10 Best Shoes For Standing All Day Reviewed for Comfort

Serious issues, relating to the feet, back, and knees, is not an uncommon thing to hear about in today’s society. Health care visits and prescriptions flooding the market today for these specific types of ailments, and most of the time it is unnecessary if one can take good care beforehand.  While factors like poor diet and long work shifts can really contribute to these painful annoyances, there is a very nice solution to relief.


This means choosing a properly fitted pair of shoes, specifically if there will be a great amount of standing throughout one’s day. With a high-quality pair of shoes to hold you up on those long days on your foot bed, you won’t find yourself distracted by pesky foot disturbances. Standing for long periods of time in a poorly designed, uncomfortable pair of shoes can potentially cause redness and irritation, that can quickly turn into blisters when mixed with high movement!

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Last Updated: August 16, 2017
By Mirisa Jewell:

Criteria/FAQ update; including content on important topics that make the best standing shoe; including; Padding/Shock absorption, Materials/Textiles used, as well as Fit/foot mold ability.

Klogs Naples Mule
  • Klogs Naples Mule
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Anti-Slip Outsole
  • Price: See Here
Skechers Sure Track
  • Skechers Sure Track
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Memory Foam Insole
  • Price: See Here
Clarks Sillian Bella
  • Clarks Sillian Bella
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Price: See Here

It is fact that there can be a profound difference to maintaining a body with fewer aches, pains, and over all discomforts when in a shoe built for lengthy standing.  After all, everyone benefits from an ache free, properly aligned body! Proper placement as well as the natural resting position the feet fall into while in a well-constructed pair of shoes play a very important role in maintaining proper alignment, and a strong physique. Use this list in finding the very best pair of shoes to stand in, all day long.


10 Best Shoes For Standing All Day


1. Klogs USA Naples Mule

Klogs that are designed for a variety of the most extreme work environments, plus really great for nurses and factory workers who are prone to stand on the foot bed for long hours in a day. Containing maximum slip resistance, with its polyurethane outsole. Approved for oily and wet oily conditions. Ultra comfortable for many hours, through a carefully constructed insole, filled with extra padding and durability!
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Extra Padding
Made with a removable polyurethane insole that is one of the most durable, leather to form to your specific foot overtime. It contains extra padding that will give to you ultimate long lasting comfort after many hours.

Anti-Slip Out Sole
Maximized anti-slip power, it has been approved for oily and oily wet conditions. Constructed with polyurethane. They are non-marking, with a platform of 1" and heel of 2".

Cost and Value
The value for an extremely comfortable shoe as this, is well worth the average cost you can find it on the market for. These can potentially last you many years and miles to exceed any cost invested.
  • Anti-slip, non- marking outsole
  • Extreme comfort even after many hours
  • Available in beautiful earthy tones and eccentric designs
  • Great shoes for standing in with very little movement all day
  • Sole may wear rapidly with heavy usage
  • Foot may slip around inside a bit

2. Skechers Sure Track Trickel

Designed by Skechers, an award-winning global leader in lifestyle designed shoewear. Created specifically for work and standing very long periods of time in. Memory foam topped with removable comfort insoles, then an utra lightweight midsole that contains FlexSole, a shock absorbing flexible and durable midsole.
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A specially designed inner and outer sole formation that provides a proper fit to the special areas that need the most support, like the arch, heel, and plantar. An outsole that works in function to the insole for extra shock relief.

Memory Foam Insole
The memory foam insole is probably one of the most notable features. Standing on a memory foam foot bed all day long is sure to bring along ultimate comfort and proper alignment as your foot forms to the padding.

Cost and Value
A low cost shoe, that is surely topped in its high quality and strong value. The ideal standing work shoe that can handle a great amount of movement alike.
  • Basic black work shoe design that is suitable for most jobs
  • Memory foam insole that provides ultimate comfort after long hours of standing
  • Great for standing long hours at a time, even up to 16 hour work shifts
  • Slip resistant
  • Fit is true to size
  • Stiff In construction with very little give for wide feet
  • Heel is not very high

3. The Bleeker St. Nunn Bush

A stylisha and notable upper leather design with detailed stitching, this work shoe is also suitable for the weekends off of work. A slip resistant shoe with dual side going and an extra padded collar that creates extreme comfort.
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Comfort Gel Footbed
Stand all day long in maximum comfort with the gel footbed in these stylish shoes. The gel padding is meant to provide a very safe and soft natural placement for your arch, heel, and midsole.

Rubber Outsole
Slip resistant, non-marking rubber outsole is great for any worker who stands for long periods of times in a high movement work environment. Providing flexibility and durability for many years.

Cost and Value
For an average cost professional looking work shoe, the value is far beyond the affordable price. The leather upper that is stylish in design, and gel insole makes for a very comfortable dress or work shoe.
  • Professional and casual in design
  • Very comfortable for long periods of walking or standing
  • The gel is only around the outer edge of the heel, this ensures the gel does not explode upon heavy usage
  • Very nice appearance due to the detailed top stitching
  • Can last many years if takin care of properly
  • Sole is known to split quickly
  • Leather can crack and, or peel. Recommended to apply a protective coating onto outer surface

4. Merrell Dassie Buckle

4. Merrell Dassie Buckle
With an ultimate and trail inspired grip, this sleek and beautifully designed shoe will be an ideal shoe for work and play alike. It's buckle strap for extra support and durability. The shoe is unique in its asymmetric overlay design, and smooth leather upper. This is the perfect shoe for standing all day in.
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Asymmetric Overlays
A stylish design presenting asymmetric overlays, it is cute and casual. A reinforced buckle strap that will be there to keep your heel and foot secured while on the move.

M-Select Grip Traction
Merrell technology offers an ultra durable outsole Grip Tracion, this is a highly effective extreme grippage designed to keep you from slipping on dry or wet grounds.

Cost and Value
At an average price the Merrell Dassies is well worth the cost. With the unique upper design, good qulaity leather, alongside extreme comfort and durability these shoes will last a very long time.
  • Incredibly light
  • The secured buckle and strap makes for an extremely well fitted shoe, that doesn't slip around while on.
  • You can walk around for many hours with lasting comfort.
  • Great shoes for outdoor and indoor adventures as well
  • Great for people with very sensitive feet
  • Sized a half size small

5. Clarks Sillian Bella

5. Clarks Sillian Bella
This is an incredibly lightweight, slim, and sporty styled shoe. It is a part of the cloud steppers collection. A flexible eva outsole that features stretch fabric panels for easy agile movement, along with a rip tape fastening. Stand in continual comfort with the ortholite, cushion soft foot bed.
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Ortholite Footbed
Ortholite is a long term comfort providing insole, over time the compression that has been set only changes less than 5%. The fit always remains the same inside of the shoe, continually giving ultra lasting comfort.

Ultra Lightweight
These shoes come in at an extremely light weight of 3lbs. So you won't have to worry about any extra weigth dragging you down while standing all day long.

Cost and Value
At an incredibly low cost these shoes can in turn give you a very high-quality value, they are made out of top quality materials. A low heel height for grounding, and ultra light weight as a part of the cloudstepper collection.
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely comfortable after long hours of standing
  • Great for persons with foot injury's
  • Comfortable and ready to wear out of the box, with no 'break-in' period
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Sized small compared to other Clarks shoewear
  • Flatter than expected by customers

6. Keen Anchor Park Low WP

6. Keen Anchor Park Low WP
The ultimate waterproof shoe, made with full grain waterproof leather and built to block any water from coming in while allowing moisture to escape from the inside. Keeping your feet dry and warm in serious wet conditions. Extra durable eva foam footbed, made with leather with lasting longevity.
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Non-Marking Out Sole
The out sole is non-marking, high quality rubber. Constructed without the use of any adhesives and direct attach for lasting quality with ultimate traction and support.

EVA Foam Footbed
Constructed with an ultra comfortable EVA Foam Footbed this will leave your feet feeling like they have been standing in an overly comfortable shoe even after you pull them off at the end of the day.

Cost and Value
This extremely durable classy boot styled sneaker, rings in at an average cost on the market today. They are well worth that price as well, having an EVA Foam Footbed, non-marking rubber outsole, and covered in high quality leather.
  • Made with high quality leather
  • Great design constructed for work or play
  • A high quality well stitched shoe that does not wear down easily
  • Lace up design provides extra secured hold around foot
  • Extremely waterproof
  • The leather may not appear as dark in person as opposed to the deep color in the photos online
  • Material around the lower ankle and heel is weak

7. Alegria Keli Professional

7. Alegria Keli Professional
A professional nursing shoe originally, this slip on shoe is extremely comfortable and professional in its design. A soft leather tone that is stain resistant, on top of a lab rated non slip resistant outsole. Maximum breathability due to the leather coated insole that is constructed using cork, memory foam, and latex that naturally forms to your foot.
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Superior Arch Support
Arch support that is superior to anything else that could be used, the leather insole has been quite carefully built out of cork, memory foam, and latex, always forming to your foot specifically.

Hand Sewn
Hand sewn with care, a slip on shoe like this will be able to hold up very well overtime. Durability and strength all are very dominant features in a hand sewn shoe.

Cost and Value
While the cost is average high, these professional casual shoes are very worth the price. They are hand sewn, with a beautiful paisly leather design, and the comfortable footbed is well worth the investment.
  • They become more comfortable as you wear them more
  • Can last many years as an everyday work shoe
  • The leather is durable and soft in appearance
  • Do not pinch the toes
  • Provide comfort into the hips, calves, and ankles while standing
  • Take extra care when purchasing and choosing the correct size for you, they seem to fit snug around the ankle that could lead to blisters
  • The toe box is wide while the heel box is narrow

8. Skechers Sure Track Erath

8. Skechers Sure Track Erath
A sneaker style shoe having the classic lace up for a formed and fitted version of an all day standing shoe. A removable footbed made out of the ultra comfortable memory foam, and a midsole built with FlexSole, this provides excellent shock absorption for those acute movements throughout the day. Slip resistant outsole, that is suitable for wet oily conditions.
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Plush Memory Foam Footbed
Designed to relieve pressure from problem centered locations on the bottoms of the feet, like the balls of the feet, heels.

Traditional Lace Up
A sneaker with laces that give you a more secured and personally form fitted shoe. The lace top padded upper that gives you room for those important micro adjustments.

Cost and Value
This high quality work designed shoe has an average cost. The features it has to offer well exceed the cost, this sneaker comes with a nitrile slip resistant outsole, memory foam footbed, plus padded tongue and collar.
  • Memory foam foot bed
  • Effective slip resistance on wet oily surfaces
  • Very nice comfort once the memory foams compresses to your foot bed
  • Great for standing on your feet at work during long shifts
  • Very thick memory foam beds providing ultimate comfort
  • Runs a bit small in size
  • May not be for wide feet as they run narrow

9. Crocs Mercy

9. Crocs Mercy
This is an ultra comfortable clog, and slip resistant too! Designed with Crock Lock Slip resistant trea underneath, and Crostile foa making them very light and more comfortable to stand in for long hours. Easy to manage cleanliness, and stylish in appearance.
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Heel Strap
The heel strap keeps your foot secured and in place while on the move. Locking in length wise, that way your foot doesn't slip out of the shoe with high movement.

Massage Pod
The massage pod foot bed creates an ultra experience during wear. They are specially designed with little hardened bubbles to press into your feet and massage upon contact.

Cost and Value
The cost is so low for these very comfortable shoes, it's a good day and a good shoe when the value exceeds the cost. A smart buy for lovers of a constant foot massage!
  • Massage-pod footbed for a constant massage
  • Unique gold and leopard print graphics
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Great for wide feet
  • Very comfortable and feel as though walking on clouds due to the Croslite Foam
  • Rubber non-stick bottom is known to peel off rapidly
  • Slightly tight front for a wide heel area

10. Dansko Walker Oxford

10. Dansko Walker Oxford
This is a lace up casual yet professional work shoe, the rich leather upper provides the extra comfort and durability needed to get through long work days full of standing. They are perfect for very busy days in the office. A triple density EVA Footbed delivers the greatest comfort in the toughest days.
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EVA Footbed
Triple Density EVA molded footbed makes for an extremely comfortable fit. The EVA mold is removable and can be worn a very long time conforming to the orthotic of your own foot.

Rich Leather
The leather on this dansko shoe is not only rich in color, but also in its quality. It is very durable, comfortable, and gives extra protection to the toes and upper foot.

Cost and Value
With leather this rich, and a shoe that is this durable. It is understandable that they would cost a bit on the high end. Rest assure it is well worth that price though.
  • Rich leather upper that offers protection and durability, plus a more personal fit
  • Traditional lace up
  • Very slip resistant outsole
  • Professional styled shoe, honored for its comfort making it great for business
  • Deep black color with a gloss shine
  • A tad bit heavy
  • Liners on the inside wear rapidly

The very best quality of long term standing shoes, takes long lasting comfort, durability, and some other very important features such as; having an EVA insole for extra comfort or an extra roomy toe box! All in all, these micro adjustments can make the world of difference when it comes to standing for many hours on your feet, and in reality the very best pair of shoes may be different for you than any other person out there, simply because foot bed make up is incredibly diverse in humans.  It Is worth the extra time and money it takes to find the best pair of shoes for your lifestyle demands. Standing for long periods of time for many years can put a ton of stress on the feet. This is why it is so important to take care of your feet, especially if you’ve had any type of foot repairs or issues. Regardless of your intentions this here can be a guide for you to make an informed choice while purchasing your go-to all day standing shoes. There are many different styles, and comfort levels, and coming in at different price ranges on the market. You’ll be happy long term to have found the right shoes when you do!


Criteria Used to Evaluate Shoes for Standing all day

When selecting shoes for the “Standing All Day” – there are two main areas of evaluation, that can lend to a greater overall shoe wearing experience. The comfort or responsiveness of the shoe is taken into high consideration.

Most workers across America spend 60% of the workday (on average) standing or walking


Almost just as high as an issue as the wear-ability of a “standing in all day” shoe are the long-term reviews from customers. It is in this category, that reviewer feedback was heavily weighted and mentioned. Why? The endurance of these shoes, especially how they perform over time, is what makes them the biggest selling factor.

Online reviews can make or break a shoe. With a devoted fan following, especially with online followers that post reviews, it is possible to track the performance of a shoe over a designated worn amount of time.

The usual list of criteria to rank shoes is a little different when it comes to comfortable, stand all-day shoe selections, when it comes to brand – it really does not matter. As long as they do the job and protect your feet comfortably! Neither do looks…..the appearance of standing all day shoes are rather drab. It was the hardest part for me to transition to when I had to jump into a waitressing position after doing office work (non-standing up all day jobs) – saying goodbye to cutely designed shoes with any element of style. It was only then that I realize how unpractical my heels, flats, even my sneakers – my entire collection actually, were. Stand-all day shoes are actually the shoes we should all be wearing. They are good for our spine, posture and foot.Black shoes standing at the crossroadThe fit goes under the design sphere of criteria used for evaluation. When your body is doing an unnatural and punishing sixteen hours of long standing, it is no time for a rough edge that chaffs against your pinky toe every three steps. The construction of the shoe, down to ever subtle angle will never be more important. You won’t find many sharp edges with all-day shoes. With a full-day of wear, the shoe should already start to envelop and form to the individual’s foot. Any uncomfortable detail will be revealed, take steps to ensure a smooth introductory period, see the FAQ’s below.


   Padding/Shock Absorption


The thickness of the sole, the material used to construct the outsole/insole – will determine the long term satisfaction of a customer with their shoes. Performing an exhaustive online as well as brick – and – mortar search (complete with a ton of online returns), I was determined to find the ideal all day standing shoe.

Here is the issue…wearing a shoe long enough to break it in, to a normal ‘new’ wear ability, already takes care, delicate and long hours of wear before use to get the shoe ready. It is hard to determine if long term, the soles will hold up or which parts of your arches will ache in response to both the long hours and the new environment. The best that you can do is to rely on reviews, as well as specific construction that certain companies use, to offer in their all day standing shoe offering.

 Materials/Textiles used


The types of textures and materials involved in the craftsmanship of the shoe, and those specifically that contribute to the comfortability and lasting-nature of the shoe. The Bleeker St. Nunn Bush ranked high on the list because of specific materials, like gel, used in the shoe. Gel may sound like a gimmicky addition to shoes, but it works – when installed properly. And the Bleeker does this well with many reviewers reporting that the insulating gel, endures well and does not explode.

Fit/foot mold ability


Here is another issue that all-day shoe wearers will definitely encounter. Here is my theory, because all day shoes are designed to be long-wearing, as well as comfortable, by the very nature of the shoe section in general, they are definitely not meant to fit sleek and be form fitting. The manufacturers of standing all day shoes will probably have to go through a few brands before settling on the final one. Using reviews (as recommended below), can help to ease the new shoe buying process.

There are certain features, that if a specific model possessed, and also enhanced the fit and foot conformity experience. If there are additional tightening measures, such as a buckle and strap option on the Merrell Dassie Buckle, and these features enhance the overall fit, then they definitely highlight the value of the shoe to many.

The fit of all day standing shoes is meant to accommodate a wide variety of feet. In order to do this, manufacturers have to construct some designs or brands that could/might have higher toe boxes and narrower heels. It is for this important detail, that scanning reviews, to note which manufacturers might lean towards certain sizing in products, to ensure a comfortable and pain-free fit.

 Reviews and Reputation


In this case, we saved the best for last. So far, of all the shoes reviewed on this site, the stand around all day shoe section leans heaviest on posted reviews from consumers. These are shoes that must protect the foot from asphalt, provide adequate sock absorption for foot and spine, keep the foot safe and enclosed while not trapping moisture and mildew. On top of that, many purchasers will require additional details on their standing all day shoes, like non-marking soles or ridged soles.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    When purchasing a stand all day pair of shoes how important are the padded areas?

A. When shopping for a standing all-day pair of shoes, the location of the padded areas will be essential. It would be helpful to note a few basics about your foot before even making your online retail search. If your foot chaffs in a certain area, or if you notice on a toe that never seems to have enough room, these are important features that will help you select a comfortable all-day shoe.


Q.  Does the material matter with all-day shoes? As long as they are comfortable right?

A. Well, in theory, yes. As long as they fit your foot shape well, suit the profile of shoe desired by your job or workplace, and can endure long, hard, wear then you are good. However, all day shoes, more so than any other type of shoe, most likely will be developed, or created with soft inserts, molding, and padding. Use practical judgment, if your body chemistry does not mix well with leather, you don’t have to purchase a leather all day shoe. Many of the most popular standing all day shoes are leather though, this is understandable due to the breathability and long-wear comfort that leather has a reputation of providing.

 Q. How much does style matter for an all-day type of shoe? Does a buckle or strap offer support, or do I need laces?

A. The style might matter a lot depending on personal preference and if the how much the style of the shoe affects your walking style and natural gait. The first “standing all day” shoe I purchased, was well-reviewed, from a long-storied American shoe company, with a great brand and product reputation. They were mid-priced and received glowing reviews from Emergency Room Techs and Medical Students. I was sold. Here is the thing though, they weren’t – aerodynamic.  I had no idea how much my gait would be affected by something the shape of a Dutch clog. I tried for months to make them work, they were so bulked up, with a huge rubber sole, that it made fast and strategic walking difficult.

At a job where fast walking isn’t required, and you just need a good old work shoe – they would have been perfect. Nothing was going to stub my toe, they were an impenetrable hard layer. I worked at a job that had 15 tiny little ramen tables (my section), all stacked six inches apart, in a teeny Japanese restaurant located in a single-story shopping mall. It got busy, these shoes are definitely not designed for quick or agile movements. They would be great if I was doing a security, or regular gait walking job.

Q. What can I do to enhance my all-day shoe wearing experience?

A. With all day shoes, feel free to customize your own shoe. Actually, with all-day shoes, you should always feel empowered to add inserts here and there if they are suitable. Even if they are open-toe heels, add a non-slip grip pad on the insole for slippery surfaces, for example.
Pad and cushion your way to happiness, inserts are cheap, good quality and effective inserts are totally affordable. Some popular shoes offer a removable foot bed. This feature is something all shoes should have in my opinion. What could be better than replacing the squished foot bed of your favorite pair of shoes than handily replacing them with a fresh, bounce-filled foot bed?
Even if your favorite shoe manufacturer or brand does not have a removable foot bed, please pad and cushion in loose spots. No two feet are alike, help your shoes work for you.

Q. Do I still break-in all day shoes?

A. Yes, yes and yes! Even slippers have a slight breaking in period, always break in wearing for at least 24 hours, indoor activity, wearing the thickest socks that you can. If you notice chaffing in ANY areas that first integral 24 hours, it’s time to print-out the exchange slip or pull out the foot cushions that you have handily purchased beforehand. Do all positions possible that first 24 hours, hike up on your tippy toes on that top kitchen shelf in the new shoes, perform squats and do a few light stretches to see how they react.
Most of the time, all day shoes are so luxuriously designed, explicitly for comfort, that many wearers report that there is no breaking in with many popular brands!