10 Best Tennis Shoes Reviewed & Tested for Performance

Whether you enjoy watching tennis greats like Serena and Venus Williams, or you enjoy anime and manga titles like “The Prince Of Tennis;” this sport is mainly about control.

Best Tennis Shoes- Tennis Players on Court

Using your whole body to control how you move, how you hit the ball with your racket, how you react quickly in order to hit the ball back to your opponent. It starts with the ground. And whatever you play on, the tennis shoes you wear must be able to have a strong grip of the ground.

Last Updated: September 18, 2017
By Tracy Hung:

This is the latest update posted on this article, tennis sneakers ratings, reviews and photos are all compiled using the most recent data possible. The top tennis sneakers represent performance-based court footwear at its finest – the methods used to evaluate the contenders have been added to this page, along with our evaluation procedures discussed in depth, plus a FAQ section J

Featured Recommendations

K-Swiss Classic
  • K-Swiss Classic
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rubber sole
  • Price: See Here
Asics Gel Resolution 6
  • Asics Gel Resolution 6
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stability Shoe
  • Price: See Here
K-Swiss Classic Vintage PS
  • K-Swiss Classic Vintage PS
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Canvas Upper
  • Price: See Here

Said tennis shoes must also have a strong, yet comfortable, grip around your feet as well. This list is a collection of the best tennis shoes, based on public opinion, you can put money on.

10 Best Tennis Shoes


1. K-Swiss Classic

K-Swiss is a company that was started five decades ago by two brothers, Swiss immigrants who moved to California to follow their dreams and start their own shoe company. Their experience of shoe-making shows through their inventory, with their Classic VN style supposedly the most cost-effective of them all. The five stripes and the use of leather define the Classic VN.
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Textured, Thick Molded Rubber Outsole
The bottom of any tennis shoe must be able to grip the ground where tennis is being played on; whether it's be clay, concrete, asphalt, or grass. K-Swiss knows this.

Made With Rich Leather
Durability, water resistance, flexibility, and comfort... All the positive benefits from wearing shoes made with leather. You can wear the Classic VN out in public and still feel good about yourself.

Cost And Value
As with all big-named, major brand shoes made with leather, the K-Swiss Classic VN is not cheap. Expect to put a lot in for what you want out of it.

Comes In Multiple Styles & Colors

Made With Leather

Rubber Outsole To Grip The Tennis Field

Comfortable, Soft Fit


Sometimes They Squeak

2. Asics Gel Resolution 6

"Anima Sana In Corpore Sano;" latin for "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body." Kihachiro Onitsuka of Onitsuka Co., Ltd. Used this phrase in 1949 when manufacturing basketball shoes in Kobe, Japan. Today, ASICS continues to evolve in science and spirituality by creating the sixth version of the Resolution series. The GEL technology used herein helps cushion the feet from the demands of the toughest games.
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Gel Technology
Extra cushioning on the toes and the heels of the feet; absorbing the shock from impact and stabilizes the feet for the next time it they hit the ground.

Flexion Fit
Whilst support is given to the front and the back of your feet; the Resolution 6 also gives support to the middle of the feet for maximum stability.

Cost And Value
A heftier price tag than the K-Swiss. The ASICS Gel Resolution 6 stops being mere tennis shoes and starts becoming actual sports equipment. Prepare to pay in kind.

Gel Technology For Toes & Heels Of Feet

Support For Middle Of Feet

Toe Protection

Comes In A Variety Of Colors


Doesn't Have A Lot Of Different Sizes


3. New Balance MC806 Stability

“We don't make our shoes to fit an image. We make them to fit.” That's the philosophy New Balance survives by; using their money for research instead of endorsements from professional athletes. And it seems like their research as paid off. The MC806 is another step towards helping athletes play tennis better.
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ABZORB Cushioning
Cushions at the front and back of the shoes, a jigsaw puzzle of foam and rubber parts, help absorb the shock to the feet while running and playing sports.

A posting system found at the outsoles on the back of the shoes to help minimize movement of the heel while you run. This helps maximize control of your feet.

Cost And Value
We're now heading into the higher price range, far and away from the normal everyday any-shoe. The MC806 Stability is one of those “dedicated” tennis shoes created for athletic use only.

C-CAP For Cushioning Along Midsoles

“Ndurance” Rubber Compound For Maximum Durability

LIGHTNING DRY Keeps Your Feet Dry From Sweat

Comes In A Variety Of Sizes

May Be Eligible For Medicare Reimbursement



Workmanship May Very

4. Adidas Performance Barricade

4. Adidas Performance Barricade
World War II caused two shoe-making brothers in Germany to split. One of them formed Adidas whilst the other formed Puma. A bitter rivalry lasted until the 1990's. And now the Adidas company commits itself to emphasizing teamwork, team spirit, and higher performance. The Barricade series was redesigned for the aggressive, “win at all cost” player in mind.
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This give the shoes a high level of durability where you need them the most. You can go set after set and not show any wear and tear.

Abrasion-Resistant ADITUFF
A little more room for your toes and front of the feet. This helps eliminate foot drag during certain moves performed in tennis.

Cost And Value
The price tag for the Barricade series is hefty as well. But don't worry; they aren't just for show. Adidas has a history of creating shoes that perform well under pressure.

Helps With Stability & Comfort

ADIPRENE Under Front & Back Of Foot Gives Extra Cushioning

Lightweight TPU Skin For Dreathability & Durability

Comes In A Variety Of Colors & Sizes


No Wide Sizes, Too Narrow


5. Reebok Classic Leather

5. Reebok Classic Leather
Reebok started out as a shoe-making company in late-1800s England. After debuting in the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics; the company became world famous for making athletic shoes. It's been acquired by Adidas in 2005. Reebok's idea is “to have athletes run faster.” So they created for kids athletic shoes so they can start early and develop the ability to become faster.
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Die-Cut EVA Midsole
This helps provide extra cushioning for your kids' feet. This also makes the shoes great for “cross-training;” because of the durable rubber outsoles.

“Classic Leather”
Durability, water resistance, flexibility, and comfort... All the positive benefits from wearing shoes made with leather. It may make the shoes pricey, but it's well worth it.

Cost And Value
The Reebok Classic Leather tennis shoes are a little pricey because of the leather and cushions added to it. But it's well worth the price for those who see their child as the next Williams or Andy Roddick.

Rubber Sole & Outsole For Durability

Holes At Front Of Shoe For Breathability

Comes In A Multitude Of Sizes & Colors


No Narrow Or Wide Sizes

6. Adidas Performance Stan Smith J

6. Adidas Performance Stan Smith J
Adidas introduces the “Stan Smith” series of tennis shoes for adults and children. Named after American tennis player Stan Smith (who became a professional in 1969 and retired in 1985), this series of tennis shoes had not become sneakers. However; this is not some “downgrade” to carry on a famous name.
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Breathable Step-In Cushioning
Comfort, cushioning, and breathability had been emphasized with this series of shoes. The ortholite sockliner had been treated with dimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride to keep the inside of the shoes from being infected with odor.

Rubber Cupsole
The cupsoles keeps the feet from moving within the shoe, where you end up creating drag and soars. Along with the rubber soles, they help with traction and keeping your grip to the ground.

Cost And Value
While the Stan Smith series of shoes can be used as tennis shoes or cross-training shoes; they were meant to be sneakers. But not the type of low-quality sneakers you'd find at any big-box store.

Increased Breathability

Great Go-To Casual Sneakers

Anti-Odor Protection

Rubber Sole Increases Stability

Rubber Cupsole Decreases Foot Movement


No Narrow Or Wide Sizes

Will Hurt Your Feet If They're Too Narrow

7. Prince T22

7. Prince T22
Having more to do with Princeton, New Jersey (home of the company's founder), than the recently deceased musician of the same name; Prince Sports dedicates itself to creating and selling tennis equipment. Like tennis rackets, balls, ball-shooting machines, hats, bags and backpacks, and other items useful to the tennis player. Tennis shoes, especially the T22, help to continue this company's saga.
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PRC 1000 Outsole
Along with durability that had been increased from the T10 series, this specialized rubber outsole helps to increase it even more and help get a better grip of the ground.

RASH Toe Cap
This helps to keep your toes from being scratched up while you're in the heart-pumping midst of a grueling tennis game.

Cost And Value
Prince tennis shoes are expensive. But it seems difficult to have doubts about a company who's been making tennis equipment (and especially tennis shoes) for over 45 years.

Synthetics & Mesh Help With Breathability

Rubber Sole & Outsole Help With Durability

Wishbone Shank Increases Mid-Foot Stability



No Variation Of Size & Widths

8. Asics Gel Dedicate 4

8. Asics Gel Dedicate 4
The ASICS Gel-Dedicate 4 series of shoes came out in November of 2009. And it's still considered the tennis shoe to go to when you want something that's also comfortable. Onitsuka-san and his company had really outdid themselves; trying to create the perfect shoes and instead had made a preferred series of shoes.
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Gel Technology
Extra cushioning on the toes and the heels of the feet; absorbing the shock from impact and stabilizes the feet for the next time it they hit the ground.

Trusstic System
This helps to reduces the weight of the soles in the shoes but also managed to retain the soles' structure and integrity. Like the shoes from the last line “going on a diet.”

Cost And Value
Not as expensive as the Resolution 6, but still sorta pricey. ASICS' main site says that it's sold out. But the series is still out in the (online) market. If you want to buy these shoes, it's best if you get them now.

Solid Rubber Soles & Outsoles

Flexion Fit Helps Stabilizes The Feet

Flexibility & Breathability


Not Much Variation Of Sizes

Might Be Outdated Compared To Newer Shoes

9. K-Swiss Classic Vintage PS

9. K-Swiss Classic Vintage PS
K-Swiss introduces the Classic Vintage line of shoes for kids going to kindergarten and elementary schools. The durable and easy-to-clean leather/synthetic materials help make these shoes great for the young ones who might want to become tennis players one day.
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Removable Cushioned Footbed:
Sweat accumulates from the feet. And it's important to remove the footbeds from the shoes in order to dry them out. Else, you end up with a saggy mess on your dry feet.

Premium Full Grain Leather Upper
The incredible flexibility and durability of the shoes' leather material is topped off with its classic 5-stripped design for extra “style points.”

Cost And Value
Luckily it's not too much. So you won't have to break your bank for the sake of your little one(s). Take heart in knowing that this is still the product of critically acclaimed K-Swiss.

Easy-To-Use D-String Lacing System

Durable Rubber Soles

Also Comes In Wide

A Signature K-Swiss Leather Shoe Product


Wears Out Too Quickly

10. Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay

10. Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay
The final pair of tennis shoes to review are a third pair of ASICS shoes; the Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay. And just like the Dedicated 4, this series of tennis shoes had been made in 2009 (so they're also outdated). There's a rumor that people are having issues with the Solution Speed 3. So they're sticking to Speed 2 while the kinks had been ironed out from the next generation of shoes.
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Gel Technology
Extra cushioning on the toes and the heels of the feet; absorbing the shock from impact and stabilizes the feet for the next time it they hit the ground.

PGuard Toe Protector
Keeps your toes safe from soars and pain as you play tennis at your best.

Cost And Value
The ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 2 tennis shoes are expensive; exactly what you'd expect from “tennis court only” shoes. It's a good thing that they also manage to work well.

Flexion Fit Upper Design For Form-Fitting Comfort

2-Layer Personal Heal Fit Memory Foam For Personal Fit

Comes In An Array Of Colors

Rubber Soles To Help Grip The Ground


Might Be Outdated Compared To Newer Shoes

You have three companies whose names had been repeated two to three times. This can probably mean that they are THAT good at making tennis shoes. Or maybe, even though they’re trying something new, the shoes have a proven formula that works well enough already. Let’s review: A good pair of tennis shoes need to have a good grip of the ground they’re playing on. They need to absorb the shock from hitting the ground. They need to fit comfortably and be in the right size. And they need to last long despite the harshness of any game or environment. Flashiness, big-name endorsements, and off-message commercials won’t matter when you have a product that rips apart out of the box or within a week. And as always, make sure to lace your shoes correctly!


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Tennis Shoes


Tennis anyone?

Make the tennis court your personal empire and domain using our buyer’s guide to help you select the perfect pair of tennis sneakers.

Never has traction been a more critical element in a sneaker – court sneakers, especially tennis sneakers need to grip surfaces and protect ankles and soles, all while offering a wide range of lateral movement. Tennis footwear needs to be able to keep up with your court game, the ultra quick pivoting, stopping, starting – with sprints thrown in for good measure.

Wondering how we evaluated which pairs made the list?

All the top brands represented on the list have been in business for decades and are probably recognizable to all sneaker aficionados – especially tennis sneaker wearers.

  •       K-Swiss
  •       Asics
  •       New Balance
  •       Adidas
  •       Reebok
  •       Adidas
  •       Prince


The only name that might not stand out to sneaker wearers is Prince, among tennis lovers, the familiarity with Prince is of high-recognition, a racquet sport supplier since 1970, they are a force in the tennis world and have a stellar product with their footwear option.

When evaluating tennis shoes, we placed much emphasis on several criteria, reviews from online consumers and fans were weighed heavily. Construction was just as paramount, distinctive materials offered by manufacturers combined with aerodynamic design could tip the odds for higher rankings on the list.

Fresh fabric/cloth/material

For instance the Adidas Performance Barricade, the Asics and the New Balance all have modern, curvy, highfalutin profiles, they also carry some pretty heavy hardware though to back it all up. Asics build their sneakers with Flexion, Adidas has ADIPRENE and new balance comforts feet with C-CAP cushioning.

Sneaker Appeal & Aesthetics

Looks, color and brand logos help enhance the overall appeal of a sneaker. Say you happen to be a major Asics fan and are just looking to see the latest that Asics in particular has to offer. If you happen to also love a hyperfluorescent, retina – scorching yellow, then the Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay is for you.

Note that half the list, namely K-Swiss, Reebok and Prince – have rather visually conservative offerings. Their tennis sneakers still won over half the spots on the list, with one simple pair, the K-Swiss Classic, scoring the number one slot. The number one slot speaks volumes to the tone of the Best Tennis Shoes list, flash, color and modern labels really have no weight in tennis. A classic, clean silhouette with an elegant balance of leather and rubber have shown to make the perfect tennis shoe.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Brand name following and loyalty can make a huge difference, though not really in performance-based sneakers. Tennis fans are loyal, but if a company makes an inferior sneaker, or dumps millions in a new prototype or ad campaign, that simply does not produce an awesome sneaker, then their unhappiness will be voiced – and heard.

The number one spot on the list went to K-Swiss as mentioned earlier, the next two on the list, Asics and NB have a rabid fan following among runners. These weren’t the reasons they made the list, it just adds to loyalty to a company when a manufacturer can keep producing quality sneakers over the years. And as proved by K-Swiss, you really don’t need bells and whistles, or cutting-edge technologically enhanced fabrics.

Digital Demand and Praise

Reviews were considered from multiple sites around the web, both positive and negative reviews were scoured for signs of superior product performance and complaints from consumers who purchased. There had to be multiple reports of negative issues in order to be calculated, in order to weed out the folks who enjoy posting negative comments, or attempts of consumers to file false complaints to defraud companies.

Consumer Feedback

The strength of the reviews measured against the amount of reviews were weighed also. If a certain brand had less reviews and a really strong overall score, compared with a sneaker that had way more reviews but was scoring less – this factor would be taken into account.

When it came to evaluating the operation and endurance of the tennis sneakers, the feedback from wearers could not have been more helpful and critical. Only a tennis sneaker wearer can voice their opinions on tennis shoes and share with us how they performed – and that they did. Things like anti-odor (Adidas) and breathability (Reebok) are important to tennis players, and they voiced their opinions in resounding fashion



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are some of the differences between tennis sneakers and any other kind of shoe or sneaker?

A: Because tennis sneakers are intentionally designed for multitudes of starts and stops, they are typically flatter. This allows for enhanced agility. Additionally, the outsoles are fortified with developed patterns designed for optimal surface grip, these will vary depending upon the court type that is being played on. Some sneakers have thick heels, that are soft, these serve to decrease weight and to cushion against impact, tennis sneakers are sturdier.

Q: If I am a Baseline Player, what type of sneaker should I  consider?

A: Since baseliners usually frequent the back of the court, you would need heavy-duty lateral support. Because of the nature of the amount of lateral, a sole that can endure the game is important.

Q: If I am a Serve and Volley Player, what type of sneaker should I consider?

A: Because these players have constant back-sliding foot action (during the serve) along with a love of charging the net, a sneaker with a reinforced toe (toecap) would be optimal.

Q: What are tips for purchasing sneakers based on court surface type?

Many readers may be interested in purchasing a sneaker based on court surface type. There are traditionally three main options:

  •       Concrete/Hard
  •       Soft/Clay
  •       Multi

For the typical hard-court player, one would benefit from more rugged materials like a leather or vinyl, integrated into either the outsole of the uppers. These uppers should be ultra-supportive, have the ability to “bounce back” and endure the test of time with unmatched resilience.

Softer courts are all about the traction, this portion of the sneaker is where details count. It will come down to the design and materials used to create the ridges and valleys engraved in the outsoles of the tennis sneaker, these will have to be non-damaging, the lightest and most delicate of traction surfaces possibly designed. They have to grip the court – yet do so with a softest of caresses.

Multi-court players want a sneaker that will stand up to all court surfaces. There are specially designed tennis sneakers especially created to withstand both hard and soft court surfaces, wearing the same pair and not having to switch to another pair of tenni’s.

Q: Is there a physical (and simple!) test that I can take that will help me in the pre-selection phase of my future tennis sneaker?

A: Yes, it could help to determine the type of foot you have – this will ensure a sculpted fit and also identify which areas of your foot need support. Make your foot wet and step on a the outside concrete pathway or garage (or a piece of paper), the resulting footprint will leave an outline and you will be able to identify if you are one of the following types:

Over pronator – wide footprint, not much narrowing toward middle of the sole

Neutral – hourglass silhouette, wide near toes, narrower sole, slightly wider heel

Under pronator – Odd uneven shadow, where the middle is a “wisp”, thin and narrow with wide toe and fairly narrow heel

Q: Could you recommend which types of sneakers to look for and what types of health issues and tips there are regarding overpronators, neutrals and under pronation?

A: If you tend to overpronate, then you might want to consider a tennis shoe that stabilizes your stride and steps, you tend to roll your foot towards the inside with every step, a thoroughly developed support system will help to stabilize your motion.

The neutrals are fortunate, any tennis players or sneaker wearers with this sneaker type can wear and adjust to almost any tennis sneaker. The foot is flexible and adaptable enough to conform to all structures.

The under pronators will do the opposite of the overpronators, with every stride they talk, the outward roll of the foot is highly-distinguishable. By selecting an extremely flexible sneaker, they can have greater chances of avoiding pain or raw patches by uneven wear. A sneaker with give will also help to provide a form of shock absorption, providing support when the feet head outwards.

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