. The material is, also, very breathable and extra warm compared to the leather fabric (therefore, not perfect for playing abroad or summer games).
  • The Polyester lining:
    They are known to be affordable, however, not as good as the leather shoes. The polyester lining is, normally, nonporous. It covers the shoes and offers protection to the shoe’s outer shell. The lining is very light, cheap, and thinner compared to the leather fabric (but it’s still able to deliver while on the course).


The Comfort

The comfort offered by any footwear is very important when picking out the best pair of shoes for any athletic buyer. The same case applies to golfers. However, picking the ideal shoe is solely dependent on the type of sporting activity you take part in. More specifically, a footwear ideal for an athlete who rides will be different from the type of footwear which a golfer will find desirable.

The players who constantly ride may place a premium and focus on a footwear that is heavily padded, stable and offers the highest degree of softness. The footwear must, also, offer great comfort from its cleats and inserts. This footwear tends to be heavier and means the golfer should be ready to spend additional energy when walking. But for riders, it’s the best shoes. For the players who are always walking, they should, definitely, look for something that is waterproof, flexible, and most importantly, very light. The spike-less shoes will be the best option; since they offer impeccable comfortability and exceptional flexibility. Their designs resemble those of the tennis sneakers or sports trainers. They offer good stability and are able to keep the golfer held to the ground; yet, they still remain soft enough to offer the ability of flexing while walking. The endurance is, also, enhanced.

Remember the type of spike you pick will, also, determine how comfortable you will be when you wear the shoes. Spikes tend to be wider and evenly distribute the weight of the body when the golfer is standing. There are nubs present in the spikeless golf trainers and they are perfect for individuals who experience knee problems because they reduce the pressure exerted on the leg.

Best Golf Shoes- quality

The Quality You Are Looking For

High-quality shoes are what every buyer looks for, although sometimes, you might have to settle for less, because of the budget. But then again, if you are a golfer and you play frequently, it would be ideal to look for shoes that are very durable.  

The leather type will be extra costly (the price varies) compared to the ones made from the synthetic materials. However, the synthetic ones offer waterproof technologies which are more improved. Get many pairs if you happen to play a lot during the week, as the rotation of your footwear will make sure your shoes do not get worn out easily. This, also, makes an allowance for shoes which are wet to have enough time to dry.



The Price and Value

Many buyers can use the price as the only determining factor when picking out a new pair of the golf shoes. The challenge with this comes when you have a fixed budget. This means ignoring some very important qualities in a shoe, like comfort and durability; so, you can stick to the budget you have. Each company has different models and all these models and brands have different price tags on them. This means you will, definitely, find a pair of shoes that fall within the price range you have. For instance, a shoe that is below $60 probably will be made using synthetic materials or leather, and will, definitely, lack waterproof warranty (someone who plays a few times annually can find these pair ideal). Shoes costing over $80 will have waterproof warranty lasting for a year or two, have leather on the upper section, and be made with an improved overall construction (they are ideal for golfers who are avid).  When looking at the price, there are two important factors which will help you in making sure your budget goal is relevant:

  • The frequency of playing:
    When looking at the price, you must consider how often you will be using your shoes, as this will help you in determining how much you should spend in getting a new pair of shoes. If you play golf twice-a-year, there’s no need to invest in a $300 pair trainers. You will manage just fine with shoes that go for $35; not forgetting that your overall outlook is, also, important when you are playing. If you, also, want a great look even if you don’t have a great game, then don’t hesitate to step up the plate and go for those designer-costly golf shoes.
  • How do you care for your golf shoes:
    Good care tips for your shoes guarantee a longer lifespan for your shoes. That’s why it’s important to invest in a shoe tree. After removing your shoes, don’t just dump them immediately into the boot of the car; instead, hang them on the shoe tree, first. What’s the importance of shoe trees? They are able to draw the moisture trapped in the shoes; hence, keeping the shoes dry. They, also, help in maintaining the shape of the golf shoes (very important for the leather shoes).  This means you won’t have stinky shoes, ones with a curly, and/or have shrunk down in size. The other caring tip would be to clean the shoes using a golf towel and, also, have the locker attendant to clean the shoes and polish them for you. If you cannot afford that, then you can get the shoe care products and do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is it a must that when playing golf I have to wear the golf shoes?
A: No, this is not a must-rule. When playing golf, a golfer is not limited to a specific type of footwear. That’s why you will find some players having the traditional shoes (the ones used when running or playing tennis); some even opt for the crossover shoes. The guiding-rule is that the golfer must be comfortable at all times with the footwear they are wearing. Nevertheless, to those who prefer playing the sport professionally, always go for the golf shoes.

Q: How soon should I replace my golf sneakers?
A: This can be a very tricky and that’s why you should have a checklist of questions that determine the comfortability of your shoe, after using them for some time. Is there any form of uneasiness when walking? Does water seep into the cleats; especially, the inner parts? Is the amount of traction very, minimal; close to zero? How frequently do you play golf? Sometimes, you might not need to get a new pair of shoes. You might just need to replace the spikes and/or the cleats and then you will have your shoes having the features of a brand new pair.

Q: What is the appropriate cleaning procedure to pursue when cleaning my Golf Shoes?
A: Start by untying the laces of the shoes. Then, remove the laces from the shoe’s main body. Then, remove the insole of the shoe and make sure it’s placed in a position separate from the laces, but still close by.  Next, put the shoes in a washing machine together with a bunch of towels. Let the washing run for a particular duration. Then, remove the shoes and let them dry using a drier or leave them in the open air to dry, but avoid placing the shoes under direct sunlight. Make sure the laces are, also, cleaned together with the insoles.

Q: What merits do breathable golf sneakers have compared to the ones that are not breathable?
A: Warm climate can be very tiring to play under. That’s why golfers find the shoes that are breathable to be very helpful under hot climate. These shoes have very high-quality fabric on the upper section of the shoe. The shoes allow free air flow around the feet, hence a cooling effect when you have the shoes on. This means the feet are kept dry always and therefore dry and cool feet when playing.

Q: I have a golf tournament in the summer, what are the best shoes to wear during the game? Also, can I use the same shoes during the cold season?
A: For golfers who expect to have a hot climate and a sunny day they can look for golf sandals. These shoes are very breathable and will give you the needed comfort you want; keeping your feet dry and cool the whole time. They expedite the air passage; hence, the ability to cope with an increase in temperature. The other advantage is that they protect the feet from developing blisters.

But when you will be switching to a colder climate you will need to make some serious changes and get rid of the golf sandals. Look for waterproof features and construction that is sturdier. This will enable the feet to be kept warm always while the thick layer will provide the highest level of comfort.

Q: Every time I wear my golf shoes I end up developing blisters, how do I get rid of this?
A: The only solution would be to make sure that all the golf shoes you wear are comfortable and of the correct fit, as this will help to keep any form of moisture settling on your feet. Look for cleats that are lightweight and, also, expose the shoes to a certain amount of air.


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