10 Best Shoes with Lights Reviewed & Compared

When it comes to building a quality shoe collection, life isn’t all work and no play. Adults can entertain their inner-child and show off a little, with light up LED shoes. Light up sneakers originally were released as high fashion designer wear. Superstar designers Yifang Wan and Samuel Yang released a slick, stylish sneaker that was all-white and had a strip of neck-breaking LED lights at the bottom.

best shoes with lights-led light up shoes in club

Their original pair of light up kicks retailed for a pricey seven hundred US dollars ($700), which put these fashion forward shoes out of reach for some. Thanks to the passage of time, the power of manufacturers, and a surge in popularity, consumers now have access to a plethora of various brands of light up LED sneakers. This is where a review like this one comes in. With the sheer amount of shoes and brands available, all offering somewhat comparable pricing and similar LED lighting features, it can be hard to pick the best choice.

Last Updated: August 26, 2017
By Sergio Bettiol:

Our most recent addition to the guide involves information regarding the functioning and basic qualities of LED shoes, as well as the criteria applied for product evaluating. Further purchasing advice can be found in the FAQ section, which also covers the most commonly asked questions by LED shoe users and first-time buyers.

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Here you can find a breakdown of the best choices of light up LED shoes. Whether you are out hitting the club, showing off at a party, or just having some fun; It’s your choice of where you wear them, but first, you need to pick the right shoe. Ladies and gents all have their pick of hi-top or low-top sneakers, metallic fabrics, and even remote controls for their kicks.


10 Best Shoes with Lights


1. KaMiao Unisex

The KaMiao Unisex light up shoes does not offer many color options, but customers will enjoy being able to wear a shoe with some significantly unique features. With 16 different lighting modes, these rechargeable light up shoes are great for any event. These shoes are great for wearing at concerts, clubs, to parties, and have a casual style for men and women.
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Voice Control Mode
Many LED light up shoes are typically responsive to a switch or a remote. The KaMiao light up shoe lets wearers interact with the lighting capabilities of their footwear, via their voice.

LED Responds to Sound
The KaMiao light up shoe has 7 colors, and loves to react to sound. Especially when out at an event with music, higher volume really affects the flashing LED lights.

Cost Value
These shoes are priced moderately, compared to other brands of light up sneakers. These kicks are great because they are made of fabric and are the only shoes on the market that react to sound. Although there is little flexibility with the shoe color and low-top design, this shoe can change it’s LED light colors because of music, and that is a cool factor.

Comfortable breathable fabric construction

16 different LED light modes which can respond to sound

Unisex style fits for women and men

Voice control capability


Issues with charging and light malfunction for some   

2. Odema LED Sport

When looking for a shoe that will get attention at any function, but still have a sporty urban look, the ODEMA sport shoe fits the need. These knit mesh kicks offer various color options. ODEMA is a respected brand, known for creating fashionable and comfortable shoes. These sporty shoes have 7 different LED colors, providing hours of use after a charge.
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Unique Design Features
ODEMA offers a sporty shoe that is waterproof and has a breathable mesh construction. The shoe is soft and comfortable for long periods of wear, coupled with hours of LED lighting time.

Flexible Style
These shoes look great for men or women. There color combinations for the shoes, combined with the knit mesh look good and accentuate most wardrobes. The fit is true for most customers.

Cost Value
These shoes are priced in an accessible range for most budgets. The construction of the shoe is unique, because it is made of knit mesh, and is waterproof. With multiple LED lighting options, there is a color or setting that is sure to please anyone wearing these shoes. The shoes are comfortable, and stylish enough for a party or just hitting the streets.

Knit mesh construction allows skin to breathe

7 LED light colors


High quality customer service attached to authentic brand footwear


Charge doesn’t last long for LED lights

3. Keesky High Top LED

Keesky offers a clean-looking high-top LED shoe with a stylish ankle strap. The shoe is designed to be wear resistant, and is constructed with quality LED lights that shine bright. The shoes don’t come in a lot of colors, but still have fashionable appeal for a night out. These shoes charge via USB and have a solid amount of light time.
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Straight-Forward Design
If you don’t want to struggle choosing a high-top LED shoe, Keesky is a good choice. Constructed of P.U. leather, the shoe is built to resist wear. The ankle strap is functional and stylish.

Long LED Light Time
The Keesky High Top LED shoe gives 8 to 11 hours of lighting time, for a charge of 3 hours via USB. Users get 11 different light modes, at the quick press of a button.

Cost Value
Keesky High Top LED shoes are constructed with easy to clean and comfortable P.U. leather. The price point for this footwear is more than reasonable, at will easily fit most budgets. The quality and comfortable fit, stylish design, and overall offerings of this LED light up shoe is pretty standard. The neutral colors and look of the shoe complement most looks.

Fits true to size for most customers

11 lighting options with 8 to 11 hours of light time

Neutral colors and stylish high-top design

P.U. leather construction with transparent sole


LED light malfunction issues for some customers

4. Joansam USB LED

4. Joansam USB LED
The Joansam LED shoe offers 7 distinct LED light color options. The shoes offer both static and automatic lighting, and come in a small range of colors for the actual shoe. The shoes are constructed of P.U. leather and a rubber sole for comfort. Casual style lovers will enjoy this shoe, as it has a straight-forward look, low-top, and comes in neutral colors.
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Unisex Design
The Joansam LED shoe has appeal for both men and women. The style of the shoe is casual, but has a slight streetwear edge about it, and bright LED lights.

Built for Quality Wear
A pair of Joansam LED shoes are constructed with P.U. leather and rubber soles. The soles are made to be wear resistant. The shoe is not waterproof however, so customers should steer clear of puddles.

Cost Value
These shoes are priced at a good amount for the quality of customer service attached to the brand. The company will readily replace any authentic defunct items, so customer satisfaction is high. The shoes charge within 3 hours, providing users with hours of entertaining LED light time. Although not waterproof, the shoes are made with a wear-resistant rubber sole, and easy to clean P.U. leather.

P.U. leather for easy cleaning

Shoes charge by USB in 3 hours

7 different LED light colors

Hex-shape grommets


Not waterproof

5. Hofish Unisex

5. Hofish Unisex
The HOFISH LED shoes are great for both men and women. They come in a high top style in a good selection of color options. This brand offers LED laces for its LED shoes, and are constructed with P.U. leather. These fashionable light up shoes provide an average amount of LED lighting time, for every 3- hour charge session, and wear comfortably.
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Quality Materials
Where other LED light up shoes are typically made with solely P.U. leather, these shoes are different. This shoe is made with leather, a rubber sole, and lined with cotton fabric for comfort and wear.

Unisex Fashion
These high-top sneakers look good on men and women. There are shoes available in metallic colors, which give a striking but fashionable look while wearing. There are 11 different LED lighting options available too.

Cost Value
HOFISH LED shoes deliver on style and quality for the money. The price of these shoes is reasonable for the LED lighting options. Customers get to enjoy free fashionable LED shoelaces, and a comfortable fit. The shoes are sweat absorbent and very soft. These light up shoes offer 8 to 11 hours of LED lighting for every 3 hours charged.

P.U. leather, and rubber sole construction

8 to 11 hours of LED lighting time

Soft and sweat absorbing materials

Free LED shoelace


Some lighting malfunction issues

6. Eslla LED

6. Eslla LED
If you are in the mood for a new pair of LED light up shoes, Eslla offers a LED light up shoe which might be the answer you were searching for. These shoes stand up to typical wear, albeit offering a minimal amount of style options. The shoes may lack in color options, but they have a fashionable low-top design and bright LED lights.
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Neutral Style
Customers who don’t want to be overwhelmed with a large range of style options will enjoy this shoe. These low-top LED light up shoes come in only black or white.

Mesh Fabric
Most LED light up shoes are made with P.U. leather, but Eslla offers a LED shoe with breathable mesh fabric. The outer part of the shoes are water resistant against small amounts.

Cost Value
The Eslla LED shoe is priced moderately, so it won’t break the bank. People interested in grabbing their first pair of LED light up shoes may enjoy these, if they have a hard time choosing a style of shoe. There are limited color options for these low-top kicks, but these shoes have 7 different color options with the LED lights.

Low-top shoe style with neutral colors

Breathable mesh offers ventilation

Button on tongue allows users to change

7 different LED light colors

Water resistant design


Only 6 hours of LED light time

7. XRun LED

7. XRun LED
Consumers who want a fabric LED shoe might like the light up shoe from XRun. Since this shoe is constructed with a fabric material, it supports the foot, while still allowing it to breathe. This light up shoe has a stylish look which is fresh and current, plus a decent range of lighting options. A pair of these shoes is sure to get some notice when out on the town.
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Fashionable Design
The XRun LED light up shoes offer 7 color changes. The shoe itself is constructed using a soft textured knit material with a non-slip rubber sole. A flap hides the charger and light button.

Breathable Materials
Most LED light up shoes are designed solely in P.U. leather, which makes shoes easy to clean. However, the XRun is smartly designed with a lightweight fabric, which is modern and slick looking.

Cost Value
The XRun shoe offers unique stylish features for a modest retail price. The shoes fabric construction is durable, but still allows wearer’s feet to breathe easy while wearing. The 7 color choices for the LED lighting is pretty standard, and the shoes offer an average amount of lighting time per charge. The fit is true for most customers, and the style turns heads.

Soft textured knit fabric material

Fashionable and modern design

Fit true for most

Charger and light button not inside the shoe


Lighting malfunction problems

8. Tutuyu LED

8. Tutuyu LED
The TUTUYU LED shoes are perfect for holiday events, a special night out, or just expressing your fun side. These shoes even come in an eye-catching metallic gold color, so heads will surely turn with a pair of these bad boys. This brand is versatile, thanks to its focus on creating light up LED shoes for toddlers, kids, and women and men.
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Range of Color Options
In addition to a coveted metallic gold, consumers can also snag a pair of TUTUYU LED shoes in Pink, Black, Silver, Red, and more. There is definitely a solid color choice for your wardrobe.

Built to Shine Bright
These kicks are constructed of fabric and leather, and rubber soles made to resist wear and tear. There are over 11 different lighting patterns for these shoes, and can be changed with a hidden switch.

Cost and Value
The TUTUYU LED light up shoes are a great choice, thanks to their slick color choices and high-top style. The product is a decent quality and consumers enjoy 11 lighting patterns. After charging, the shoes manage to stay lit up to 11 hours at a time. It is a total package of comfort, good design, and at a reasonable price point.

High-quality fabric for comfortable wearing

Hidden switch  to change light color   

4 color changes for LED lights

Can charge shoes on computer or using mobile phone charger

8 to 11 hours  of LED light time


Issues with charging and light malfunction for some

Sizing and fit issues, run too small or too big

9. Venshine Light Up

9. Venshine Light Up
If you want a shoe with a bit of an edgy street smart look, the design and feel of a Venshine LED sneaker may be what you had in mind. A pair of these kicks come with two straps with metallic accents and are made of manmade material. These shoes have multiple LED light colors and are fashionable for parties, the club, or just being seen.
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Street Tough Style
Aside from the high top style of these sneakers, the metallic accents on the straps are eye-catching. Also, the side zipper has a funky retro, yet modern feel. The shoe has some attitude.

Limited Range of Colors
These shoes only come in three color options, in either red, white, or black. This three bold colors create the perfect look for the discerning fashionable consumer.

Cost Value
The look of these shoes belie the cost, which is pretty cool for pulling off a fashionable look without breaking the bank. You don’t want to wear these shoes in wet conditions, considering they are made with a knit fabric. These shoes are meant to be seen and stay clean. 8 to 11 of LED light time should make anyone wearing these shoes shine bright.

Man-made material for design

Designer look and feel with straps and zipper

Solid color choices that pair nicely with outfits

Multiple LED lighting modes


Light malfunction problems

10. Tuluo LED High Top

10. Tuluo LED High Top
The TULUO LED light up sneaker comes in mostly a high-top style, but also offers a low-top option. Consumers can get a wide range of colorful options, from metallic to solid matte colors. These shoes have some unique design features, a rubber sole, and provide hours of LED lighting in 7 colors.
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Wear Resistant
This shoe has been designed with a rubber sole made to handle and resist wear-and-tear. The combination of fabric and leather create a comfortable and sturdy shoe for regular use.

Straightforward Style
These LED shoes come with 11 lighting options, which makes an impact with the color options for the actual shoe. Constructed out of fabric and leather, these shoes are stylish, but not waterproof.

Cost Value
These shoes are not super expensive or very cheap, so a moderate consumer should be pleased with the price point. The style and look of the shoe is one of the best offerings. The ankle strap and metallic color choices should make any fashion-forward person smile. The LED lighting is easily charged up with a hidden USB port, and the shoes fit comfortably for most.

Slip resistant construction with sole

11 LED lighting options

Fabric and leather construction

Comfortable fit for most


Lights malfunction issues

How to Choose Light Up Shoes

LED light up shoes are some of the most popular and stylish footwear around. There is no need to break the bank when selecting a quality pair of LED shoes. Anyone who wants to enjoy a fashion forward moment, express a fun image, or grab the attention of others will love a pair of light up kicks. LED light up shoes are constructed in fabric or leather, and some are even waterproof.

Best-shoes with lights-light up pair of white shoes

When it comes to purchasing a pair of shoes, life is not always about work appropriate footwear. There is a need to have shoes in your collection for going out on the town, making an entrance at an event, or enjoying a good party. LED shoes are reasonably priced, come in various colors and styles, and look good on men, women, and kids.

All a pair of LED light up shoes need, before giving things a go, is a few hours of charging time. After charging, the LED shoes are ready to enjoy providing hours of fun-filled moments of colorful lighting and entertainment. There is nothing quite like pleasing one’s inner-child or just living a little. Life is about having fun, and a pair of LED light up shoes can make all the difference.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Shoes with Lights


LED Features

Best-shoes with lights-white shoes

This is a no-brainer; if you’re looking to purchase the best shoes with lights, then you need to look into the LED features they offer. There are a lot of different designs and types of light-up shoes – there’s also a lot of personal preference regarding the topic. Thus, you should properly look into these features to make sure they match your style and preferences. Some of these features also determine the quality of the shoe, thus we incorporated it as criteria.

The first thing you should be looking into is the quality of the lights. When we talk about quality, we mainly refer to their durability. If a shoe features a LED design, the least thing a customer would expect is that the LED lights are as durable as the shoe itself; else, it would be defeating the purpose of light-up shoes. A quality LED shoe should last approximately 6 million steps, which should cover a shoe lifetime of 2-3 years. Keep in mind that the more you use them (and the heavier the activity), the less they’ll last.

For instance, you can expect a casual LED sneaker to last much longer than a running sneaker with lights. Aside from the faster pace (and therefore more steps), the impact of aerobic activities deteriorates the durability of the lights. If you’re looking for light-up sports sneakers, make sure they midsole is properly equipped to protect the lights from impact and harsh activities.

One of the most diverse topics regarding LED shoes is the color of lights. Back when LED shoes were invented, red would be the only available choice. However, there’s a huge variety of choices when it comes to modern LED shoes. The designs can not only vary in colors, but also the flashing intensity as well as the brightness of these. Some shoes offer a steady, constant color, while some other flash different combinations at separate intensities.

Certain models even include flashing patterns that make use of a variety of colors and combined colors at the same time. Keep in mind, though, that shoes which feature a much faster flashing intensity or makes use of patterns and color combinations are considerably less durable than traditional light-up shoes. This is, of course, assuming the quality of both factors in the example is equal. A crappy shoe will simply not last regardless of its design.

Lastly, certain manufacturers offer certain control over the lights. These qualities gave those shoes an advantage on our list. For example, certain occasions may not be suitable for a light-up shoe. This would be unfortunate for scenarios in which you can’t stop your shoes from flashing uncontrollably. On the other hand, LED shoes that offer the ability to turn off the color display are much more practical.

Not only does this design allow you to stop flashing at any point, but it also expands the occasions suitable for that pair. This feature usually comes in the form of a pressure spot; applying a certain amount of pressure to it (with the heel for example) locks the blinking.


Basic Features

Best-shoes with lights-nike white shoes

There’s no “LED shoe” without the “LED” – that much is clear. However, there’s no “LED Shoe” without “shoe” either. Because of this, it’s of paramount importance that you keep in mind the basic features of a shoe. They regular qualities of the shoes are just as important at the LEDs, as a crappy build will totally mess up your LED shoe experience. This goes especially for shoes meant after performance, like running.

The main thing you don’t want your shoe to lack is comfort. Most LED shoe designs have a casual shoe build; basically a normal sneaker with lights. Thus, it should include at least the basic comfort features found in a regular sneaker. Seeing as these shoes will mostly be used for walking, it’s expected that they deliver the proper cushioning required for comfortable walking.

The main element that makes walking comfortable is cushioning. The lack of it eventually creates discomfort in areas of high stress such as the heel. There’s no such thing as too much cushioning when it comes to walking shoes (comfort-wise, not taking into consideration the bulk). It all comes down to an easy math; more cushioning, more comfort. Less cushioning, more heel stress and potential soreness/pain.

Like any other shoe, it should also offer an average arch support. Don’t underestimate arch support; prolonged walking will eventually start to make an effect on your arches if they’re not properly supported. In some cases, they can suffer stress in similar quantities than a heel that lacks cushioning. This point is especially important to consider if you suffer from arch conditions, in which case we also recommend to use custom insole inserts.

For the walking motion (and simply moving around in general) a shoe needs flexibility. While it is possible to walk with a completely stiff and straight gait, you won’t get too far before wanting to throw away your shoes. The natural biomechanical process of walking involves a flex that starts on the forefoot and ends at the arch. Regardless of how hard you try, it’s impossible to keep a straight foot when walking.

When a shoe lacks flexibility, the walking motion becomes considerably harder. Despite the shoe not flexing properly, your feet will still try to flex the arch and forefoot while walking. By restraining this movement, the shoe places a large amount of stress on the arch; thus the importance of arch support too.

Last, but not least, the midsole plays a big role in any shoe as well. However, the midsole is a rather different topic when it comes to LED shoes, as this is where the lights are placed. Usually, the lights are placed in a “pocket” within the midsole, covered by a material that allows the light to pass through. This shouldn’t stop the midsole from delivering enough shock absorption and impact diminishing.


Performance Qualities

Best-shoes with lights-light up running shoes

We previously explained multiple points about casual LED shoes; however, as we also mentioned, LED shoes are not limited to walking designs. Running shoes are also becoming part of the LED trend, and their designs are being adapted to it. Just like a casual shoe can’t sacrifice its basic features for LED lights, a light-up design shouldn’t decrease the quality of a performance shoe either.

Yet, aside from the performance qualities of the shoe itself, the design of LED running shoes is different. We’re no longer talking about the pressure of a gait when walking; things change when we’re talking about impact activities and sports potentially. Regardless of the quality of the shoe and lights, it’s to be expected that LED performance shoes are less durable than casual ones.

But, this doesn’t mean running shoes can’t feature a quality LED approach. As long as the build meets the necessary performance qualities required for a sports shoes, the LED design won’t be an obstacle. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend using LED shoes for any performance sport aside from jogging, running, and other similar ones. This is, of course, unless the manufacturer and product description states otherwise.

Light-up performance shoes are pretty much the same as normal performance shoes, with the exception of the midsole LED insert. So, what features should a performance shoe count with? Let’s take a look.

First off, you want a grip you can trust in. Traction is arguably one of the most important aspects of running; having a good grasp of the surface is a must. A slipping outsole is the worst enemy of a runner. The lack of grip can affect you in multiple ways. To being with, you’ll never be able to run confidently unless you know you can absolutely rely on your outsole. There’s no complicated math behind this; if you think you could potentially slip, you’ll just perform at a slower pace.

Once again, flexibility becomes a very important factor. We’re no longer talking about casual shoe comfort or avoiding arch pain after walking for too long. Like we previously mentioned, the foot flexibility is pretty much the base of every single motion related to walking, running, or jumping. Additionally, it’s important that the LED circuits, as well as the lights themselves, can deal with the tension from the flexing midsole. It would be absolutely pointless to get LED performance shoes if the circuit will directly deteriorate as you run.

Lastly, the breathability factor is something you may or may not want to have. Generally, performance shoes will always feature breathable upper materials. This is because proper ventilation within the inner shoe is paramount during performance. However, mesh materials make it quite easy for cold to each your feet as well.

But, you might not interested in buying both a pair of breathable performers and a pair of heat-retaining ones. In this case, you may want to opt for the breathable pair – if the weather starts to become an obstacle to your feet, wear the thickest socks you can without affecting the fit.



Best-shoes with lights-musical notes

Shoes with light serve a pretty obvious purpose: fashion. There’s not much to explain there. Sure, some LED shoes feature a performance design – but if someone wasn’t interested in fashion, they would simply get plain performance shoes. Thus, we included the shoe design as criteria for our evaluation. Keep in mind that, while the aesthetics play a part of the design, it’s not what completely composes it.

The design also refers to the way in which the shoe is structured. Think of the design as the blueprint of the shoe. It’s a sum-up of all the features and qualities of the shoe as a whole, including the aesthetics.

For instance, the variety of available designs has an impact on the customer’s decision. It’s due to this that certain fashion sneakers feature multiple builds; a low-top, mid-top, and high-top approaches. Likewise, a greater color variety gives the customer much more options from where to choose – and it also gives them the possibility to own different pairs if they wish.

A design that includes a greater variety of LED colors is more attractive to users as well. Don’t get us wrong – a single color flashing design still counts as a LED shoe and still has a chance of positioning into our list. However, having shoes with up to 15 color variations, greater color variety is an advantage at the time of determining the list positioning. But, we also kept in mind that greater color varieties and intensities translate into a higher battery consumption. Thus, these designs should count with extended battery lifetime in comparison to other products.

We also consider the ability to turn the lights on and off to be a very practical feature. Designs featuring this technology had the upper hand in our research and evaluation. Along with this feature, we also took into consideration the durability of the battery for each use. The battery capacity was judged on both its durability and charging time. Additionally, better charging technology was also considered an advantage during evaluation. USB-C technology, for example, provides a faster and more efficient charge to LED shoes.

For running shoes and similar performance models, it’s a great advantage that the LED lights are notable enough to see at night. When the sun goes down, it may not be as easy for other night joggers to spot you if there’s not enough illumination on the way. These lights come in very handy in such scenarios, as they function similarly to cycler’s rear light.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to charge LED shoes?

A: This ultimately depends on the manufacturer as well as the charging port and the shoe properties. However, a standard pair of shoes with lights should take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours for a complete charge after the battery has depleted.

Q: How long do LED shoes batteries last?

A: This depends on multiple factors; the first one being the flashing intensity and color patterns. A single-colored LED shoe consumes considerably less energy than shoes with multiple colors and patterns. Additionally, running instead of walking also contributes to faster consumption. In general, a pair of LED shoes may last anywhere between 5 to 8 hours of flashing.

Q: Where to buy LED shoes?

A: Both online shopping platforms and retail stores are good options. Though, online shopping through platforms like Amazon is considerably cheaper in much cases. Additionally, you’re likely to find a much greater variety there. Amazon protection and refund policies secure your purchase and make sure you receive the item you paid for, making online shopping more comfortable.

Q: How do LED shoes work?

A: An average LED shoes contains 6 circuits of lights. These circuits are triggered by the pressure of each gait; certain spot on the shoe is senstive to pressure (or the whole outsole, in some cases). On shoes with different color patterns, the pressure pad won’t trigger until the current flashing pattern is over. Else, it would be interrupted on each gait.

Q: Are LED shoes repairable?

A: Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the shoe structure, the LED lights may or may not be replaced in case of malfunctioning. In some cases, the lights are fairly easy to access, although it’s not recommended to try your luck with them instead of contacting an expert. Certain shoes, however, cannot be disassembled easily and often require assistance from someone related to the brand or the store.

Q: Are LED shoes machine-washable?

A: Unless the manufacturer instructions and product descriptions clearly state it’s suitable for laundry, never toss them in the washing machine. Circuits don’t get along with water, and the midsoles aren’t necessarily sealed for protection against water. If the label doesn’t state it’s suitable for the washing machine, follow this guide instead.

Q: How to turn off LED shoes?

A: Depending on the manufacturer, it may be through a remote control, a pressure spot, or a switch. The pressure spot works exactly like the one that triggers the light; it envolves certain pattern that turns them off (stepping three times quickly for example). Power switches, if they apply, are generally found near (or next to) the charging port.

Q: How do I know when my shoe is charging?

A: Generally, the lights should blink on both shoes as they charge. Some models may or may not display different colors as they charge depending on their power level. When both shoes are fully charged, they should either stop flashing or flash in a completely different and solid color. Alternatively, they may just display a unique flashing pattern.

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