10 Best Pregnancy Shoes Reviewed for Comfort

Perhaps the most important thing a pregnant woman can have in the midst of her pregnancy is any form of comfort to her body. It can be the comfort of certain foods to eat when she’s feeling food cravings, or also the comfort of easy shoes for her to put on and walk around in when she needs to. Pregnancy shoes fulfill just that purpose in giving women an easy time putting on their shoes at the beginning of the day, getting around throughout the day, and easily taking those shoes off after a long day.

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Women’s feet can grow quite significantly during pregnancy because of the weight gain that occurs with carrying a child. The feet flatten and widen more making them have less of an arch on the foot. Over the course of a pregnancy a woman’s feet can grow up to 70% larger than before her pregnancy, making her previous shoes no longer able to fit her feet. In carrying extra weight, the women’s feet can also swell more easily walking around, which can add to the discomfort of wearing regular shoes. It’s because of this changing foot size throughout pregnancy, it’s necessary to get shoes that are loose fitting and comfortable enough to always fit the woman in this time period, and pregnancy shoes fulfill just that purpose.

Last Updated: August 14, 2017
By Daniel Gonzalez:

The August update to this page includes a revised list of shoes that are ideal for pregnant women. Our selections are according to our criteria (which is also listed below) and wear tester feedback which includes footwear from brands such as Crocs, Clarks, Sea Breeze and Sanuk. We also answered several of the most asked questions about pregnancy shoes.

Featured Recommendations

Clarks Breeze Sea
  • Clarks Breeze Sea
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Thong Strap
  • Price: See Here
Sanuk Yoga Sling 2
  • Sanuk Yoga Sling 2
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded Yoga-Mat Footbed
  • Price: See Here
Reef Sandy
  • Reef Sandy
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Anatomical Arch Support
  • Price: See Here

They provide the necessary room for when feet grow and also inevitably swell during the amount of time a woman walks during the day. In addition, because it becomes more difficult for women to bend over and put on shoes, pregnancy shoes can allow for a woman to just slip her feet into her shoes without having to bend over to put them on.


10 Best Pregnancy Shoes



1. Clark's Breeze Sea

Any pregnant woman looking for simplicity in their pregnancy shoe is looking at the right one here. This is a shoe that will only take mere seconds to put on. Just one slip in of the toes into the single thong strap and you’re ready to go. The lightness and openness of the shoe makes it the easiest shoe for a woman to move around in and not worry about any discomfort when the feet start to swell during the day.
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Adjustable thong strap
The strap being able to adjust allows for loosening or tightening to each individual pregnant woman’s needs for their changing feet. It’s perfect for when the feet continue to grow larger or for immediate comfort for when the feet start to swell.

Synthetic Sole
Thanks to the synthetic sole this shoe can be a tremendous comfort for a pregnant woman’s feet. The design also makes it very light and easy to walk around in.

Cost and Value
Certain sizes of this shoe are slightly more costly than other sizes. Overall in comparison to other shoes on this list, the cost seems reasonable with value of getting a comfortable open shoe with minimal drawbacks.
  • Adjustable strap
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable sole
  • Complete openness
  • Design peels in rain
  • No half sizes

2. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

This uniquely designed shoe provides extra comfort to the feet and a cool fashionable style that will get attention from all of your friends and family. The feet can slip in easily without any difficulty bending over. It also features a stretch thong fabric as opposed to a regular thong style. In addition it also has synthetic soles as well.
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Fabric Thong Strap
What makes this shoe really unique is the fabric thong strap which stretches to the feet that’s placed in them. With this feature there’s less adjustment of straps that needs to be done.

Yoga Mat Footbed
In fitting with it’s name, this shoe features a yoga mat footbed which gives the comfort of one walking on a regular yoga mat. It will give a soothing feeling to any woman’s feet as she walks throughout the day.

Cost and Value
This shoe is definitely a bargain being nearly the least expensive shoe on the list. For the unique design that’s fashionable and and also comfortable, this would make for a great purchase.
  • Fabric Thong Strap
  • Yoga Mat Footbed
  • Synthetic sole
  • Stylish
  • Less arch support
  • Feet may slide off occasionally

3. Birkenstock Arizona

If a pregnant woman is looking for more security out of her footwear, the birkenstock is able to provide that to you. Still keeping with simplicity, this shoe has only two straps to strap on before you’re ready to be on the go. The Arizona also features a cushioned footbed. On the outside of the shoe is a textured outsole as well.
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Cushioned footbed
The beauty of a cushioned footbed is that the shoe will be able to conform to any pregnant woman’s foot size changes. This will ensure consistent comfort throughout the pregnancy.

Smooth Straps
This shoe features two straps which are first very smooth so it’ll be comforting to fasten on any feet. Secondly with two straps there’s more security and less opportunity for feet to slip out of the shoe.

Cost and Value
These shoes run around the higher end of cost compared to the other shoes on this list. While the cost may be high, the amount of comfort that this shoe can provide to feet throughout a pregnancy can make it all worth it.
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Smooth straps
  • Shock-absorbing midsole
  • Outsole textured
  • Size might be too big
  • More effort to put on and take off

4. Orthaheel Vionic Tide II

4. Orthaheel Vionic Tide II
Orthaheel is known for having their shoes be designed by podiatrists in order to create the best quality shoe for their customers feet. With that focus on foot care with shoe designing, wearing these can be soothing and healing to the aching feet of a pregnant woman. This shoe features a podiatrist designed deep heel cup footbed. It also features an outsole that is rubber.
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Deep heel cup footbed
You might be wondering how this is a good feature. Well the deep heel cup is designed for maximum support and realigning feet into natural position. This reduction of stress on the pregnant woman’s feet can create less achiness for her.

Rubber outsole
A small stylish shoe like this would seem on the outside easily able to wear out quickly. Fortunately this shoe features a rubber outsole, which makes it durable and able to be used as often as needed.

Cost and Value
This shoe is on the lower end of the cost scale. For a combination of easy to slip on and durable in a relatively thin shoe, this would be a uniquely valuable purchase.
  • Deep heel cup footbed
  • Rubber outsole
  • Stylish
  • Light
  • Less supportive strap
  • Plastic footbed

5. Converse Chuck Taylor

5. Converse Chuck Taylor
For the working pregnant woman needing to get around places all day, these might be the shoes for her. The Chuck Taylor’s have a style unique to their own that anyone can appreciate, and also are very loose to maneuver feet into. The shoes have big laces that can easily be loosened or tightened as needed. The shoes also have a lot of durability being designed for things such as street skating.
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Molded Sock Liner
Comfort isn’t always the highest aspect of wearing a sneaker, but this shoe is a different case. It features a molded sock liner which is designed to provide comfort, comforting achy pregnant feel throughout the day.

Gusseted tongue
You’re probably unfamiliar with what a Gusseted tongue is, but there’s a great benefit from it for the pregnant woman. It provides strength and stability to the shoe, making for an easier time standing up and walking on any kind of surface.

Cost and Value
The cost is fairly reasonable with most of the shoe sizes. The real value in this shoe depends on how much moving around a pregnant woman plans to do. If she’ll be maintaining an active work schedule, this purchase would be a great value.
  • Molded Sock Liner for comfort
  • Gusseted tongue for stability
  • Durable
  • Secure on feet
  • Have to tie shoes
  • Less openness

6. Crocs Classic

6. Crocs Classic
For some pregnant women they may mainly want openness in their shoe for their feet. Others may need more security for the activeness of their days. The Crocs Classic gives the best of both worlds. It’s a secure shoe surrounding the whole foot when it slips in. It also provides some openness with the shoe having holes in it for feet to be able to breathe.
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Removable heel strap
The removable strap gives women flexibility in determining how much security they need for their feet at a given moment. It can be removed for casual times, and strapped for active moments.

Ventilation ports
It can be discomforting even for non-pregnant feet walking a whole day in shoes that don’t let your feet breathe. The Crocs Classic has ventilation ports that allows for air to go in freely bringing comfort to feet throughout the day.

Cost and Value
For most sizes this is generally the cheapest shoe of all the shoes on this list. While crocs may not be the most stylish shoe a woman may desire, it gets the job done with regards to having a combination of security and comfort.
  • Removable heel strap
  • Ventilation ports
  • Synthetic sole
  • Massaging footbed
  • Less stylish
  • Less ability to adjust

7. Bearpaw Emma Short

7. Bearpaw Emma Short
This shoe is perhaps a triple threat for a pregnant woman. The Bearpaw Emma Short provides simplicity in easily being able to slip the shoe on, security walking around in it, and also comfort in wearing it. The shoe features sheepskin fur originating from China, synthetic sole, and a flexible non marking outsole. It’s well designed for walking around places in a city.
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Cozy lining
The cozy lining inside of the shoe provides an extra cushioning to comfort the feet. It makes for a good shoe for anyone to walk around all day in.

Pull on shoe
Some shoes on this list have required sacrificing either security or simplicity. With this being a pull on shoe, it gives a pregnant woman the best of both worlds with having shoe security and a simple time pulling up the shoe on the feet.

Cost and Value
The cost is on the mid to lower end of the scale of this shoe list. The rare combination of security on the feet and simplicity putting it on could make this a worthy purchase.
  • Extra cushioning
  • Easy to pull on
  • Flexible outsole
  • Sheepskin fur
  • No openness
  • Has had tearing issues

8. Toms Classics

8. Toms Classics
This is one of the few closed toe shoes that can actually be slipped on just about as easily as an open toed shoe. The shoe features some lightweight fabrics in a variety of colors and prints.The sole is synthetic and durable. Each shoe purchase is matched with a donation of a pair of shoes to a needy person in Argentina.
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Lightweight fabrics
The fabrics being lightweight allow for the shoe to adapt more to a pregnant woman’s growing or swelling feet. It makes for perhaps a more comfortable closed toed shoe than most.

Synthetic Sole
The sole on the inside of the foot is synthetic adding more comfort to a pregnant woman’s feet. The sole is also durable allowing for long term use as needed.

Cost and Value
These shoes don’t provide as much specific unique qualities as the other shoes on this list. It is however an inexpensive option for the pregnant woman looking for closed toed shoes easy to slip on.
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable
  • Easy to slip on
  • Less openness
  • Some wore out

9. Reef Sandy

9. Reef Sandy
This open toed shoe is a stylish and comfortable option for casual walking throughout the day. Being an open toed it’s of course easy to put on quickly any moment a pregnant woman needs to.The Reef Sandy has a textured outsole along with thick fabric bands and an EVA sole. It also has on the footbed a sanded texture as well.
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Arch support
A lot of shoes of this kind tend to be very flat on the footbed. This particular shoe provides arch support allowing for a more comfortable feel when walking for a pregnant woman.

Sand texture
In another shoe similar to this on the list, there was some potential feet slipping off the footbed as a con. With the Reef Sandy having sanded texture on the footbed, there’s more fraction to keep the foot on the footbed.

Cost and Value
The Reef Sandy is the least expensive shoe on this list. With the arch support and sandy texture separating from other shoes of this kind, it’s a great purchase for the pregnant woman looking for casual footwear.
  • Arch support
  • Sandy texture on footbed
  • Polyester strap
  • EVA outsole
  • Size may be too small
  • May need to make multiple size purchases

10. Lucky Emmie

10. Lucky Emmie
This shoe is another closed toe shoe that is easy for any pregnant woman to slip her feet into when she needs to. Lucky Emmie comes in many different colors and designs making for a very fashionable option. The shoe features a memory foam insole inside of it. It also has a stretch topline as well as a synthetic sole.
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Memory Foam Insole
The memory foam insole inside of the Lucky Emmie shoe is able to help relieve pain for pregnant women for when they’re walking or standing for long periods of time.

Stretch topline
The stretch topline allows for easier entrance of the foot inside of the shoe. Since it can stretch, it is adaptable to when feet grow or swell during the pregnancy.

Cost and Value
In most sizes these shoes are less expensive than the other shoes on this list. There are potential concerns of wearing down which lessen the value of this shoe, but for the lower price, these can make for a great shoe to use casually on a semi-frequent basis.
  • Stylish
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable padding
  • Low price
  • Shoe can wear out if used often
  • Color can wear off

How to Choose Pregnancy Shoes

The pregnancy shoe can make all the difference in bringing as much comfort and simplicity to a pregnant woman as she goes through a life changing period in her life. Buying pregnancy shoes can not only save a lot of unnecessary stress added on her, but also unnecessary constant purchases of new shoes as her feet grow potentially up to 70% larger. The walking of a pregnant woman can cause swelling feet in her day, and her having pregnancy shoes will give her feet the room they need for when they swell, and not cause discomfort.

best pregnancy shoes-pregnant woman sitting outside

As we know when a woman’s pregnancy progresses, her stomach gets bigger, and she’s less able to bend over to tie regular. Pregnancy shoes can make it simpler to put shoes on and off when needed. It saves time for when a woman has to go do things or just wants to walk around. For all of these reasons, pregnancy shoes make for a great purchase that can make life easier for a woman during her pregnancy.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Pregnancy Shoes


Comfort/Adjustable Strap/Cushioned Footbed

best pregnancy shoes-strap shoes

Pregnancy is one of the most physically challenging experiences a woman’s body will ever experience in her lifetime. So it’s very critical that any pregnancy shoe a woman wears gives her as much comfort as possible for this time period. The first feature one can look to in search of that is a shoe stated to have a cushioned footbed. The foam cushioning gives softness to a woman’s feet in her steps as well as conforming to the foot shape giving that unique individual comfort. For added comfort you might also pay attention if there’s an EVA midsole highlighted, which can absorb more shock in the steps for more comfort walking around. The upper can be a source of more softness for a pregnant woman’s feet as well if the material is made with something such as suede or if it’s synthetic. In addition, a cozy lining is a good sign of comfort in a pregnancy shoe as well.

Another option that you can look out for to provide that comfort to the feet is the yoga mat footbed. The shoes footbed with this feature is made with real yoga mat material. Those familiar with stepping on one of these with their feet can tell you it feels very soft and nice. So a pregnant woman can expect to get the same benefit having these in her shoe making for a much easier time standing and walking. A shoe that features a padded footbed can provide similar comfort for a pregnant woman’s feet as well.

The adjustable strap can also be crucial in finding the most comfortable pregnancy shoe. A woman’s growing feet throughout the pregnancy make it necessary for a shoe to be able to adjust to that. In addition to growing, they can swell during the day as well. With an adjustable strap, you can tighten and loosen the strap to the need of the person making for a more comfortable fit. The type of strap is crucial too. A strap with a soft foam lined fabric could be something great to consider in a pregnancy shoe. It can not only provide the extra softness between the big toe and middle toe, but also give more stretchiness for more adjustability that can provide increased comfort. A smooth strap would be nice as well to look out for to get a good feeling across the feet.

Arch Support/Deep Heel Cup/Stability

best pregnancy shoes-arch support

Just as important as comfort is for a pregnant woman’s shoes, a shoe that provides adequate arch support and stability in her steps is very important too. A shoe with a deep heel cup will be one of your best bets in giving you these things. The deep heel cup helps to realign the feet into the natural position it should be in. This provides maximum support and less pain on the feet through reduction of the stress placed on them.

You want stability in your pregnancy shoe so it’s easy for a pregnant woman to stand up and stand firm in the shoe. The gusseted tongue is one feature that you could search for in a shoe that can do just the trick. It provides strength and stability in the shoe that allows for those more stable steps. It’s the same material used in hiking and military boots. Anatomical arch support is helpful to find as well. Anatomical basically means it’s designed to the natural shape of a human foot, so it’ll give a pregnant woman’s feet support to the natural arch of her feet.

Traction/Rubber Outsole/Textured Outsole

best pregnancy shoes-outsole

With a woman increasing in weight over the course of her pregnancy, it makes it that much more important she has traction in her pregnancy shoes for any surface she walks on to help her stay upright. The rubber outsole is one option that can do that. It provides a lot of traction under the shoe to prevent any slipping on surfaces. The textured outsole is also a suitable feature to pay attention for in a shoe. It provides a shoe with great grip on the ground to make sure a pregnant woman is able to stay upright on any type of surface.


best pregnancy shoes-crocs

More weight can often mean more heat, and that can definitely be the case with a pregnant woman’s feet. So it’s beneficial to help find ways to keep her feet cool. One way that can be accomplished is a shoe that has perforations. For those unfamiliar with perforations on shoes, they’re holes on a shoe that allow for air to get inside. So with this increased breathability through the holes allowing more air entry, this can help make a pregnant woman’s feet more cool and less sweaty during a day of standing and walking. If you’re looking for something different to provide breathability, you can definitely not go wrong with an open-toed pregnancy shoe. This gives a pregnant woman’s feet maximum air access that will more completely keep excess heat and sweatiness that can occur with standing and walking to a minimum.

Lightweight/Synthetic Sole/No Laces

best pregnancy shoes-mother and child

A pregnant woman’s feet deals with enough weight on them without the added weight of walking around in a heavy shoe. It also becomes increasingly difficult to tie on a shoe as her ability to reach for her shoe decreases. Synthetic soles can help solve the first problem. These types of soles are light in weight making the shoe easy to walk around in. An upper with a synthetic material as well is a good clue the shoe is lightweight. Pay attention if the shoe you’re looking has a soft fabric or highlights their fabric as being lightweight. One other footwear feature that isn’t as heavy you can look out for also is a pregnancy footwear that has an EVA midsole.

To solve the second problem mentioned, it’s best to focus more on shoes that have no laces that need to be tied on. Shoes featuring straps are the most common kind of shoes one can find without laces. A pregnant woman can be able to slip her feet in them in mere seconds and be on the move quickly. Flats can similarly provide that same ease being able to just be slipped on as well. Lastly, pregnancy footwear that highlights it can be pulled on such as boots is a shoe without laces worth considering too.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I get a larger size pregnancy shoe since my feet will grow?

A: The right pregnancy shoes should be able to adjust to your growing and swelling feet, so you won’t need to buy a larger size shoe in preparation for the changes that’ll happen. The important thing is to just make sure the shoes you get can be adjusted like the ones that have straps you can tighten or loosen to your foot needs. Equally important would be ones that have a lot of space and are flexible like boots or flats.

Q: Are heels still an option to wear as a pregnancy shoe?

A: Ideally a woman should completely avoid wearing heels during their pregnancy. A pregnant woman cannot maintain as much stability in her steps as she did before. Doctors say this happens because of the change in body shape and change in center of gravity. It would be more difficult for her to walk in heels, and potentially more painful given the looser ligaments in the foot that comes with pregnancy. Most importantly, a pregnant woman doesn’t want to risk falling and hurting herself or the baby, so it’s best to stick with pregnancy friendly shoes and wait to wear heels again after the pregnancy. It’s only suggested if one is going to wear any heels during pregnancy it should only be the lowest and most comfortable ones.

Q: Can I still wear my athletic shoes for exercise?

A: Absolutely you can. It’s even encouraged by doctors for pregnant women to have regular 30 minute exercises during their pregnancy. As long as you are still physically able to put those athletic shoes on your feet, go ahead and get a good exercise. Athletic shoes can also provide a lot of similar comfort and foot support benefits as pregnancy friendly shoes do such as anatomical arch supports, foam cushioning, EVA midsoles and even perforations for breathability in some cases.

Q: Will I need to buy new shoes after my pregnancy?

A: It’s possible. Typically women’s feet grow about 50 to 60% larger than their original size over the course of the pregnancy. If your feet stay the same size it grew to during the pregnancy, yes, you’ll need to buy some new shoes at a different size. For some women, the feet growth could be temporary with the weight gain, and they may go back to their original size after the weight has been lost and there’s no longer a swelling that’s consistently occurring. If your feet do stay at the growth gained, fortunately this change mainly happens in the first pregnancy a woman has, and doesn’t happen much in pregnancies afterwards.

Q: What’s the easiest pregnancy shoe to put on?

A: There’s a good number of different types of footwear options that can be easily slipped on by a pregnant woman without her having to try to bend over to reach for her shoes. One’s personal preference could probably determine what works easiest for them. Among the top easiest pregnancy friendly shoes to put on would be flip-flops, sandals, flats, and boots.


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